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Peter Franke needs a job!


One of the things I dislike about advertising is that you are always one phone call away from catastrophe. A client cuts its budget or fires the agency, and suddenly your colleagues are putting their things into cardboard boxes.

This is what happened recently to Peter Franke. On or about St. Patrick's day, he was laid off from Geometry Global, where he had been Director of Production.

Some of you may recall that before I became the tech guru of Chiat/Day, I was head of Print Production. Peter and Scott Salmon both worked for me and in early March, I drove into town to have lunch with them, where they bought me a steak with Béarnaise sauce. Then Pete lost his job. So this layoff affects me personally. I need Béarnaise.

So pull out your address books, talk to your CEOs and HR people and help find Peter a new job.

I have worked with many fine people in my career. Peter is one of the best. I've attached his resume.

Here are his own words about recent events:

P.S. He mentions "Diana," who is his amazing wife.

I left C/D in Nov 92 after we lost the AMEX acct.

I sat around healing for a month or two and was asked to try my hand at sales by a web printer.

I did the sales thing for a year and then got hired at Dentsu 
to fix their Creative services depts.

That only lasted a year but it is where I met Diana.

I plunged back into sales and did that at a few places for the next 8 years or so.

During that time in "97", I started my own printing company that quickly turned into a Production Management company. (Many small agencies didn't have a budget for a real Production Manager, so I did that role for them gratis, while I bought all their printing and marked that up to make a few dollars.)

Worked out great until 9/11! when all the small places went out of business one by one.

Soooo, I got back into production on the corporate side working at AETV first and then at AMEX for a total of 6 years or so.

Suddenly a big job on the agency side opened up and I jumped at it, G2, that turned into Geometry Global back in July.

I was building a nice department when suddenly 2014 S. O. W. came out with drastic cuts on the print/offline side. 

St Patty's day shows up & "nice to know you, here's your envelope" happens.

And that's the story.


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