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Pen 'n cycle


I have a memory like tapioca pudding. I know I've had an amazing life, but certain memories elude me. So consider me gob-smacked when I saw the following picture on Facebook today. It's that scamp, Pen Pendleton, on a 1941 Harley, circa 1988, riding in the Warehouse.

It was a promotional film and Pen thinks it was scheduled to shoot when I was not in the office, for if you look carefully, the ramp upon he descends is from the "Wang" room. He thinks this shot may be have been accomplished when I was absent, for he fears I would have killed him. I asked if I could publish it here:

Of course! Since this was the entrance to your universe – and the most servers that any west coat agencies had at the time, I think we actually planned this shot before you got to work, or after you left for lunch (or was it breakfast?). Most creatives would not have bothered, but NOBODY wanted to piss you off!! And your co-workers were all mortified, as I recall. You held the keys to the kingdom, after all.

Or maybe it was not nearly as dramatic and we had your blessing, but when the truth is foggy, print the best story, right?

I like this story.

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