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Omnicom/Publicis coitus interruptus


And they said it wouldn't last.

The proposed merger between the omnivorous Omnicom and the agency-most-likely-to-be-in-heat, Publicis, has been called off.

Rumor has it that they could not agree on who would be CFO. Or whether the liquid in the stagnant coolers should be called "eau" or "eeeuuuh" Parisians insisted on fluffy, flaky croissants. Omnicom just wanted dough.

The issue of trying to mesh different cultures was also cited. "Culture?" Who has a culture anymore?

Creativity and money and cultures would not have stopped a $35 Billion merger. The "CFO" issue is a ruse.

"Culture?" Oh, baby, you should have said goodbye to that decades ago when you decided to eat each others' young.

That happy sound you hear is that of a hundreds of people in accounting departments across the world closing their laptops and going out for a drink,

I long for the days when the work mattered.

Apparently, 2014 will not be 1984.

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