May 12, 2015

Hy Yablonka


You’re all so young.

Chiat/Day was founded in 1968 and worked out of a fairly trashy office on Olympic Boulevard in LA. One of the founding partners was Hy Yablonka, Creative Director. I regret to inform you that I heard from Hy’s son, Mike, that Hy died this morning (Tuesday), 1/6) at around 4 a.m. Mike and his wife were at his side.

One of Hy’s wishes was to die at home, and I’m so glad his son, Mike, was able to make this happen for him.

I’ve been on the phone a lot today, not gathering facts, but just allowing myself (and others) to mourn. Many thanks to Patty Kanin, who was married to Hy for many years.

Few people know this, but it was Hy who hired Lee Clow.

Even I, who started at C/D in 1977, remember the wonderfully grumbly Hy, with this fiery red hair. Bill Moorland told me he had a barber chair in his office at Olympic Boulevard, which successfully made the transition to the Biltmore.

He had an amazing, wry sense of humor - always expressed “sotto voce” - so you could barely hear him.

He did a lot of the early Apple work, plus Nike and Honda.

He opened C/D’s San Francisco office, and he helped keep Bob Sunderland alive. Literally. Jay set up a “suicide watch” for Sunderland. (You can search this website for his story.)

You were greatly loved, Hy.

I also learned today that the great Val Maiquez died in November. When I worked at Chiat/Day. Val worked in accounting. But he had a very special talent. His accent was so thick, few people could understand him. So what was the perfect job for Val? Handling phone calls from angry vendors looking for their money, of course. Since the vendors couldn’t understand him, he saved us a lot of money. (I think it was Eve Luppert who dubbed him “Disco Bal.”)

Jay often did extremely generous things. Once he gave $100,000 (yes!) to every employee who had worked there for 10 years. Val was one of those recipients (as was I.) Jay’s kindness enabled Val to buy his own house, for himself and his lovely wife, Virginia.

Next week: Multiples of Reedys!’

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September 24, 2014

Print Production. NY. 1980s. A reunion.


I live in upstate New York now (near Woodstock), so for me to drive into the city is a rare event.

I recently coerced Peter Franke and Scott Salmon into buying me lunch, which I insisted must include a steak with Bernaise sauce.

Pete led us to Palm West. He's such a regular, he has his face painted on the wall. (Apparently, there are FOUR Palm restaurants in NY. Peter's face is cartooned, I'm told, in three of them. In this photo, look at the top row.

Pete still works in print production, for an agency that is a division of Publicis. Scott is the general manager of the Manhattan Plaza Health Club.

They are great, good friends. For more than 30 years!

August 06, 2014

Jessica Edelstein

Jessica Edelstein.jpg
I received the most wonderful email this afternoon from Jessica (Schulman) Edelstein. She was a part of the LA office for many years, working as everything from Director of Corporate Branding to Worldwide Director of Art and Design. She is now transitioning her many talents (and her heart) into a new field: art therapy.

Thank you, Jessica!

Hey Steve.

Just wanted to let you know I just made a small donation on your PayPal. As I pull a little money from my Chiat/Day 401k each month to help cover the cost of my going back to school for my Masters in Clinical Art Therapy and my career change to put thinking & visuals together in a new way after 19 years with the agency, I often reflect on all the amazing adventures, life lessons, drama, creativity, and friendships of my time at Chiat/Day/Mojo\TBWA. This month I pulled a little extra just for you. I'm thinking it probably is from a little bonus Jay gave me in 1992 and so I'm giving it back.

Jay used to say the agency's most valuable asset goes down the elevator and out the door every night. There were so many incredible people I cherish having worked with that are too many to name, but while some people are lucky enough to have a mentor or two, I couldn't believe the list of mentors who taught me life lessons I still use almost each & every day:

It was Kupe (who was my teacher at ArtCenter) who taught me to want to be in a place that does great work; it was another ArtCenter teacher Yvonne Smith that taught me that women were capable of immense talent; it was Jay that taught me to believe in myself (& museums!); it was Lee that taught me to be passionate about seeing and to have love for a place and not jump ship for shiny things; it was Laurie Coots that taught me teamwork, corporate culture, the art of global travel and perseverance; it was Mark Bilfield who taught me to plan for the future (he told me my first week if I contributed to my 401k I'd never miss it but would thank him later - 23 years later I do!!); it was Dave Butler and Jerry Gentile who taught me it was about doing really great work daily and not the flamboyance of awards or credit that others may partake in; it was Amy Miyano who taught me to respect the talents, kerning and space of the hardworking studio team that made the magic real; it was Hank Hinton who taught me that having a quick-witted officemate makes life more enjoyable; it was Margaret Keene who taught me the joys of sharing what I know with others & of laughing in the wee hours; it was Nancy Alley who taught me the importance of respect for everyone in all departments; it was Elaine Hinton & Richard O'Neal who taught me peeking in while ostensibly taking candy is ok —but to let producers do their job; it was Dan & Beth Bootzin who taught me you can get beautiful water from a dry stone if you cut it enough and just the right way; it was Cheryllynn Carter who taught me to laugh and not let naysayers get me down; it was Adam Morgan who taught me to listen to what people really think; It was Jim Juback, Rob Fleming, Diana Johnson, Jill Savage, Shelly Holden and Christine Donohoe who taught me to care about a job all the way through every department to its finish despite what other "creatives" think; it was Velda Ruddock who taught me to research and not stop at the first thing I find; it was Monica Karo who taught me grace under fire, and it was she & Fred Sattler that taught me that it mattered where and how people saw my work; it was Zach Rosenberg who taught me the power of networking and client diplomacy; it was Carol Madonna who taught me to buy myself flowers & the price of a post-it note; it was Amy Moorman & Jigisha Bouverat who taught me to respect copyright law and the talents of contributing artists; and perhaps most importantly, it was my favorite production manager Andrew Edelstein who taught me that late nights were for love and not just for concepting, typesetting, press checks or making comps.

And the donation Steve is to you, for teaching me (and all of us) to be grateful for the special place we were fortunate enough to grow and learn in. As Jay said when he gave me the small cash bonus literally from his own pocket, "I wish it could be more." Once my private practice is on solid ground (& a dent made in my student loan!) I will donate more. Until then, I encourage others to support you & the jay/day site. Thanks for keeping us connected.


Back at ya', Jessica

Mike MacNeill

Mike MacNeil

More sadness to report. C/D alum Mike MacNeill died last night (8/5/2014) in a freak explosion in his garage at his home in Brooklyn. No additional details to report. He is survived by his wife, Angela, and his daughter, Sophia.

Mike had been working as a Freelance Integrated Creative Director at NBCUniversal, but worked at TBWA/Chiat/Day on the Accenture and Global Volvo pitch and in the early 90s, worked at Chiat/Day as an art director.

July 25, 2014

Davey Butler


I worked at Chiat/Day from the time we were nothing but a sleazy office on Olympic Boulevard and our lunch consisted of whatever rodent was being offered that day off of the burrito cart in the parking lot, which, for some reason, makes me think of David Butler.

David. Dave. Davey. In all of my years at C/D, he was the nicest person I ever worked with (except for you, of course.)

There was a time in this business when the "long copy" ad ruled. By "long copy," I mean a strong graphic, a headline and then copy so brilliant it would blow your head off. David usually contributed the latter two.
I first got into advertising by a circuitous means, the whole flashback of which I will spare you. But even though I was starving in Spokane, WA, as a junior copywriter (there was no senior copywriter - hey, wait a minute, I was the ONLY copywriter!)

I would pore over the issues of Communication Arts Magazine just to read the ads that were coming out of C/D, many of which were pouring out of the mind of David Butler. He was my hero. I wanted to work near him so bad I would be willing to bleed.

I ultimately got to work at C/D through a bit of stupid luck. (Bless you, Sharon Stanley.) And there, right down the hallway from my office, was David Butler. I mean this in all honesty, he is the most talented person with whom I have ever worked.

And now let's talk about where David got his talent. Some of it was inherited, for David Butler is the son of one of the most famous voice-over artists in history: Daws Butler.

Yep, all that time we were growing up and listening to Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound and Quickdraw McGraw, we were actually listening to Dave's father, Daws Butler.

Yogi.jpgHuckle Berry.jpg

I've never done this before, but I hereby create the "Alburty Awards," of which Dave is the first recipient.

David and his wife, Margie, live in Austin, Texas.

And here is the entire Daws Butler cast of characters. (Click on the image to make it larger.)

June 24, 2014

The Simpsons


Oh, you poor people.

Because I was the "Wang" guy, I got to visit every office in which a Wang was installed. Forget the United States, my favorite station was Sydney, Australia. The fog in my mind forbids remembering how many years ago when I first met "The Simpsons."

(Background: Mojo was perhaps the most famous of all Australian ad agencies. Think Foster Beer. We merged. We drank. We merged.)

My contact was the great Mojo CFO, Jeff Simpson. He couldn't have been nicer. And his wife, Julie: I don't pass compliments around easily, but I asked her if she and Jeff would join me on a trip to Tahiti. I can think of few people who would refuse me. They did. I remain bereft.

I spent a few weeks there at the Manley Beach Hotel and (Jeff and Julie know what's coming next) they made scrambled eggs that were so bad the entire nation should have been banned from the U.N. (Lovely country. I got to pet a kangaroo. But they don't know from eggs.)

As they grew up, each of the children (Adam and Clair) came to NY to have their "Uncle Steve" give them their tour of NY, separately; I had one day with each of them. I took them to the most famous sites in NY. Including, as the grand finale, The Dakota apartment building. I sat them down (after walking their feet off for an entire day) on a park bench across from the Dakota.

I teased them. "What happened here?" They knew from John Lennon, but "Rosemary's Baby," they have been sheltered. What a loss. I worry about Australia.

I digress. I have received a long update about the comings and goings about a family that played a very important place in our company history.

Recap: Jeff (CFO of Chiat/Day/Mojo), Julie (His darling wife), and their children, Adam and Clair.

Plus, after 20+ years, they remain dear friends of mine: Enjoy. And now, I proudly present: The Simpsons:

From Jeff:

Here is some info on the productive Simpsons (aka Adam - his wife Amy - and Clair). They are each in their early thirties. Clair is the eldest.

Clair is and completed her Bachelor of Education graduating in November 2013. She is currently working at a local primary school on a part time basis. She has a great passion for helping young children to learn - and not just in formal education. Clair also teaches swimming 3 evenings a week, both kids and adults. This ranges from junior learn to swim and water safety programs to advanced stroke technique. Clair took up ocean swimming in her mid 20's and regularly participates in ocean swims from 1 to 5 kilometres. Clair swims at least once a week with a group of distance swimmers. She is also known to her close friends as "Clair fish". Whilst completing her degree Clair moved home with us at Narrabeen (on the beach, conveniently). She is single (and available!) Clair loves all sports and participates and watches as much as she can. Clair and I are very passionate supporters of our local rugby league team (The Manly Sea Eagles, Manly is a locale and not a description of their sexuality). Clair and have "season tickets" to attend the Sea Eagles home games at our local stadium.

Adam is a passionate musician who has to work to pay for his passion. He tried Marketing and Advertising at University but drank too much beer to pass his exams. He has worked very hard at his music and achieved excellent academic results at high school in his formal music studies. He is a drummer, writer and arranger. He has been in a number of bands and loves performing. His current band have a very popular stage act (it involves zombies and beards which both seem to be popular at the moment). This band is called "Gay Paris" and to try to label them is difficult - edgy, hard rock will suffice. They recorded one album and have another on the way. They are going to San Francisco in July to record their new album at a specialist studio with the guy who came to Australia to produce their first album. ( The band has performed all over Australia in the last three years, in capital cities and major regional cities. They have a faithful following in some of our more industrial cities (not sure of a US equivalent). Adam fills in time between gigs working for the Australian Performing Rights Association which is owned by the major record companies and which collects royalties on behalf of music artists and composers. I am sure there is an American equivalent. In addition to their "baby news" Adam and Amy have just bought an apartment in the inner western suburbs of Sydney. They move in on Tuesday 6th May. He is at a very exciting stage of his life.

Amy [editor's note: Amy is Adam's gorgeous wife] is a wonderful person, but I guess you know that having met her. Amy is an Associate Editor at Elle Magazine and loves her work. Amy graduated with a Psychology degree from Sydney University and has spent most of her career as a writer/journalist. Amy combines her love of fashion and beauty with great writing skills and confident presence. She is a natural on TV and has done a number of "expert interviews" on the world of fashion and beauty trends/fads for national networks.She has travelled extensively and has spent time in New York, Milan, London, Paris and Hong Kong. Adam and Amy met through a mutual friend, fell in love, then fell out of love and went their separate ways for about five years. They met again in 2007, fell in love again and became engaged whilst on holiday in Lake Como in Italy in 2011. They married in a wonderful celebration in the gardens of a 5 acre property in mountains to the west of Sydney. In February this year Amy confirmed that she is having a baby in September, much to the absolute delight of everyone, especially her parents in law.

Please see enclosed a photo of the five of us and one of Adam and Amy.

I hope you have seen winter through OK and the allergies aren't too bad.

All the best.

Jeff and Julie Simpson


Adam and Amy

June 23, 2014

Almost Australia

Blast it! I have a whole story planned about the Simpsons. Jeff Simpson was the CFO of Mojo in Australia, which Jay bought in his disastrous acquisition frenzy.

Unless you were in involved in the Mojo acquisition, you never got to meet their amazing CFO, Jeff Simpson, or his wife, the spectacular Julie Simpson, or their children Adam and Clair, who are all grown up. I will provide details.

I also have a piece coming about David Butler, who has a colleague relative you will all recognize. But first I have to get something I have on my chest. I posted it on Facebook earlier tonight. (The Simpsons and Dave Butler are more important to me, but I had to respond) And thus:


Saturday, June 21st, was "Jay/Day," the day those of us who worked for the brilliant, quixotic man Jay Chiat, founder of Chiat/Day Advertising, were supposed to go out and repay Jay's many kindnesses to US by doing something caring for anyone in need of the type of inspiration Jay inspired in all of us. (These are the tenets:

Instead I found myself being kicked out of a FB group run by Laura Sweet, who also worked at Chiat/Day. She runs her own page on Facebook and the topic for the day was "The Open Office." Jay was notorious for believing that creativity came out of chaos, and so he was an early proponent of the "open office," in which the lack of doors was thought by him to inspire free form creativity. Some hated it. Others loved it. (I can't tell you how thrilling it was that I, a peon in 1977, got to meet some of the eventual icons of the industry, all because I could walk by their office and say "hi" when they were not busy.)

But others, admittedly, were not advocates. Some hated it. I think it was a problem in LA because the employees had been used to Frank Gehry's wonderful warehouse. But the "Binocular" building was much more problematic because the building already existed and had to be retrofitted. People had to be squeezed into tight spaces. The New York office was a different story. It was designed from the ground up by the great architect Gaetano Pesce. It not only didn't have any doors, it didn't have any offices. It was a mish-mosh of cafes, small workstations, "bubbles" (small conference rooms) and an area for personal lockers where you kept your personal belongings. It was quite an adjustment. It took months for people to calm down. But in the end, we sensed the overall experience was not the nightmare people had expected.

(True story: when Omnicom bought C/D and Bill Tragos from TBWA took over, he demanded his OWN bathroom. Eve Luppert, our HR director and (along with me and Laurie Coots) was one of the implementers of the Virtual Office was outraged. Remember how colorful the resin floors of the office were? Gaetano built Tragos his own bathroom. But the colors of the resin of the floor? Brown and yellow. I don't think Tragos ever got the joke.)

I am saddened that former colleagues (or some who had bad "open office nightmares" elsewhere), like Laura Sweet, Rich Siegel, Becca Morton, Diane Pirie Cockerill, Brad Gantt, Paul Stenquist, Brian Jay Miller, Melanie Monteiro, and Christie Cordes, are so bitter. (I'm even more sorry that Laura Sweet chooses who she wishes to allow to comment or not. Jay would have a conniption.)

I personally, will ALWAYS be grateful that I worked for Jay Chiat. He challenged us beyond our ability to be comfortable with his ideas. And he would be MORTified (get it? "Morton" was his real first name) that some of you use snarkiness or banishment to debase his achievement, or silence those, like me, who tried to achieve his dream. At least HE TRIED.

Steve Alburty
Chiat/Day, 1977 to 1995

P.S. J.K. Rowling wrote "Harry Potter," with her daughter by her side, in a pub. (It's now a Chinese restaurant.) Talk about powers of concentration!

May 23, 2014

Robin Rotenier


He was everybody's favorite Frenchman. Robin Rotenier worked in the accounting department in the late 80s/early 90s. He left to become a jeweler, which was no surprise, as he comes from a long line of jewelry designers. He met with wild success, eventually selling his work to stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman.

He was known as the King of the Cufflinks and once sold a pair with a ruby inlay for $9,800.

But on May 20th, he took a hammer, smashed his apartment window and jumped to his death. He left no note.

All of us who knew him mourn his loss. He was one of the sweetest people I have ever met.

May 09, 2014

Craig Lambert


Every few months, I am permitted to leave the grounds of my Fortress of Solitude. Such was the occasion when I was invited to have brunch with someone (should be there be an election) would win by consent as the nicest Account Director I've even known.

Craig Lambert worked in the New York office in the height of its glory in the 80s. From there, he went on to become the Managing Director of Modem Media.

But wait (as they say in the commercials) that's not all.

When I had brunch with Craig, he had morphed once again into an entirely new life and career - that of an elementary school teacher!

Here he is with his partner, Brad, who is a psychiatrist. (I'm keeping his contact info close to the vest, as a good psychiatrist is hard to find these days. And who knows when I may succumb to the vapors?)

Craig fixed lunch (a sort of egg-frittata-quiche thing) which was delicious. Brad supervised.

Might I say (of course I may, as I run this blog) that they have a spectacular home in Norwalk, but that Craig has entirely switched … careers. He has gone into teaching, and is now getting his Masters in Education. The last I saw him, he was getting his feet wet by actually teaching in elementary school.

If you remember Craig, you can well imagine how lucky many kids will be thrilled to say, "Good morning, Mr. Lambert!"

April 24, 2014

Donnie Everett


Who is that man in the Chiat/Day t-shirt cleaning a toilet? At 79 Fifth, we all called him Donnie as in "Donald Everett." If you don't recognize him by his face (see below), you may remember his accent. Donnie was a "Southie," as in "South Boston." His accent was as thick as chowder.

From '83 to about '87, he worked in the mailroom, ordered office supplies, cleaned the office and took care of the "odds and ends" which often required attention at Jay's apartment.

He also did a lot of painting of office walls and cubicles. He was always putting up nameplates, sometimes for new hires and sometimes for departures. (He knew who was leaving before they did.) He says that sometimes he just took them down to paint a divider and would sometimes forget to put them back up. The employee would come back to their office, find their nameplate missing, and race to Eve in HR to find out if they'd been fired!

Donnie is extremely well read. In fact, Jane Newman once took up a collection to buy Donnie a Barnes and Noble gift card.

He now lives in Santa Monica. On March 22nd, he had knee-replacement surgery. After a lot of physical therapy, he is starting to feel better and better and says that the swelling has subsided to the point where he can actually see his kneecap again.

I salute Donnie because he was one of the wonderful characters who made C/D such a special company.




Scott Salmon and son


If you worked in the New York office, you surely remember Scott Salmon. He was a print production manager (who worked for me) in the early 80s at 666 Fifth. I fired him (but more on that later.)

He eventually reappeared as a salesman for various printers and engravers. He was an almost daily visitor at 79 Fifth. He married Judy Zell.

He is now the General Manager at the Manhattan Plaza Health Club and is married to a lovely woman named Suzan. He comes up to the Catskills from time to time and brings me bags of groceries from my favorite store in the world, Trader Joe's.

Here he is from a visit from December, I believe. That's his son, Shayne, to whom Scott is absolutely devoted. Shayne is as smart as a whip and one of those rare children who can actually have a great conversation with an adult.

So why did I "fire" Scott back in the 80s? We had just lost an account, so layoffs soon followed. I had two guys who worked for me: Peter Franke and Scott. Peter had a wife and children. Scott was single. I figured he could bounce back more easily.

If you remember the offices at 666, there was no private space. The only room that had a door on it was the "light room" where we viewed proofs of pending print jobs. I took Scott into the light room and immediately burst into tears. I seem to recall that this made him laugh. I took it harder than he did.

I was so upset, that I spent my own money to take out an ad in AdAge entitled "Canned Salmon," in which I explained why I had had to lay him off and wouldn't somebody out there please give him a job?"

In two weeks, he got a job that paid him more money than I did.

He remains a dear friend to this day. He is one of the peppiest, funniest people I know.


(Shayne turning the Emerson Lodge in Mt. Tremper into the Shaolin Temple.)

April 11, 2014

Carisa Bianchi


Carisa Bianchi, the President of TBWA/Chiat/Day, is leaving after nine years. (That's 27 in "ad years.") She first became President in 2005, after a successful two-year stint running the San Francisco office.

She once wanted to work for the CIA, but wound up in advertising, which is pretty much the same thing. She first came to work at Chiat/Day in 1989. Perhaps the greatest account she ever worked on at Chiat/Day was what would become one of the most famous campaigns in advertising: the Energizer Bunny. It's still going. And going.

And, like the Energizer Bunny, Carisa herself is an avid runner.

She is so smart and talented, I like to fantasize that she is leaving to become Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, but that is only pure wishful thinking on my part! (Hillary, if you're reading this, give Carisa a ring.)

April 02, 2014

Peter Franke needs a job!


One of the things I dislike about advertising is that you are always one phone call away from catastrophe. A client cuts its budget or fires the agency, and suddenly your colleagues are putting their things into cardboard boxes.

This is what happened recently to Peter Franke. On or about St. Patrick's day, he was laid off from Geometry Global, where he had been Director of Production.

Some of you may recall that before I became the tech guru of Chiat/Day, I was head of Print Production. Peter and Scott Salmon both worked for me and in early March, I drove into town to have lunch with them, where they bought me a steak with Béarnaise sauce. Then Pete lost his job. So this layoff affects me personally. I need Béarnaise.

So pull out your address books, talk to your CEOs and HR people and help find Peter a new job.

I have worked with many fine people in my career. Peter is one of the best. I've attached his resume.

Here are his own words about recent events:

P.S. He mentions "Diana," who is his amazing wife.

I left C/D in Nov 92 after we lost the AMEX acct.

I sat around healing for a month or two and was asked to try my hand at sales by a web printer.

I did the sales thing for a year and then got hired at Dentsu 
to fix their Creative services depts.

That only lasted a year but it is where I met Diana.

I plunged back into sales and did that at a few places for the next 8 years or so.

During that time in "97", I started my own printing company that quickly turned into a Production Management company. (Many small agencies didn't have a budget for a real Production Manager, so I did that role for them gratis, while I bought all their printing and marked that up to make a few dollars.)

Worked out great until 9/11! when all the small places went out of business one by one.

Soooo, I got back into production on the corporate side working at AETV first and then at AMEX for a total of 6 years or so.

Suddenly a big job on the agency side opened up and I jumped at it, G2, that turned into Geometry Global back in July.

I was building a nice department when suddenly 2014 S. O. W. came out with drastic cuts on the print/offline side. 

St Patty's day shows up & "nice to know you, here's your envelope" happens.

And that's the story.


Download resume

Steve Gordon



Every once in a while, an alum just pops into my head and I track them down to find out what they're up to. The other day, the name "Steve Gordon" started making a frequent appearance in my brain. He was a stitch, always making us all laugh, at the same time doing great work. Here's the bio I coaxed out of him:

I joined Perkins/Butler in 1989, which became Chiat/Day Direct, which was then folded into Chiat. But you knew that. After leaving Chiat in 1992 ( I made Eve Luppert chase around the 15th floor, yelling to her, "you can't fire me, if you can't catch me" She caught me.)

After that, I had a short stint at Bastoni Barnes, when I got a call from Tim Beck, who was the Head of IT at Kirshenbaum & Bond. They needed a Studio Manager. Eventually becoming VP/Director of Digital Services, or something like that. I was there from 1993-2002.  From 2002-2004, I had some jobs that I'd rather not think back on. In 2005, after going through a near-death experience with pneumonia (2 weeks in ICU, doctors telling my wife, Marlee they gave me a 30% chance to survive,) I starting working at DiMassimo (now DiMassimo Goldstein, or DIGO) as both Studio and Print Production.

In late 2008 I went to Cossette, again doing both Studio and Production, reuniting with Bill Oberlander who hired me at K&B. After 18 months Cossette closed their door in NYC. The next eight months were tough, finally hooking up with Gotham in 2011. After three fun years, I am now at Serino/Coyne, who specialize in Broadway Theater Advertising as Director Visual Assets.

I married Marlee in 2003. who has a son, Justin, now 24, from a previous marriage. Together, we have a 10 yr old daughter, Madison. And our pug, Monty. Moved up to Ardsley in Westchester in 1998.

I've done some traveling through the years- Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Africa-climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in 1999.

Had a few Harley's. But after getting hit by a car for the third time (nothing serious-more of an inconvenience) I gave it up for good in 2008.

I always look back at my time at Chiat as some of the best times I've had in the bushiness. I do remember one time when I got food poisoning from a Chiat Christmas Party and trying to send an company-wide email on the Wang system. But I hit the wrong button and sent the note about me getting sick as a fax to our clients. You came down, and smacked me in the back of my head, not too hard though. More of a love tap. I also am a proud owner of a Franke Award shirt (which I lost years ago) for "Most likely to leave work to see a Dead show". Which was true.

Anyway, I hope this fills you in from 1993-2014.

Jane Newman to be inducted into Hall of Fame


Jane Newman imported the concept of Account Planning from the U.K. to the U.S. She is, for all intents and purposes, the mother of account planning (and I mean that in the nicest way!) When she started at Chiat/Day, nobody knew what Account Planning was. Now it's almost a required position at every agency and most account planners can probably trace their roots back to Jane.

For her extraordinary contribution, the she is being inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame on April 9th. She is the first planner to be so honored.

Here is the invitation, which is in itself a treat to read.

Robert Chandler


Robert Chandler was a copywriter for many years in the LA office. He has weird dreams. Here's his latest:

I saw Jay Chiat in a dream

early this still dark morning

I was at a party, an outdoor party, at the large house catty-corner to our old house on Tower Grove Drive

But it was the old house the way it had been before it was torn down and replaced 15 or 20 years ago

There were a lot of second and third tier Hollywood wannabe types at the party.

I was walking around the back garden when I ran into Jay.

He looked great, in his prime, silver haired, big but sardonic smile, wearing unusually colorful flowing clothes, though kind of mid-60s Hollywood

I asked him how he'd been, meaning what had it been like being being dead these past 12 years.

He said, "It's been a heuristic experience."

Which wasn't exactly his kind of word - it sounds a little pretentious - but not impossible that he would use it.

He said he'd see me later during the party. Like he wanted to check out the girl situation.

I woke up immediately after that encounter and had to look up "heuristic".

November 18, 2013

The passing of Marv Rich

Marvinrich 2000S

I received the news from his son, David, that Marv Rich, one of Chiat/Day's great ART DIRECTORS, died on Oct. 20. On December 1st, he would have been 79. (I made a mistake in the newsletter when I said he was a writer.)

He was a ubiquitous presence in almost every office. David managed to piece together a bio. Look at the incredible number of clients with which he worked. He also worked with some of the agency's best writers. He won many awards, including multiple Andys, Clios, IBAs, etc.

I can distinctly remember his "leprachaun" look. He was very talented and very kind and will be greatly missed.

Thank you to David Rich for going to so much work to put together all of this material for me. It really helps the wonderful memories return.

(Click to view the larger version)


Marvinrich 90S

Marv in the 1990s.

Marvinrich 80S
…and in the 80s.

Marvinrich 70S
And in the hip 1970s!

Marvinrich Illustrations

November 14, 2013

Just Do What Fred Did

Fred in his heyday.


Fred and John Wayne on a shoot

All of you certainly remember Fred Goldberg, who ran Chiat/Day's San Francisco office, as well as founding his own agency. As reported earlier on this site, he has written a book: "The Insanity of Advertising."

Many of you will also remember Robert Chandler a writer and creative group head in the LA office from 1977-1981. He sent me his very own review of Fred's book, to which he places the first finger of each of his hands in an enthusiastically upright position.


To Chiat/Day alum, to anybody in advertising, or who find advertising and marketing intriguing,

I commend to you Fred Goldberg's new memoir on his adventures in the ad trade, THE INSANITY OF ADVERTISING, to be published in January.

Fred and I worked on some of the same accounts and in some of the same places - notably Chiat/Day and Y&R on Apple and Gallo - but never at the same time.

I was always hearing about Fred, sometimes when he'd been at a place before me, sometimes when he'd gone on to a place I'd worked.

Fred, like Jay Chiat who figures large in his memoirs, has been both notable and controversial. And for similar reasons. He has a reputation as being very smart, very tough, and very demanding.

And being and doing so, he always got good results.

Fred inspired both admiration and trepidation, both affection and the opposite. But, that is almost always the arc of an outstanding career, if not absolutely always.

I've read two chapters of his book. The are engaging, straightforward and very readable. In each instance where I've known the subject or the people, I've found Fred's observations to be astute, accurate. And, particularly interesting to hear his perspective on things I knew from my own and others' points of view.

Fred went on to found a very successful agency, Goldberg, Moser & O'Neil of San Francisco.

I'm not necessarily a fan of books on ad biz, even when very good. And, I often have a peculiar aversion to reading about things I know a lot about personally. Perhaps through fear or anticipated annoyance that the writer is going to getting things a little or very wrong.

But, I have enjoyed Fred's chapters, and after having partaken of the hors d'oeuvres, look forward to the entire meal in January.

His promotional website is very good.

And here's the Amazon page.

Submitted by Robert Chandler, Chiat/Day L.A. writer and creative group head,
1977 - 1981


And here are some spicy excerpts from Fred's book:

Jay hired me after a breakfast meeting at the Cheese & Olive in Marina del Rey. The next most memorable thing about that morning I was hired came after we shook hands. He said, “Come with me.” We walked across Ocean Avenue to a place called the Baja Cantina, where about 20 of Jay’s buddies and gal pals had gathered for brunch. It was only 11 a.m. and half of them were already drunk as skunks. The other half were high as kites. I thought to myself, what have I just done?


At the end of 1985, Jay Chiat came up with one of his largest and most grandiose ideas. Why not buy two great creative advertising agencies, Ally & Gargano and Hal Riney, and create a new entity to be known as Ally Chiat Riney? This naming would likely be the only thing that the three companies might amicably agree upon since the names were in alphabetical order, thereby removing some of the political and emotional tension.
In many ways, this combination, Ally Chiat Riney, was a brilliant thought since it would have brought together arguably the three most creative agencies of the time, each a key player in an important advertising market: NewYork, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, respectively.
Not too much thought was given as to how Ally and Chiat and Riney might work together, well or not, but Jay offered that he would “run it.” Uh-huh. 


John Sculley (ex–Apple Computer CEO) writes in his book Odyssey that he asked Chiat/Day, “See if there is a way to take advantage of the fact that 1984 was the year that George Orwell chose for his famous prophecy of a totalitarian regime in which Big Brother controls all of man’s actions and thoughts.”
Actually, the Orwellian idea had been bouncing around Chiat/Day well before Sculley even arrived at Apple. I will give him credit, though, for sometimes recognizing a good idea when he heard one, since the idea had been discussed as part of the product launch. 


He wanted to see where we were at and upon looking at the very first ad threw a tantrum of disappointment and went on to crap on every single piece of advertising we had lined up around the conference room walls.
“Show me the work.”
“This is all shit.”
“What have you guys been thinking?”
“We’re in trouble.”
“This is shit.”
All of this was expressed at the top of Jay’s voice in an extremely irritated and condescending manner. Which was par for Jay’s course.
Everyone was sufficiently demotivated and tired, when Lee Clow asked Jay to take a stroll with him, which they did. Lee used that walk to speak persuasively and in his usual calm manner. “OK, asshole, you go present whatever you want.”
We all went to sleep and the next morning drove over to Apple and presented all of the work exactly as it was the night before. Of the 45 ads, 44 were approved for production.

