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Craig Lambert


Every few months, I am permitted to leave the grounds of my Fortress of Solitude. Such was the occasion when I was invited to have brunch with someone (should be there be an election) would win by consent as the nicest Account Director I've even known.

Craig Lambert worked in the New York office in the height of its glory in the 80s. From there, he went on to become the Managing Director of Modem Media.

But wait (as they say in the commercials) that's not all.

When I had brunch with Craig, he had morphed once again into an entirely new life and career - that of an elementary school teacher!

Here he is with his partner, Brad, who is a psychiatrist. (I'm keeping his contact info close to the vest, as a good psychiatrist is hard to find these days. And who knows when I may succumb to the vapors?)

Craig fixed lunch (a sort of egg-frittata-quiche thing) which was delicious. Brad supervised.

Might I say (of course I may, as I run this blog) that they have a spectacular home in Norwalk, but that Craig has entirely switched … careers. He has gone into teaching, and is now getting his Masters in Education. The last I saw him, he was getting his feet wet by actually teaching in elementary school.

If you remember Craig, you can well imagine how lucky many kids will be thrilled to say, "Good morning, Mr. Lambert!"

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