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Scott Salmon and son


If you worked in the New York office, you surely remember Scott Salmon. He was a print production manager (who worked for me) in the early 80s at 666 Fifth. I fired him (but more on that later.)

He eventually reappeared as a salesman for various printers and engravers. He was an almost daily visitor at 79 Fifth. He married Judy Zell.

He is now the General Manager at the Manhattan Plaza Health Club and is married to a lovely woman named Suzan. He comes up to the Catskills from time to time and brings me bags of groceries from my favorite store in the world, Trader Joe's.

Here he is from a visit from December, I believe. That's his son, Shayne, to whom Scott is absolutely devoted. Shayne is as smart as a whip and one of those rare children who can actually have a great conversation with an adult.

So why did I "fire" Scott back in the 80s? We had just lost an account, so layoffs soon followed. I had two guys who worked for me: Peter Franke and Scott. Peter had a wife and children. Scott was single. I figured he could bounce back more easily.

If you remember the offices at 666, there was no private space. The only room that had a door on it was the "light room" where we viewed proofs of pending print jobs. I took Scott into the light room and immediately burst into tears. I seem to recall that this made him laugh. I took it harder than he did.

I was so upset, that I spent my own money to take out an ad in AdAge entitled "Canned Salmon," in which I explained why I had had to lay him off and wouldn't somebody out there please give him a job?"

In two weeks, he got a job that paid him more money than I did.

He remains a dear friend to this day. He is one of the peppiest, funniest people I know.


(Shayne turning the Emerson Lodge in Mt. Tremper into the Shaolin Temple.)

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