All excerpts (c) by Fred Goldberg and Council Oak Books

November 06, 2013

Bob Jeffrey's successor appointed


Long before he CEO of JWT, Bob Jeffrey was an account guy at Chiat/Day in the New York office. From there, he formed an agency with Gary Goldsmith, and then did a stint as President of Lowe's. Now, according to Ad Age, "WPP's JWT has named McCann Worldgroup's Gustavo Martinez its global president and future successor to JWT Worldwide Chairman and CEO Bob Jeffrey. Mr Martinez won't take on the role of global president until February 2014. He'll assume the role of Worldwide CEO in 2015, at which time Mr. Jeffrey will become non-executive chairman. Mr. Jeffrey will continue as Worldwide CEO through 2014."

Congratulations, Bob! You survived!

November 04, 2013

Cynthia Dickerson

A big welcome to Cynthia R. Dickerson, who was found wandering the lonely halls of cyberspace:

"Hello, Stevan - my name is Cynthia R. Dickerson. I worked for Chiat/Day in San Francisco from 1983 to 1985. "Golden Ages," indeed. Nothing like it before or since!

Thanks and best regards, CRD"

November 01, 2013

Sid Salinger


I received sad news the other day about the death of Sid Salinger. one of the very first employees at Chiat/Day back in 1968.

Here is his obituary from the Sacramento Bee. A memorial service will be held Friday. November 29, 2013 at 10:00 AM in the Spruce Room at Sierra Pines, 7600 Whistle Stop Way, Roseville, CA.

I also received the following news from his grandson, Adam.

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm writing for a couple of reasons.

Some of you may not know that my father, Sid, passed away two weeks ago on 9/28 peacefully in his sleep. As a close friend of mine put it, "He went out a winner." He did in every sense of the word. We can all only hope to have such an enjoyable 80th birthday hearing from so many old friends and family and then passing so peacefully in our sleep.

Dad lived a happy and fulfilled life. Everyone receiving this email played a part. Thank you to each and every one of you for bringing joy into his life. You made him who he was.

Mom, Nancy, is doing well. As most of you know, she was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia a few years ago. She had been receiving home health care for 8 hours during the day to help with daily activities for the past 10 months. With dad gone, there is no one with her the other 16 hours a day. My sister, Lenore, came immediately from Colorado when dad passed away and stayed at the house with my mother until we were able to move her.

On October 9th, we moved mom into an assisted living home in the memory care unit (which specializes in Dementia and Alzheimer's) three miles away from my house in Sacramento. It's a national chain called Sunrise Living. Since moving in my mom has had nothing but great things to say about both the facility (which is beautiful) and the staff. The tough part has been moving out of her house for the past 17 years and into a new home.


[Editor's note: I don't like to include the email addresses and snail-mail addresses on these pages in order to protect the correspondents privacy. If you would like to send a note to Adam or Sid's wife, Nancy, send them to me (my email address is at the top of the page) and I will forward them) to Adam and his mother.)

Sid, with his grandchildren, James and Isabella

Marty Weiss

… has opened his own agency!

Fbook 403X403 Therapist

Bernie Hafeli

"Hi, Steve. My name is Bernie Hafeli and I guess I'm found, although I didn't really realize I was lost. Well, yes I did, I guess, in a sort of existential/spiritual sense. My e-mail: [see editor's note below]

I worked as a writer at C/D three different times: 1978-1980, starting in the original SF office under Chuck Phillips (Marvin Rich, Bob Hulme, Bill Kelly), then going to LA where I teamed with Brent Thomas on Yamaha, working under Lee and Dave Butler.

In 1982 I left Hal Riney to go to work at the C/D Seattle office, which became Chiat/Day/Livingston as you well know, and finally Livingston. So I worked with all those folks (Roger, Jerry Box, Ron Sandilands, Jim Copacino, Sharon Teal, Kevin Threadgold, Susan Hoffman, Val Houtchens, Ben Evans, Geoff Roche, Kirk Citron, Steve Sandoz, Steve Dolbinski, Richard Block, Marcus Kemp, Pat Doody, etc.) for seven years until some of us started our own short-lived agency.

In 1990 I went back to Chiat/Day to work mainly on Nissan Regional Advertising, under Tony Stern and Jeff Roll. I left for good in 1997, although I did later work at Goldberg Moser O'Neill with a bunch of other C/D alums.

I went back to grad school in 2004, received an MFA in Writing from the University of San Francisco and have since been writing fiction, publishing some short stories here and there and finally a book, a novella called Bear Season, that will come out February 15th, and can be ordered through The Conium Review website.

Thank you for keeping the memory and spirit of Jay's agency alive."

Bernie Hafeli

[Editor's note: I don't like to include the email addresses and snail-mail addresses on these pages in order to protect the correspondent's privacy. If you would like to send a note to Bernie, send it to me (my email address is at the top of the page) and I will forward it to Bernie.]

August 03, 2013

Fred Goldberg


Fred Goldberg, who ran C/D's San Francisco office for umpteen years, has written a book about his life in advertising. Called "The insanity of Advertising," here's a link to the website where you can buy the book. (It's also available for pre-order on Amazon.) It will come out in October. Here's a link to the book's website and here is a blurb about the goodies inside it:

The Insanity of Advertising delivers a surprising inside look at unbelievable and sometimes astonishing happenings in the ad business. Not tittle-tattle, but real, absolutely truthful, on the ground intel from an executive who saw it happening right before his eyes. Think Walter Cronkite with a sense of humor. From Madison Avenue to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. It’s about the advertising people and their clients, at times crazy; some crazy all the time. There’s a week spent with John Wayne shooting commercials, commercials he didn’t want to be shooting; the untold story behind Steve Jobs and the infamous introductory Apple “1984” Macintosh commercial; what it was like working with Michael Dell as Dell Computers mushroomed from $100M to $30+B; along with insights and anecdotes recounted from dealing with advertising legends like Jay Chiat and Lee Clow; and entrepreneurs like Larry Ellison, Les Crane, Don Kingsborough and Joseph E. Levine. It’s an entertaining and fun read, but along the way there are meaningful insights and lessons to be learned about management, entrepreneurial people and practices, and oh! most certainly the ad biz.

Check out the website of the book, as it contains many wonderful samples of work Fred's agency created.

P.S. In light of recent events, Fred posted an observation on Facebook that is particularly relevant to recent news: "I lived through seven agency mergers, every one of which resulted in a failure. In the new book The Insanity of Advertising,, there is a chapter devoted entirely to this subject. It’s titled “Cultricide”."

Laurie Coots

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 At 9.12.33 Pm

I never thought it would happen.

Laurie Coots has finally left Chiat/Day after a career that lasted an amazing 29 years.

She wins my vote as one of the most incredible people I ever worked with at Chiat/Day (and I must say, that includes Jay!)

I don't know what her future plans are, but you can be sure that it will be something stupendous, for she is one of the smartest and indefatigable women I've ever known. (I'd love to see her work on a Presidential campaign!)

I believe her secret was that she is one of the most optimistic people I've ever met. No matter what obstacle presented itself to her, she'd find a way to make a Moon Pie out of it. I can remember many times before a new business pitch when Jay would come in, look at the work, and throw everything in the trash. Laurie would barely blink. She'd pull the team together into an all-nighter and somehow the new work would be magic.

She mentored hundreds of people in her career at Chiat/Day, including me. When I was head of IT, I was one of the lucky eight people or so to be selected for the Agency of the Future Committee (a.k.a. "Chrysalis.") Collaborating with her on that project was one of the great experiences of my life. When we had to implement the Virtual Office, she was ingenious in keeping the itchy citizens of Transylvania from marching up the hill with torches in their hands.

For the last few years, she was Chief Marketing Officer of TBWA/Chiat/Day and logged so many miles on airlines visiting offices in the network, I'm sure has earned enough frequent flier miles to reach Mars.

Best of luck, Laurie. I can hardly wait to find out what projects are cooking in that astounding mind of yours.

Steve Alburty

Mel Newhoff


It is my sad duty to inform you that one of Chiat/Day's earliest pioneers has died.

I received an email from David Newhoff to let me know that his father, Mel, passed away on July 21, 2013. Mel's long-time friend and business partner, Mel Abert, sent me a wonderful memoriam.

(Some of you who attended the 2008 40th Anniversary Reunion at the Rose Cafe in LA may remember having met Mel there.)

In March of 1966 Mel Newhoff & I were hired by Paul Keye and Mario Donna at Faust/Day which later became Chiat/Day. Some of the first accounts that Mel & I worked on were Fairchild Semiconductor, Hunt Wesson Foods, d Base Software, Sun Valley Resorts, Rancho California, Introducing Honda Automotive, KNBC, Viviane Woodard Cosmetics, Recognition Equipment, Hollywood Park Harness Racing, Aerospace Corporation, Ontario Speedway just to name a few.

Then in 1973 Mel and I left C/D to start our own agency, Abert Newhoff & Burr. 1973 - 1990. Some of the accounts were introducing the Daihatsu Automobile, Yamaha Scooters, Citizen Printers, Samsung, Yamaha Consumer Products, Ashton-Tate, Cannon ITT, Bush Gardens Bird Sanctuary, Hollywood Park, KFWB Radio, KNX-FM, Lion Country Country Safari, Universal Studios, Brentwood Savings, Caldwell Banker, The Irvine Company, Kaufman and Broad, Ticor Title Insurance, Public Storage, Ameritone Paint, Aqua Chem Pool Chemicals, Bushnell, Fi-Bar health bars, LA Fire Department, Charlie Browns Restaurants, Whomphoppers Restaurants, Laker Airways, P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises, Sheraton Hotels and Tahiti Tourist Board etc.

In 1990 AN&B closed its doors. Mel went off to manage Bozell Los Angeles while I started Abert Poindexter. Mel freelanced for us off and on for several years working on Crystal Cruises, Viewsonic Monitors and MK Diamond Saws etc.

Then in 2007 I started Abert Entity and Mel and I resumed working together on Epson Printers, Seiko Instruments, Melfred Borzall HDD Tools, Digital Controls, Museum Towers Dallas and D Link.

In the 48 years of working together, Mel continually amazed me with his tremendous creative ability. Always on point, interjecting just the exact amount of humor or seriousness. Always giving clients more than they expected. Always making me look good. I’ll miss him personally and professionally big time. The advertising community just lost a major talent.

Mel Abert

Tom Burr & Jeanne Hahn, Mel & Marian Abert, Gaybe & Steve Bowers and Trisha & Mel Newhoff


Mel Abert, Mel Newhoff and Tom Burr

Mel And Milton

Mel Abert with Milton Berle, our Fairchild client, and Mel Newhoff at a Fairchild shoot

First Employees
Mel Abert, Mel Newhoff and Tom Burr with first AN&B employees

Newhoffs Abertsphoto
Trisha and Mel Newhoff with Connie and Mel Abert at Chiat/Day reunion in 2008.

July 08, 2013

Stuart Freedman

CD Tor Tshirt.jpg

I have over 3,000 emails in my inbox and that means that sometimes I fail to see something important: like this one from C/D Toronto alum, Stuart Freedman. Thanks for sending this, Stuart.

Hi Steve,

Hope all is well for you.

I was just going through a couple drawers and came across this t-shirt that was given out by Chuck Phillips at the opening of the Toronto office on Lower Spadina. I was employee #18 and proud of it. I met some of the smartest, most talented people that I have known during my stint there. Good job Chuck! And sorry about the wrinkles!

Wrinkles or no wrinkles, Stuart, we here at JayDay Central are always happy to receive whatever memorabilia we can get! Steve

Stuart Freedman

June 28, 2013

Elaine Hinton


Elaine Hinton has been retired! She has been Executive Producer/Broadcast Manager at TbwaChiat\Day Adv. for ... well, for enough time to be retiring. She has been a powerhouse talent and someone you could always depend on to speak her mind in pursuit of great work. Congratulations, Elaine!

June 22, 2013

Margo de la Cruz

Such a great story here from alum Margo de la Cruz about the lunch habits of Jamie Seltzer!

Hi Steve.

I just came across the jay/day site and am flooded with memories...

I was hired in 1986 as a receptionist (by Adelaide Horton, I think). Jay called me "the face of the agency" and a "cultural icon" I remember. Very flattering.

I moved over to the creative department for another year as their assistant while Bob Wolf was Director. A luney bin with great energy, lots of stress and late nights. I worked with Charlie Bidwell and Chaz. I fondly recall Jackie End and her partner at the time Bob, Amelia Rosner and her partner Mike, the legendary Jamie Seltzer (who ate only drained cole slaw for lunch, every day) and Ron Arnold, Nat Whitten Jr copy writer, countless countless others.

Then I moved to production for a time with Andrew Chinich, Lee Weiss, Marc something, Dave the AV guy Koza, so many names I can't think of. It was a blast.

A great period for Chiat/Day. I have amazing memories. Fuzzy but fun.

My name is Margo (Cruz). I am happy married with a family and living, of all places ('cause I never thought I would leave NYC, my home and thought there was something a little slow about people from CA) in Southern Cali.

I remember you were a whiz at picking winners for the basketball brackets. How did you do this year, so many upsets. I hope you are well. Sad about the loss of many. I would love updates on some old coworkers. I use to babysit for Dina's child. I wonder about them both. Jane and Tom Carroll (life of the party), I don't remember if they ever worked out. I suspect not. So many questions about so many people...

Strange to be flooded with memories.

Thanks, I think.


Todd Hotra

When I was driving across the U.S. last year looking for a job, I heard from C/D LA alum Todd Hotra:


I worked in the Chiat/Day LA office from 1990-1996 in the media department as a media buyer then media planner. Now, a "few" years later, I work for the fourth largest radio group called Townsquare Media where I do local radio sales. Townsquare started up about a year and a half ago. Their interest is in radio, but knows that digital and the web are the future. They continue to hire good people with no radio experience but know web/interactive/digital. I know they hired 12 people from AOL.

I'm located in Fort Collins, Colorado...not as "off the grid" as you, but a big difference than Los Angeles.

Jonathan Lee


As many of you who worked in the New York office will no doubt remember, we had two Jonathan Lees. As if one alone were not already a surfeit of riches. (I can't remember if they worked there at the same time.) I've been wondering for years which was which and I finally have my answer.

The Jonathan Lee above was an account planner, and hung around with Stephen Walker a lot. He is now Managing Director, Marketing Strategy at HUGE in New York.

I can still remember the tragic day when Jonathan's first wife was killed in a tragic accident. The entire office went into deep mourning. But his life now appears to be idyllic once again.

I am married now and have 3 daughters and because of that I still think about that day regularly – the pain of then vs the happiness I now get from my family – and I can not imagine a life without either. The religious would call it gods way – I, as an atheist, prefer karma.  

Chiat was a special place and the way it and the people treated me during that time is something I will never forget.

The other "Jonathan Lee" was a copywriter, I believe. If he reads this, I'd love a photo and bio to complete my "Lee collection."

Jonel Stahr

We don't get many shout-outs from C/D Seattle alumni, so I'm so happy to hear from Jonel Stahr …She sent this to me some time ago, but I was on the road for six months last year and am only now catching up. Welcome back, Jonel!


I had just moved to Seattle from Florida in 1979 or 80 I can't remember now. I contacted Roger Livingston because an old creative partner (Al Conner) was a friend of mine and suggested Roger would be a good place to start my job search. I was looking for a position in Broadcast Production but at that time it was only a one person department and Virginia Pellegrino was doing it all.

Roger was kind enough to see me and explain the situation. But then he said Rondi Shouse, the office manager, had just moved into the creative department and the agency was looking for someone to fill that position. So even though I was a lousy typist (thankfully they were using IBM correcting typewriters) I was organized and so I jumped at the chance. I was Roger's admin and the office manager for almost a year - until Virginia finally convinced Roger she could not keep working 24/7 and needed help so then I moved to Broadcast. I handled mostly radio at first but eventually got to work on some TV spots.

We had SUCH a grand gang - Brian McKenna & Bill Sweney, Jerry Box & Chris Nolan, Jim Copacino & Bob Shira were the creatives I remember most vividly. Valerie Newman, Sharon Teal, Mark Chernansky, Dan Wurz & Ted Baseler were in Accounts. Joe Palladino came in as Account Supervisor, John Salvati talked his way in as only he could. Our Media Buyers were all foodies before it was popular - Merrill, Darlene & Bob knew every good restaurant in the city. It was all quite exciting for a girl from a beach town in Florida.

Eventually I moved on to start a production company with my husband and a couple of partners. We created and staged big multi image shows and corporate sales meetings. When multi-image gave way to computer graphics and video presentations, I sold my part of the business and moved to Silicon Valley to freelance as a producer. I've been independent ever since.

One of the more fortunate moves I made was to Chicago where I worked for Jack Morton Productions. So many people today were schooled in the event and meetings business thanks to Jack Morton. It is another impressive alumni association for me.

I'm back in Seattle now and still freelancing as an Executive Producer. I've been all over the world thanks to this crazy business and been fortunate enough to work with very interesting people over the years.

The Chiat Day Seattle gang had a reunion last August and we talk about doing it again this summer - I promise we'll take pictures this time - we looked good for a bunch of old timers!

My C/D years were brief but cherished.
Thanks for keeping the memories & legends alive.

February 26, 2013

Paul Decker

Paul Decker.jpg

Paul Decker, a supremely gifted writer and the second employee at Chiat/Day, died in Portland, Oregon, on February 19th. He is survived by his wife, Kitty O'Keefe.

Here's one of the first emails I received from Paul.

Confirming his C/D hiring memory, I walked in the door after Chuck Phillips as the second new C/D employee. We might have tied for the honor of #1 that day, if I had found a parking place closer to the Olympic Blvd. office.

I was the agency's first broadcast producer/writer, after working as a writer for John Urie & Associates, a highly regarded film and commercial production studio of the 60s. Like Urie, Jay and Guy were a treat to work for, because of their unrelenting demand for kickass creative. The more typical agency standard then was creative expedience.

I would have contacted your fine JayDay site earlier had I not been forced to leave L.A. and resettle in a remote, small town in the northern most tip of Oregon, at least until the repercussions of a certain incident were shelved. It was a sauce and feathering attack that erupted at the British Consulate on Wilshire Blvd., during a black-tie dinner, with serious political/economic implications for both the U.S. and Britain.

The object of the attack was the wife of the chairman of a huge oil concern in Europe. She got sauced and feathered by my companion (whom I'll call Miss X), an otherwise soulful fado singer from Portugal who was quite adept at slinging her boa feathers soaked with bananas Foster when wined and provoked.

As you can imagine, all hell broke loose, especially when the wife attempted to retaliate in kind. But instead of hitting Miss X, she doused a West Coast oil mogul, who was intent on negotiating a deal for North Sea oil reserves.

I will spare you further details.

After C/D and before the S&F humiliation, I had rewarding writing years with Needham, Chickering/Howell, Della Femina, k/d/p and others. Up here, while in exile, I've enjoyed being a jazz dj on the local NPR station and other pursuits in self-entertainment.

Paul Decker

January 19, 2013

Richard O'Connell


Every once in a while, a certain alum will pop into my brain and I wonder how they are. Last week, the occupant of my brain was Richard O'Connell. So I wrote to him and asked him for both a photograph and an update on his life. Here is the latest on one of our favorite account executives:

I have been in Los Angeles for 6 years after leaving SF. I spent the last 3 1/2 year at Disney/ABC where I launched various networks apps (ABC, ABCNews and DisneyChannel) and second screen products including the Academy Awards which won an Emmy for outstanding digital innovation.

Currently, I am consulting with small to medium size digital companies to help grow their audience and define their social media strategy. I am enjoying being in a more start up environment. Additionally, I am helping some agencies with their new business pitches. One of my projects is working with Gary Smith (Chiat/Day LA - 2000) who is the founder of At Play Creative. If anyone is looking for some consulting help, they can reach me on LinkedIn (www.linkedin/in/richardsoconnell)

Here is some other C/D alumni news

Gwen Lipsky has a thriving, strategy consulting business in NY called SoundThinking where she works with many media and entertainment companies

Leslie Engel is the head of HR for William Grant & Sons which coincidentally was my first account at C/D

Charlie Bidwell lives in LA and we recently had lunch. He is expanding his photography business and branching out into merchandise featuring his original photos.

Patty Reis is a realtor at Halstead Property in Darien, CT. Patty hasn't aged at all and is still the nicest person I know.

Elena Salij who was an account planner in the NY office is a whiz at Words with Friends. She has an expansive vocabulary and a competitive streak.

I hope you find some of the news helpful.

All the best,
Richard (aka Dick O'Connell)


November 11, 2012

Brian McKenna

I'm in Seattle (headed to Portland tomorrow) and had a wonderful brunch with one of the original employees of Chiat/Day Seattle, which eventually became Chiat/Day/Livingston. Brian was the senior writer there and remembers when this gutsy kid who had just graduated from the University of Washington showed up on their doorstep. It the late, great John Salvati. He told Brian and Roger that the U of W had this great intern program: they would pay half the cost of an internship. It was a total scam, but endearing in the only way John could tell whoppers. He got the job and a career was made.

Brian and I also spoke about Monty McKinney, who was one of the kindest gentlemen we ever met. Brian said that when Monty and a group of other executives were about to get in an elevator, Monty would always stand back and let the other enter first. He'd even hold the door. And when the elevator reached its destination, Monty would let everyone exit first, again holding the door. Same style at a restaurant: while everybody else was trying to grab the power seats, Monty would quietly sit down last. What manners. Brian said, "Now that's how you show real power."

Brian Mckenna-2

October 23, 2012

Steve Mitch

Another wandering alum has returned to the fold.

August 10, 2012

Services for Jackie End

Jackie End

According to Nigel Carr, services for Jackie End will be held on August 22, 2012 at 5:00 PM at Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home, 1076 Madison Avenue, NY, NY 10021, at the NW corner 81st Street.

June 20, 2012

Franz finally got snagged!



Franz Kurath worked for me in IT in the Los Angeles office and I believe he swore that he'd never get married. But here he is, with his lovely bride Jenna, on the shore of Lake Como in Italy last autumn. They rented a villa overlooking the lake and invited 25 of their closest friends to join them.

I believe that Franz also swore that if I ever posted a photo of him on Jayday, he'd kill me. But I never paid much mind to that. I was taller than him.

Congratulations, Franz!!!

May 28, 2012

Rose Marie Dorn

Rms Carolita Hq-1

My favorite Jay/Day emails are the ones from the REALLY good ol' days back on Olympic Boulevard. Here's a great one!

I'm Rose Marie Dorn (Stevenson), at C/D in '76-'78 in Media. Originally at the old Olympic Blvd. building -- the building with the ladies room featuring the art boards broken to a V-shape and hung strategically to funnel the occasional Los Angeles rain into the toilets -- since it was on the top floor and the roof leaked. And if you ever had to go to the bathroom there, you distinctly remember that yes, it does rain in Southern California. Well, you know, art boards are cheaper than a roof. Maybe the men’s room was higher class? Then we moved to the Biltmore. Never quite the same. Oh, the Biltmore -- where Jay was the first ever Advertising Head Honcho to declare that the office would be open cubicles "because it was more open to collaboration." We all knew that the real reason was that it was cheaper than the offices other agencies had -- including us on Olympic Blvd. with the leaking roof. Don't see that anyone told the story of how C/D got into Consumer advertising, being an exclusively trade/retail agency up to that point. I forget which was its first consumer account (do you recall?), but Jay won it by making the presentation, and then ending it with " … and we also do trade advertising." Pure Jay. Maybe Bill Moreland would remember. After Advertising I had a horse ranch for a while in Agua Dulce CA, then moved to Snohomish WA just north of Seattle where I remain with the two best Paso Fino horses I had bred, plus now a 44-year-old rescued old fella. Just started a blog for Boomers who love horses and are looking for innovative ways to relocate and/or downsize with their critters. It's interesting how many ex-C/D'ers are in Washington state.

Sue Lamski

And by golly, here's another alum who has appeared out of nowhere!

Greetings, I just found this website and it brought back lots of memories. I worked in SF in the late 70's for Hoefer, Dietrich + Brown and for a while after we were acquired by Chiat Day. I was in the Accounting Dept - talk about a clash of cultures! It's interesting to read about all perspectives and to hear familiar names, Chuck Phillips, Hy Yablonka, Adelaide Horton…

I haven't lived in the Bay Area for many years - I'd like to learn more about what happened after I left until the office closed. Any suggestions?

Sue Bailey Lamski

May 10, 2012

Ken Segall's book on NY Times Bestseller list!

Insanely Simple Book-1

Ken Segall's new book has hit the New York Times bestseller list!

April 16, 2012

R.I.P. John Salvati

I’m sorry to report that John Salvati, one of C/D New York’s great copywriters and greatest scamps, died in his sleep on Saturday night.

Funeral services will be on Wed., April 18th, at ….

F. Ruggiero & Sons Inc.
726 Morris Park Avenue
Bronx, NY 10462-3620

Phone (718) 828-1800
Toll Free (888) 828-1800

A time had not been set when I spoke to them this morning, as the family had not been in yet today to make the formal arrangements.


March 25, 2012

Leslie Cicurel Engel


Leslie was a Human Resources Director in the New York office of Chiat/Day. She developed "the acting bug" over the last few years and she is in a new production in which she plays a neighbor who may or may not be a Russian spy!

Go see it and then stop backstage to say hey!

Pack of Lies
By Hugh Whitemore

April 27 - May 6, 2012

Friendship, betrayal, and loyalty collide when neighbors and cherished friends are not what they appear. A riveting thriller based on true events, Pack of Lies focuses on a suburban English family in the early 1960s, whose placid lives become shattered when they learn that their neighbors—and closest friends—may be Soviet spies.

Director: Matt Schicker
Set Design: Carl Tallent
Lighting Design: Mike Megliola
Costume Design: Whitney Locher
Producers: Gayle Artino, Bob Berger, and Hope Landry

Ken Altman • Lesley Berry • Leslie Engel • Joe Gambino •
Jessica Kuhne • Jim Mullins • Penny Robb • Katherine Weall

Friday - Saturday, April 27 - 28 at 8 PM,
Thursday - Saturday, May 3 - 5 at 8 PM,
Sunday, April 29 & May 6 at 3 PM

Ticket price: $20
For reservations call our Box Office at 212-378-0248 or visit the St. Bart's Central desk in the lobby of St. Bartholomew's Church (325 Park Avenue @ 51st St.).
Tickets will also be available at the door (cash or check only).

To be performed at the
Park Avenue Christian Church Theater,
1010 Park Avenue at 85th Street, New York NY

March 15, 2012

More alums go missing

I've gotten more mail that has bounced back because I must have old email addresses:

Mike McCabe
Bonnie Lunt
Mike Braue
David Angela

March 05, 2012

Tom Patty sings!

We seem to be on a roll with people showing off their talents. Here's a music video written and sung by Tom Patty (C/D 1977-98) called “I want to live the life on my Hawaiian shirt.”

Hawaiian Shirt

Lost alums

Every time I send out a mass mailings, I get "bounced emails" because the email address I have for someone no longer works. Here's a list of the people I seem to have lost:

Steve Rabosky
Marty Cooke
Ed Ronk
Ally Longfield
Clarissa Potter
Mary Warlick
Hilary Cochran
Theresa Buchanan
Travey Mack
Hal Maynard
Frances Rady
Robert K. Horne
Gary Madonna
Pam Den Hartog
Rob DeFlorio
Tom Szcepanski
Steven Davis
Sean McCarthy
Colin Hagen
Mickey Sandler
Chaz Smith
Christine Donahoe
Ken Pappanduros
Roxanne Palin
Matt Singer
Andy Spade
Anne-Marie Schaffer
Nicole Carrington
Bradford Briggs
Jamie Seltzer
Fryer Bronwyn
Sarah Beaudin
John Uusitalo
Mike Gibbs
Jon Hartman
Franz Kurath
Eva Hasson
Caroline Rudnick

Ken Segall's new book

As if writing the new JC Penny commercials wasn't enough (see entry below), Ken found time between takes to write a book! It's about his years of experience writing commercials for Apple, but it's neither a tell-all or a bio.

Insanely Simple Book-1

Ken says ....

Insanely Simple is about Apple’s obsession with Simplicity.

You can see Simplicity in everything Apple does: the way it organizes, innovates and communicates. In fact, one could argue that it was Steve’s unrelenting passion for Simplicity that helped Apple rise from near-death in 1997 to become the most valuable company on Earth in 2011.

My observations come from over 12 years of experience as Steve’s agency creative director, from NeXT to Apple. Also relevant to my story are the years I spent on the agency team during John Sculley’s rule at Apple. And then I had some interesting (and often excruciating) experiences in the worlds of Dell, Intel and IBM — which made me even more conscious of what sets Apple apart.

To Steve Jobs, Simplicity was a religion. But it was also a weapon — one that he used to humble competitors once thought to be invincible.

You can buy it right now by pushing the button below. How simple!

Ken Segall's JC Penney Commercials

Ken, whose long career writing Apple commercials for Chiat/Day has made him a legend, is behind the new JC Penney commercials starring Ellen Degeneres. He wrote them with this creative partner, Michael Rylander, who is another C/D alum.



January 27, 2012

Our very own Zachary Rosenberg


Quiet, unassuming, and impeccably dressed. That's our Zachary Rosenberg. He now works at Horizon Media in LA which was just named Independent Agency of the Year. Read all about it by clicking here.

BULLETIN: Horizon Media, the largest independent media services agency in the world and the fastest growing in the industry, announced today that Zach Rosenberg has been elevated to the newly-created position of EVP, Chief Growth Officer!

January 10, 2012

Ernie Capobianco

A big hoot and howdy to former NY CFO Ernie Capobianco, who made a donation last night to the upkeep of this site and now joins our Hall of Fame over there on the right side of the screen. Ernie now lives in Dallas, where he is one of the owners of Sq1, an ad agency and web development company.

January 09, 2012

David Butler's birthday


Yes, today, January 9th, for one day only, it's David Butler's birthday. David was one of the greatest of all of Chiat/Day's copywriters. (He's retired now and living happily in sunny, batty Austin, Texas, with his wife, Margie.


I had known this at one time, but had forgotten that Dave is the son of one of the great cartoon voice artists of all times: Daws Butler. From his profile on Internet Movie Database. (And notice the resemblance.)


Daws Butler spent the greater part of his career as one of the premier voice-over actors in Hollywood- providing the voices for such well- known characters as Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Quick-Draw McGraw, Snagglepuss, Jinks the cat, Dixie the mouse, Augie Doggie, Peter Potamus, Wally Gator, Hokey Wolf, Super Snooper, Blabber Mouse, Cogswell Cogs, Elroy Jetson and many others.

(You can leave a message for Dave by clicking on "Comment")

Steve Hayden retires


Another one of Chiat/Day's legendary creative directors is retiring from Ogilvy. There is a large series of tributes to Steve on Facebook. Look for FRIENDS OF STEVE HAYDEN.

Steve Chavez

This seems to be the day to celebrate former Chiat/Day copywriters! Weclome home to Steve Chavez, who worked at Chiat/Day in 1987-89, 91-92, and 95-97. Says Steve ....

chiat/day was my first big job in advertising, hired by lee clow and chuck silverman. i returned two more times on long, long freelance gigs that may as well been staff. i learned how to do ads thanks to chiat/day. i was ballsy enough to walk up to jay one day soon after i was first hired and ask him what makes chiat/day work. he told he had two responsibilities at chiat, to provide "the right environment and the right opportunities". the rest was up to us pain-in-the-ass creatives.

December 30, 2011


In all the traveling I did for Chiat/Day, none was more fun than going to Australia when we acquired Mojo. Jeff Simpson was the CFO. (Everybody in Australia has a nickname. His was "Simmo.") Here he is something he found while cleaning out a closet.

Steve, I was cleaning out some old storage boxes and amongst the junk I found some gold. See the enclosed photo of a t shirt from circa 1989. My recollection is that they were given to all Australian staff to celebrate a visit from Jay. The amazing thing is it still fits me. I thought you may like to see if it sparks any memories from readers of the Jay/Day website.

My personal regards to Adam's lovely and gracious wife, Julie, and to their children (all grown up now) Adam and Clair. Adam just got married to the gorgeous and talented Amy. I've had the pleasure of entertaining Adam, Amy and Clair when they made various pilgrimages to New York City.

If anyone else has Chiat/Day memorabilia, please send a photo of it (preferably with you in it to me. My email address is in the masthead up top.

Steve Alburty
Your humble Jay/Day editor

P.S. You can leave a comment for Jeff just by clicking on the comment button at the bottom right of this item.

December 28, 2011

Bill Moreland, JayDay Philanthropist


I received a donation today from Bill Moreland, who's lived in Vancouver for the last 20 years. Bill was one of C/D's first employees, and you will find more of his story here.

About three years ago, I drove across the country and spent an evening and reminiscing with Bill and Chuck

Thank you, Bill!!!

