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I live in upstate NY, but about three years ago I had a fantasy about moving to Portland or Seattle where I could once again join the hip, upscale crowd I had been apart of in Boston after I left Chiat/Day.

It was a disaster. Everyone with whom I interviewed scoffed at my Chiat/Day experience or about my amusing anecdotes about Steve Jobs, as such as when I got drunk with him, or hit him on the shoulder during a demo, or fixed him up with Gina, our lovely receptionist.

But then the worst moment came: Shelly Menniing Chiat. There I was, In Seattle, about to starve to death, and she sent me the names of umpteen Buddhist temples.

Nichiren Buddhist Temple, 501 South Jackson #202
Seattle Buddhist Church, 1427 S. Main
Choeizan Enkyoj Nichiren Temple1518 South Washington Street
Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple, 108 Northwest 83rd Street
Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism, 12056 15th Avenue Northeast
Seattle Buddhist Center, 7930 Rainier Avenue South
Buddha Jewel Monastery, 1733 South Horton Street

She insisted I go to them for housing and sustenance. Alas, I had a job interview in Portland the next day. I respectfully declined. This made her angry. The next day I received:

holy mother of god your well of self-obsessed drama is bottomless. you, steve, are the one who is strikingly inappropriate. you, in a few short days, have entirely mangled and wasted love and compassion offered to you and eviscerated my desire to help. there are many opportunities for you, some of which i have. but it is clear you are incapable of taking even the smallest with any grace, so why would i offer you a larger one? call it what you will, fantasize that it is my transgression: the fact is you have perpetrated your bad choices and your resultant miseries on many, and have now attempted to widen that unfortunate circle to include me. that is being a perpetrator, and i am not available to be another of your victims

I appreciate everyone's opinion, especially Shelly's, But her timing was off. And unsettling.

And was worst of all, Shelly's neighbor at the time was Chuck Phillips. He has always been a great friend of this site.

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