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Robert Chandler


Robert Chandler was a copywriter for many years in the LA office. He has weird dreams. Here's his latest:

I saw Jay Chiat in a dream

early this still dark morning

I was at a party, an outdoor party, at the large house catty-corner to our old house on Tower Grove Drive

But it was the old house the way it had been before it was torn down and replaced 15 or 20 years ago

There were a lot of second and third tier Hollywood wannabe types at the party.

I was walking around the back garden when I ran into Jay.

He looked great, in his prime, silver haired, big but sardonic smile, wearing unusually colorful flowing clothes, though kind of mid-60s Hollywood

I asked him how he'd been, meaning what had it been like being being dead these past 12 years.

He said, "It's been a heuristic experience."

Which wasn't exactly his kind of word - it sounds a little pretentious - but not impossible that he would use it.

He said he'd see me later during the party. Like he wanted to check out the girl situation.

I woke up immediately after that encounter and had to look up "heuristic".

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