December 16, 2011

Holiday Donations

My goodness! Thank you so much for some generous donations from Nat Whitten and Fred Goldberg. I'm proud that the jayday community cares enough about the site to share the cost of its maintenance. You will see their names over there on the right side of this screen.


Nat is a gifted creative director and copywriter. He's also written several books of humor. "Secrets of the Superoptimist," "The Do-It-Yourself Constitutional Amendment Kit," and "The Book of Extremely Common Prayer." You can read all about them here.


As for Fred, he is a marketing and advertising consultant in the Bay Area, but for 10 years he was founder, Chairman, and CEO of Goldberg Moser O'Neill. And, of course, for eight years he was President of the San Francisco office of Chiat/Day San Francisco.

November 10, 2011

Every Little Breeze Seems to Whisper "Louise"

If you missed the reunion at the Old Town for Louise Seeley (formerly Mrs. Bob Dion), you missed the party of the decade. It was JUST like we'd all shown up from a hard day of work at 69 Fifth.

Let me test my brain by trying to remember everybody who was there: Louise (obviously), as well as her husband, Mike. John Salvati, Tom Scherma, Frank Scherma, Sue Katzen, Ken Segall, Jeff DeJoseph, Robin Raj, Suzanne Stack, and Evert Cilliers attended.

Img 0338

Jeff DeJoseph

Img 0339

John Salvati

Img 0341

Frank Scherma

Img 0342

Robin Raj and Sue Katzen

Img 0343

Suzanne Stack and Mike Seeley

Img 0344

The back of Ken Segall's head, Louise, and Evert Cilliers.

Img 0346

An overlit Ken Segall

November 07, 2011

Hillary Jordan

Hillary Jordan

It is said that every copywriter has an unpublished novel somewhere in their drawer or hard drive. Hillary Jordan, who worked as a copywriter in Venice (Nissan and Eveready, late 80s and early 90s) has not only published ONE book, but has now come out with another!

You can read all about them, including get information about her book tour, here.

Books Whenshewoke They are also available on Amazon by clicking here.

November 06, 2011

Leah Lindberg

Leah had the good fortune to work at Chiat/Day twice (94 & 95) and then again in 97 (freelance).

August 12, 2011

Michele Delli Santi

Welcome home to lost alum Michele Delli Santi, who worked at Chiat/Day during its hey-day. He worked in Network on the Nissan Account under John Daly.

August 03, 2011

Lisa Wellington

Many thanks to Lisa Wellington, a media buyer from C/D NY, who made a gracious donation to the site. Lisa had the fortune/misfortune of starting at C/D two weeks before the virtual office. And look folks, she's still alive!!

July 24, 2011

Bill McConnel

Welcome him to our group of Jay/Day patrons, for he has donated $100 for the maintenance of the site. Look over to the right and you will see a list of alums who have graciously donated to the site.

You can, too, by clicking on the button marked "Make a donation."

You do such an outstanding job running Jay/Day. Some of the postings bring back funny, warm, and sometimes horrifying memories.

I'll share a good & warm one. By default (no one in the media Dept. wanted to work on it). So, I was the media guy for "Artists for Amnesty". One of Jay's pet pro Bono projects. I think I had only been working several months. Still piss my pants nervous territory.

Ended up having some great conversations with Jay. He would stop by my cube to get brief media updates, and grill me on my art knowledge. He would just sparkle when we talked about art. My cousin Kim MacConnel, was one of the founders of the "Pattern and Decoration" movement. Jay would grill me on it's place in art history.

Christ, I was only with Chiat/Day two years. Such a profound experience the memories have tagged along for twenty-one years.

Great work & your passion jumps from the site.

Bill MacConnel

Again, thanks Bill!

Steve Alburty

May 28, 2011

Peter Cusick

And another Jay/Day welcome to Peter Cusick, who worked in the New York office for a year as an AAE on the National Car Rental business. "A very formative year for me! Bob Perkins ran the business, I believe Bill Butler lead the creative team. Put me on the list – I’d love to connect with alumni. In fact, I’m searching for a buddy of mine who worked at Chiat the same time I did, Mark Hill, an Aussie. Can’t find him anywhere! -- Pete Cusick"

[If anyone knows the whereabouts of Mark Hill, please the info to me (see my address in masthead) and I will pass it along to Peter. Steve Alburty]

Pat Garling

Welcome for alum Pat (Patricia) Garling worked for CD for 3.5 years, left Dec. 1989 to move to Los Angeles. She was a friend of Michael Smith, who was Creative Director in NY for several years.

Pat is an art director at Lionsgate Creative Services in Santa Monica.

February 22, 2011

Consuelo Gomez

Consuelo Gomez
Another C/D veteran has come in from the Land of the Lost:

Hi Steve, I just stumbled across our Jay\Day site. What a great trip down memory lane!

I was at C/D 1983-87. Started in NYC office (worked on 800-Flowers & Clairol), then transferred to LA to handle Pizza Hut and Neutrogena.

Consuelo Gomez

February 03, 2011

Kelly Nice

One thing you can surely say about C/D alum, Kelly Nice. He's, well, NICE! And he has found the website and joined our merry band:

Hey Stevan,

I'm Kelly Nice, Chiat/Day San Francisco alum from 1980 - 1983 and again from 1986 - 1988.

I was Chiat/Day's first employee in San Francisco, because in between getting hired for the Traffic Department at Hoefer, Dietrich + Brown and my start date, Chiat bought the agency and I had to re-interview with Chuck Phillips. Hy Yablonka and Tom Tawa were the CD's back then. I also worked at Ogilvy, Riney, Livingston & Co. and Citron, Haligman, Bedecarre before starting my own agency with my brother, Tim, another 30 year SF ad veteran.

January 27, 2011

Jeff Billig

Welcome home from the land of the lost to Jeff Billig ...

Hey Stevan.

Thanks for doing the site. A lot of great people and memories

My wife and I were in the SF office. She in the late 70's and eighties. I from 85-89. Back then she was know as just Jean Marie. Then we moved to Boston for what she calls her nine years in exile. Back in the bay area.

Writer/Creative Director

December 15, 2010

Jill Agnelli

Welcome to alum Jill (Agnelli) Ottersbach, who worked in the Seattle office of Chiat/Day (subsequently Chiat/Day/Livingston) from 1977 to 1984.

"Agnelli," just for the record, is Italian for "lambs."

December 03, 2010

Higgins or Hasselhoff?

Remember the PR firm in LA we owned for a couple of years in the early 90s? I've forgotten their name. But I can't forget the cleft-chinned dynamo who worked there. I've been kidding Jon Higgins for years about how much he looks like David Hasselhoff.

Luckily, Jon is wildly successful as the CEO of Ketchum International. Hasselhoff. Well, he has his own reality show. Enough said.

For the record (since Jon is in PR), he has NEVER been caught on film eating off the floor of a Wendy's.

October 31, 2010

Name the alums #3

From the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Can you identify the C/D NY alum in this photo? If so, click on Comment and tell us!

October 07, 2010

Alex Bernstein strikes again!


Alex Bernstein, a NY alum who is becoming a prolific writer, has a new piece in an online literary magazine, The Big Jewel.

He's also in this online edition of Swink!

October 05, 2010

The mystery of Nancy Drew

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Nancy Drew? She worked in the LA office around 1986. She was in accounting.

Name the alums #1

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

I have an assortment of photos taken at some unknown function. Click on the "Comment" button below in order to identify the people in the photograph.


Yes, one to Chuck Phillips. Ira is the one on the right. Now we need to names of the other two.
Thank you, Scott for the other two! (It's "Maroun," but no matter.

September 23, 2010

Bob Sundland comments

I hope you're all following the comments about Bob Sundland. Dave Butler just left a great one. You all know how to read comments, don't you?

Click here and scroll down.

September 17, 2010

Rosemarie Ryan and Ty Montague

A big article in today's New York Times about a new boutique agency started by C/D alums Rosemarie Ryan and Ty Montague.

Co:, with a colon, is the name of an agency being opened in New York by Ty Montague and Rosemarie Ryan, who surprised Madison Avenue in March by disclosing that they would leave their senior posts at the giant JWT for an entrepreneurial venture. The name — perhaps one of the pithiest for any agency — is meant to suggest the Co: business model by evoking words like co-creation, collaboration and co-venturing.

Read all about it here.

September 15, 2010

Tom Cordner

C/D Alum Tom Cordner, having achieved fame and fortune as an art director and creative director, has decided to write a novel! I asked him for a professional bio, and this is what he sent to me:

I worked at Chiat from 1980-82 on Yamaha motorcycles and snowmobiles with Penny Kappousouz, Brent Thomas, Brent Bouchez under Bill Hamilton and Jeff Roll. Penny and I also worked together on Fotomat. I left and came back to work with Bouchez on Yamaha and the Pizza Hut people campaign from 1984-86. The teams that were in our group were D. Lubars, John Stein, Jean Robaire, Ed Cole and Doug Patterson an awesome group. Bouchez and me decided to spread our wings by going to Ogilvy LA to become creative directors. That was fun. I left Ogilvy to join a start up agency called Team One. I wrote the line that launched Lexus and guided a lot of great creative people over 15 years. All of whom I owe greatly for their amazing talent. Some of the better known ones were Schwartzy, Chuck McBride, Court Crandall, David Angelo (David & Goliath), Andy Spade of Kate Spade/Jack Spade and Steve Levit to name a few. After Team One I left sunny California for dreary Detroit. I launched the new F150, the new Mustang, the Ford GT, the new Hybrid Escape, the new Edge and the new Fusion. Loved Midwest people. I left Detroit with a years sabbatical (client fired me). I rested for 6 days and on the seventh day I started an agency called Traffic. Very quickly we won a piece of Toyota and then all of Mitsubishi Motors a few months later.

Tom's novel is called "The Outhouse Diaries," and you may read an excerpt here.

September 13, 2010


Alums who have disappeared since the last last mailing:

Jon Hartman, Vanesa Alcazar, Mike McCabe,, John Marco, Theresa Buchanan,, Sean MCcarthy, Colin Hagen, Gary Madonna,,,,,,Andy Spade, Christine Donohoe, Nichole Carrington, Jack.Neary, Ally Longfield,,,, Alix Hughes

If you know where you are, please contact me.

Ads by Bob Sundland

Nigel Carr has been thoughtful enough to find a couple of ads on the Internet written by Bob Sundland.

Here's one:

Here's another.

September 10, 2010

Bob Sundland

I don't think there is a better story to come out of Chiat/Day than the story of Bob Sundland. Chuck Phillips has written up the story for posterity and you can read the whole thing by clicking here
to open the Microsoft Word document. As a teaser, here's a brief excerpt from the story:

It was after this weekend that Vegas happened. Sundland cashed in all his cherished savings and headed his late model Oldsmobile to Las Vegas. He would put all of it on one number on a roulette wheel and kill himself if he lost.

This is "must-read" C/D lore.

Brian Belefant

Hammy's Pizza 'Pompous Snob Intro' from Brian Belefant on Vimeo.

From Portland alum, Brian Belefant:

Hi Steve.

I'd be thrilled if you'd include a mention of a couple of new spots I directed on the Jay/Day site. I think I emailed you about them a couple of weeks ago.

The spots are for Hammy's Pizza and are based around a character we created, the Pompous Snob, played by Portland actor Christopher Toyne. He's the antithesis of our target –– rich, elderly, and erudite –– and he tries to convince viewers that he's far too superior to enjoy Hammy's's (how does one punctuate the possessive of a possessive?) pizza and movie offerings, but of course, they're not. Subtitles reveal the truth.

The first spot started running a couple of weeks ago and the response has been tremendous. We're furiously trying to manage the opportunities –– T-shirts, posters, guerilla ads, and personal appearances.

After years of working with clients who are increasingly afraid to commit to anything audacious, it's nice to be involved in something that takes a stand. Even nicer that it's working.

Here are links to the spots, in case you think the campaign is worth mentioning:


Brian Belefant

Judy Buehler

An alum from the 70s (!) has turned up in my mailbox: Judy Buehler!

I worked for Chiat/Day from early 1975 to mid 1976, first as the receptionist (I remember the first time I had to announce that Hy Yablonka had a phone call over the loud speaker - totally trashed his name). I was in the Olympic Blvd. office with Karen Vogel (Cayley). I then became a print traffic manager, worked with Marilee and Lee and all the others. Left the state in July 1976, but have always looked back on those times with fond memories. I still have the key chain Jay gave me for a Christmas present. Go figure!

Thanks for maintaining the info.

Judy Buehler
Williamsburg, Virginia

August 23, 2010

How to Werk

Scott Lukas, as I recall, worked as a planner on the NYNEX account in the New York office. He's since founded his own consulting company, Dosage, which offers Facilitation, Brand strategy, communications consulting, Process Engineering, Strategic Toolkit Design and Strategic Talent Development!

He sent me a link to Dosage's current repository of thoughts on how to build truly collaborative teams. (My favorite tip: "make sure the entire team gets drunk together.'

August 10, 2010

Apple Creative Team, 1984

(Click on the photo to see a larger version.)

This is the original Apple Creative Team. I look at these photos and I have two reactions: a) they were so young, and b) who in the hell are they? I've checked with people who WORKED on the Apple account and their brains are as warped as mine are. So I'm going to ask you to post a comment and help identify all of them.

If you count each row, left to right, #2 is Lee Clow and #3 is Steve Hayden. #6 is Richard O'Neill.

#6 (we're in the second row now, is Penny Kapousouz. #9 (seated on the stool) is Gary Johnson. #13 is Joe Sosa.

After that, I've going to ask for your help. There are three rows. Add a comment to this posting that begins with a number and then identifies the person.


August 09, 2010

Megan Kent


Megan Kent worked at Chiat/Day as a planner, training under MT Rainey in CA from 1985-87, then again in NY as Mary Maroun's partner in running the NY office from 1987-1989. With Fred Rubin's help in 1998 we won 9 out of 11 new business pitches!!!

This alone might qualify for Megan's entry into the Jay/Day hall of fame, but now she's gone and opened her own company! It's called Brand Synchronicity, which is a fabulous name, but one which Winthrop Paroo would have trouble with. (Please, for God's sake, tell me that somebody gets that reference.)

August 03, 2010

Andrea Sommer

One of this site's most loyal followers has been Andrea Sommer. She's been connecting with many alums, photos forthcoming. In the meantime, here are some shots of the best office C/D NY ever had, as well as the best BAR we ever went to, as well as some photos of her and her son seeking out Sommers on Ellis Island.






July 23, 2010

Sharon Teal Conklin

One of the perkiest spirits in Chiat/Day history has to be Sharon Teal (now Sharon Teal Conklin.) She came to us via the Seattle office in the early 80s, then she was an Account Executive in the New York office for several years. She worked on New York Air, which no longer exists because they failed to approve our creative, or something like that.)

She was the type of girl that if you had a rough day, she'd give you a hug and beat you to Old Town by at least ten paces.

Several years ago, she and her husband, Kurt, and their two girls, moved to Spokane, which just happens to be my home town.

Then, they relocated to Indiana, which proved ultimately to be a mistake. Sharon's worldview is, shall we say, broad and inclusive. She also doesn't edit her conversations. Although this is what endeared her to all of us, this didn't go over well in a small, rural Indiana town where the question one most often receives isn't "Do you go to church?" but "What church do you go to?"

Sharon and her family have now relocated to the suburbs of Chicago. Her husband, Kurt, works, I believe, for the Department of Defense.

(She apologizes for the photo she supplied. She was at her mother's wake and her eyes are a bit puffy.)

Lorenzo Bennassar

This is from Lorenzo Bennassar who had the great good luck to be an intern at Chiat/Day New York in 1999 working for Bill Hamilton right when the agency was named agency of the decade by Advertising Age. He now has the good fortune to live in Seville, Spain, but he's obviously still thinking of us.

Dear Steve, I was just writing a new post in my blog and wanted to include the great "I love LA" Nike commercial. After looking for it for quite some time, and surprisingly not finding it I remembered one of many great things I brought from NY, Chiat/Day's reel.

So I transfered it to Quicktime and uploaded it to YouTube.

As well as the 20th Anniversary montage.

I'll try to upload a few more commercials from the reel, but in the meantime, you might want to share it with everybody on the JayDay website.

Best regards,


PS: By the way. in case you want to see the blogpost here it is (english translation under the picture).

Gracias, Lorenzo!

July 13, 2010

A video tribute to Fred Rubin

Megan Kent of Brand Synchonicity was kind enough to provide this video tribute to the late Fred Rubin. It was made 12 years ago during a pitch for Hampton Inn.

Fred was a senior partner at C/D, where he built and implemented an interactive, marketing, consulting, and creative services business, devising web strategies for America Online, Absolut Vodka, and Barnes and Noble.

June 03, 2010

Alex Bernstein writes a novel

Alex Bernstein has written a novel called "Plrknib." (That's pronounced "Plrknib.") It has been excerpted here on the website Rumpus. Way to go, Alex!

Kathy Calef

From the lovely Kathy Calef ...

I am alive and (overall) well in Los Angeles. I was a Producer at C/D NY 1988/1989. Then Head of Broadcast at C/D Toronto 1989 - 1991. All that and I'm still only 25!

Mike Ciranni

A another lost alum has found himself. Welcome Mike Ciranni!

I just found your site.
I worked at Chiat/Day New York for 2 years.
I was Jamie Seltzer's partner.
We sat in the cube right next to Jay.
He used to kill our ideas before we even got to scribble them on paper!

Then we got smart and started to work in the bubbles.
I did the Bazooka Bubble Gum campaign with Jamie.
We also worked on Integrated Resources and Trump Casino.

Mike Ciranni

May 26, 2010

Mike and Laurie Jaglois


Their wedding photo!

(Click on photos to see a larger version.)

I had the honor of having dinner in the Bellevue, WA, home of Mike and Laurie Jaglois. You should really book a flight here to visit them, as Laurie makes the best salmon!

They have a beautiful home overlooking a small lake and a hillside of houses.

Mike is running his own agency called Uppercut and Laurie runs a very busy landscaping service.

Mike was at C/D LA during the early days at the Biltmore, working as an AE on the Olympia business. Laurie worked at C/D both at Olympic Boulevard (where she was a receptionist) to the Biltmore where she did print traffic on Yamaha with Joe Sosa and Tom Marshall.

They have three children who are all in their 20s and a whole passel of dogs!

May 17, 2010

Jon Spurney

Spurn Ps-1
(Click on the image to see a larger version.)

Jon was a floater in the NY office for nine months in 1997. Wow, has HE blossomed. He was in the Broadway musical "Passing Strange," which was nominated for a Tony as Best Musical and won for Best Book.

I asked Jon was he was up to now and got this impressive C.V.:

I just finished writing the score for the movie "Freakonomics," which should come out this fall. I also did the music for the "Simpsons 20th Anniversary Show" on Fox, which was a real privilege, as I'm a huge fan of the show. I'm in the Spike Lee movie of the Broadway show I was in called "Passing Strange" (available on Netflix) and right now I'm in rehearsals of "On the Levee," a new musical that Lincoln Center is producing that will open in June.

May 16, 2010

Louise Seeley


I'm traveling across the country and this weekend I am in Boise visiting Mike and Louise Seeley. (You will remember Louise from when she was married to Bob Dion.)

She is now an elementary school librarian and Mike sells high-end running shoes and gear.

They have a huge house in Eagle, Idaho, just outside of Boise. I had the pleasure of having dinner with them last night and then today Louise took me on a grand tour of Boise.

Louise and Mike are avid marathoners. Here's their collection of medals so far:


On Saturday morning, Mike came within 10 seconds of qualifying for the New York Marathon.

They both seem obscenely happy and it was so great to see them.

May 10, 2010

A memorial for Bob Dion

From Ken Segall ...

In memory of our friend and colleague Bob Dion, a group of us got together on May 6th for a little Festival of Bob in NY. Given the person to whom we were paying tribute, there seemed to be no viable location other than the Old Town Bar on 18th Street (near the old Chiat NY office) ― which was Bob's favorite after-work hangout.

The evening didn't exactly start right, as the second-floor bar where the owner instructed us to congregate turned out not to exist. But we found ourselves capable of drinking at street level and the event grew from there. The Old Town has apparently been enclosed in a time bubble, with every detail unchanged.

We had a fabulous time remembering our old friend Bob, but first we had to remember each other ― since many of us hadn't crossed paths in two or three decades. Indeed most of the attendees seemed to be from the freshman class of Chiat NY, which opened in 1983.

We had such a good time, we're thinking of doing this more than once every 20 years ― ideally without having to lose anyone first. If you were there on May 6th, thanks for coming. If not, then we hope you can join us next time.

Img 0633
Geoff Roche, Marty Weiss

Img 0636
Evert Cillier, Suzanne Stack

Img 0635
Peter Franke, Dan Krippahne Tom Carroll

Img 0639
Tom Scherma. Lauren (Press) Turner, Ken Segall

May 09, 2010

LA Reunion

Denzil Meyers threw a little reunion recently in LA, attended by Neilan Tyree, Gretchen Rollins, and Charlie Bidwell.

Don't they look adorable?

Neilan and Gretchin

Denzil and Charlie

May 07, 2010

More alums found

Welcome home Kat Jaibur, who was at C/D from 80-83 AND the most energetic woman in the history of Chiat/Day, Stacy Osugi!!

(Stacy also was kind enough to donate some money to help pay for the hosting of the site, so notice her name has been added to that list of benefactors over to the right.)

April 21, 2010

Fools, fools, fools

People keep giving me their work addresses. Has anybody read anything about the state of the economy? I just sent out an email blast and here are some of the people who have vanished. If you know where they are now, have them send me their HOME address:

Mark Bilfield, Rommel Cinco, Megan Kent, Vanessa Alcazar, Marian Salzman, Theresa Buchanan, Tom Szczepanski, Evert Cillier, Brian Hegedus, Francine Slow, Ivan Horvath, Bradford Briggs, Andy Spade, Nicole Carrington, Ally Longfield, There are others, but I'm having trouble interpreting some of the results of all the rejects.

If you know where they are, don't just tell me where they are, send me their email addresses. My address is on top of the page above, right on the masthead.

April 07, 2010

Melanie Saltzman

It seems like I've been posting way too many entries like this. Are we getting old?

Melanie Saltzman, who was a media planner in the NY office in the late 80s and early 90s, has died from breast cancer. She is survived by her husband and her little girl, Noelle.

(And thank you to Alisa Cohen-Kessler for letting me know.)

April 01, 2010

Eve Luppert's new job


Eve Luppert is now Senior Advisor on HR Innovation and Organizational Excellence for USAID

Lizzy Kelly

The alums just keep rolling in!

Found out I missed the party of the century last year. I worked with Julie Nakagama and Judi Chandellor in the Los Angeles office oh so long ago!

Lizzy Kelly (Wika)

Kim Haskell

Last week's email brought back into the fold this "lost" alum, Kim Haskell ...

loved every second of my seven+ years at C/D.

Kupe and Jay hired me to do new business in LA - worked with Laurie Coots. i got to go fishing - she got to clean and cook em.

best to you all.

kim haskell, partner
colby haskell+

Ann Zemenak

From somewhere in Scandanavia comes this report from C/D alum Ann Zemenak ...

Ann Zemenak has not vanished. Thanks to the TBWA ski trip, Sulden Italy 1998, I met the man of my dreams and have been living and loving the Nordic life for the past 10 as Ann Sarimo :-).

March 19, 2010

Shelley Menning Chiat

Shelley Sunset
Photo by Chuck Phillips

One of my absolute favorite people from my years at Chiat/Day was Mrs. Chiat herself: Mrs. Shelley Menning Chiat. She was extraordinarily kind to me, as well as many of you, and I've always had a soft spot in my heart for her. I also know that Jay was her soulmate, up until the end.

After some coaxing, I finally got her to contribute a comment to the site. She lives in Malibu. I got Chuck Phillips, who also now lives in Malibu, to contribute a photo of Shelley on the beach at sunset.

I can't think of a more beautiful contribution to the site than this:

dear steve,   it was good to get your email, your compliments are very kind.  i applaud your endless work on the website, it’s extremely generous of you to keep the c/d family together and in touch.

i too have warm and bountiful memories of almost everyone in n.y. and l.a.  jay and the agency were the heart of my life for a full quarter-century—50% of my entire life, and 100% of my adult life.  despite that long and unbroken thread, my life has always been the opposite of his in many ways—small, quiet, and for the most part private.  i’m grateful to have been a part of four generations of chiats, perhaps if i’m lucky someday it will be five.  i know that after his family, jay sustained a passion for few things; yet for him the work and the people doing it never slipped to second place.

people speak of the c/d experience changing their lives and i know the reverse is also true.  despite behaviours that may have indicated otherwise, jay cared deeply about the people in the offices.  you contributed a richness to his life that few are fortunate enough to know, and you are all to be deeply thanked and truly appreciated for that.

jay and i spent time in northern california when i lived there.  among other things, i was restoring historic properties and for several years lived in jack london’s home adjacent to his aptly named ‘beauty ranch’.  until then i had not read many of london’s works but i became more familiar with them during that time.  below is a passage attributed to him that seems to fit:

"The grapes on a score of rolling hills are red with autumn flame. Across Sonoma Mountain wisps of sea fog are stealing. The afternoon sun smoulders in the drowsy sky. I have everything to make me glad I am alive. I am filled with dreams and mysteries. I am all sun and air and sparkle. I am vitalized, organic.  I would rather be ashes than dust, I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time."

you are all a part of the sun and air and sparkle, the brilliant blaze, the superb meteor and the magnificent glow that was jay’s life.

he could not have had that, nor could he have lived his life happily, without you.

xoxo s.

March 03, 2010

Mike Sweeney

Howdy to newly found alum Mike Sweeney.

I worked at C/D NY '93-'95 (one year at 79 5th, one year virtual) and it was my first job out of college...such a great place to start my career. Thanks for keeping the site running. I've struck out on my own and am doing ethnographic research.

February 21, 2010

Alison (Forsyth) Smela

And Alison Forsyth (we knew her as Alison Smela has also found our merry band.

I was with Chiat/Day from June 1990 through August of 2001 in both the Chicago and LA offices working on the Nissan Regional business.

Welcome Alison!

John Uusitalo

Welcome John Uusitalo, wo worked as an account supervisor on Intel in the San Francisco office (80-82)/

Doug Katz

Doug and Laura Katz

Doug Katz was a beloved figure on the C/D NY staff. But who knew his secret passion: running a summer camp!

My wife and I have recently partnered with Camp Lakota in the Catskills and we are new owners & directors up there. This is our 6th summer of running summer camp. And you think advertising is a crazy business.

I remember fondly the days back at 79 5th and all the help you and your
team gave us.


Blue Plate Productions, Inc.

*digital video for web/cd/dvd
*live webcasting*interactive cd production

February 11, 2010

Gene Crocker


There are so many people with whom I worked at C/D and, there, in the SFO office, was one of my all time favorites, Gene Crocker. When I was installing the Wang system, I think I stole him from media to become the head of MIS (IT) for the SF office.

I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago and met Gene for a late breakfast in Berkeley. He has a wife and two lovely children from a former marriage. He now works for Wells Fargo bank in the mortgage dept.

My fondest memory of Berkeley is a particular bookstore which Gene spent much time circling various blocks trying to find for me.

I find it obscene that he looks so young.

Pam Morris

Welcome in from the cold to Pam Bertino, who used to be known as Pam Morris. She worked in Venice Beach, CA, from 1990 – 1992 on the Nissan Account. She worked with Tom Patty and Steve Goldman.

She is now a big shot at the Weather Channel in Atlanta, which means she could ruin your morning commute if you're not nice to her.

Neal Grossman


Long-time C/D alum Neal Grossman has been named as TBWA's Chief Compensation Officer.

Of course, the big question is "did Neal get a raise?" And, if so, was his first assignment in his new role to approve it?

February 04, 2010

Robert Chandler's obituary for Bob Dion

Robert Chandler, one of Bob Dion's writing partner, has written a wonderful obituary for Bob. It has been submitted to many publications, but due to the inconstancies of the newspaper business these days, it may not appear everywhere we would like. But I'm proud to publish it here ....

Bob Dion, a Calming Creative Force at 
Tempestuous Chiat/Day, Dies.

Bob Dion, a key art director and creative executive at the iconoclastic and ground-breaking ad agency, Chiat/Day, during its ascendant years, has died in his Palm Springs, CA home. He was 78.

In reporting his January 9th death, his son, Rob, cited pulmonary fibrosis as the cause, after a long illness.

Mr. Dion spent the bulk of his 45 year career with two firms. First at Needham, Harper & Steers (now part of DDB) and later in the Los Angeles and then New York office of Chiat/Day, which he established with Jay Chiat in 1980. The agency was in 1995 acquired by Omnicom and merged to form TBWA\Chiat\Day.

Mr. Dion was notably understated and easy going in disposition, a stark contrast to the famously charismatic, volatile, and acerbic Chiat, who lead his agency to fame and creative acclaim by alternately inspiring and intimidating.

A good friend and peer of Jay’s in both age and mutual regard, Dion was able to anticipate imminent firestorms and provide a buffer behind which the eclectic, youthful, more easily cowed talent of Chiat/Day could continue to function. And deliver the audacious campaigns C/D was producing on both coasts, elevating the young shop into the first ranks of innovative ad agencies.

Lee Clow, now chief creative officer of TBWA\Chiat\Day, is a creator of the agency’s most famous commercial of that era, the Orwellian “1984” which launched Apple’s Macintosh computer. Clow recalls how, when interviewing with him in Dion‘s Needham days, “He took so much time coaching me encouraging me and telling marvelous stories about advertising adventures. Bob Dion was one of the more nurturing and helpful guys in the business.”

In New York, Dion served as creative director, overseeing campaigns for cruise line, Holland America, General Electric, upstart airline, New York Air, and the controversial investment banking firm, Drexel Burnham Lambert.

In this period, when America’s economic primacy seemed to be threatened by a rising Japan, a Dion spot for General Electric pictured Uncle Sam in closeup being slapped several times across the face, until Uncle takes the offending hands into a powerful grasp, lowering them with impervious aplomb.

Boston marketer, Noreen Young, his former client at Holland America observes, “The truly amazing thing is that Bob’s creative work done in the early 80's is still the core of Holland America communications all these years later.”

Jim Condon, a copywriter veteran of Needham, now 92, knew him from his start in that agency’s Chicago mailroom in 1960. Five years later, in the L.A. office, the two collaborated with creative director, Hal Kaufman, on the launch of what was to be a long running and famous campaign for Continental Airlines. “Hal was fixated on a line, ‘The rare bird with the golden tail.’ Bob and I kept saying, it had to be proud bird. For days Hal resisted, finally relenting just hours before presenting to
Continental founder, Bob Six. It was a close call.”

Mr. Dion, a native of Chicago, where he was born May 29, 1931, graduated from Western Michigan University in 1955. There he met and married his first wife, Nancy Perry, soon beginning a six-month Army stint.

Afterwards, Mr. Dion sold Burroughs business machines for an unhappy period until making his escape to the Needham mailroom. There, he eventually proved his talent and although he had never taken an art course, was promoted to art director on All Detergent, and then Morton Salt. “I was an admiring bystander like everybody else in the industry,” said Mr. Condon, “What an art director's dream! Not a word of copy, just beautiful graphics and the Morton signature.“

Dion inspired affection and respect throughout his career. Longtime Chiat/Day art director and CD, Yvonne Smith expressed sentiments that were typical: “Bob Dion was too nice to be in advertising. It made it all the harder to steal ideas from him (though it didn't stop me). He was as talented as he was generous and gracious.”

Mr. Dion is survived by his wife, Alberta. By his four sons by Nancy: Perry, Jeffrey, David, and Robert. By a fifth son, Benjamin, by his second marriage to Louise Seeley of Boise, ID. And by seven grandsons.

Veteran copywriter and creative director, Ken Segall, recounted a story from his days as apprentice copywriter and partner to Mr. Dion. Mr. Segall had allowed an incorrect address to be calligraphed into hundreds of elegant invitations for an important Chiat/Day event. Discovering this when there was very little time left to repair the mistake, “I picked my stomach up off the floor and went to break the news to him. Somehow Bob suppressed his desire to kill me and together we figured out a fix. The wrath of Jay was about to come down upon him, but I believe Bob was actually more concerned about not scarring his rookie writer for life.“


February 02, 2010

Christine Donohoe

Does anybody have a working email address for her? The one I have bounces back. Don't post it as a comment, just send it directly to me via email. (My address is at the top of this page.)

