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Steve Hayden


In my formative years at Chiat/Day, one of the gods of the company was Steve Hayden. I believe (and Steve, correct me if I am wrong) he wrote the famous Apple Super Bowl ad for the introduction of the Macintosh.

He went on to become the grand-poohbah of Ogilvy. I still wonder if he ever quit smoking, which was his great vice. Hey, like I should talk. My favorite memories of Steve are from the Biltmore Hotel days. He and I and Susie Vye (his girlfriend) and whatever rapscallions we could gather together at the time would go downstairs and would run up bar bills that would exceed the national Gross National Product of many countries.

He was (and is) always nice to me.

He had some medical problems recently. Arthritis. Bone spurs. Hospital time.

I have met so many amazing people in my life. Steve is one of them.

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