Steve Alburty

More alums found!

Guy Day's death has a lot of people Googling and finding the Jay/Day website!

Michael Aarons ...

I was an account guy in L.A. from ’85-’88, on Apple, Home Savings and Mitsubishi. Now retired and living in Lake Arrowhead.

Martine Hunter ...

... who is now Creative Director for eMedia at MLT Creative in Atlanta. Here's a blog post she wrote about Chiat/Day.

Stacey Lippman ...

We have been in South Florida and Connecticut for a number of years. We are now trying to move because we want only one house but in neither of those places. Our three children are now adults, which I guess means that we are old, but getting old is better than the alternative, although we have no independent confirmation of that.
I have been involved in elective politics, real estate and charity. I am now ready to go back to regular work, which I was never intrerested in when I was younger. But I remain a realist, which was always my undoing.

My daughter is trying to get into the advertising business, which means there must be a gene defect in the family, but I try not to discourage her.

Seth Park ...

Mindi Harrison turned me onto your alumni site. It’s a wonderful thing. I am listed as neither lost nor found, but here I am. I worked for Paul Greenberg in the media department in New York from ’87 and ’88, and then went off to law school- which, at the time, was actually just a few blocks down 5th Ave. As I recently wrote to Mary Maroun, law's been a decent ride and, generally speaking, it hasn't been as painful as many have experienced, but nothing can match the fun and creative energy of my time at Chiat/Day. It was a special place to spend some time.

Adweek's obituary for Bob Dion

You may read Adweek's obituary for dear Bob by clicking here.

January 29, 2010

Jeff DeJoseph

I neglected to welcome Jeff DeJoseph to the alum list. Jeff worked at C/D NY and then went off with Bob Jeffries to found their own agency. Welcome, Jeff!

Jennifer Hammond

Welcome Jennifer Hammond!

I am in the class of 1987-1992.  I worked with Pam Keehn on the Nissan truck business..

Founders' Day

Here's a great submission from Chuck Phillips:


Tom Burr and Hy Yablonka, the two surviving original partners of Chiat/Day, reminisce today at Hy's palatial home in Orange California. I was lucky to be there.


P.S. from Steve. Here's some additional historical reference from Chuck:

Tom Burr was Guy Day's minority partner, and Hy Jay's, when, they merged their two agencies into Chiat/Day in 1968. Tom was chief suit, Hy was Jay's creative partner and the person who spotted and hired Lee Clow. Burr left in the mid 70's to join the two Mels (Abert and Newhoff) @ Abert, Newhoff and Burr which had a 17 year run in LA. After that fine agency was torpedoed by two bankrupted clients (Laker Airways being one), Tom joined Hakuhodo (world's 8th highest billing agency) first in LA and later NY. He retired after 14 years there. With Lee firmly in command in LA, Hy joined me at C/D S.F. in the early 80's before leaving to become CD of all automotive advertising for Bozell in Detroit.

January 27, 2010

Michael Niles

Another alum found! Michael Niles.

I was an account guy at the LA office in 1984-1985. Although I was only there a relatively short time, I came away with a lot of memories, quite a few stories and many new friends.

He now works for an agency in Santa Clarita called Great Day Advertising, which is just about the best name I've ever heard of for an ad agency!

January 25, 2010

Robin Raj and Martin Grant

Welcome in from the cold, alums Martin Grant and Robin Raj!

Tom Phahlert,

New jay/day member Dennis Juett informs me that his friend Tom Phahlert passed away several years ago, so I have on the "Lost and Found" list, I have created a third section, "In Memoriam." If you see any members on the list who have passed away, please let me know. (My email address is at the top of this page.)

Steve Alburty

January 23, 2010

Bob Dion's funeral

All of Bob's sons managed to make it, as did Keith Bright and Shelley Menning and Hal Maynard. But here's the best part: Bob is now buried in the same cemetery as Frank Sinatra. The two of them are probably having a drink and a cigarette right now.


January 22, 2010


I got myself into quite a pickle last week. While trying to process the news of Bob Dion's death, and then Guy Day's death, I got e-ttacked by two women to took great offense to my earlier email which chastised people for not submitting more comments.

I was called an "asshole" by both of them. I went ballistic, which is how I react these days to criticism. No, this wasn't criticism, these were grenades. And since I have maintained this site for seven years for no pay, and had been sitting at my desk at home all week working on the site, I really flew off the handle, the end result being that I decided to pull down the site.

Many people immediately wrote emails to me asking me to reconsider; some posted comments to this posting.

It was Robert Chandler's words that finally calmed me down. As you can see in his comment, which is attached to this post, he said the wisest words: "In the immortal words of Jay, Give them the old Chiat/Day welcome. You know, ignore them.'

So the site will continue and the few cranks out there who object to something I write are welcome to express them. When banshees come after me, I will try to realize it just comes with the territory.

Steve Alburty

January 21, 2010

Deb (Penick) Arora

And yet another alum emerges from the existential existence of non-jaydayness to reveal her presence:

I was a Venice recruit on Nissan back in the mid-90's. (I'd have to check my resume to know the actual years--it's been a while.) I was Debbie Penick back then, now Debbie Arora.

Chuck Silverman


Somehow, news of Guy Day's death caused alum Chuck Silverman to run across this website. Says Chuck:

I actually hired or recommended about 10 or 15 people who are on [the "lost and found" list] and know several others. I even introduced Kuperman to Clow. And I was Lee’s copy partner twice. Look at Chiat/Day: The First 20 Years. I am Year Nine.

I’ve got a lot of good stories about Jay, Lee and others.

Sr. VP Creative Director at Chiat/Day
1987 - 1989
Worked here twice. First time in the late 70's as Lee Clow's copy partner. One of the first creatives at this now-famous agency. Came back at Jay's and Lee's personal requests to help head-up the Nissan pitch both strategically and creatively. We were in the Biltmore Hotel at the time. I personally wrote the strategy and did the creative that got us the business. Helped move the office to Venice, staff up, digest and run the account after its successful acquisition. Again, Jay asked me to move to the account side. This time I quit and moved to Colorado. Been here ever since.

Copywriter at Chiat/Day
1975 - 1978
Always wanted to work here although they were small and relatively unknown at the time. Jay hired me from my Kawasaki work. Ran into Lee Clow in the halls and we became a copy/art team. We went to the same high school – Hamilton High. As fate would have it, we got into the Yamaha Motorcycle pitch. Based on my Kawasaki experience and Lee's unabashed talent we got it - and it changed everybody's life. Jay gave me $500, asked me to buy a couple of suits, get a haircut, and be the head account person on the business. At the time, I took it as the ultimate insult. Now I revere the compliment. We ended up using a very junior Tom Patty as our Account Coordinator.

Dennis S. Juett

I received this wonderful email from a lost alum from the early early days of what would become Chiat/Day:

Dear Mr. Alburty,

I learned today with great sadness the passing of Guy B. Day. The world has lost a incredible human being. I was Faust/Day Advertising's first art director. I joined the agency as the fifth employee in the early 1960s. I left Chiat/Day in 1970 with Guy's blessing and worked with him on various projects until his "final" retirement in the 1980s. In fact, I worked with him to create and produce his two retirement ads that ran in the trades, one in the '70s and the final retirement ad in the '80s.

Please add me to your Chiat/Day roster and your mailing list.


Dennis S. Juett

Memorial for Guy Day

Mel Abert spoke has spoken with Annette Day. She said Guy did not want any service or memorial. That sounds like Guy. If the JayDay team wants to arrange something, Says Mel, "I'm certain many people would want to attend."

January 19, 2010

Guy Day Tribute : by Laurie Coots

Dear all,

This weekend, we lost Guy Day. He was one of the greats, and one of the primary architects of this very special place, called Chiat/Day.

When I joined the agency, Guy Day had one foot out the door, having been brought back to provide supervision over LA while Jay focused on building an agency in NY. Retirement however, was not a word that Guy found attractive, once saying that he was a “brown bagger” and that in order to be at his best, he had to have a place to go everyday, and so he kept coming to the office.

Guy kept a desk at the agency (by then located in the Biltmore Hotel) and his phone still rang with amazing regularity. As one of the secretaries that covered Guy at the time, I found him a real challenge. He typed faster than I did. His proofreading and grammar skills were better than anyone else in the building. And he always answered his own phone. Some days it seemed my only contribution to making his life easier, was getting his mail and sending the occasional “panafax.”

But by late 1986, feeling that the agency was headed in the right direction, Guy started coming to the office less frequently, spending time on two things he was deeply dedicated to: improving his tennis game, and getting the novel that was inside his head – out, and onto the page. He would pop in from time to time to perform various “sanity” checks, usually when we had a really big pitch (like Porsche and Nissan), or when Jay was thinking about moving or merging us.

In sharing stories with others who knew Guy well I was reminded of some things.

First, it’s important that we not forget that much of the “no-nonsense” focus on the work ethos, actually came from Guy.

In announcing that he, Guy Day, would be President of the newly merged Chiat/Day, he promptly shared with the Los Angeles Times that his appointment was the result of a coin toss, and that it was a technique that he and Jay planned to repeat annually to determine leadership of the agency. Nobody was ever really sure whether being named President was the result of winning, or losing the coin toss – but it set the stage for the total distaste for hierarchy and any trace of organizational politics.
Sid Salinger, one of Chiat/Day’s first Production Managers recounts,

“Guy and I were the same age (born in 1933), so perhaps we shared many of the same ‘old-fashioned’ values.  He was unquestionably one of the most creative people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  He had a quiet, wry, ironic sense of humor, and of honor.  He was even-tempered; quick to praise, and slow to criticize.  Advertising agencies, by their very nature, are generally peopled by mercurial personalities.  Guy's mind was lightning-quick, but his tongue was mannerly and controlled.  He was in every sense of the word, a gentleman -- a gentle man.”

Brent Bouchez considered Guy a mentor and is sure that,  “Guy’s judgment kept the company alive on more than one occasion.” Brent also shares the story, of when Guy once fired him in the morning and re-hired him in the evening of the same day.
"I threw a tantrum about the account people and bitched and moaned about them not being helpful and getting in the way, etc....hey, I was like 24 or something, I had no idea how good they really were until I grew up. I think Guy had had enough of me and probably a few others and he totally lost it and screamed at me "You're fired. Get the f--- out of the agency". A response that I must admit, had stupidly never occurred to me.
Later, Brent Thomas came into my office and asked why I was packing my stuff and I told him that Guy had fired me. He walked away and I continued collecting things from my desk. About 10 minutes later Brent came back and said "stop packing, you're not fired anymore." 
That evening as I sat in my office writing a Yamaha brochure, my box still half packed, Guy walked in and sat down. Over the course of the next hour, he explained his point of view on the advertising business, Chiat/Day and account executives. About the account people he said "Why do you keep trying to change them? Who they are makes them good at what they do. Just like who you are makes you good at what you do. And more importantly, you need them. Creative people are lousy at selling the work, they give up way too easily." 
As Guy got up to leave I said "So am I still fired?" To which he said "You were never fired" and walked away."

Guy was a brilliant storyteller, and one I could listen to for hours. In his stories the casting never changed: Jay, his partner, was both brilliant and a mad scientist – inflicting his experiments on all of us, and Lee was the creative genius. Guy was always clear, that it would be Lee that would be Chiat/Day’s creative Moses, responsible for leading us into the ‘promised land.’ Guy also used to say that Lee seemed to be the only one who didn’t realize he was our creative Moses, and that it was Guy’s job to remind him of it regularly – especially if one of Jay’s recent experiments had left Lee’s head spinning.

Of all the stories however, it was Guy’s new business bravado that made him one of my heroes. It is the stuff of legend.

There are many stories, but one of my favorites is the one recounted in Chiat/Day the First Twenty Years, in which after seeing some bad advertising for Western Harness Racing, Guy wrote the following to the client, “I am going to disqualify myself from ever soliciting your account because of this letter. Your advertising is embarrassing. You’re a major event in Southern California, and if you don’t care about your advertising, you ought to find somebody who will…” Almost two weeks later, the client calls Guy and wants to talk. Guy, Jay and a team from the agency head over and make a presentation but leave the meeting without the account. Back in the parking lot, Guy and Jay realize they needed a “betting man’s approach” and so returned to the client’s office with an offer he couldn’t refuse – Chiat/Day will bet every dime they make on the account that they can increase attendance by 15%. For every person over 15% Chiat/Day would take a $1/head and for every person under 15%, Chiat/Day would pay the client $1/head. The account came home with Guy and Jay that day. And the campaign was so successful, that the client quickly renegotiated the $1/head bounty as his primary means of agency compensation.

When you ask Lee about Guy, he says, "Guy made me sane while Jay made me crazy. He taught me a lot of things, like how to understand Jay. I probably wouldn't be here if it weren't for Guy."

Rick Boyko also had some very fond memories,

"When I first arrived at Chiat/Day in 1983 as an art director on Home Savings, one of the first people to walk into my cubicle at the Biltmore and introduce himself was none other than one of the men whose name was on the door. Guy was warm, humble and above all always willing to give me time whenever I asked. He became a mentor and teacher to me and one of the main reasons I ended up teaching myself is because of what I learned from him. While Jay challenged us all to push the boundaries and to think bigger thoughts, it was Guy who made sure the thoughts we thought were on brand and strategic. Many years after I left Chiat/Day and had become a manager myself, Guy would periodically send me notes with constructive thoughts. Those many years later he was still teaching. David Ogilvy said he admired and hired “people with gentle manners who treat other people as human beings”, I’m sure David is going to enjoy meeting Guy."

Fred Goldberg writes, 

Guy was the first person who I met when I interviewed at Chiat/Day in 1982.  I liked Guy from the start.  He was an amiable, genuine good guy. I don't think I ever saw him get angry or be mean. I had a very positive relationship with him over the years I spent at Chiat/Day and afterwards at Goldberg Moser O'Neill.

Guy seemed to perpetually have a happy go lucky attitude with just about anything and everything.  At the same time he often offered much wisdom. He particularly had a quite perceptive view into people and their motivations.  I saw him consul Jay, and others, on matters where his candid point of view and advice was honest and more often than not, on the mark.  Guy always offered me his frank opinions and advice, which I found relevant and which I appreciated.

I learned much about the "work" from Guy.  He championed it.  I learned much about the advertising business from Guy.  He didn't take it nearly as seriously as most of us did and therefore often had a possibly clearer perspective.  He was a good friend to those he considered his friends.  He was a source of irritation to some others because he could see them for what they really were and didn't necessarily like what he saw and said so.

I am sad to hear of Guy's passing.  I will miss our occasional conversations these past years. He was a good advertising person and his contributions and consul were invaluable. And everyone should remember, without Guy Day there would never have been a Chiat/Day, possibly the greatest creative agency of its time."

I got a personal laugh out of a comment about Guy from Geoff Siodmak, an old friend of the agency from the early days - his observation was right on. Geoff writes, "Guy was the calm to Jay's whirling vortex.  He was so measured, so intense, so balanced,  so in love with his wife and family,  it was a constant inspiration.  And though it did not seem so, he had a lesser tolerance for fools than Jay did.  It certainly kept you alert - when Jay called you a dope, you probably were not - when Guy called you a dope you probably were."


As others have said, Guy was an intelligent man, a thoughtful man, a strongly opinionated and yet, a fair and gentle man. Most importantly, Guy was a generous man – one confident enough to persuade, shape and influence from the edge of the spotlight, rather than from its center. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Guy's family. 

To share your thoughts about Guy, and see tributes from others, please check out the posts at

Love, Laurie

Laurie Coots
Chief Marketing Officer

Guy Day Tribute : by Tom Patty

It is impossible for me to think about Guy Day without thinking of Jay Chiat. Just as I can not think about Art Garfunkel without thinking of Simon and Garfunkel. Like Simon and Garfunkel, Jay Chiat and Guy Day created a partnership where “one plus one equaled three.” Together they created something unique.

Looking back at the agency, from a distant perspective, I believe that—to put it in sailing terms—Jay was the sail. Guy was the keel. Jay gave us propulsion. Guy gave us stability, balance and direction. Together, they were more than each separately. Together, they were not just Chiat and Day; but literally, Chiat/Day.

Jay wanted to see “how big we can get without getting bad.”
Guy wanted to “do great work” for clients who really appreciated what we did.

Jay was more of a businessman. Guy was more of an artist. Jay liked to make deals. Guy liked to make ads.

Jay was the gambler. Jay lived big. He always wanted to expand the boundaries.
Guy was the pragmatist. He lived within his means. Instead of expanding the boundaries, he wanted to seek perfection within the boundaries.

When we had to decide whether to resign the Porsche account to pitch the much larger Nissan account, Guy voted for “the bird in the hand.” Guy valued loyalty. Jay wanted to roll the dice.

Guy was a romantic soul. He believed in absolutes: right and wrong; good and bad. Compromise was not easy for him. Loyalty was important to him. He was protective of his people. When the Nike client got upset because we were getting more publicity than they were, it was Guy who stood up to them.

Guy was a great boss. He never told you what to do. He merely told you what he wanted you to achieve. He never meddled in the details. He gave you enough latitude to achieve great success or fail miserably.

Guy was not physically in the agency for more than half of the 21 years I spent at Chiat/Day. But when he was there, he provided a wonderful balance and a clarity of vision. I especially remember the years 1983-1984 when we won the Nike account, Pizza Hut, Porsche, and Home Savings. It was Guy who gave us the guidance, support and encouragement to think we could win.

Now, many years later, Jay and Guy are both gone—from the agency and from this life.. But their essence lives on. The song has ended, but the music lives on.

Tom Patty

January 17, 2010

Guy Day

More sad news: Guy Day, the man behind the "/" has died. I will post more details when I have them.

Guy left the agency in the late 1970s (or was it the early 80s) to write a book. The last I heard of him was he was living at Westlake Village, a retirement community, outside of LA.

January 09, 2010

RIP: Bob Dion


Bob Dion, one of Chiat/Day's greatest art directors, has died in Palm Springs. I have no information about a memorial, but watch this space and I will post what I know if I find out.

In the meantime, please refer to this profile of Bob which was posted on this site in 2005. (The article refers to Bob living in Napa, but he had then moved to Palm Springs.)

December 24, 2009

Pam Peters

Another lost alum has shown up in my inbox:

I worked with Dina Weinstein and Mindi Harrison from 1985-1989. Then, I got pregnant and had a baby and left... I still have the Mrs. Piggy Wiggle book that you gave to me for her, and some kind of baby countdown sticker that you put in my office. We had lots of silly fun and I look back on those years with the fondest of memories.

That child is now a junior in college, and her younger brother is a senior in high school :)  George and I moved our family to  Long Island----six years ago I went back to nursing school, and am working as an RN. I hope this finds you well. I think of everyone so often. I loved looking at the list. Happy Holidays and New Year

Pam Peters

December 17, 2009

Susan's Garden

Got a great video today about Tom Patty's wife, Susan, from a company called Your Story Here. They produce personal documentaries. This one has great footage of Susan and Tom, of course, but Lee Clow is in there, as well as John Rinek.

Ex Adman discovers things that really matter

Tom Patty is not the sort of man to do things by halves. His career as an adman gave him clients like Nike, Nissan and Pizza Hut. When he retired from Chiat/Day Advertising in 1998 he was President and Worldwide Account Director.

Sailing every Thursday and riding his bike a hundred miles a week, Tom now advises hundreds of small Orange County businesses every year as part of his job as a SCORE counselor. And he has lost none of the drive - or the talent for spotting trends - that put him on top in the advertising world.

So when Tom's wife Susan was turning 60, Tom knew he wanted something special. And he didn't just want to buy more 'stuff'.

"So much of our time - and our money - is spent on stuff. Just stuff.

“I should know, I have sold a lot of stuff over the years!” says Tom with a wry smile.

Don't get him wrong. Tom has nothing against flat screen TVs and other grown ups’ technology toys. He just thinks that we - all of us - are looking for more.

"We want more meaning in our lives." says Tom - who through his SCORE work and industry associations still spends a lot of his time thinking about the Next Big Thing. "In the decade ahead, the intrinsic worth of things - their subjective meaning - will come to have greater and greater significance in all of our purchasing decisions. We want things that really matter.

As it happened, one of the small businesses that Tom has been advising fills just the niche he has in mind. Your Story Here LLC Video Biography is an emerging Orange County business that specializes in personal history documentary – honoring people who may not be celebrities to anyone but their families and friends.

In Tom’s case, the thing that really matters is his wife Susan.

"My wife wants a large garden in the North West. I reflected on that for a long time,” says Tom. “In truth, the whole world is Susan's garden. She cares for a large circle of friends and family just as she would care for her garden. I wanted someone to help me turn that concept into a gift."

The result of Tom's vision - and Your Story Here's production expertise - is a 35 minute multimedia show called "Susan's Garden". All of Susan's "garden" appears - from her smallest flowers (her grandchildren) to her oldest. "That would probably be me!" says Tom.

"I think it is the shape of things to come," says Tom, who carries "Susan's Garden" in his iPod Touch and readily plays it for anyone too slow or too polite to escape. “The technology is great - but Susan is what really matters.”

Your Story Here owner Jane Shafron agrees. “We are seeing an increasing interest in personal value products like our video biographies”, she says. “Baby boomers worked hard all their lives for material comforts and are now discovering that true wealth only comes from personal connections and meaning.” As one of Jane’s recent blogs has it: “It’s not about the toys."

And Susan's reaction? As a long-time producer herself, she was always going to be a tough audience. "It’s one of the sweetest things he has ever done”, she says.

Find out more about Your Store Here by clicking, well, here! And check out Jane's blog here.

December 01, 2009

Mindy Shaevitz

Mindi Harrison (Shaevitz) has shown up in my inbox. She had the great privilege to be the local media buying supervisor under Oksana Glass at Chiat/Day from 1985 to 1993. "Definitely the good old days!" says Mindi.

Terry Taylor

Welcome to alum Terry Taylor, who worked at C/D from 1990-1993 (LA and Dallas "on the meat grinder that was Nissan)."

Shari DeRaff


Those of us who worked in the New York office knew her as Shari Kasch and she was an ace traffic manager. Here she is at the Hollywood Bowl, where she went to visit her sister. She's back in New York and is looking for a spot as a Sr Project Manager for Desktop and Traffic groups. Anybody know of anything? If so, contact me (see masthead above) and I'll contact Shari for you.

In the meantime, admire this lovely photo of her.


October 30, 2009



Chuck Phillips, C/D Employee #1, has returned to the U.S. from many years of living in Canada. He has opted for warm weather after all those years up north, having now taken up residence in Malibu.

When he left Vancouver, a local trade paper ran this wonderful salute to him:

(Click on the image to see it in a larger size.)


Spotlight: Yvonne Smith


When I was a young lad, and working at Chiat/Day as a junior print production manager at C/D in the late 70s, there was this art director ...

Her name was Yvonne Smith, and, to my memory, she was one of the most magical art directors in the history of Chiat/Day. She had a long, Southern drawl, which made her even more hypnotic.

Here's an update on what Yvonne is doing these days:

Here it is in pdf format. And here is the text:

Yvonne Smart Smith

Managing Partner, Creative Director, TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles, California.

This Emmy-winning Creative Director began her career in New York at CondeNast Publications (Vogue, Glamour, Mademoiselle) as an Assistant Art Director, while waiting for a job in her first love, advertising and entertainment.

Since then she has worked as a creative consultant for the likes of Tom Hanks and Garry Marshall and every elite brand known to advertising, including Nike, Apple Computer, BMW, Porsche, Walt Disney, Frito Lay, Nissan, Vuarnet France, and Estee Lauder, to name a few.

She has won a slew of awards from the most prestigious organizations in film, television and advertising: Cannes Film Festival, The One Show, Communication Arts, New York Art Directors Club, The International Clio Awards, The Andy Awards, The London Film Festival, Belding Awards, an EMMY (The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences), and is a 5-time Kelly Award Finalist.

Yvonne has judged The One Show, Communication Arts, The Clios, The EmmyAwards, The New York Art Directors Club, the Andy Awards, and has Co-Chaired the International Clio Awards.

She is a longtime judge for the Primetime Emmy Awards, with the distinct honor of judging the finals for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Comedy Series.

Yvonne has been recognized in Who’sWho in America, Who’s Who in Advertising, Who’s Who in California, Who’s Who in Business & Finance, Who’s Who in American Women and Who’s Who in the World.

She has taught and lectured at UCLA, USC, The Art Center College of Design and the Art Director’s Club of Paris.

She both supports and has judged the AAAA Minorities in Advertising Scholarship Competition.

Yvonne is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, The American Film Institute, the Museum of Radio & Television, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as well as various other professional organizations.

An active contributor to and member of many charities, she was honored by Free Arts for Abused Children, recognized by the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles for her work with abused children. She actively supports the ERAS Center for Children at Risk, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, The National Humane Education Society, as well as The Humane Society of the United States.

Presently having four rescue dogs of her own from animal shelters, she has personally rescued and placed another 61 animals, including dogs, cats, horses and one skunk.

Her hobbies include river rafting, hiking, horseback riding, off-road driving, art, design, film and Porsches.

Yvonne holds a BFA from the School of Architecture & The Arts, Auburn University, where her academic achievement kept her consistently on the Dean’s List. She is also a graduate of Skip Barber Precision Driving Courses.


And here are some candid snaps of some of her children!

Img 0157

Img 0176

Img 0559

September 30, 2009

Denzil's TV gigs


Denzil Meyers, whose talents seem to know no bounds, is making several appearances on television this month!

Says Denzil ....

1. "Trauma", Episode 2 "Bad Day At Work"... Oct 12, 9pm on NBC

Episode 2 of this new thriller series ... like "ER", but what happens immediately before you get to the ER — life with the paramedics
who scoop you off the street after a natural disaster or an office building fire, or in our episode, when a disgruntled employee goes postal.

Don't blink, or you'll miss me as an office employee, hiding from the shooter in the building stairwell, tho I do have a line.

2. "I Almost Got Away With It", Richard Garber episode ... October, several airings likely, on Investigation: Discovery (check local listings)

This show interviews current convicts, and re-creates the almost-perfect crime in question. Investigation: Discovery is a whole channel dedicated to Hollywood crimes,
forensics, and serial killers. And its about time, I'd say.

I play Moreas, the victim of a brutal murder by my caretaker (Garber), whom I hired to help me recover from a job-related nail gun injury to the head (WTF?)

As always, local listings are subject to change, so dates may vary

August 26, 2009

Jane Newman and Susan Goodman

Click on photo to see larger version.

Jane Newman and Susan Goodman getting together earlier this summer for cocktails and a catch-up.

August 22, 2009

Lost alum

Hey, Russell Wager has become "lost." If you have a current email address for him, send it to me at the email address shown in the masthead up there on the top of this page.

Ann Zemenak? Vanished.

August 09, 2009

Sarah Madden-Beaudin

I received this lovely Chiat/Day haiku the other day from a newly found alum:

Sarah Madden-Beaudin - 1989-93 Warehouse Days then to Binoculars mainstreet Main Street bring your pet to work Friday flower raffle Kupe in the ficus trees rollerblades x-rated Christmas Parties Firehouse The Fish v cool thanks sarah

August 04, 2009

Gene Cameron


Just as in the news or talk-show industry, all of us who hustle in the blogosphere are always looking for the next "get." I've found a good one: Gene Cameron, who has been "lost" (as far as the Jay/Day site is concerned), for ages.

Turns out he is a biggie at J.D. Powers and Associates. In fact, you can watch this interview with him by clicking here.

August 03, 2009

Eamonn O'Regan

Received a shout-out today from C/D NY's favorite Irishman, Eamonn O'Regan, who is in Dublin.

Eammon go bragh!

Theresa Buchanan

For years, I have apparently listed the lovely and talented Theresa Buchanan on the "found list" as Theresa Babbington. My error has been corrected.

June 30, 2009

Scenes from the Biltmore

Robert Chandler has always been a wonderful magpie for this site. He discovered a small trove of photos taken at the Biltmore.

He is able to identify some of the participants (in no particular order) as ...

Lee, Hy, Brent Thomas, David Butler, Phil Lanier, Hank Hinton, Jay's exec sec, an unknown to me lady with Steve Hollingsworth in the b.g.. And Mark Doyle with some former clients.

If you have any additional information, click on "Comments" and add your memories ...









June 21, 2009

Laurie Coots


Who better to spend jay/day with than Laurie Coots. We indulged in our favorite Sunday ritual when she's in NY: eggs benedict. Yum!

Room 13

Jessica Schulman Edelstein Room13

Room 13 Photo Block

Here's is a jay/day message from Jessica Edelstein ...

Hi Steve. Happy Jay/Day!

If anyone is wracking their brains 'cause they don't know a young artist or don't have a favorite cause or don't have a cleaning lady, here's a good way to celebrate Jay's love and dedication to creativity and art:

We now have 2 student-run art studios up and active in the U.S. which are part of a greater international network of 35 studios. We are looking to help support these fledgling studios and to increase the infrastructure of ROOM 13 USA to allow for expansion into other American cities.

Would you mind posting something for us on your site? The artists of all ages will thank you and Jay will smile. Arrange as you wish.


Room 13 is an international network of art studios run by student artists within a school environment. Supported by an adult working artist-in-residence, young artists are given a safe place in which to explore their feelings by expressing their creativity and imagination.

Started by primary school students in the West Highlands of Scotland, Room 13 has now grown to have 35 studios in Scotland, England, South Africa, India, Nepal, Turkey, China, Canada and now the U.S. The project has grown with the help of generous creative people around the globe, so by donating here, you will help more artists of all ages discover themselves through art.

If you would like more information or to help give this worthy program artistic, financial or promotional support please contact Jessica Edelstein at


No $$$? - Help us promote Room 13 USA by becoming a fan on Facebook by clicking here

June 13, 2009

Susan Gomes

I am putting out an All Points Bulletin to be on the lookout for Susan Gomes. She used to work in media at C/D LA during the Biltmore days. An old friend of hers is trying to contact her.

This is a frequent request, here at JayDay Central. People are always asking me "Do you know where [fill in the blank] is?" Sadly, the answer is often "no," as I don't have an inexhaustible list of everybody who ever worked at Chiat/Day, nor their email addresses.

But every once in a while I like to ask the community to try to locate someone. This is one of those times.


June 07, 2009

More "lost alums"

Sid Salinger, who was one of the first C/D employees, has provided some additional names of former employees. They've been added to the "Lost" list, as I don't have email addresses for any of them. If YOU do, please send them to me: are a few of the very earliest...actually ORIGINAL...Chiat/Day employees who don't appear on EITHER I guess you'd classify them as "Lost".

Warren Halperin
Dennis Juett
Bill Manning
Tom Phahlert
LeNore Plotkin
Les Slifkin

and last, but most certainly not least,


Best regards,

Sid Salinger (1968-1970)

Danielle Lovett/Jon Wyville

A C/D New York alum has magically appeared in my email inbox:

Greetings fellow Chiat / Day-er. I worked at the New York office for 2 years, 1990-91. I was in accounts on Royal Caribbean and Nissan, and I sat 2 cubicles away from Jay for my first year. I will never forget his cardboard chair or how great it was to just listen in to his conversations when he was on the phone. I loved every day that I worked there.

I stayed on the agency side for a couple of years, eventually crossing
the line into production. I worked my way up from PA to Producer on
features, music videos, concerts and television shows, but have
returned to my first love, commercials. I'm still in touch with Jon
Shrair who told me about your alum site.

Also, I heard from Jon Wyville, who worked at C/D from 88-92 and who has the coolest email sig I've ever seen:


Chiat/Day Picnic 1989

Courtesy of Andrea Sommer come these nostalgic pictures of a Chiat/Day picnic in 1989. I'm presuming it's New York, since it appears we went there on a train and the lake looks crummy enough to be in New Jersey.










May 31, 2009

Clarissa Potter

Also new to our ranks is Clarissa Potter, who went from advertising into healthcare, for one of THE most prestigious cancer-care facilities in the world.

I worked at Chiat day from 91-92 as a first job out of college and was recently on a trip with Lizzy Kooper. She said that I should contact you with my e-mail address because I worked at Chiat Day.. what an interesting idea… my experience was brief, but I am great friends with Jamie Barrett who convinced me to work at Chiat Day and worked with Martin Grant and Jon S.


Clarissa Potter, LCSW
Quality of Care Initiative
Office of the Physician-In-Chief
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Konley Kelley

This just in (actually, I'm behind in my mail, so this way from April) ...


Chiat/Day/Mojo was my first job after college. I was an Ad Grad from Fresno State.

I worked in the Venice office from 1989-90. I worked on the Nissan account for John Varty, Steve Goldman and John Upton.

I transferred to the new Dallas office to work on Nissan Regional in 1991. I worked with Michelle Burke (Mowdy) and Nancy Kane Amus (on Facebook). I left C/D/M in 1993.

I later worked at Lord Dentsu with some ex C/D/M folks (interesting).

Now I live in Dallas and am Dean at a Community College over workforce training.

Konley Kelley

May 23, 2009

Tom Patty Sings!

I always thought of Tom Patty as the Big Nissan Cheese. I must be honest, the last thing I ever imagined would come out of his mouth would be the sound of Tom, standing in front of his own band and a live audience, shouting "Everybody!"

Yes, Tom has produced a CD. Who knew? It's called "Living on the Island Side of Life."

Here's a brief soundclip from one of the tracks. He graciously sent me the whole CD, which has become my favorite "car CD."

You can actually buy this CD from Amazon by clicking the link below. But hurry, there are only two new and 8 used available the last time I checked.

I'm really proud that Tom has used some of his post-C/D time to produce art. Wearing a suit for as long as Tom did could become a habit. It's nice to know that he's so readily traded that suit in for a Hawaiian shirt.

I'd also like to thank Tom for his generous donation to help maintain this site. He is now included on that list of benefactors you see up there on the right-hand side of the main web page. (You can do this, too, by the way, without going through all the work of producing a CD. I'm just sayin')

April 20, 2009

Tom Patty

(click on photo to see larger version)

There are alums and then there are ALUMS. Tom Patty certainly falls into the latter category. He worked in the LA office for umpteen years on some of the most important business the agency had, including Yamaha (in the early days) to Nissan. I got this note from him this weekend ...

First of all, I want to tell you what a great job you have done with this “Jayday site.” Congratulations.

I thought I would provide a brief update on my life since I retired from Chiat/Day in 1998:

In January, 1996, (after my wife, Veronica, passed away in 1994), I married another C/D alumnus—Susan Ashmore (LA office, 1985-1987, Broadcast Production dept).

In July, 1998, I officially retired from TBWAChiat/Day as President, Nissan worldwide account director.

In 1999, I sailed to Hawaii in the Transpac race (California to Hawaii) and wrote some songs which I recorded and produced in a music CD entitled “Living on the Island Side of Life.” (You can listen to these songs on my website:

In January, 2002, Susan and I went on a world cruise that departed and returned to LA. We were gone for 120 days and visited more than 30 different countries. I called this “my semester at sea.”

In November 2002, Susan and I sold our house in Marina del Rey and moved to Dana Point, a small community just South of Laguna Beach.

In 2003, I joined a volunteer organization called SCORE, which is part of the Small Business Administration. The Orange County chapter of SCORE ( has about 100 retired business executives from all areas of management (production, sales, tech, marketing, etc) who volunteer their time and expertise to help small business owners. Every year, I personally counsel with about 100 small business people and give more than 40 seminars on “Marketing” in the Orange County area.

The reason Susan and I were unable to attend the reunion last fall was because we were on another cruise that took us from Monte Carlo thru the Suez Canal to Dubai and other parts of the middle east and then to Mumbai, India, along the Somali coast (fortunately we were not attacked by pirates) to Kenya and then South Africa and finally to Rio.

I love living in Dana Point. I ride my bicycle three or four days a week, go sailboat racing every Thursday afternoon and many weekends, play my guitar, and do my volunteer work for SCORE.

I love my life and I am blessed to be married to Susan, to live in Dana Point, and to have worked with Jay Chiat, without whom none of this could have been possible.

April 17, 2009

Found alums

Welcome David W. Griffith (class of 1997 - 2001) and Brooke Dore, who was lost and lo, is found again.

Jane Newman's Annual "Thorn Tree" Benefit


Grab your checkbook and credit cards! The time has come for Jane Newman's Annual Thorn Tree Benefit. Anybody who is anybody will be there, buying and bidding on amazing African crafts. Here's Jane's pitch to you ...

Yes it is that time of year again!

We are doing an African Bazaar this year!!!!!!!!! We have brought back lots of great original stuff from Africa --traditional kangas and kikoys (aka sarongs), baskets for the beach, wooden bowls the warriors carved, new styles of bracelets, cushions, salad servers, soap, key rings, designer belts and tons of other stuff. Everything is priced low, low, low so TONS of bargains. And the silent auction is going to be the biggest and best ever.

This year we are supporting the two primary schools in the Sereolipi area with all the teachers, books and food they need to run a basic school and our goal is to raise $80,000. So please make sure you come and bring a friend or two that would be interested in helping. The more people shopping the better!!
All love


The date is May 13th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Clodagh Design
670 Broadway, 4th Floor
Between Bond and Great Jones

Here's a link to the official invitation.

P.S. Those of you who on the East Coast who missed the 40th Annual C/D Reunion in LA last October might consider this a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and do some good for the world! Jay would consider this a noble effort.

Eve Luppert forms her own consulting company!


From the mightiest of all Human Resources experts in the country, our own Eve Luppert:

Eve Luppert, Smarty-pants Brainiac at 3Peas Consulting, is very excited to announce her new organization, 3Peas Consulting

3Peas offers workplace consulting, training and workshops to dynamic organizations (or those who hope to be) delivered by someone who has real work-place experience and a track record of building great places to work.

Services include:

On-site workshops that your staff wants and needs, for example what managers need to know about the law, how to interview, how to do reviews, developing and delivering dynamic presentations and more. The session are practical, interactive, real and fun.

Insightful surveys, interviews and analysis to help you understand what's really going on in your office, where the hero's are, what the bottlenecks might be and practicable advice for helping you and your team deliver a wonderful product, every time.

Meeting facilitation to help you get more out of your meetings than wondering when they will ever end. One on one and team coaching your management team prepare and survive layoffs, growth spurts and all the ups and downs that come with running a firm with a pulse.

Development of policies and policy manuals that people will read, and keep your team informed, the company safe without that cold corporate tone that just doesn't work with you and the firm you are building.

Eve Luppert has helped build award-winning, low turn over, profit making companies in the design, architecture, advertising and high tech firms for the past 20 years. She got her training in the hey-days of Chiat/Day advertising, moved on to help build high-tech firms in the height of the Seattle/West coast tech craze and helped her last firm become an award winning place to work and grow from 80 to nearly 300 people in less than 4 years.

Charlotte area firms are invited to an introductory 45 minute workshop for up to 20 people for this one time only price of $800. See if you and your team don't come back for more.

Contact me at

PS, I'll be in New York May 13-16 and glad deliver this special offer in the Big Apple during that time too!

| | Comments (2)

March 29, 2009

Rich Siegel's new blog


This announcement arrived in today's email:

Hey Steve,

Just checked jayday recently.
Good to see all the ex-Chiat people up to cool things, like jumping out crashed planes.

Here's my latest:

I'm told it's funny.

But what do I know, I'm an underemployed freelance copywriter.

Thanks in advance,

Rich Siegel

[Ed. note: My favorite entry is one about the evil of Zyrtec's evil single-tablet packaging, which I have attempted to open myself. Whoever designed the packaging must have trouble during his or her own toilet-training.]


March 28, 2009

Lady Brain


From the lovely Lauren Schiller ....

Introducing Lady Brain!

My friend Steph and I have just started a rather lively podcast called Lady Brain. Think Car Talk meets Dear Abby, with touch of Cosmo Mag. Go to to listen in!

In each 10 minute episode, we give candid advice on the stuff you think only happens to you. Don’t feel like dealing with your own drama? We’ll hash it out for you on the air! It's primarily for the ladies, but fellas, don't be shy.

Help us spread the word and listen as often as you like:
-Sign up for episode updates and ask advice on our site:
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Steph and Lauren |

March 23, 2009

Lost alums found


Welcome Hillary Jordan, from the class of 1989-1994.

And also Kelly Waltos, a senior producer from 84-97. She and a friend of hers run a great blog, the masthead of which is seen above. You can visit it by clicking here.

March 12, 2009

Alums reunite


Here are Chris Nolan, Robert Chandler, and Chuck Phillips holding a small reunion at Cafe Montana in Santa Monica.

February 14, 2009

Marie Dagucon

Click on photo to see larger, uncropped version

Chuck Phillips has proven to be one of the best C/D alum finders. Here's his latest catch:

anybody who worked at chiat in the early 70's will remember marie dagucon.

a smart, attractive, outspoken, tough EA who took abuse from no one and was respected by all. jay was as intimidated by marie dagucon as the rest of us.

a fixture at the after hours creative department poker games where she more than held her own.

marie just reconnected via the blog. she's a real estate agent in tucson and lives with her partner of 17 years glenn there. picture taken recently in kaui.

February 06, 2009

Marty Wenzell


Marty Wenzell, who was one of the great Account Supervisors during the 80s in the New York office, was in NY the other day. We had lunch at the Film Center Cafe.

He's now the Chief Marketing Officer at Exemplum, a digital services company specializing in online interactive animation.

He and his wife still live in Half Moon Bay, where their two daughters are in high school.

January 26, 2009

Virginia Pellegrino

Ah, a name so refreshing, it should come bottled. Virginia Pellegrino ...

I worked at Chiat/Day Seattle (later Livingston) from 1977 – 1983.  I was VP/ Broadcast Producer.  I produced those Alaska Airlines, Pacific NW Bell ... etc.... spots you mentioned in your Roger piece!   I wasn’t in the rafting picture — probably someplace on a shoot.   Was there during the BEST time!  Still in Seattle — freelance writer now.  

Cheers -- Virginia

Taco Bell Corp. vs. TBWA


Who can forget the classic commercials TBWA Chiat/Day created for Taco Bell which starred a beady-eyed, talking chihuahua?

Apparently, U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals cannot, for today they finally ruled in the case of of Taco Bell Corp. vs. TBWA.

Two guys in Michigan, who created the character, sued Taco Bell and were awarded $42 million for breach-of-contract. Taco Bell then sued TBWA, but lost the suit today. Taco Bell was held to be responsible for paying the Michigan guys the $42 million.

This means the Michigan guys can pull into their local Taco Bell drive-thru and order 35,294,117 crunchy tacos!

Read all about it here.

(I'd just like to say that I had a dream in 1986 about a pink bunny and batteries.)


Jerry Fields, who is a freelance copywriter

Greetings Steve.

I'm an infrequent reader of your smart, and entertaining site, but I do enjoy it.

I don't suppose you're planning on adding an addendum to the Taco Bell story, but I'd just like to give Chuck Bennett (and his partner on the project, Clay Williams?) the credit they deserve.

Using a Chihuahua is not an idea. A chihuaha is simply the beginning of an idea. Executing the campaign as well as Chuck and Clay did is what made it a fully formed, entertaining, and distinct idea.

Everyday we see a parade of new personification campaigns, and as a device it's nothing new. In the 1960s Leo Burnett built an entire agency around talking, non-humans: Milton the Talking Toaster, Charlie the Tuna, the Jolly Green Giant, Poppin Fresh, etc.... Speedy Alka-Seltzer, a talking tablet, sprung to bubbling life in the 40s, or thereabouts.

What made all of these distinct were their personalities, and the situations in which they were placed. Crispin's black, talking Beetle is certainly a cool, and distinct, personality/campaign--all due respect to My Mother the Car and Herbie the Love Bug.

We're all human, but it's the details, large and small, which make us originals.

Reverse personification, "Hi, I'm an Apple. And I'm a Mac," is a good example of distinct character development that defines the campaign as original. Chuck and Clay's Taco Bell work was no less well defined. The dog had attitude, expressed in how he dressed and what he said. It could have been a lap dog, it wasn't.

Sit-coms are the same in that they nearly all begin with identical foundational tools, but grow themselves into unique worlds. Consider: A husband who frequently gets himself into trouble. (George Jefferson, Al Bundy, Peter Griffin.) A wife/relative/neighbor/friend that has to bail him out. (Louise. Peggy, Lois) A wacky ensemble cast around which to build parallel story lines.

The Jeffersons, Married with Children and Family Guy are as unique as "the east side," suburban Chicago and the animated parts of Irish Catholic Rhode Island.

Using the same component parts, sit coms even attract different audiences. God may not be in evidence in many places, but he/she/it is very much in the creative details.

I have a friend who some years before pitched a Chihuahua campaign to Taco Bell. I've never seen the campaign. It might have been great, it might have stunk, but the fact that Taco Bell has seen so many campaigns built around a Chihuahua underscores the fact that a dog, by itself, is only a dog. Just one piece of a campaign puzzle. Nothing more.

The two Michigan lawsuit lottery winners don't deserve a dime, let alone 42 million, or whatever the sum, unless Taco Bell/Chuck and Clay, had copied their Chihuahua comic strip. I haven't seen the comic, but I do know Chuck well. He is an original. Nothing borrowed about him, or how he thinks. This seems to be verified in the courts seeing fit to protect Chiat/Day.

On a slightly related note, there is currently a suit against Chiat, and perhaps Apple, involving the use of a Marshal Mathers song. I'm sure you've read about it. A close friend of my father's handles some business affairs for Marshal, and has brought the suit, which apparently has not gone well for Chiat in the first legal skirmish. I don't know if the case has merit or not. I don't know the details. Said lack of knowledge will not prevent me from taking sides, however. I think more highly of Lee than my father's friend, so who needs facts to arrive at a verdict? Maybe we should send a Chihuahua to Michigan to bite the ankles of both the two guys who collected all the coin from Taco Bell as well as Marshal Mathers and his watchdog manager. It all sounds (slim) shady to me.

When I asked Jerry for permission to post these comments of his, he filled me in on his background and what he's up to now:

If you're foggy as to who I am, here's some background: I was a writer with Chiat L.A. in '89 and '90. I worked with Michael Smith, Pam Cunningham, Victoria Felice and Chuck Bennett. I'm the guy who came from NYC to join in the reunion festivities.

I work freelance, and have done so since 1994 in fact, but of late have decided that I'd like to do more than ride in, save the day, they riding back down the elevator to the cries of, "Shane. Shane. We love you, Shane. Come back, Shane!" so I am now receptive to any interesting staff jobs that might pop up. Given how expansive your world is, perhaps one of your friends, from a continent near or far, will ask if you know of someone who fits my background. My site is It's a great site. Check out the opening of the "Tragic TV" section.

January 24, 2009

The Hoefer Handshake


(click on photo to see a larger image)

From Chuck Phillips (C/D Employee #1) ...

Here's a 1980 photo of the group handshake completing the purchase ("merger") of agency hoefer, dieterich & brown, thus entrenching chiat/day in san francisco and putting them in a position to buy regis mckenna agency which yielded the apple computer account.

look how bloody young chiat looked. the folks in the photo are (L to R) me, our wonderful chairman monty mckinney, "the admiral" (john hoefer who had a ship sunk under his command in WWII), jay, and john pelkan (HD&B's president and hoefer's son-in-law) who didn't last very long (i think I'm the only one still alive).

those two cultures were as alien as any ever put together. at the time i likened it to a marriage of the hare krishna with the catholic church. it seemed like a dumb idea at the time. but jay was about as dumb as a fox.

January 16, 2009

Adelaide Horton

Click to see a larger version.

Adelaide Horton made it onto the front page of today's New York Times (see photo above.) She was on the flight that landed in the Hudson River on Thursday. She is shaken, but safe.

January 07, 2009

Roger Livingston

Roger Livingston

It was pointed out to me by Jonel Brown that the collection of photos from the C/D 40th Reunion contained no photos of Roger Livingston. Chuck Phillips happened to have one (thank you much, Chuck.)

Remember that the photos of the reunion are NOT posted on this website because of bandwidth limitations. They are posted on Shutterfly. Click here to see them.

Roger was the head of the Seattle office.

Addendum: Chuck Phillips wrote me tonight to say, ""head of the seattle office?? roger was one of the titans of west coast advertising in the 80's... he bought out jay and created the livingston company which became one of america's most award laden creative shops. his campaigns for alaska airlines, people's bank and pacific northwest bell are hall-of-fame classics. roger was also an accomplished competitive sailer who designed, built and raced a boat ("lobo") which won a slew of races including the internationally acclaimed san francisco big boat competition. his crew there was the same "stars and stripes" crew that would later go on to win the america's cup back from new zealand. and you know what they call "heads" on sailing boats."

January 06, 2009

Rondi Shouse

And a big howdy to Rondi Shouse, who also worked in the Seattle office.

January 02, 2009

Jonel Brown

(Click on photo to see it in a slightly larger size.)

What a great surprise to receive an email (and a donation to the site) from Jonel Brown, who worked in an office many people forgot we even had: Seattle!

Says Jonel ....


Since you don't have much feedback from the Seattle Chiat Day office I felt compelled to share this very old photo. This was a raft trip taken by almost the entire Seattle office in 1981, we rafted down the Snoqualmie River. And it was a LOT faster and higher than anyone expected and we had quite an exciting run. Our guide fell into the river as did several others! I'm pretty sure Roger would not have been pleased to lose half of his creative & account teams to the river! Some folks from those days pictured here; (in no particular order) Jerry Box, Jim Copacino, Brian McKenna, Rhondi Shouse, Sharon Teal, Darlene & Ted Smith, Mark Chernansky (sp?), Lee ?, Beth ?, Tammy ?, Someone here must have a better memory for names, I can remember the people so well!

And I sent you a donation with my thanks for keeping this site going!

Thank you, Jonel!

If any of you out there can remember any of the names of the people pictured here, please let me (Steve Alburty) know at the email address at the top of this site's masthead.

December 03, 2008

Sid Salinger

Sid Salinger

When I posted the excellent article from the 1968 LA Times, I forgot to publish the "then and now" photo of Sid Salinger, who sent me the article.

Thanks again Sid!!

November 26, 2008

Jerry Fields

Welcome in , from the land of the lost, Jerry Fields.

At first, I thought he was a finance guy. He said he wasn't. I said he was. (Turns out I had him confused with Jerry Wales.) Amazing how many brain cells erase their storage in just a few decades.

But no, Jerry was a writer ... and he was at the 40th Reunion of the Founding of Chiat/Day, so look for his picture. (See below on how to view all of the photos of that momentous event.)

November 21, 2008

Zach Rosenberg


Suave, sophisticated, smart, and impossibly thin. That's our Zach Rosenberg, who has been named Leader of the Year by Southern California's largest ad industry org. They are a little late on the upswing, because all of us have been aware of Zach's brilliance for years.

thinkLA Honors Horizon Media’s Zachary Rosenberg as Southern California Advertising Leader of the Year

LOS ANGELES (November 18, 2008) - thinkLA, the largest advertising industry organization for Southern California, today announced that Zachary Rosenberg, Executive Vice President, General Manager of Horizon Media’s Western Region has been named 2008 Leader of the Year. The industry’s top honor, the award is given annually to recognize creative thinking and innovation in marketing and media.

Read the whole article here.

November 12, 2008

Make Waves




From Bria Silbert (a.k.a. "Barbara Winkler," C/D 1977-1984) ...

About three decades ago, Gene Cameron and Tom Patty were tasked to pitch Yamaha Outboards. This T shirt was developed as part of the campaign. I don't recall if we got the account, but I got the T- shirt.

November 07, 2008

Martin Navarette

Welcome in from the cold, Martin Navarette, who worked in Venice from I1990-1992.

November 03, 2008

Bria Silbert

Bria Silbert, who was once known as Barbara Winkler and who was the subject of this previous jayday profile, has become the latest alum to make a donation to help defray the costs of hosting and maintaining this site. Thank you, Bria!!

October 31, 2008

Steve Bland


There are many who will attest to the fact that even though he was (and is) a "suit", Steve Bland is a pretty good guy

And I will not say to them "nay," for today he made a generous donation to the continuation of this site.

Among other things, Steve works at Traffic with Tom Cordner. Both of them are furiously trying to create a renaissance for the Mitsubishi automotive division.

I had worked with him when he was in our New York offices.

If you'd like to be as great a person as Steve Bland or Bonnie Schwartz (see below) then click the button over there on the right that says "donate."

October 26, 2008

Lauren Slaff

This note arrived a few weeks ago from Lauren Slaff, who is now a personal chef!

hi steve,

I am a ny chiat alum from 89-90.  was an entry level schlub who got her promised promotion after a year which rarely happens anywhere else.

have been grateful to have built friendships and professional relationships during my almost 2 years that lasted and are strong today.

am even having my old pal from 4th fl. reception devon burton come out to visit my home is podunk southwest colorado.

some of the best people I've met were c/d alum and I am proud to be one.

with warm regards,


Irene Hook




My first boss at Chiat/Day (1977) was Irene Hook, head of Print Production in LA. She was salty, funny, smart, and vivacious. Some of you may remember that her hobby was belly-dancing. She also introduced me to the joys of vendor lunches. (I believe her favorite drink was Scotch, but I could be wrong about that.) And then she'd come back to the office and have a little lie-down on the sofa in the ladies' room.

I was always grateful to her (and Sharon Stanley) for taking a chance on somebody who know absolutely nothing about the job for which he was being hired. My 17-1.2 year career there would not have been possible without these two women.

I'm sorry to report that Irene passed away on April 5, 2008. I had found her address in Apple Valley on the Internet and sent her a card. It was intercepting by her loving son, Tom, who contacted me and gave me the news of her passing.

I think of her often and am glad to have these pictures of share with you.

Steve Alburty

October 25, 2008

Tom Cordner


Today's alum spotlight is on Tom Cordner ...

Most of us wonder what it would be like to start your own agency. I did, but I lacked the courage to just do it on my own. I've never been afraid of a challenge. I started TeamOne with Saatchi on an unproven luxury brand. I then left the cozy environment of TeamOne after 15 years to go to Detroit's JWT to dig Ford out of a ditch. That was courageous, actually insane by most people.

I contend that every choice you make leads to other choices. After three and a half years and a number of significant Ford client changes they made a choice. In Detroit they don't fire agencies, they fire people. Their choice, me. So, I get a year sabbatical from JWT...they were very good to me in the process.

I spent a year finding out that I was over qualified for almost everything and not that I ever saw myself as a car guy, I was one now.

I talked to a great friend in Lee Clow and he turned me onto Rob Schwartz another great friend who in turn introduced me to Steve Bland. In August of 2007 Steve Bland introduced me to another guy, Bob Farina. He wants to start an agency as an adjunct to Cimarron (they do blockbuster movie trailers and dvd home sales). So, we talk and I'm asked to write a business plan, name the agency and have a positioning for the agency (I'm a freaking art director for chriss sakes).

I said, "go after down-n-dirty retail business (avoid pitching against big agencies)", thus the name 'Traffic', and tag line of "the fierce urgency of now" thanks to the venerable Martin Luther King Jr. In january 2, 2008 we start Traffic.

We pitched the launch of Toyota's credit card and won in January 2008. During the development of that work we got a call from SRI to pitch Mitsubishi. We pitched and won the business on June 11, 2008. I had no idea that the choice to leave TeamOne, going to Detroit would lead to unemployment where I actually considered retiring and the reality of that would lead to owning my own agency.

Am I lucky?... NO! Am I grateful?.... very.

Have I thanked 'Schwartzy'? .... yup (left him a message but don't know if he heard it. I'll kiss when I see him again just in case). Tom

October 22, 2008

Barbara Overlie and Val Maiquez


When I was in Los Angeles for the reunion (pictures are coming soon, I swear!) I had the good fortune to have lunch the next day at TBWA/Chiat/Day with Barbara Overlie.

Barbara started out as a "biller." Then she became "Finance Manager." Well, now she is the big cheese of the whole magilla: she is the friggin' CFO!

She has been at the agency for 23 years, which, from my estimate of when I was sitting in the office watching employees walk by, is about the average age of the people who work there!

Barbara is married to Ed Yost, another C/D alum. He was an editor at Midtown Post (aka VBE). She is one of the most endearing people I've ever met. Sweet face, sweet voice, and the sense that she'd adopt any stray kitten that came her way.

The other guy in the photo is Val Maiquez. You should consider yourself special if you knew Val, or, as we used to call him "Disco Bal." He is Accounts Payables Analyst. Val has been there for 29 years!

In the old days at the Biltmore, we used to forward calls from vendors looking for payment to Val. His accent was so thick, the vendor could not understand what he was saying and would usually just give up and wait for their check. (Val probably did more for cash flow at C/D than anyone else.)

Barbara told me that Val is the "caller" at the company bingo parties!

October 15, 2008

Chiat/Day Reunion Photos

Some of you may have been repeatedly checking the site looking for news and photos of the recent C/D 40th Anniversary Reunion in LA. The problem is, your editor (me) is still on holiday and I am currently in Squamish, British Columbia, headed towards Whistler. A good Internet connection is hard to come by.

But here are two great photos sent to me by C/D Employee #1, Chuck Phillips, who was also one of the hosts of the party.

Hy Yablonka, Chiat/Day's very first art director.

Says Chuck ....

He was one of the 4 founding partners of chiat/day (tom burr was the other). jay and guy were majority shareholders. tom and hy were minority partners. hy was the first creative director of the company. he found and hired lee clow.

Chuck Phillips and me.

More photos (I promise) as soon as I get back to the States.

Steve Alburty

October 09, 2008

The reunion in LA

I know you're all chomping at the bit to hear about the reunion. I'll post more later, as I'm on the road right now. But over 100 people attended, including Lee Clow, Laurie Coots, Roger Livingston (former head of Seattle office), Steve Rabosky, Keith Bright, Bob Kuperman, Colette Chestnut, Carol Madonna and ... my personal favorite, Hy Yablonka, who was C/D's first art director!

Andrew Edelstein (Jessica Shulman's husband) took tons of photos and as soon as he sends them to me, I will post them here.

September 23, 2008

Nancy Ullman

I've been exchanging a lot of email with SuperFan Nancy Ullman recently as we all get ready for the 40th Anniversary Reunion Party ...

After leaving Chiat/Day I worked in the PR/Marketing department of the CaliforniaMart before deciding to stay home and raise my 3 boys, now age 18, 17, and 14. I keep myself busy though. Currently, I am working with the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) to hold a large scale bone marrow drive here in Los Angeles. I am Project Coordinator of the UCLA vs. USC Bone Marrow Challenge, which is set to be held in early November. Looking forward to the reunion! Nancy Ullman

Nancy also wrote up a wonderful reminiscence about one of the best offices we ever worked in, the warehouse:

Dinosaurs, Coronas, and Pink Bunnies

I was a phone receptionist in the LA warehouse from 1988 to 1990. The experience stayed with me for years, literally. For over a decade, every time I’d see, or hear a 3-digit number, one of your names would pop into my head. It felt like your phone extensions were permanently etched into some dark corner of my brain.

Chiat/Day was my first job out of college and even though my salary was painfully modest: the excitement, the perks, and the access to so many talented people made it worthwhile.

Who could complain? Our Holiday party was thrown under the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and every Friday afternoon at 4:00 we had chips, salsa, and Coronas. It was a great job. And, like many of you, I knew it was special.

In the 2 short years I worked at Chiat/Day we were named Ad Agency of the Year, and then, Ad Agency of the Decade—isn’t it amazing what hiring the right receptionist can do?! You can thank Sharon Stanley for the hire and also for this unsolicited trip down memory lane.

So much seemed to happen at 320 Hampton Drive. I remember the agency screening of the first Energizer Bunny ad. Who knew how much longevity that silly little pink bunny would have? I saw it. I liked it, but wouldn’t have guessed it would be around for long as it has. Who would have predicted that twenty years later, our kids would know the Energizer Bunny and I’m confident that our grandchildren will too. Well done Dick Sittig. I hope you are still continuing to amaze.

In the warehouse, creativity was not only encouraged, it was nourished and cultivated. It didn’t take long before I found myself longing to be a copywriter and soon began to take copywriting classes after work. I believe it was Brian Belefant who told us students that the best ideas are so simple you will think; “That’s easy. I could have come up with that.” Yet, it didn’t take long for me to realize that great ideas just don’t fall off trees.

One of the things I loved about our offices was that there was no sense of rank or hierarchy—everyone had the same size cubical. I used to go into Bob Kuperman’s office and he’d appease me by assigning me work on current projects. Unbelievable. The phone receptionist had secret copywriting missions. Some days I would stop by Lee Clow’s office and ask him if he could take a look at what I was working on. He’d always indulge me and never made me feel beneath his great presence—he was always so terrifically unassuming.

I left Chiat/Day in 1990, the same year I gave birth to my first son—unfortunately, I had a terrible case of morning sickness and I knew my boss at the time, Hank Antosz, deserved better. It was an agonizing decision.

In the end, I never had the opportunity to pass under those huge binoculars. My memories of Chiat/Day will forever stay in that magnificent warehouse. It was supposed to be a temporary space, while we waited for the real deal. Yet somehow, I think it was the real deal all along.

September 21, 2008

More alums vanish

I've lost valid email addresses for ...

Evert Eden (a.k.a. Evert Cilliers, a.k.a. "Atomic Ant"), Simon Bax, and Ally Longfield,

September 17, 2008

Jim McClintock

A hale and hearty welcome to formerly lost alum Jim McClintock. Jim worked at C/D from 1991-2000. He began as AMD on Nissan Regional, left as National Media Director on Nissan when he departed for a client job at ABC where his currently Senior VP of Network Media.

And Jim will be at the 40th Anniversary Reunion in LA, so he's extra-special.

September 07, 2008

Newly missing alums

As Dorothy Gale once said, "My, people come and go so quickly around here!"

As a result of a recent general mailing to all of you, several alums have gone missing. If you know where they are, please turn them in:

Scott Marticke, Mick McCabe, Maria Carmazzi, Ally Longfield

There are two reasons why this happens: 1) most people give me their work address. Hey people, this is ADVERTISING! It's always best to provide a home address instead. 2) A lot of people are finally giving up their old "AOL" addresses. I am never notified about the change to whatever high-speed service you've joined.

August 14, 2008

Rod Rhodes



July 27, 2008

Sid Salinger

Sid Salinger was one of THE original employees of Chiat/Day ...

Hello, Stevan...

While searching the Internet for something entirely different, I stumbled across Chuck Phillips' and Mary Beth Neal's postings to your JayDay site, regarding the original Chiat/Day personnel. As I was one of them, I replied, and I see my response was posted, 'tho I don't know whether you (or anyone else) will ever see it, cyberspace being as vastly far-flung as it is.

Nonetheless, it brought back a number of memories, fond and otherwise...some of which I could share with Chuck, 'tho you and most of the other "lost and found" C/D folks wouldn't go back as far. (Hey...I'm an old guy...75 next month.)

No doubt you have Steve Kessler's wonderful volume, "Chiat/Day: The First Twenty Years". I get casual mention in that book...even included in the newspaper article reprint in the front, announcing the merger, and on page 8 with the Western Harness Racing article. (I'm the "horse" in the picture on pages 8-9, and in the ad itself on page 11.)

As you may well know, before there was Chiat/Day, there was Faust/Day. But, did you know that before (and for some time after) there was Faust/Day, there was Carson/Roberts/Inc?

I worked closely with Guy Day, who was an account executive with Carson/Roberts before he joined Tom Faust and Paul Keye to form Faust/Day. (Faust later left the agency business; Paul, Mario Donna and George Perlstein then founded Keye/Donna/Perlstein. But I digress.) He hired me from C/R to Faust/Day, and later, to Chiat/Day.

I'm an amateur genealogist (see ), which is perhaps why the agency lineage is so fresh in my mind. I was one of the many who couldn't see eye-to-eye with Jay, which is why I left the agency within a year or two after the Chiat/Day merger. But Guy was always an idol of mine...guess he still is, in a way. (Guy's name remained in Jay's firm's name long after his body and soul did.)

In any event, having relived all of this, I thought perhaps you might be interested in a bit more of the "before" history. So, I've attached a copy of a piece on Carson/Roberts that I wrote a few years ago for a writers' group I belong to here in Roseville, California. It briefly mentions Guy, and Chiat/Day.

I'd love to hear from you (and for that matter, from Chuck, Mary Beth, or any others of the "originals".)


Sid Salinger

July 09, 2008

Mark Doyle

This sad note just arrived from James Doyle ...

Just wanted to let you know that my father, Mark Doyle, passed more or less peacefully on July 6, 2008, around 11 PM.

I would like to thank all of his friends and former colleagues for helping to make his last days happy ones. He spent his recent years entirely too isolated, and it meant a lot to him to be reminded just how highly regarded he still is among those who knew and worked with him. It means more than I can say to his family as well.

We've lost a good one, and he can never be replaced. Please keep him in your thoughts.


June 21, 2008

Chris Sivertsen

Yet another alum has popped up in my email ...

I just saw your C/D alumni site and thought i'd throw my info forth.

I spent two memorable years in the Venice office 92-94 as an account guy, on the Nissan account. I was part of a small entertaining group that (re)started the direct marketing department at C/D. I worked with wonderful folks like: Gary Madonna, Maggie McDermott, J. Shawn Freedberg. Chris Mike, Laura Vielbig, Karen Knowles among many others. I have fond memories of futily trying to get C/D art directors (used to network TV spots), excited to create the new #10 envelope we needed designed ASAP for the new mailer campaign... wonderful years indeed.

My wife diana is an educator in the Pasadena Unified School District and we live in the hills of Altadena. I'm 4 years into working for in downtown Los Angeles, where I manage acquistions of domain name portfolios.


Chris Sivertsen

June 18, 2008

Karen Gross


One of my very own employees has turned up in my mailbox. The lovely and perky Karen Gross worked in the MIS department in NY. Welcome, Karen!

Hi Steve,

How are you? I haven't spoken to you in ages. I've reconnected with Rosann Calisi since I moved out to LA for 3 months. Also, reconnected with Scot Blakeley and Lauren Slaff on Facebook.

I saw that you and JP got certified. I'm a diver too and Fishpix is my site for my underwater photography. I just wanted to say hi and see how you were doing. You look happy. I'm VP of Advertising and Sales Operations at It's an exciting opportunity for me and I get to live in LA for a while then back to NY.

June 11, 2008

Yvonne Smith


I just spoke with Yvonne Smith, who was an art director at C/D going back to the days on Olympic Boulevard and I believe was still there when we moved from the Biltmore to the warehouse. (I could be wrong about that.)

At this moment, her contacts are glued to her eyeballs as she is a judge for the Primetime Emmys and she's watching reel after reel of comedies and dramas.

She says she's in the "Witness Protection Program" (she's joking, of course) and living a very happy life in Malibu. She is deeply involved in animal rescue programs, having rescued everything from a thoroughbred horse to a skunk. ("You only rescue one skunk in your career," she said. She says she has so much dog hair in her house, her housekeep blew up their Dyson vacuum cleaner!

June 10, 2008

Mark Doyle


This is indeed a sad week here at Jay\Day ...

I regret that I must be the bearer of bad news, but I wanted to let Mark's friends and associates from Chiat/Day know about his current situation.

Mark Doyle, former Creative Director and Vice-president of Chiat/Day, my beloved father, was diagnosed with advanced and terminal cancer earlier this month. He is currently in hospice, in reasonable comfort and surprisingly good spirits, but he will not be with us for much longer.

He worked until the very end, turning in his last project for Canon/ UNICEF only days before he left home. We are about to lose a fine talent and a loving, generous man. I hope that those who worked with him and considered him a friend will keep him in their thoughts.

Anyone wishing to drop him a note may send it to me via ...


... and I will make sure he receives it.


James E. Doyle

June 09, 2008

Tom Groener

This just in from Chuck Phillips ...

tom groener has passed away. tom was, in hy's estimation, the best radio talent ever. hy didn't realize this was the 40th anniversary of the agency which he helped found. we reminisced about the folks who were there when the doors opened. to our list he added the following: doris' last name was bell. dieter's last name was eichleman. blake hunter was there and his name should be put back on the list. add also tom phalert, who nudged his way from production artist to art director and subsequently went on to stardom in cincinnati. hy couldn't remember the receptionist either... i think we got everybody else.

June 01, 2008

Lorenzo Bennassar

And in today's email came this thoughtful email from an alum who is now in sunny Spain ...


I was an intern at Chiat/Day New York in 1999 working for Bill Hamilton right when the agency was named agency of the decade by Advertising Age.

Because I was just an intern I never really had the chance to work directly with Mr Chiat, but he was a hero for me at that time and I will always admire him. I was collaborating with TBWA, Madrid when he died and I proposed them to do an ad just like the famous "think different" Apple press campaign an his picture on it, but I think it never went through.

Congratulations for your website.



May 22, 2008

There from the start

Chuck Phillips is trying to put together a list of those people who were there at the very start of the company 40 years ago. Here is his memory dump. Can you think of more? If so, please post a comment.


The folks I remember being at 1300 West Olympic Blvd. on Chiat/Day’s opening day, (October 7, 1968) were…

DORIS BELL (traffic bulldog)
TOM PHALERT (art director)
Receptionist (name unknown)
EMILY AUSTIN (acct. grp sec.)

I know there were some others (including a red-headed secretary/pal of mary beth's whose name escapes me).

May 20, 2008

Scott Munz found!

Thanks to Paul Greenberg, the indefatigable media planner Scott Munz has been found! He's been working for the last 10 years on the client side, working for the Dr. Pepper/Snapple company.

He has promised to send me photos soon.

MJ Rockers


One of the advantages of being the MIS Director of C/D was that I got to work in all of the C/D offices. SF was always a favorite destination, because of my great MIS Manager there, Gene Crocker.

Another great friend from SF was MJ Rockers who worked in the print production dept. and was an art buyer. She and Gene happened to run into each other in a meeting after all these years and now MJ is added with great honor to the "found" list.

Visit MJ's website here.

May 19, 2008

Chuck Phillips


In my 17.5 years of working at C/D, I worked with so many people the number sometimes seems infinite. If I had to choose my Top Ten Favorite People I Ever Worked With, one name would surely appear on that list: Chuck Phillips.

He was Employee #1 at C/D, but I got to work with him most closely when he opened the Toronto office. Adelaide Horton and I went up to Toronto one VERY cold January and helped him get the doors opened. It was one of my favorite experiences.

Chuck has been immensely supportive of this site since the beginning, supplying me with contact information for lost alums and providing great background on the "formative years" at the company. He also made a generous financial donation to the site last week, for which I am truly grateful.

So this is my very personal salute to Chuck.

Since he played so many roles at C/D, I asked him to provide me with a recap, so I wouldn't forget any.

Take it away, Chuck ...

here it is in a nutshell...

1. hired October 7, 1968 as account guy on Fairchild Semiconductor, the new agency's biggest client. the rationale was that my previous scientific instrumentation company job implied a technology aptitude which i did not have. A new writer, Paul Decker, started the same day but he was hired two hours after me. hence "badge #1." worked on tons of early fun stuff (e.g. hunt wesson, ontario motor speedway, KMPC, leach "heritage of the air") and became point man on honda cars.

2. promoted to "vice president" director of client services in 1970 which i thought silly because we didn't have titles in those days (one of the things i was proudest about the place). the title meant nothing to me but did to our japanese honda client. when I became a VP i had open access to their senior management whereas before i had to deal with cranky ad managers. a year after we lost the honda i left for a brief 5 month stay at a defector agency (abert, newholl & burr).

3. hired back by Jay to open new san francisco operation in 19'75 as GM to support new client national semiconductor's (Novus) foray into consumer electronics (watches, calculators and video games). National pulled out of the consumer business in 1978 and we folded our tent and slinked out of town

4. Jay had moved into the Biltmore and gave me another snazzy title: executive vice president, corporate director of business development (a.k.a. "new business guy") in 1978.

5. in 1980 Jay bought a San Franciso agency, Hoefer, Dieterich & Brown) and I was dispatched back north to be president of Chiat/Day/Hoefer. while there. i ended up point guy on the acquisition of regis mc kenna, which netted us Apple.

6. Left the agency for 6 years and returned in 1987 to open and be CEO of first "international" C/D office in Toronto (we were there because of inheriting the nissan canada business when nissan's AOR (Bates) resigned the account after being bought by Saatchi over a conflict with Hyundai.

7. got fired in 1991.


May 15, 2008

Eve Luppert


Many, many thanks to the most cheerful of all alums, Ms. Eve Luppert, for her generous donation to the maintenance of this site.

Eve now lives in Charlotte, NC, in this charming Craftsman house. She is the head of human resources for Landdesign. She also knows where to get the best shrimp 'n grits in the South.


And the Tony goes to ...


Jon Spurney, A C/D alum, is not only appearing on Broadway, but the show for which he is providing keyboards, guitar, and backing vocals has been nominated for 8 Tony Awards, including Best Musical!

Visit the site for Passing Strange, then go catch Jon on Broadway.

Congratulations, Jon!

May 12, 2008

More alums found

Bill McConnel has turned himself in.

I briefly worked in the NY media department at Chiat Day from '90-'92. Which I guess in Chiat/ Day years is really like ten or fifteen years.

Bill now lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

And Marc Klein showed up in my inbox today ...

Worked in the NY office for almost four years in the latter part of the 90s.

Marc has promised me a photo and bio of himself.


May 07, 2008

Nathalie (Hay) Wilson

Welcome to Nathalie (Hay) Wilson, who found this site courtesy of Robin Haggard. Nathalie worked at TBWA Chiat/Day, St. Louis, from 95-97.

May 06, 2008

Boyko will be busy

Rick Boyko says he will be busy on June 21st, as he will be giving away his oldest daughter in marriage!

Newly lost alums

If you know of the whereabouts of any of the following alums, please send their email addresses to me, alburty(at)

Mick McCabe, Stacey Lippman, Laura Sanchez, Doug Watson, Alfredo Rossi, and Alex Bernstein.

David O'Hare

David O'Hare insists he DOES exist! He saw the "Lost and Found" list, noticed the absence of his name, and dropped me a line. He worked in LA from late 1984 until 1989, as a writer. Did all the Calif. Cooler stuff, among other things.

Lauren Schiller

Lauren, her husband, and their two daughters, Mia and Tillie.

One of the great things about running this site is hearing from alums who started at C/D in humble circumstances (such as an assistant) who is now an advertising superstar. Here's Lauren Schiller. Take it away, Lauren!

Lauren Schiller here, class of '95...I hope you remember me... I was Jay's assistant for a while, then Ira's and Marty's, then an account person for Mary Maroun. I like to say everything I needed to know about advertising I learned from Jay (and of course, Ira, Marty and Mary!). And Adelaide and Roseann and I actually crossed paths again at kirshenbaum bond when I was heading up client service in San Fran. At kirshenbaum I worked for Nigel Carr for 7 years--and learned a ton from him.

I am now working as VP of Marketing for Elephant Pharm ( We are a drug store chain which has completely reinvented the drug store experience, combining alternative with western medicine and lots of other fun, earth-friendly healthy stuff in an environment people actually like hanging out in. Anyway, I was interviewed at Web 2.0 and at the end the question came up: so tell me what it was like working with Jay Chiat. I thought that was pretty cool, so I am passing along the link to the video. Thanks for keeping the love alive!

And here is a video of Lauren being interviewed at Web 2.0 ...

Mark Bilfield


A note arrived the other day from Mark Bilfield, who worked in the LA office on Direct Marketing and Sale Promotion on Nissan and Infiniti. Before that, he worked on Worlds of Wonder, Mitsubishi Electronics, Toshiba, Upper Deck Trading Cards, and Australian Tourist Commission.

Hi. It’s been a long time. How are you? Well everything in life leads back to Chiat: I’ve been at Public Storage for the past three years after a six year stint at Saatchi on the Toyota and P&G business. Neal Grossman’s identical twin brother, Alan is CFO of our Operations Group at PS.. Best regards, Mark

May 05, 2008

Pen Pendleton



Wow! I continue to be blown away by the recent spate of donations that have made to help with the cost of maintaining this site. First, Jill Howell, then Greg Helm, and now Pen Pendleton ...


Wow - what a home page today. A lede with the inimitable Tom Carroll (who may actually shift the 4A’s conference to be more than a back-slapping 1950’s-era golf holiday)……to a pin-up poster of the hottest – and sharpest – group of people to ever explain the difference between a gross and target rating point to an AE (Fred, of course, being the hottest)……to then seeing that erstwhile mentor (and the guy who hired me), Greg Helm, donated money to the site. Greg taught me pretty well, so my modest contribution is on the wire.
After a little freelance gig at my other beloved former shop, Ground Zero, I just started a temp stint at Rob Siltanen and Joe Hemp’s place (with a surprise appearance by producer Nancy Dickerson), so there’ve been some great C/D-L.A. stories flying around.

Attached are a couple recent C/D-relevant photos: Me & a foamcore cutaway (don’t ask) of brilliant-before-lunch account planner, Cory Pierce, and a shot of the beautiful, talented and recently-returned-to-C/D, Casey Mooney, and the just beautiful Joe Feldman.

Thanks for keeping this all together,

And thank YOU, Pen, for your generosity.

April 18, 2008

Greg Helm

Greg Helm is my favorite person in the world today because last night he made a very generous donation to the maintenance of this site.

(See that donation button over there on there on the right? Go ahead and give it a push!)

Greg had attended a retirement party for Melanie Steinbach (nee Melanie Axtman) who told him about the site. (See photos from that party in an earlier entry further down this page.)


Greg was General Manager of the LA office and once received, on his employment anniversary, an autographed fire extinguisher.

He now runs his own consulting company.

It does indeed take several thousands of dollars per year to run this sucker, so it's really encouraging to have some of you wonderful alums out there in the dark pitch in to help! You can also help without spending any money by clicking on each of the Google ads above each time you visit the site.

April 16, 2008

Jon Spurney


Jon Spurney had an extensive career at Chiat/Day. He was a floater receptionist for nine months in 1987 in NYC! In fact, to this day, he credits it as his only real job.

Jon is now performing on Broadway in an exciting new musical, "Passing Strange."

The New York Times review said ...

A rock ’n’ roll autobiography of an artist in search of himself, “Passing Strange” is bursting at the seams with melodic songs, and it features a handful of theatrical performances to treasure. It is undeniably playing on Broadway, after transferring from a summer run at the Public Theater downtown.

But please don’t call it a Broadway musical. You could scare away too many people who might actually enjoy it.

For tickets and info, click here!


Jon himself writes ...

Also, I just completed my first feature film score for a new film from the Weinstein Company entitled Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden. It's the new documentary from Morgan Spurlock, the director of Super Size Me, and details his efforts to learn more about the elusive Al Quaeda leader in particular and the Middle East in general. We premiered last month at the Sundance Film Festival, and the film opens nationally on Friday. More info is available at:

April 13, 2008

Teresa Evans

Teresa Evans-Ryan, who was known to all of us as simply Teresa Evans, has come in from the cold ...

Hi Steve, Wow, I didn't realize how many great people I worked with until I saw the lost/found list. I'm Teresa Evans and I work in at C/D from 1990-1995. Started in the Warehouse and then to the binocular building. I started at the switchboard with Jigisha Patel and Liz Molitor and left in 1995 as a Jr. Account Planner under Jeff Blish, Kieran Darby and Clive Witcher, just after Rob White. I also vividly remember many nights with Lori Coots and new business pitches as well. I also worked with Lisa Welch-Nehring, Susan Fisher, Bob Grossman, Carisa Bianchi. Fun, fun times. Keep up the good work. My married name is Teresa Evans-Ryan. I met my husband at the 1991 Chiat/Day Christmas party at the Santa Monica Beach Club. Cheers, Teresa

The Merry Maids of Media (oh, and Fred, too)

I must confess that one of my favorite media buyers of all times is (was) Lori Gaffney, whom I referred to as "Gaffee." I got this recent report from her about a reunion of some of her favorite "media geeks" at the Rose Cafe in LA ...

Had a great reunion brunch a couple of weeks ago with Melanie (Axtman) Steinbach, Lily Katz, Terri (Foye) Gray and Fred Sattler at the Rose Café in Venice. Everyone is doing well. Fred just moved back to LA from Detroit and has a big new job at Initiative Media working on KIA/Hyundai, Terri looks fantastic and just returned from the Bahamas, Lily is living and working in Santa Barbara (what's not to love about that?) and is the big turning in her calculator and moving to Oregon. She and her husband John have a home just east of Portland near Mt. Hood. I am thrilled to have her nearby. Anyway, it was a great time! As you can see in the picture we all haven't changed a bit in 17 years!

Click on the thumbnail below to see a large version of the image above ...

April 09, 2008

Jackie End


Just received this invitation today from C/D NY's favorite copywriter, Jackie End (who now works at McCann.) Try to catch it. Note that it's being held at 79 Fifth Ave., C/D NY's former address.

April 04, 2008

Jill Howell

THANK YOU to C/D NY Planner alum Jill Howell, who make a very generous donation to the maintenance of this site.

She noticed the "Donation" button on the right of this page ...

It now takes several thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs to pay for webhosting, bandwidth, etc. Thanks, Jill!

March 13, 2008

Jim Reedy and David Chapa


Had beers and dinner last night with Jim Reedy and David Chapa, two former employees of mine.

David started out in LA as the night-time back-up guy for the famous Wang system. He eventually became a full-time system administrator. He's now a big-shot marketing guy in Denver, working for the data-recovery division of NetApp (formerly known as Network Appliances.) He lives in Denver with his two teenage children. [Oop! See correction in comment by David.]

Jim, of course, was the amazing technical genius who kept all of the systems in the New York office running. He was also one of C/D NY's great party animals and all-round favorite guys. He is now managing huge systems and data projects for Citibank. He has a lovely wife, Astrid, and two children. They live in Brooklyn.

This murky photo was taken on a Blackberry camera phone at a restaurant and bar on Ludlow called "Spitzers," a most appropriate place to be on the day the Governor resigned.

March 05, 2008

Ken Pappanduros

This little news item, provided by Lily Katz ...

Ken Pappanduros has returned to TBWA Chiat/Day for the third time.. After spending the last 12 months freelancing, he comes back in the money as Senior Copywriter on the Nissan team.

And today I got an email from Ken ...

Hello Mr. Alburty, Ken Pappanduros, Media Asst. from 1990 – 1992, here. Can’t believe I made Jay/Day. As posted, I’m back at C/D LA for a third tour. Wow. Lots of familiar faces from “the day” along with lots of new ones. There’s still a great energy to the place. It feels good to be back. You can now officially count me as “found.” Take care. -- Ken

Steve Alburty

Edwin Laguerre

Welcome Edwin Laguerre back from the land of the "lost!"

March 03, 2008

Bill Moreland

This just in from Chuck Phillips, C/D's first employee and one of the most loyal contributors to this site:


one of C/D's more controversial employees. bill moreland was a senior account guy from the late 70's and a driver of the yamaha pitch (chiat/day's biggest win in its young history: the comeback/redemption from the honda setback and the subsequent bridge to nissan).  had yamaha not happened....who knows? (anybody remember the "apples/oranges" story?).. bill managed pioneer of america for about 18 months before being hired by that client to be their VP marketing  which is never a good idea because ex-staffers always make life tough on their former colleagues (not to mention he was a former marine corps officer who lived the part). bill's perhaps best remembered for being the paramour of one of C/D's greatest treasures ever...amy miyano.  we all had to be nice to bill out of respect for amy.  perhaps also because, deep inside he was an o.k. guy.
bill's been living in vancouver for 18 years where he remains a chiat/day devotee.
photo taken on my couch friday night.

February 24, 2008

Bria Silbert


Here I am, watching the Oscars, and a star alum has just shown up in my email ...

I started at Chiat Day as the account group secretary for Pioneer Electronics in 1977 - then became the "creative secretary" (that always sounded so erotic to tell people at the time) under Lee and Dave, eventually working as Jay's assistant the last few years of my tenure. I left in 1984, had a baby, "retired" for ten years and am now director of Donor Services for MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger. Ironically, it still has the same "sell" feel as advertising - getting people to believe in your product.

I live in LA now with my husband & our 23 year old son. I not only changed my last name when I got married from Winkler to Silbert but a few years ago changed my first name as well to Bria (no, this is NOT an LA thing...)

I'm sure that everyone has a favorite "Jay memory." Here's mine:

When we got the Home Savings account, C/D ran an ad in the L.A.
Times. Jay came into the office excitedly and asked if I saw the ad. Triumphantly, I answered, "Not only did I see, the ad, but I cut it out for you."

To which he barked, "Well, F***ing cut it back in."


February 14, 2008

Update on Michael Hollander

For those of you know Michael Hollander and read the past story about his diagnosis with cancer, I thought you'd take heart in this very positive report I received last night from Michael ...

I had my second chemotherapy yesterday and that I'm writing this today indicates that this one went much better than the last one. That time, I was VERY tired, my digestive system was fouled up and I lost 30 lbs. in 11 days. Not so much fun.

On the GREAT side, the last "drainage" I had (the cancer was pouring fluid into my abdomen) before the first chemo was 6.5 liters. Each week since then, the numbers have gone down and the last one was only 1.5 liters. I count this as a good sign - so does the doctor!

I also have had my first "outings" other than to a doctor or hospital. Last Thursday, I attended a testimonial dinner at the Wally Parks Museum and my agency presented me with a Museum jacket (big surprise for me!!!). Managed to make it through an hour drive in each direction and about four hours at the Museum. Then Sunday, I went shopping at the grocery store. Again, success.

January 30, 2008

Ari Schwartz

The name Ari Schwartz is indelibly etched in my memory.

Hey Steve, I don’t know if you remember me but I worked at Chiat/ Day from 1984 (?) or 1985 thru 1987 or 1988. I started as Bob Wolf’s assistant and then moved to media. I found your website while strolling down memory lane (through google). Backer Spielvogel (the agency I went to after c/d) is having a reunion which got me thinking about c/d.

I am now Ari Antonelli. I moved to DC after I got married. I have two girls ages 10 and 7. I started my own media buying shop in 2000.

Since I have contacted you my memories of Chiat/Day and Jay have flooded my mind. I remember interviewing with Jay and afterwards going home and eating about 30 dollars of Chinese food and sitting in the dark (or it least it felt like the dark). I remember getting a call from Valerie the next day or so and she recommended that I interview with Bob Wolf (something like I was too energetic for Jay???). Working at 79 Fifth Avenue when there were only about 30 of us was an incredible time. At that time, we were just on one floor…



Mary Beth Neal Garber


I just love when people write to me and include photos and miniature bios which help me (and everyone) add another little fragment to the history of the Jay years. Here's a great email from Mary Beth Neal Garber ....

I suppose there are thousands and thousands of us, really. People who ricochet through C/D, people who thrived there. Did you know that John Amos, the actor, once did a stint at Chiat/Day as a writer? It was in the days of Mel and Mel (Mel Newhoff, Mel Abert, and Tom Burr -- Abert/Newhoff/Burr of the 70s and 80s). Paul Keye and Mario Donna peopled the Olympic Blvd offices -- of Keye/Donna/Perlstein fame in the 70s and 80s.

I was one of the founding group of employees (as were Mel & Mel, Tom, Paul and Mario, and Hy Yablonka). We opened the doors in October 1968 with the merger of Faust/Day and Jay Chiat & Assoc.

I was, at one point, the entire media department. We actually won the American Honda Car account with a three person media department and a computer (one of the first of its kind -- would you expect anything less from Jay?).

Penny Wright (now Cunningham) and I were most of the media department until I left in mid 1971. Mike Zuckerman replaced me, then Dave Platt. Penny stayed for some time, then transferred to San Francisco when Chuck Phillips opened the office there.

Jay stayed in touch with me over the years. I probably have some of the last video ever shot of him. I won one of those industry award things in 2000 and he sent me some footage to be included in the "ain't she great" reel. It was full of Jay zingers, as expected. Jay always could deliver insults that felt like hugs.

Thank you for being the collector.

Another fun aside -- when I left C/D, my husband's and my best friends were Lee and Ilene Clow. Lee was my husband's partner (they were juniors) at a local ad agency. I kept telling him he'd love working at C/D, and i kept telling Hy he'd love Lee, but that Lee's book was not really reflective of how good he was.

Hy finally agreed to see him, called me and said he saw the promise in the guy, but he just wasn't ready for C/D. So Lee, his friend Blake Hunter and my husband created a campaign called "Hire the Hairy". Eventually Hy capitulated and hired the hairy Lee (must have been the cake shaped like a TV set with Lee's picture on it that Ilene baked that did it).

Here's a picture of me from a series done by one of the trade mags on me. (I'm president of the Southern CA Broadcasters Assn.

Stuart Freedman

And welcome to Stuart Freedman ...

I ran the Art Studio for Chiat/Day in Toronto from opening until 1992 or so. Was a very rich time in my working life. Heaven, Hell and just about all points in between.

Jennifer Wilson

A lost alum has been found. Jennifer Wilson!

I've been bouncing around the bandwidth but have landed here, in the climate change carbon emissions market. Still in Toronto, but any who remember us from C/D Toronto, my son, Cameron, who was 3 when we left for Weiss Whitten Stagliano in '94, just finished his first season as a model in Milan.

January 23, 2008

Paul Greenberg


inter national est (yes, that's how they spell it) is a trade magazine that is dedicated to "the business needs and challenges of international marketing and media professionals as they participate in multinational branding and campaign building."

Every year, they have their own "Oscars," announcing a list of international marketers who are truly the people behind the year’s outstanding marketing achievements.

Paul Greenberg, former media director at C/D NY is on this year's list for his work promoting the Big Apple throughout the world. Read all about it here!

January 17, 2008

Tom Harbeck



Tom Harbeck has been at Applegate Farms for a year. They produce all those sausage products that are nitrate-free and heatlhy. [Shudder. I'm a Jimmy Dean fan.] His one-year contract is up and he's looking for something new ...

My year appointment at Applegate Farms will end mid February ‘08, so I’m looking for my next challenge. Applegate is ready to hire someone with deeper CPG/retail background with natural to grocery channel experience. This has been a great experience – I made the right impact on Applegate at the right time – and Steve McDonnell, Applegate’s owner/founder, promises to be a strong reference.

I established an authentic, competitive and penetrating brand position now being translated into stories for the web and for Sales as the brand moves to mass market. (I wrote a Manifesto entitled We Take the Mystery Out of Meat that I guarantee will get you to stand up and salute something.)

I overhauled lines of packaging, developed consistent product claims integrated across all product lines, found the perfect resource to define/design our new website, and trained a solid and inspired Marketing & Design team now strategically focused on Applegate's Sales Force.

So I’m putting myself on your radar should you know brands/companies seeking help with:

§ Indistinct or poorly positioned brands

§ Strategically unfocused and un-prioritized marketing activity

§ Sluggish but capable teams

§ A derivative or uninspired look and feel

I can jump start any and all of these opportunities.

Thanks for giving this some thought.


And here is Tom's resume

Karen Vogel

Received a great email from Karen Vogel ...

Hey Steve, I'm still around. Name now is Karen Cayley (nee Vogel) and I worked for C/D from about 1970-76? (Memory is going fast at this point.) Anyway, I was there when we lost Honda and almost threw in the towel. That's probably when I fell in love with Jay, because he was so smart-assy when he got rejected. Plus, he said to someone that "Karen would throw herself in front of a train for this agency." Finally, somebody appreciated my loyalty.

Anyway, it's been a hundred years. I've lived all over the country, had kids, still have a husband (bless his heart) and am in the process of rebuilding the house we just lost in the California Wildfires of October 2007. I would love to hear from Sandy Lovejoy, Manny Rappaport, Hy Yablonka, Amy Miyano, Barry Wetmore and some others I can't think of names for. I can tell that most of the Jayday site are New Yorkers, but WE WERE THE GROUNDBREAKERS! I would love to hear from anyone who worked on Olympic Blvd., in particular. Or the Biltmore, that was when we got classy and I left. Didn't like the fact that suddenly you had to have an MBA to be anybody, and the competition was too tough. So, see if you can find anybody who remembers me. Here are some first names: Regina, Tom, Gene, Elaine, Pam, Monty McKinney (I already know why he won't respond... I loved that guy).

Well, now you have your work cut out for you. Thanks for doing this website, it could bring a lot of good folks back together. And Jay would be proud. (Although he'd never admit it!)


If you'd like to write to Karen, her address is

Robin Haggard

Boy, I can remember the name Robin Haggard, but can't form a picture in my brain of what she looked like. Sigh, I believe it's the gradual decline of my left front cerebral cortex due to age.

I was at Chiat/LA from 1988-1992. I was the VP/ senior account planner on Nissan Regional Marketing from 1988-1992. I have been a headhunter for account planners for the past ten years. Until a year ago I lived in Costa Mesa, CA with my husband of 18 years. Last year we moved to Phoenix for his job.

Polly Hall

Welcome to Polly Hall, who now goes by the name of Polly Simpkins ...

I don't think you remember me but my name is polly hall, I worked at Chiat/Day in New York for a couple of years with doreen rivituso, jon spurney, peter cline, chris mendola etc... I think it was the late 80's-

I would love to be on the list. Chris mendola married my best friend and they live in amsterdam. I am going to see them in a few days. I often think of the chiat day years and will always be grateful to Jay Chiat for all the good times I had and all the people I met.

Thanks for doing that=just reading the names made me smile. I worked for Mary Maroun and I am sure she is still going strong somewhere!

I hope you are well and peace to you wherever you are:)

Polly Hall

Chris King


Alums pop up in my mailbox on a daily basis. Here's one from Chris W. King.

I just heard about from a former co-worker of mine at Chiat/Day in Los Angeles. I used to work there over six years ago. It was one of my first jobs out of college and loved it so much. I started out working the Greeter's Desk and then became the assistant in New Business Development. I worked alongside Laurie Coots and Karin Herz (I believe she is married now) for about a year and a half. It was a fun and crazy time in my life.

I should probably tell all who care what I am doing now. After I left Chiat, I went to work for a reality TV production company..yep, I helped ruin scripted TV as we know it...sorry. I helped develop series and specials for both cable and network television. My biggest show, which is like in its 7th season now is called "Cowboy U" over on CMT...yeeehaaa! I left that company in 2005 and spent time writing scripts on my own. I also went back to my love for acting. While doing this I had to pay the bills so I learned how to make a mean martini. In 2006 I joined a rising new media company called GoTV. There I helped create branded entertainment for Procter and Gamble. Here's where my skills in New Business at Chiat came in handy. My two partners and I created both scripted and realty-type series for a number of P&G brands. Just this January I moved back to my love of film and took a job as Director of Development for Allentown Productions. We are located at the Universal lot - so I love to watch the trams go by my office. We have a number of film and television projects in various stages. It is truly my dream job. Oh, and I also have been acting as well. My latest was playing a high school student and family friend of Rob Lowe's in an episode of "Brothers and Sisters"...the funny thing being that I've attended my 10 year high school reunion a few years back. Next, I will be in a film based on a comic book that goes into production this month. I hope that helped catch everyone up on my escapades. I also attached a picture to help remember who I am.



January 10, 2008

Michael Hollander


I have some sad news to report about a beloved alum.

Michael Hollander, who was Product Information Manager on the Nissan account in the Los Angeles offices from 1987-1994, has been diagnosed with mesothelioma. It is a form of cancer that affects the linings of the body’s internal organs.

It is most likely caused by exposure to asbestos, and as Michael has written to me …

Yes, I was exposed to asbestos in the U.S. Navy (spent 8 years working for Uncle Sam - three tours to Vietnam included). Very likely the cause.

He starts chemo on Tuesday. We wish him well.

The author and paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould contracted this same disease in 1982 and managed to hang on for 20 years. As Michael has said …

I have plenty of work to do in the next 20 years, including raising my 16-year-old and caring for my wife. May you and yours have all the best.

If you would like to write to Michael, his email address is …


And here is a link to a previous entry on this site about Michael.

December 21, 2007

Peter Franke


Many of you forget that in the early days of C/D NY (early 80s), I was head of print production. My staff, at least in the early days, consisted of Scott Salmon and Peter Franke.

We had a code word. When one of us needed to go out for drinks at the end of a hard day, we would just walk up to one of the group, say "shitface," and off we'd all go.

Scott Salmon called me a few weeks ago and suggested a pre-holiday reunion. Peter almost refused to come unless Scott and I promised we weren't going to wuss out and just have a few drinks. Peter wanted a class-A "shitface."

And so we met at Old Town. Scott arrived first and claimed that he had almost died three days earlier from MRSA at some hospital in New Jersey. (Oh Scott, dying the NJ is SO redundant.) So he had a couple of fruity drinks, leaving Peter and I to be the men in the crowd.

I am proud to say that I drank Franke under the friggin' table. He finally had to holler "uncle" and catch the 12:30 a.m. train.

Peter, by the way, is doing GREAT. He is very happily married. However, he IS looking for a job, so if you know of someone who is looking for an expert print production director, here's his resume.


Darcy Stamler

Another alum has come in from the cold. Darcy Stamler workded at C/D from 1980-81 in Los Angeles (at the Biltmore Hotel) in the Media Dept with Hank Antosz, Linda Altus, among others.....

Adelaide's iPhone


The most amazing thing happened the other night. I was having dinner at Les Halles with Adelaide Horton and she was bad-mouthing her iPhone. ("It sucks...Battery life SUCKS.... Navigation SUCKS too many layers Email SLOWWWWWWWWWWWW and sucks the life out of your battery. Memory deficient and slows down when doing things such as deleting email. It is a GIRLY phone ."

Well, with that, her indignant iPhone leapt out of her purse and took this hideous picture of its unappreciative owner munching on a french fry. The iPhone refuses to apologize until she is nicer to it.

The one thing that saved the evening was that as Adelaide was getting her coat, MY camera decided to cool the vibes in the room by leaping out of my bookbag and taking this lovely photo of her.


Dan Krippahne


Always wanted to know what happened to Dan Krippahne, who was a junior art director during the Bob Dion years. Turns out he's been hiding all this time in New York, where he is now all grown up and is a VP/Creative Director at DraftFCB!. Here is a photo of Dan and his family on vacation last year.

December 07, 2007

Jessica Edelstein

I received these great photos and lovely memories from Jessica Edelstein, whom we all knew as Jessica

I couldn't sleep and after reading through all your great entries to the Jay\Day site, the least I could do is give you a little Jay story and a quick update on myself as well.

My Jay story: I have many Jay stories but my very favorite took place at about 2 in the morning the night before a pitch in NY. I'll keep the client and involved parties anonymous to defend their honor.

I was working as the Designer for New Business at the time, and as such, part of my job description was to hand-write, with a black, blue or red chisel-tipped sharpie, every scrap of paper that went up on a new business project room wall that the client would end up seeing. For this pitch, I was "on loan" from the LA office to the NY office.

Since doing hand-written project room presentations on gatorfoam walls was in its infancy at the time (the first being done for Memorex in which we crashed a glass ceiling down on the client, but that's another story) and had not yet become the mass computerized presentation platform that takes up all the office's free space that it is now it took many hours to make all the strategic thinking look so "organic." For several days planners and account people were buzzing about preparing the presentation, and I built the "walls" to their specifications, making charts pretty and tearing out scrap faces from magazines. I kept thinking that this particular project room was a case of the emperor's new clothes no one wanted to tell the planners and account people that just filling the walls with text and graphs doesn't a smart strategy make.

Anyway, at about 2 in the morning the night before the pitch, after I think being at a fund-raising event, Jay came into the office and asked to see the project room. There were about 15 gatorfoam walls filled with their presentation (and my handwriting) in a line all the way down one of the multi-colored halls of the newly "virtual" NY office. Jay walked down the hall, slowly scanning all the walls - at the end of the hall he pointed to all the account people and planners and said "you, you, you, you, you, start over there's nothing here." He looked at me and with a very stern look and a finger in my face said, "and you... go to the museum."

My own story: I took an account group assistant job on Minit Lube and Taylor Made in the C/D L.A. office in Feb of 1992 "temporarily" while I waited on the results of an Art Direction interview with Ogilvy in NY. That week Ogilvy lost American Express to C/D NY, and I've never left. Well, I did leave about 5 years ago to open projectdesignstudio with my husband and office-romance partner, Andrew, but now together, we are still always at the ready whenever Lee or Laurie call with an interesting project. We have a terrific daughter Abby who is almost four, and who paints with a fervor Jay would love.

Oh, and I'm working to get the first Room 13 in the U.S. up and running in South Central LA, hopefully by January. All people interested in the love of art and kids are welcome to help out! (for more info contact me or see

I have many more stories from my almost 16 years with the agency... but the birth of the Jack in the Box antenna ball, the working over New Year's wearing surgical masks with Laurie while the warehouse was going "virtual," the $20 xmas bill from Jay, the Lee tap dancing on a logo right before a pitch, the Bob Kuperman Top Ramen, the Apple pitch walls reassembly on the floor of a hanger at LAX at 4 am stories, will just have to wait....for say.... a book maybe.

Thanks for giving me something to do with my insomnia. (And since Kieran Darby shot rubber-bands at me, called me slang british names that I still don't know the meaning of, and made me work until midnight, all on my first day on the job back in '92....I'll have to think about the referral thing.)

All the best,
was Schulman, now Edelstein

December 04, 2007

Chris Tallman

Anybody know where he is these days? If so, write to me at the address above.

Steve Alburty

November 29, 2007

Eve's tattoo


This is the back of Ms. Eve Luppert who, under the influence of Thanksgiving spirits and egged on, no doubt, by her niece, Pauline, got herself a tattoo over the holidays.

Chris Nolan

I've been exchanging email with Chris Nolan, who has gone far since leaving C/D. (He worked in LA and then Seattle from 1977-1982.)

I ve had a commercial production company for 15 years, I also specialize in non-traditional, half-show biz/half-adland campaigns, still do some swat team creative directing and I’ve sold screenplays, had movies produced and directed episodic TV and I’m producing/directing/co-writing an Indie movie about Hendrix that the Hendrix Estate just gave their blessing to. It shoots in Seattle next spring.

November 13, 2007

Marian Salzman


Yes indeed, that WAS C/D alum Marian Salzman being interviewed by Morley Safer on "60 Minutes." If you missed it, you can watch it by clicking here.

Happy Birthday, Adelaide


It's Adelaide Horton's birthday today! Hoorah, hoorah.

November 06, 2007

Robert Horne

Ran across this news item about C/D alum, Robert Horne:

Robert Horne Joins Cellit Mobile Marketing as Chief Marketing Officer

By BusinessWire

CHICAGO, BUSINESS WIRE -- Cellit Mobile Marketing, the premier provider of mobile marketing solutions, announces the addition of Robert Horne as Cellit's new Chief Marketing Officer. Bob will oversee the development and implementation of innovative mobile strategies and will work with Cellit to develop effective mobile marketing solutions for key accounts.

Bob joins Cellit from Cheil Communications, one of the world's largest agency networks and the marketing communications agency for Samsung Electronics. As CMO, Bob oversaw the agency's North American strategic planning for optimizing brand, consumer and marketplace insights across Samsung's HDTV, digital audio & video and mobile phone product lines.

Prior to Cheil, Bob founded Powderhorn Partners, a strategic marketing consultancy specializing in positioning and strategic planning for advertising and promotion agencies and its clients. Previously, Bob was Executive Vice President, Strategic Integration Director for Cordiant Communications (now part of WPP). Bob also held senior management positions at Siegel & Gale, Griffin Bacal/DDB, and Chiat/Day where he worked on numerous blue chip clients including Proctor & Gamble, Marriott, American Express, Pepsi, Sara Lee and Hasbro.

October 29, 2007



Former C/D NY studio czar Scot Blakely, looking as lovely and ghoulish as ever! (As I recall, this is what Scot looked like after pulling an all-nighter.)

Says Scot ...

Halloween was always a special time for me at Chiat/Day as everyone can attest to. You might say I'm rather obsessed about it! From body parts strewn on the living room floor to a blown up sex doll dressed like Marion Craine from Psycho in my bathtub with the theme from Psycho looping! Blake as Hugh Hefner was classic! Crazy man!!.

October 26, 2007

Cheryllynn Carter

Carol Madonna reminded me that today would have been Jay's birthday. (Remember the code to the security system at 79 Fifth?) I can think of no better "present" to give Jay than this memory of him which arrived the other day from Cheryllynn Carter.

When I started at Chiat/Day I started on the switch board.  It was when they decided that the office should be "virtual".  My first week of work they were still wiring the hardware and writing the software that was going to make us a cutting age company.  In the LA office we were in the Binoculars and I loved the energy and vibe there.  Then Jay was all over the place.  At one point Jay was in NY and he needed to talk to Bob Kuperman and Bob Grossman and I was the one that need to facilitate that call.  The systems had a ton of bugs in it and call were getting dropped left and right.  Jay told me if I dropped the call I was fired.  Well the call dropped, and Jay was pissed.  I went into the bathroom and cried then came back, set up the call and it worked.   The next day I came to work.  I waited all day for HR to tell me I was never happened.  I worked there for over 13 years.  Jay and I became friends and I so enjoyed working there.  I never however brought up the fact that he fired me, thank God he forgot.

I went from the switch board to the production department.  I became a producer and I specialized in voice over.  Now I run my own voice over casting company.  I miss Jay days.

Cheryllynn Carter

Precision Talent

October 25, 2007

Karen Vogel

I received this email on Oct. 22nd from Shelley Menning Chiat, Jay's second wife.

many may remember karen vogel who worked with jay as early as the olympic blvd. days with guy day, monty mckinney, sandy lovejoy, norman durkee, etc. it's there in 1976 that she introduced me to jay. last year she and her husband moved from their beautiful but empty suburban nest near thousand oaks to her dream spanish rancho on 10 acres in agua dulce. since then she has lost both parents, and yesterday the malibu fires lept the hill, burning her house, barns, etc. to the ground. she lost everything but her family members. i know that as is the case for many c/d alum, the agency and people she knew there remain a treasured memory for her. please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, and drop her an encouraging word if you can at ...


thank you.

xoxo, s.

October 14, 2007

Salmon spawns!


Scott Salmon worked for me in Print Production at Chiat/Day NY when we were at 666 Fifth Ave. He also hung around 79 Fifth a lot, as he was then married to Judy Zell and sold graphic services to Peter Franke, Bruce Ascher, and John Doepp.

I am fortunate to have a log cabin in the Catskill Mountains near Phoenicia. A couple of weeks ago, when the weather was still warm, Scott brought his son, Shane, up for a visit and we went swimming in the nearby Esopus Creek.

Shane is 5 (or, as he insists, "5-3/4".) Scott is the manager of the Manhattan Plaza Health Club and is married to the lovely Suzan Salmon. And as you can see from Scott's youthful face, he has a portrait in his attic which is decaying at an alarming rate.

If you click on the following link, you can see some more photos of Shane, as well as one of your JAY\DAY host looking as if, on off nights, I haunt Loch Ness.

Continue reading "Salmon spawns!" »

October 13, 2007

Francesca Cohn


Earlier this year, I found myself working as Managing Director at a company, the name of which shall not be uttered here. (That's another story.)

Anyways, while looking for an executive broadcast producer, I got a call from a recruiter in LA. Behold and lo, it turned out to be someone I knew from Chiat/Day .... like 20 YEARS AGO .... at the Biltmore Hotel!

It was Frankie! (a.k.a. Francesa Cohn.) She is still as funny and wonderful as I remember her, so I asked her to send me a photo and some text so I could make her famous on JAY\DAY.

A follow-spot from the balcony, please, for Frankie!

After a couple of decades of informally matching up friends with jobs, I decided to take the plunge into recruiting. One of the best parts is finding Chiat friends at the least expected moment. Like bumping into Stevan Alburty just when he started his new gig at [redacted by editor.]

I've joined up with Julie Sandler at Basic Recruiting. Although, some of you probably remember Juli as a copywriter she works with account and planning. I'm concentrating on my passions - new media, production and creative. Glen and I still use the Tiffany champagne glasses Jay gave us for our wedding on every anniversary. We have two teenagers - Austin at College of Wooster and Mackenzie at Malibu High.


October 12, 2007

Jennifer Huey

Incoming! My inbox contained the following discovery of C/D Chicago alum, Jennifer Huey, who is now known as Jennifer Rosenberg. Now here's the weird part. I have a memory like a colander. I cannot remember what 99.5% of you ever looked like, or what you did. But I remember the name "Jennifer Huey." Who wouldn't, I guess. Anyway, welcome back from the Land of the Lost, Jennifer.

Hi Steve,

Alison Forsyth let me know about and it’s fantastic. I spent a good part of last evening reading up on old colleagues, friends and acquaintances. Oh, what memories! I was an employee in the Chicago office from 1991-1995. I came there right out of college as a temporary receptionist with a marketing degree and found the opportunity of a lifetime. I left Chiat/Day as an Account Supervisor, and I will be forever grateful for the amazing opportunities given to me (thank you Pete Rentschler!). Please add me to the alumni list (my maiden name is Huey).

After 10+ years in advertising (I left Chiat/Day in 1995 and went to work at DDB Chicago on McDonald’s business), I am now a full-time mom in Elmhurst, Illinois, who dabbles in free-lance marketing projects whenever I can.

Thanks for creating such a great resource.


Jennifer (Huey) Rosenberg

October 05, 2007

Jay McPhillips



This just in from a Chiat/Day alum from the 90s, Jay McPhillips. He was (and probably still is) an art director and self-described "beginning painter/writer/doodler." Well, waddya know, he’s having a gallery show! Put it in your calendar …

I will be having an art show and book signing on October 13th from 6-9pm in Lambertville, NJ at Myles Cavanaugh Fine Art, 12 Church Street, Lambertville, NJ. (map)

Lambertville is a beautiful little town packed with galleries, restaurants and antiques. It's also a short walk over the bridge to New Hope, Pennsylvania. It makes for a great weekend trip from the city.

Here's a little bio of myself and the show. I'd be thrilled if you could post any of it on

Thanks very much.

Jay McPhillips

Newsstand Portraits and book signing by Jay McPhillips:

Jay McPhillips has been a painter, writer and graphic designer for the past 20 years. Most recently, Mr. McPhillips has worked as the graphic designer for Princeton's McCarter Theatre. Previously he worked for Comedy Central Television, TBWA Chiat Day Advertising and a variety of other ad agencies.

Jay McPhillips' Newsstand Portraits and his book Staff Pick are a blend of graphic design, writing and painting. The portraits are inspired by the New York City newsstand. Specifically the portraits include New York writers, artists, personalities, models and brands. Often the images are painted from magazine layouts and include indications of text, headlines, page edges and logos. In some paintings, Mr. McPhillips has substituted current personalities into classic portrait settings. One example is a portrait of author and history scholar Sarah Vowell (National Public Radio) sitting in a John Singer Sargent like environment. Having worked in New York and lived in beautiful historic Lambertville, Jay can't help but see and portray a connection between pop culture and history. McPhillips, book Staff Pick is a hand-made compilation of humorous thoughts and notions all within a screen printed glow in the dark cover. When viewed in the dark a sentence is revealed to exclaim in a pro wrestling-like fashion "In your face, James Joyce! This book glows in the dark!" Again, as with the Newsstand Portraits, McPhillips combines current culture/language with the classics. The results are often humorous and surprisingly elegant.

October 02, 2007

Kieran Darby

Kieran Darby photo.jpg

I've always wanted a part of this site to be dedicated to job-hunting. After all, having worked at C/D is sort of the ultimate credential. I'm so glad Kieran Darby thought to contact me to alert you all that he is a freelance account planner and is looking for assignments.

Says Kieran ...

Kieran Darby- freelance Account Planner

For those of you who have not as yet met me or who maybe have met me but for whatever reason cannot quite remember me, my name is Kieran Darby. I am a Freelance Account Planning consultant who is willing to work with Advertising Agencies or other Marketing Services providers or to work directly with end Clients.

I am based in San Francisco at 415-826-2629 and and am very willing to travel.

I am a planner that is ruthlessly based in achieving business effectiveness and growing a Client’s Business (there’s a business reason for that degree in Economics). I have over 20 years Account Planning experience, which began in the UK at agencies such as Gold Greenlees Trott. I was brought to the USA in 1987 by Rob White at Chiat/Day. I also worked at Goodby Silverstein & Partners and the USA launch of Leagas Delaney. I launched my own consultancy in 1997.

Please call if you need any help on Brand or Business Development matters (and that ‘help’ can go far beyond needing adverts or other forms of immediate communication). I look forward to hearing from and talking to you. Regards.


Download Kieran's resume.

September 27, 2007

Jon Hartman


Received this great action shot and an update from C/D NY alum Jon Hartman ...

I've resettled in Minneapolis and am now the Client Services Director at the Falls Agency, a small (25 person) but growing agency here that pretty much did nothing but handle the Kawasaki dealers network for about 20 years. In the past couple of years they’ve started to pick up some decent consumer business: Coleman and Toro being the most known, and we’re launching a new series of waterparks (a huge Midwest phenomenon) for Dave Anderson of Famous Dave’s BBQ. I've enclosed a photo of me getting to understand the competition... It’s actually a great opportunity – 8 account people including me plus I’m bringing in a couple of Planners. We have a whole new crew of creatives from Carmichael Lynch and Martin Williams who really “get it.” So I’m excited.

And Minneapolis rocks!

Hope you're doing good!

Jon Hartman

Alison Smela

Welcome to C/D Chicago alum Alison Smela, formerly known as Alison Forsyth. She was at C/D Chicago from 1990-96, the LA office from 96-99, then back to the Chicago office from 99-2001.

September 13, 2007

David Butler's Ad Attic

One of the truly great Chiat/Day employees of all time, Dave Butler, copywriter extraordinaire, is retiring on September 18th. He was (and I presume continues to be) one of the nicest people I've ever met. He was always soft-spoken, kind, and gracious. And best of all, he and his wife Sue used to give me fudge every Christmas. (Hey Dave, with all of this newfound time on your hands, perhaps this tradition can be revived.)

As the big day has been drawing closer and closer, Dave has been sending out emails to the office containing some memorabilia he has saved during his decades at Chiat/Day. Greg Holladay was nice enough to share some of them with me so that I could post them on this site.

Here are a few samples from the emails Dave has been sending out ....


As the days till my retirement on September 18 meander by, I’ve been sifting through the Chiat/Day memorabilia I’ve accumulated over the last 30 years. And suddenly, like one of those ideas you suspect you’d be better off not having, it occurred to me that it might be fun (at least for me) to share some of the things I come across—one a day, or as close as I can come.

They might be memos (the old-fashioned paper kind that are just rumors to most of you), letters, emails, photos, personal stuff. Who knows? A few might give you some insight into how the agency has changed over the years. Other may make you laugh. Or cry. Some might even make you say, “Huh?” (Those are my favorites.)

ITEMS 10 & 11 : As I said above, some of the memories I send you may make you laugh. Or cry, as in the case of the enclosed. But for completely different reasons.

The first, an unforgettable memo we all received in July of 1986 regarding a co-worker.
Click on the image to view full-size

The second (two files) an email Lee received shortly after Apple’s “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” Think Different spot began running.

Click on the image to view full-size

ITEM #3 : Lee and I were partners for the first few years of my C/D tenure. Working with Lee was a very rewarding experience, although as with any creative partnership, we had our own unique perspectives on the process. As you can see by the enclosed—a couple of signs I made and displayed next to each other on the wall separating our two offices in the Biltmore Hotel.


ITEM #2 : When the ‘84 Olympics were in town, the Olympic Committee made their headquarters at the downtown Biltmore Hotel, the selfsame building in which C/D had its offices. Everyone who worked in the building was required to wear an ID badge to gain entrance to the building for the duration of the Games. Enclosed is the badge we came up with. (Shortly after the picture was taken for my badge, I made one of my ill-fated attempts to grow a beard. Combined with the ill-considered perm you see in the pic, my scraggly beard made me look almost exactly like an middle eastern terrorist.)


Dave, I can't believe it's been 30 years. That means you and I started the very same year. (I interviewed the day Elvia died.) I hope you have a wonderful retirement. Get busy with that fudge.

Steve Alburty

September 05, 2007

Lost and Found

One of the most difficult challenges of maintaining this site is keeping the mailing list up-to-date. Some of you continue to work in advertising (fools!), which means you frequently change jobs (duh!). Corporate email addresses often bounce back.

AOL members are another problem - when you finally break down and get that broadband connection, your AOL address finks out.

Here are just a few of the people who have come up "missing" as a result of my most recent mailing. If you know where they are, please contact me at alburty(AT)

David Page, John Marco, Jonathan Lee, Fred Rubin, Cindy Heath, Julia Leach, Chuck McBride, Mark Moyer, Marc Chiat, Robert Swartz, Gerard Govaerts, Mark Shoptaw, and Bonnie Pisarski.

Robin Castillo


One of the most famous of all C/D NY alums has been found after several years living as an ex-pat in Argentina and Uruguay!

Robin Castillo, who ran print traffic and then headed up the MIS department in NY, is now living in Hudson, NY, with her husband of 22 years, Orlando. I visited them a few weeks ago, as they’re only about 20 minutes from my partner’s house. (From Uruguay to 20-minutes-uay. What a coincidence.)

Robin and Orlando have opened their own antique store called “Colonia,” after the town they lived in in Uruguay. (Robin just happened to have an old wooden sign she’d transported back to the U.S. and decided to name the store after it.)

The store is located at 528 Warren Street in Hudson, NY, which is about 2-1/2 hours north of New York City, due north up the Hudson River. It would make a lovely day-trip and I know Robin and Orlando would love to see all of their old friends.




September 04, 2007

Jonel Brown

Another Seattlite has turned up in my mailbox ....

Hi - I was contacted by another CD alum, Tricia McGinnis Raikes and I see my name is not listed so I thought I would add my info to the infamous.

I started in the Seattle office of Chiat Day in 1990 as Roger Livingston's assistant. I was trying to get into the broadcast dept but the only opening in the company was as his admin - and I was a terrible typist!

But he kept me around until the broadcast opening popped up and I worked with the incredible Virginia Pellegrino.

I still have my team softball sweatshirt that reads "Chiat Day is a Sweat Shop".

It was an amazing group of folks -
What a fun site - thanks for creating it.

Jonel Stahr then
now Jonel (Stahr) Brown, living in Minnapolis and freelancing as an Meeting and Events Excutive Producer

Patricia Kanan

Click on image to see a larger size.

Wow! A real veteran has come in from the cold ...

I'm Patricia (Patty) Kanan. I was Chuck Phillips' secretary and eventually Account Coordinator on American Honda Motor Co. I was at C/D from 1971 to 1975. I left to join Tom Burr, Bob VanderKamp, Mel Abert, Mel Newhoff and more at Abert, Newhoff & Burr in Westwood. Thought you would enjoy the Abert, Newhoff & Burr business card. I always thought it was great fun.

I eventually went to William Esty and after a few years as Account Supervisor I was hired as National Advertising Manage at Nissan Motors. A short lived term of employment. Hated the Japanese corporate structure. Eventually, I consulted to all the Japanese manufacturers. That was through the Stewart Company. I ran a new division for them in Automobile Manufacturer's Merchandising. Very lucrative.

In 1085 a family member was murdered and I returned to my family business where I have remained since 1985. My grandfather founded the City of Agoura Hills. Kanan Road was named after he and my grandmother. I currently own the commercial corridor of the city and run it through a property management company located in Manhattan Beach. My permanent residence is on a 5 acre ranch in Santa Ynez, CA. I raise Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and am as happy as a firefly in summer.

By the way, I lived with and then was married to Hy Yablonka from 1979 to 1996.

Hope this finds all the Chiat/Day survivors happy and healthy.


August 26, 2007

Chicago Reunion

Nada Bobrowski – Broadcast Production; Deborah Neubert – Broadcast Business Manager; Pam Monaghan – Media

When I was in my 20s and living in Spokane, WA, I worked in community theatre. (As did Eve Luppert.) Since I directed several musicals, I struck up a strong phone friendship with Deborah Neupert, who worked in New York City for Music Theatre International, one of the big publishing companies that licenses the production rights of Broadway musicals. Fast forward to my 40s, when that same Deborah Neupert would turn up working for Chiat/Day. Here’s the wonderful note, and photos, I received from Deborah a few weeks ago …

Hi Steve,

Not sure if you remember me..Deborah Neubert, worked for Chiat/Day in Chicago and Los Angeles from 1990 to 1995. Moved back to NYC in 1995 I now live and work in Cleveland, OH. Moved to Cleveland for a job with Highland Talent.

Some of us from the original Chiat/Day office in Oakbrook, IL held a reunion on Sat., June 23rd in Chicago. It is amazing how many people we have been able to track down. Actually, many of them have not left the Chicago area. (why would you?)

Take care.
All the best,

There are more photos of the reunion if you click on the following link ...

Continue reading "Chicago Reunion" »

Valerie Newman

Another C/D veteran from the really early days has been turned in by Chuck Phillips, the best bounty hunter this site has!

Hi, Steve - Just had a drink with Chuck Phillipps and Roger Livingston in Seattle. Chuck told me about and I've just logged on. Chiat/Day's first branch office was in Seattle, Washington, opening May 18, 1974. Roger was the first employee (branch manager, obviously), and I was the first employee. I worked at C/D for 10 years, leaving in February, 1984 before heading to Microsoft in November, 1984. My name was (and is), Valerie Newman. Please put me on your list. Sharon Conklin (formerly Sharon Franck, then Sharon Teal) remains a close friend. I have a whole list of Seattle people who were part of it all, too. Let me know how I can help you with them. Thanks for setting up this blog. I'll spend more time checking it out. Chuck is one of your most fierce supporters. Val Newman

Sue Katzen

From the fabulous Sue Katzen, who is now a publishing magnate!

Hi Steve -

Well, this was quite a day of spontaneous Chiat Day reunions. It all began when I ran into Ed Kim in the cafeteria at Unilever in NJ. I had a meeting (I'm the Associate Publisher of Cosmopolitan now) and caught up with him for a bit. He's a brand manager there.

When I got back to the city, I ran out to the corner deli and who was standing outside? Dede Dalton McMahon. She told me about this site and of your exciting personal news! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Very exciting.

Next thing I knew I recieved an email from Max Jermone via linkedin asking me to join his network. How funny. I have seen Max and his wife Jenny over the years - they own or owned an amazing wine bar in Brooklyn.

No small coincidence I am visiting Deirdre Donnelley McMurtry at the Jersey Shore this weekend. We also stay in touch with the lovely Dorothy Adams Basso who resides with her husband and 3 gorgeous kids in San Antonio, Texas.

Last I saw the "old crew" was at Jay's Memorial. I celebrated Jay Day in it's first year by resigning from my job at Woman's Day on June 21st and traveling solo to SE Asia for about 6 months. I'll need to set my sites on something bigger and better next year.

Steve, thank you for keeping us all in touch. Wishing you every good thing and peace.



Alums galore!

It's as if someone declared some sort of Alum Amnesty Program! They've been turning up in my mailbox at an astonishing rate!

Hank Antosz who is working at Strategic Insight Media Partners in Santa Monica! (How could he been missing from this list for so long?!? Forgive me, Henry!) Henry was Media Director at C/D LA for (mumble, mumble) years.

Kris Konno

I'm working at frog design as a program manager on GE.
You may know frog because we did early work for Apple (long ago)

Ellen LaNicca Albanese

Patrice Tanaka and I are now part of another agency, CRT/tanaka.

Mary Maguire (then), now Mary Hildebrandt

My sister just told me about this website and I'm so excited. I worked at Chiat/Day (first LA office on Olympic then at Biltmore Hotel) from about 1976-80 as first an account secretary then promoted to jr. copywriter then full copywriter. I actually married a client of Chiat/Day's, Dave Hildebrandt, of Investor's Daily. We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on July 16. Jay attended our wedding, along with Hy Yablonka, Lee Clow, etc.

Then, I worked as a copywriter at Chiat/Day/Hoefer in SF from 1980-1981. Many thanks for putting this together.

With fondest memories of Chiat/Day and Night,

Mary Maguire (then)
now Mary Hildebrandt

David Bigman

Senior Art Director in San Francisco on 3M, California Cooler and responsible for accidently breaking Jay's home sculpture valued at 200k when I simply put my drink on it and the 'Domino' effect played out.

Darcy Stamler (1980-81) Media Department, Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

Linda Altus (1980 - ??) Media Dept Los Angeles

August 21, 2007

Preuit Holland

Welcome to Preuit Holland from General Idea in Beverly Hills ...

Just stumbled across your jayday page. I worked for Jay in LA, San Francisco, New York and Toronto. He was a brilliant guy.

August 16, 2007

Jane's benefit

Here are some photos I took at Jane Newman's Thorn Tree Benefit back in May. (Sorry for the delay in posting.)

Clodagh and Jane

L1020251 2
Roseann Santamaria

Roseann, Stephen Fick (COO of K&B), David Metcalf, and Lorraine Arado

Who else? Neilan Tyree.

Mary Maroun, Bonnie Lunt, and yours truly, Steve Alburty

August 07, 2007

Owen Brennan Rounds

I'm just catching up on email from jayday fans. This came in a few weeks ago ....

Greetings greetings, and happy Jay/Day!

Flying the Skull & Crossbones over my desk and celebrating Jay/Day. Actually, the flag always flies over my desk, I enjoy explaining Jay's point that it's important to be the pirates, not the navy.

I just checked out the site... who knew i was lost?

I used to go by Owen Brennan Rounds but now it's just Owen Brennan, it's much easier than having two last names. David Rogers can vouch for me.

I worked in the NY Office (my current office is only a couple blocks from 180 Maiden) ... used to be in New Biz and agency PR @ Chiat.

Anyway ... just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that i am no longer lost.

Have a good one and thanks for having the site up ... i spent a while going through the list of names ... feel very fortunate to have worked with a lot of good people.


July 02, 2007

Evert Cilliers


From the irrepressible Evert Cilliers (a.k.a. "Evert Eden", a.k.a. "Adam Ash") ...

I made an album, KIDD RADAR, a rock opera by the Dingbots. The rock opera is a fun-filled sci-fi saga told in 20 songs and narration, studded with surreal events, exuberant sex, and adult wit. You can get a free listen to the first two minutes of every song at

My band, the Dingbots, sound like John Lennon and Abba had a post-modern lolve child who now, in 2007, sings twisted lyrics to catchy hooks that'll rule the off-the-wall parts of your brain.

Attached is a picture of the album cover.

Listen to what happens when an ex-Chiat Day creative person goes wild in a music studio.


[Ed. note: for a special treat, do a search on this site for the word "Orgasmitron"]

June 20, 2007

Susan Wands on stage


Susan Wands, as you will recall, worked both in Maiden Lane and on Madison Avenue in the IT support department. She is a very talented actress and here is information about her newest gig. It's ONE NIGHT ONLY - this Monday, June 25th, so don't miss it!

Ibsen is Spinning in His Grave!

Caught in a romantic farce - where two young lovers
seek escape from the gloom of Norwegian literary
history - Ibsen squares off against his arch rival
Björnson…and only the lovers win!

The Ibsen Follies
a comedy by Skot Davis

Winning selection of the 9th Annual TRU Voices Play
Reading Series

* Evan Buxbaum (Sigurd Ibsen, the intimidated young
* Dan Diggles (the Nobel Prize winning Björnson)
* Heather Massie (Bergliot, the upflappable young
lover and daughter to Björnson)
* Mort Milder (as Ibsen, himself)
* Michelle Ramoni (Emilie, the inspiration for it all)
* Jackie Reinking (the Maid who’s seen it all)
* Patrick Turner (reading the complicated Stage
Directions), and
* Susan Wands (Suzannah Ibsen, the wife who’s done it

Directed by Sonia Gluckman

Presented by R.K. Greene and The StoryLine Project LLC

"Dollars and Sense" Panel featuring the esteemed
theatre professionals Peter Bogyo, James Morgan, Janet
Pailet, Michael Parva and Jack Thomas, with reception
following including all your favorite Norwegian

One Night Only!
Monday June 25th
7:00 pm – sharp
The Players Theatre
115 MacDougal Street (below West 3rd Street)

Reservations: (212) 714-7628

The Ibsen Follies
TRU Reading Series June 25

June 09, 2007

Eve on a camel


That's our sweet little Eve Luppert, enjoying a ride on a camel in Egypt on a recent vacation.

Francesca Moscatelli


Wow. Here's an email from a woman with the most musical name I've heard!

I came across your site totally by accident! ? It put a big smile on my face.

Here's my story:

While sitting in a bar in South Street Seaport in the Spring of 1988, I was talking to a charming bartender and happened to mention that I was looking for a job after working at Y& R in Buenos Aires.? ?He said, "oh, I can help.?Call Jane Newman and tell her I sent you"? (my vague memory is that his name was John...).? So I called Jane and when she heard how I got her name, she said, with her perfectly lovely accent "well, I don't talk with John anymore.? Merry Cutler does.? Call her" So I asked Jane if I could use her name with Merry.? Merry sent me to MT Rainey and although there was a "hiring freeze," I got offered a job in the planning department and paid by the hour!? It took someone in the accounting department over a year to figure out that I was getting paid a small fortune because of the time and a half for hours over 40 worked per week.? I was 25, living in NYC, working at a crazy and fabulous agency and enjoying life.

In the NY office, there was a workout room.? I used to go and sweat with Jay, during lunch breaks.? We rarely spoke two words while we worked out.? One day, he got in the elevator and said "hi, Francesca."? He knew everyone's name.

Now I have my own company "Integral Researchers" and mostly moderate. I'd love to hear more from other Jay/Day alum!

More stories in the future.? Time to rest my head.

Deborah Neubert

And this just in from Deborah Neubert, who worked for Chiat/Day in Chicago and Los Angeles from 1990 to 1995

I moved back to NYC in 1995 . I now live and work in Cleveland, OH. moved to Cleveland for yet another job. Some of us from the original Chiat/Day office in Oakbrook, IL are planning a reunion on Sat. June 23rd in is amazing how many people we have been able to track down..actually, many of them have not left the Chicago area. (why would you)

Carolyn Goodman

Carolyn Goodman writes about her experience at C/D, one that will stike many of you as awfully familiar!

Don’t even ask me what I was searching for on Google, when I came across this website… amazing!

I worked at C/D in San Francisco from 1983 – 1984. I basically fast-talked my way into an account executive position with Fred Goldberg (I called him during lunch hour when his assistant, Rosalynda Estes (sp?) was at lunch and he picked up his own phone! Luckily I had written a “script” and got an interview.) He hired me on the spot after making me spend the day with 5 different C/D senior managers – Greg Somebody (DCS), David Yates(?) (Media), MT Rainey (Account Planning), Tom Tawa (Creative) and some research guy.

I don’t think any of those folks will remember me at all – let alone with fondness. Fred didn’t really know what to do with me at first. I had some experience as a copywriter, some media experience and some account service skills. I think he envisioned me “dropping in” and “helping out” when required. I was too young to appreciate that opportunity and focused, instead, on finding a “fit” where I could claim a position in the agency. I finally found one as an AE on the BusinessLand account (whew, am I old) and Holland America Cruise Lines. I worked for Marty Wenzell, who had just moved out from the NY office and Pat Somebody who ran new biz. I had no clue what I was doing and after 9 months took the few weeks pay that Fred offered to me to go away quietly.

Thank god I survived and even stayed with the business after that… went on to work at DDB Needham/SF, client side at Bank of America and 1st Nationwide Bank, Ogilvy & Mather Direct, Cohn & Wells, 360 Group… until I finally opened my own direct marketing agency in 2002. I’m still in the SF/Bay area, remarried (I should have seen the writing on the wall when Fred told me I should “take my own apt. in SF and give up the BART commute home every night because after all, with all my late nights at C/D, what was the point?”), with 3 kids.

As you can see I can barely remember peoples names from those early ‘80’s, but MT Rainey made a huge impression on me…

Gretchen Rollins


Gretchen Rollins, about whom I blogged back in March, has provided some photos and some more information about her glamorous new life!

Gretchen Rollins (1986 – 89, NYC studio) — Found in Marina del Rey, not too far from the original scene of the crime, and a few ticks away from the current CD/LA offices. For the past decade I’ve been a freelance art director around Los Angeles, started my own company with a partner ( and have recently landed at Deutsch, where Rosann Calisi runs the creative department. In the interstices I paint in my tiny garage studio, occasionally sell a piece (at silent auction, attached), and can often be spotted at Hal’s on a Friday evening.

In a nod to Jay's significant art patronage, here's a shot of me with my painting that was actually selling at a silent auction for the Venice Community trust "Almost Famous and Infamous" show.

Michael Hollander


C/D alum and Indy fan Michael Hollander turned up in my inbox this very morning!

I so appreciate seeing old friends again (and some not so old). In case you don't remember me, I worked as Product Information Manager on the Nissan account in the Los Angeles offices from 1987-1994.

I first met Jay on my very first day on the job. I was working late to get information transferred from the old agency's database into our "new" one and most of the lights in the place were already out. In walks Jay, fresh from New York, with a quizzical look on his face. "I'm Jay Chiat," he said. "I'm pleased to meet you, I'm Mike Hollander." "I've heard of you," he said. "I've heard of you, too," I stammered, and we both smiled.

I've attached a photo of me, taken at last year's Indy 500. I'm down about 35 lbs., but it's still the best photo of me in years.

I continue to edit The Motor Sports Forum ( as I have online since 1983, and work as Manager, Information Resources at PCGCampbell with former Chiat/Day'er Shane Smith. My job is an amalgam of account work and IS.

May 13, 2007

Peter Franke


Ah, Peter Franke. Print Production manager extraordinaire, who worked for me and managed not only to survive triple-secret probation, but went on to inherit my department when I joined MIS (what we now to call "technology.")

Pete's looking for a job and I just love using this website to help out friends like this. So take a look at his resume, and if you know of anything, let him know.

Sez Pete ...

Hi Steve! Here’s a picture of me and my two kids, Debra & Danny. I'm sure you remember meeting them as kids back in the 80's.They both graduated College last June. Debra double majored in Education & Psych at Seton Hall and Danny majored in Marketing and computers at Wagner.

Debra is teaching a mixed age Med/Special Ed class on Staten Island and Danny is an Asst Media planner at Mindshare. I begged him not to get into this crazy business but.....

My wife Diana and I are living on Long Island?in Long Beach. We love it here and are living pretty happy lives.

All the best, Peter.

Tom Harbeck

Tom, his wife Virginia Pirie (management supervisor on Reebok) , and their two sons, Cole and Conor.

Just got this email from account management phenom Tom Harbeck ...

I am pleased to share that I have accepted the position of Chief Marketing Officer of Applegate Farms, a natural and organic meat company based in Bridgewater, NJ. AF is a private company with @$60+MM revenues, with many leading skus in the major Natural Food chains. I was brought in as part of a newly formed Executive Management Team, and will oversee Marketing, Sales Support, Corporate Communications and Product Packaging as the company expands into mass retail outlets.

If I have done my homework correctly, we are about to grow very rapidly.

I have been remiss in sending this having started at the beginning of the year, and then up to my eyeballs in getting up to speed/getting things going here. Last year was a satisfying range of consulting projects but sensing I could play a key management role in a rapidly growing company, shape and build its brand, and be motivated by its core values made the decision to join Applegate easy.

Many thanks to all of you who helped make this happen.


May 01, 2007

Michael Robinson

And a howdy from Michael Robinson ...

Hey - hey, fellow Chiat-Day & Nighters...

Haven't looked at the 'JayDay' site in a while, but did recently and loved seeing some of the gang (Lily Katz, Melanie (Axtman) Steinbach and Teri (Foye) Gray) in a photo posted in January '07 celebrating Melanie's B-day.
Happy belated birthday, Melanie !

It's great to know that a lot of us have managed to stay in relative contact over the years, myself included with Lily Katz, Susie Fogelson, Monika Miller and a few others. BTW - ladies, (Lily, Melanie, Teri and Susie - - you guys look fantastic in those photo's!)

If any of you C-D'ers are ever in San Francisco, give me a holler.
Would be great to see you all and catch up !

Until then,

Carolyn Goodman

From Carolyn Goodman ...

Don’t even ask me what I was searching for on Google, when I came across this website… amazing!

I worked at C/D in San Francisco from 1983 – 1984. I basically fast-talked my way into an account executive position with Fred Goldberg (I called him during lunch hour when his assistant, Rosalynda Estes (sp?) was at lunch and he picked up his own phone! Luckily I had written a “script” and got an interview.) He hired me on the spot after making me spend the day with 5 different C/D senior managers – Greg Somebody (DCS), David Yates(?) (Media), MT Rainey (Account Planning), Tom Tawa (Creative) and some research guy.

I don’t think any of those folks will remember me at all – let alone with fondness. Fred didn’t really know what to do with me at first. I had some experience as a copywriter, some media experience and some account service skills. I think he envisioned me “dropping in” and “helping out” when required. I was too young to appreciate that opportunity and focused, instead, on finding a “fit” where I could claim a position in the agency. I finally found one as an AE on the BusinessLand account (whew, am I old) and Holland America Cruise Lines. I worked for Marty Wenzell, who had just moved out from the NY office and Pat Somebody who ran new biz. I had no clue what I was doing and after 9 months took the few weeks pay that Fred offered to me to go away quietly.

Thank god I survived and even stayed with the business after that… went on to work at DDB Needham/SF, client side at Bank of America and 1st Nationwide Bank, Ogilvy & Mather Direct, Cohn & Wells, 360 Group… until I finally opened my own direct marketing agency in 2002. I’m still in the SF/Bay area, remarried (I should have seen the writing on the wall when Fred told me I should “take my own apt. in SF and give up the BART commute home every night because after all, with all my late nights at C/D, what was the point?”), with 3 kids.

As you can see I can barely remember peoples names from those early ‘80’s, but MT Rainey made a huge impression on me…

Carolyn Goodman

Alums found!

Gary Madonna - "I worked at Chiat starting in about 1991 ending in 2002. I was in account management (MS, AD) on Nissan and Infiniti Direct, then alternative media towards the end of my career. I'm still in LA, but working abroad in Luxury real estate."

Robert Morello who is now Director of Graphic Services at Merkley + Partners

Pam Den Hartog

From Pam Den Hartog, who as a Producer from 1972-1975 and Exec Prod/Dir of Bcast from 1979-1982 ...


Hy Yablonka mentioned your website to me. What a great idea! We do all feel like alumni, though I'm from the real early days.I 've been primarily in nonprofits, and mostly in the arts for the last 7 years, with some ad business consulting for a couple of those years.... getting training now in global logistics, too...I still see Elaine Hinton and Hank Hinton,occasionally and, of course Hy...and was able to catch up with a number of people - Steve Hayden, Chuck Phillips, Bob Matsumoto among them - at one of the memorials for Jay.

April 10, 2007

Jane and Merry get-together

There was a little cocktail get-together in NY the other night for Jane Newman and Merry Baskin-Cutler ... and your reporter was there to catch all the action ...

Jane and Jerry Croghan, who is Tom Carroll's father's cousin.

Graham Turner and Robin Hafitz

Lorraine Arado

Nick Cohen
Jane and Jerry
Nick Hafitz
Lauren Turner
Dede Dalton and Merry

March 19, 2007

Manny Rappaport found!


Emanuel Rappaport - Los Angeles office 1976-1984

Manny worked at Chiat/Day when I first started in 1977!

March 18, 2007

More alums found

Gretchen Rollins

I was at Chiat New York from '86 - '89, reception, then the studio. I'm out here in L.A. and am freelancing at Deutsch and Rosann turned me on to you. Fun! I may have been under the radar but I loved every second of it! When I wasn't put of my mind from overwork, that is.

Pam Monaghan

Shira (Friedman) Bogart

Nick Cohen found!


... and living in NYC!

January 14, 2007

Marty Wenzell found!


I recently put out an all-points-bulletin trying to locate one of my favorite suits, Marty Wenzell. (He’s one of the favored few for whom a jayday flashmob has been organized.)

I figured one of you would still be in touch with him and could identify his whereabouts. Who should turn up in my inbox but Marty himself! And Toto, he’s in Kansas! At an agency named Barkley.

I left Goodby last spring to take a job here in Kansas City....most people ask why, my only answer is I was actually bored after 18 years in the same place and I needed to get out before they found out I was dying there and threw me out. (Goodby was cool about it, he knew I had to reinvent myself).

Good job, decent clients and the challenge is much the same as it was when I started on Olympic Blvd. for a relatively unknown fellow named Jay. Except this time we are starting with 300 people.

Some family news....the twins started college this fall...Derek at American U. in D.C., and Collin at Wittenberg U. in Springfield, Ohio. So I guess my lively and lovely wife Margo is happier that we are closer to them.

Haven’t sold the house in Half Moon Bay, but not for a lack of trying....I’m drowning in mortgages.

My folks both passed away just recently, 7 days apart at is weird but true about couples being so connected.

I’m getting grey, or more grey....and it’s odd to be the “senior” guy that is supposed to have the wisdom to pass along. But as usual I start with my extensive knowledge of drinking establishments and go from there.

Hang in there, life is too short to piss it away.


marty wenzell.jpg

January 09, 2007

Heather Harris


Many of you remember, no doubt, the irrepressibly upbeat C/D NY planner, Heather Harris. What you may not know is that for the last 15 years she has been a dynamic Personal & Professional Performance & Effectiveness Coach. You can visit her website, Red Resource, here.

I myself have availed myself of her services and I am a changed man!

This being a new year and all, isn't it time for you to "Bring Your Best Self To Life?"


January 05, 2007

Katz 'n jammer kids

See larger version.

C/D alums and still friends for over two decades! Lori Gaffney, Terri (Foye) Gray, Lily Katz, and Melanie (Axtman) Steinbach at Melanie's birthday party on December 16th in Welches, Oregon. Says Lily ....

We worked together in the media dept. of Chiat/Day L.A. and after leaving C/D, we're still all working as Media Directors at various agencies now... we've stayed friends since C/D 20+ years, started at the Biltmore hotel, then on to the Warehouse, the Binocular Blg. and Terri and Mel were at Playa Del ray location.

You all look wonderful! And happy belated birthday, Melanie!

[Ed. note: my pet name for Lori was "gaffee!"]

December 06, 2006

John Morrison

This seems to be Artistic Alums Week on jayday. First we have Nat Whitten writing a book. Now we have John Morrison, appearing in New York doing standup. You can catch him at the Cornelia Street Cafe on Tuesday, Dec. 12th. Details by clicking on this little poster:

John writes ...

I was an art director at Chiat/LA from 1985 through 1987, I moved out to LA from Minneapolis where I was an AD at Fallon McElligott.

I was hired by Lee to work on Porsche, but I composed my acceptance letter on a Mac, so that was that... I worked on Apple the entire duration of my time there. (When I left Fallon, they raffled off my Mac, the only one in the agency at the time. They thought it a curio.)

After the we lost Apple, I went to Goodby until Steve Hayden talked me back down to BBDO/Slightly Further West to work on Apple again with ex-Chiat writers Ken Segall and Robert Chandler. When the Apple group was merged with BBDO/LA, I headed back east to NY.

After pledging allegiance to an increasing number of dumb and dumber agencies (lifetime total as a staffer: 23), I've been freelancing in NYC days and doing political comedy nights for the last 4 years... my response to 9/11... see pic.

Most nights I'm on stage at either the New York Comedy Club, The Improv or The Laugh Lounge on the Lower East Side. I put on a monthly comedy showcase the second Tuesday of every month at Cornelia Street Cafe in the West Village.

My oldest son, Jay, named after I wonder who, is now an art director at Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis. My baby Ben is an editor for Periscope in Minneapolis.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. --J

December 05, 2006

Nat Whitten

Nat and his 6-year-old son, Jack.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Nat Whitten, a former copywriter at Chiat/Day NY. I hope you were lucky enough to work in the New York office when Nat was there (’85-’89) because he was one of the nicest people you’d ever want to work with. He had one of those personalities you wished you could figure out how to bottle. Turns out you sort of could, for Nat had a secret to generating that irrepresibly happy personality which he is now able to philanthropically share with the world.

Before I tell you more about that, I asked Nat to fill in a few biographical blanks for those of us whose memories these days sort of work like New York City alternate-side-of-the-street parking:

In answer to your question, I believe I was considered a "senior writer" when I left C/D to start Weiss, Whitten (with fellow alumnus Marty Weiss) in 1989. Worked on Trump Casino Hotel, Gaines Cycle Dog Food, NYNEX Yellow Pages, and Reebok, to name a few. Started as secretary in media department for Bob Zach and fill-in receptionist. I was not very good at either, but Valerie Laskos took pity on me and moved me to creative department, where I hounded Jay for a year to give me a job as a writer. He finally did to shut me up. Also published the "Chiat/Daily", a short-lived underground paper about all-things C/D.

Nat and his co-author, W.R. Morton, have written a book. It's called "Secrets of the Superoptimist: The Classic Guide to Success. In Any Situation."

And now you, too, can own your very own copy, as I now do. (Hint: it would make a lovely holiday gift for yourself or someone you know who needs some "wisdom transmissions.")

I goaded Nat into providing me with his thoughts about working at Chiat/Day ….

I will forever be grateful to Jay Chiat for teaching me the meaning of the term "work ethic", as well as "@$*%# late car service", "where's Adelaide", and "not enough".

In fact, there's rarely a creative project where the V.O.J. (Voice of Jay) doesn't speak to me and prod me to do better. At least, I think it's Jay. I get Jay and God confused a lot.

A recent conversation Jay and I had involved a project outside of the realm of advertising. In addition to being a freelance copywriter and creative director for the past 10 years, I've always nibbled around the edges of other creative endeavors, the latest being a pop culture oddity entitled "Secrets of the SuperOptimist." We sold this book to a mass market publisher who proceeded to redesign it and dumb it down (something that never happens in advertising). Instead of "going with the program" and letting them destroy the soul of the book, I heard Jay say "Don't let them f... it up." So we bought back the rights and have signed on with the ferociously independent Vitally Important to put it out in a smaller, but more honest way.

Should any of my mates be looking for that special holiday gift, I encourage them to visit, or one of our distributors --- the fantastic underground SF institution Last Gasp or SPD. And yes, it's available at Amazon.

While some of the secrets might contradict the Sayings of Chairman Jay, I believe he would approve of the effort nonetheless. Sure, he would grouse a bit about the contrarian take on our rampant consumer culture. And point out the time it took could have been better spent creating something truly significant. Like a great ad. But I think he would have supported the anti-authoritarian viewpoint which made working at Chiat such a kick-ass experience.

And don't worry, Jay. I'm not quitting my day job.


SECRET #40: When the Lord is ready to speak to you, have a pen and paper handy.
SECRET #34: While you may make mistakes, you yourself are not one.
SECRET #47: Have interesting answers to questions, even if you have to make them up.
SECRET #69: Whatever you're thinking of charging, add 30%.

feelinggreat.jpg apocalypsenever.jpg

December 04, 2006

Lost Alums

Every time I send out a mass mailing, I get a lot of “bounce backs” because of email addresses that no longer work. Here are the latest alums to vanish into the land of the lost. If you know of them, have them send me their current email address:

Marty Wenzell, Ann Lundquist, Jennifer Wilson, Craig Lambert, John Kerr, Gary Nelson, Patrice Tanaka, Ellen LaNicca Albanese, Kris Konno, Bianca DiSalvo, Simon Bax, Phillip Lopez, John Krass, David Murphy, Steve Cohen, Brian Belefant, Jon Spurney, George Logothetis.

November 28, 2006

Found alums

Added to the "found" list today ...

Maria Szakacs

Fred Goldberg, who used to run the SF office. Last seen having dinner with David Wiener in Hawaii.

November 15, 2006

Bill and June Delaney


Bill Delaney, who started working at Chiat/Day 25 years ago, turned up in my mailbox a while back ...

I worked in the Chiat-Day SF office from 1981 - 1984. I managed the Paris, France, office of Regis McKenna Inc. when Jay acquired Regis' agency. I launched Apple in Europe and worked with them from 1979 - 1981. Jay called one day (2:00 AM Paris time) and simply said - "Bill, Jay Chiat. We just inked a deal with Regis and decided we don't need someone in Paris. If you're interested in staying with the Apple account and working in the San Francisco office, plan to meet with me in New York on Thursday." This was Tuesday when he called.

I didn't know what to expect, but the next two years were very interesting. Dealing with Steve Jobs, Jay Chiat, Steve Hayden, Lee Clow, Dick Cavett, Fred Hoar and others made life interesting. The 24/7 schedule was a real treat as well! ;-) I used to love hanging out in the office late at night until Jay would fly in to SF and review the work for Apple. He would cut 25% of the work and change 50%. The client meeting was the next morning at 8:00 AM, at Apple. Nothing like wearing the same clothes for two days! But, I would not have changed any of it.

Working with Jay, Lee, Tom, Steve, Chuck, Greg, Dave, and others was a real treat. I met my wife there as well. June Murakami. She and I dated for 8 months before we got married and we will celebrate our 25th anniversary in February. The entire gang from Creative attended the wedding and Jay sent us a wonderful gift. He supported our relationship when the policy was "no dating or married couples at Chiat-Day." We are forever grateful to him for his kindness.

One other name that you may not have is Maurice Goldman. He was also from Regis McKenna. He was an account director with me on the Apple business.He died a number of years ago in SF, but he is still remembered with fond thoughts by those of us who knew him. He was one of the nicest people you can imagine and was a loyal and dedicated Chiat-Day employee. His name should be included on your list.

As for the photos, those are my two daughters. The one on the right was our first and born while June and I were still at Chiat-Day SF. She just graduated from SDSU and was on a womens golf scholarship there. The younger one is in 8th Grade here in Alameda and is into performing arts.

October 31, 2006

Paul Greenberg


Paul Greenberg (alum/NYC ‘84-’99), and his partner Gary Damiano were joined in Civil Union at their home in Guilford, Connecticut on Dec. 17th, 2005.

Paul is interested in knowing if he is the first CD alum to enter into a gov’t recognized domestic partnership.


October 27, 2006

Jackie's jewelry


An invitation from Jackie End to see her new jewelry collection.

See the large version of the invitation by clicking here.

A boatload of alums found ....

Jon Hartman, who is now living in Minneapolis.

Kaz Endo. "I interned from 88-90 (LA) - I learned so much!"

Brian Belefant. "Worked in LA from '86 to '89."

Craig Martin. "I was at C/D SF from 1983-1985 and worked in Media (for Dave Yoder and Camille Johnson) and Account Management (for Fred)." Craig is now working in executive development.

Kristie Shields. "I was in the class of 1991-1994 (sometime in there). I now live in Seattle and am a freelance Media Director. I was at a party and saw John Kerr was and he told me about this site. While at C/D, I worked in the warehouse and then in the binoculars with Lily katz and Mike Rose in the media department. I loved those days and I think fondly of the Charles Chips guy who used to bring big barrels of pretzels and drinking alot on the job - but that is a whole other story!"

Cheryl Doose (Hotra). "I worked at the Venice (LA) office from 1995-1999. Chiat/Day was quite the matchmaking agency from what I have heard. I married Todd Hotra who also worked at the Venice office during the Jay years."

Bill Delaney. "I worked in the Chiat-Day SF office from 1981 - 1984. I managed the Paris, France office of Regis McKenna Inc. when Jay acquired Regis' agency." (More on Bill later as soon as he sends me a digital photo.)

October 23, 2006

Robert Chandler


The alums are coming out of the woodwork here at JayDay Central. This time it's Robert Chandler!

I was a copywriter and co-group head in the L.A. office from '77 to '81.

I was partnered first with Bob Dion, whom I had known back in my Interpublic days when he was a bigshot CD serving down in South America for part of his tenure. Main client with Bob was Pioneer Electronics, National Semiconductor, and Suntory.

Then I was partnered with Yvonne Smith. She and I have stayed friends to this day. We worked on Mitsubishi electronics, Midori, Allstate Savings, and a buncha others stuff.

In the mid 80s we worked together on Apple at BBDO/LA, Steve Hayden having recruited us. (Steve and I were good friends at Chiat, both starting there about the same time.) First thing we did, though, was pitch Northrop. Which we won, and I stayed on to run, eventually becoming CD on Apple.

Jay had hired me directly, originally on a retainer basis because I had been on my own for several years when he and I met. Mal Sharpe, (the droll radio real-people-interview-commercials guy) referred me to Jay in '77 when Jay was looking for someone to do movie campaigns.

Ray Stark had approached Chiat to do some cmpgns for him. Which project Jay immediately accepted. Then asked, who the hell do we know who knows how to do movie ads? That, it turned out, was me.

Later, when I was on staff, Jay would always come to me with all the oddball things like political campaigns. And movies, of course, including the ridiculous, but thanks to us very successful, The Blue Lagoon. Of Brooke Shields almost naked but it was somebody else fame.

Anyway, there are a lot more adventures to tell, naturally. But, I'm going to skip forward to many years later.

I have my own agency ( which has been medium size sometimes and small at others, but we've always accepted subcontracts from our large agency brethren.

In early 2002, because I had so much tech in my b.g. (Apple, Microsoft, IBM, etc) Lee brought me in to head up the Cisco pitch for him and also do some self-promotion work for the agency. (My outsider-insider status being useful for perspective on such tasks.)

I had last seen Jay the previous December when a tribute dinner was thrown for him by Lee at a gallery--I believe LA Louver-- in Venice.
All his friends knew Jay was ill and I was afraid this would be the last time my wife, Wendi, and I would see him.

And so, as circumstances (and to me, fate) would have it, when Jay died in April, I was in the L.A. office in the midst of a four-month project.

Because I was one of the few in the office from the old days, Lee asked me to write a memorial piece for the man who had been such a great influence on so many people. (In every conceivable way, of course--love, hate, fear, adventure, laughs, parties, or all of the above, depending on who it is you're asking).

It was meant to be a memorial ad to be run by the agency, and a short piece. (My standard was no longer than the Gettysburg address.)

I've never worked harder or more meticulously to get every word as right as I was capable of and stayed up all night to do so.

Lee approved it the next day with a few judicious and heart-felt edits.

Attached is a PDF of the ad. It ran in Ad Age and maybe AdWeek.

It should also have run in the New York Times, but you'll have to ask Omnicom about that. Times were tough in ad biz in 2002.

Take care, Steven. Excellent of you to be running this site.

October 20, 2006

More alums found ....

Ken Youngleib - "copywriter at Chiat LA from 93 to 98. I worked on Nissan, Infiniti, Apple (the Think Different years)."

Irina Lapin - "I''ve been in NYC now for almost 5 years. Came back to TBWA/Chiat, but have been at Grey for the last 2."

Tom Harbeck

Click here to see larger sized format.

A few weeks ago, after posting a "Hey, has anybody run across Tom Harbeck" alert, I received an email from Tom which simply said ...

Remember "ugh ugh" ?

Were my brain a seive, it could not adequately strain rigatoni these days, so I had to confess I did not remember "Ugh, ugh," although I suspected it might be the punchline of some embarrassing story Tom had been harboring for years about me getting sick after drinking one too many Maker's Marks, my post-work beverage of choice.

It turns out, "Ugh, ugh" is the story of a t-shirt. Here it is, in Tom's own words ...

"Ugh Ugh" is not something you did when you were drunk (not that I witnessed). It was the evolution of the "Good enough is not enough" T-shirt. First some taped over the "Good" and the "not" and created "Enough is Enough." Then someone taped over all but the "ugh ugh." Brilliant as the brit planners used to say.

I have a handful of the old shirts -- the best one "God, Guts and Creativity" I think generated during the last Apple pitch looks like a hell's angel's knockoff complete with skull and crossbones -- it's so worn it's full of holes. And I think I have a Chiat/Day/Mojo one somewhere too.

I'm well. As you might recall I married Virginia Pirie (management supervisor on reebok) -- 16 years ago -- we have two boys now: Cole age 13 and Conor age 11. Life is good.

I've attached a family photo -- from the Great Sandunes in Colorado -- a trip we took not last summer but the one before.

I recall everything (except the names of the streets in my town despite having lived here for 10 years). My head is full of Chiat/Day memories. I worked with Butler Shine while at my last job and was good to so John and Mike again -- and they did great work for me.

I am glad to see that Tom has once again been "found" and is not, despite the photographic evidence above to the contrary, wandering the desert. (Or, at least, when he is, he is doing so in such beautiful company.)

October 03, 2006

Alums found!

Ed Collins has turned himself in. "I worked as an Account Supervisor at Chiat/Day on the Nissan account for about a year in 1989."

He also provided whereabouts for Mark Shoptaw, who worked at C/D for a few years in the late 1990s.

And hello to Lisa Rosenstein ...

I had a very brief but fun career at C/D in the 80s. Worked as assistant to Steve Bayer next to John Spurney.

I am in touch with Paula Dombrow and would love to stay connected to the alumni. Was friendly with Carey Zeiser, Julia Platt. Linda Schneider and Spurney et al. Went on to a film career producing indie films in NYC and Philadelphia.

I now own a children’s clothing company based in NYC that caters to kids with sensory issues. - Wewere shown in Timeout NY Kids this month.

There was nothing like woking at C/D in the 80s- like working in a frat. Our entire salaries - $17,000 for assistants - were spent at the Old Town and an occasional martini at Union Square when we won an account. I worked on Reebok UBU- a fine moment in advertising.

September 01, 2006

More alums found ....

Cindy Clements, courtesy of Mediaweek

Alums of C/D keep cropping up in my email ...

Hilary Cochran (Rubens) 1989-1995 is currently in the California Bay Area and is a creative recruiter for FILTER talent.

Pam Monaghan worked at Chicago office of Chiat/Day for 10 years and is now at OMD.

Susie Vye, a.k.a. Susie Mason and Susie Breen. (Oh, the nights we spent together at the bar at the Biltmore!)

Dorcas Dvorak, who worked at Chiat (Chicago) from 1988 - 1992 and 1994-97.

Rommel Cinco worked on the Infiniti National account from 1999-2000.

And finally, Cindy Clements ... "Annette Lanotte passed along your website address and I thought I’d drop you a line. I started at Chiat in 1988 in the Spot group in the Dallas office working on the Nissan business when Chiat regionalized. I remember when I moved over and the other agencies said it wouldn’t last and the Chiat office would close within 6 months. HA. Oksana Glass hired me, and shortly after Stacey Lippman came on board. I’m currently at OMD as US Director of Local Broadcast overseeing the regional offices. Still working on the Nissan business after all these years. (along with many other OMD accounts as well as with TBWA, BBDO and DDB) Love your website. It’s great to see all the updates from the alumni."

August 02, 2006

A new product from Colgate!


Max Colgate, son of "Tedster" Colgate, former C/D Mac guru, now CIO of TBWA, is born!

See exciting photos here

Says Ted ...

Little Max had an email address before he was born, and sent out his first email when he was only 1 day old!

July 31, 2006

David Thall


Got a note the other day from David Thall. (Actually, it was the other week - I'm way behind in my jay/day hosting duties.)

Hi Steve,

I'm an alumni of C/D NY from the 80s and 90s. Third staff AD Jay hired... and then fired at 666 Fifth Avenue in '82. Then I returned to freelance there many times over the years. I guess it was about finding the right relationship.

I just got my website online, so I'm actually kind of excited that I finally have a way to show my work without shlepping the book around!

July 27, 2006

Robin Rotenier


Our own Robin Rotenier who was in the New York office first in accounting and then account services has been granted the Mortimer Ritter award at Radio City Music Hall this June. It's a big deal. The award is presented each year to an FIT alumnus who has shown excellence in the fields of design and design. Previous recipients include Calvin Klein and Norma Kamali. Neither of which can hold a candle to Robin in the lovely dreamy accent category.

Robin left the firm and while the worlds of client billing and accounts receivable grieved, he began his own jewelry design business. Last time I saw him he was having tiny trunk show. Next thing I know, he's calling Adelaide and I while drinking champagne at lunch and celebrating his big award. He always had class.

Here is a snap of Robin receiving the award.

And don't forget to pick up some of his amazing work next time you are in Bergdorf's, Bailey Biddle & Banks, Neiman Marcus or one of those other lowbrow joints...or see his work online.

Tom Schumacher

A jay/day welcome to Tom Schumacher, who worked in the NY office in the mid-90's and again in 2003 or so, says he.

July 01, 2006

A jay/day howdy to ...

... to the following alums, who have found themselves:

Cindy Galler "(Wigoda when I first started at Chiat/Day). I worked there for 4 years - 1989 - 1992."

Josh Van Steenbergen
. "I worked at Chiat/Day Los Angeles from 1989 - 1993 on the Nissan account."

June 21, 2006

Happy jay/day


I'm in Charlotte, NC, on business, and am here with the former C/D NY Account Planner, Ted Nelson. Ted is doing focus groups for a secret website project for which I'm the creative director. I also had dinner last night here in Charlotte with the lovely Eve Luppert, who is head of human resources for Landdesign, a big landscape architectural firm.

I hope you have a lovely jay/day!

What's jay/day you ask? Read this:


June 04, 2006

Lost alums

When I sent out the last mass mailing, the following alums turned up missing. If you know where they are, have them contact me and provide me with updated contact information:

John Shrair, Alex Lyus, Mike Sweeney, Joe Calabrese, Hilary Cochran, Chris Tallman, and Jon Hartman

Alisa Cohen-Kessler


This lovely photo of Alisa Cohen-Kesller and her son was enclosed in a newsletter from her health consulting company, LifeBerries. Here's her recipe for steamed spring vegetables ...

Recipe of the Month: Spring Sprouting Steamer Prep Time: 3 minutes Cook Time: 5 minutes Serves: 4

1 zucchini
1 summer squash
1 package mixed crunchy sprouts (lentil, adzuki, mung, garbanzo)
3 tablespoons of freshly chopped tarragon
1 tablespoon of ghee (clarified butter) or butter
4 lemon wedges
salt to taste
1. Slice zucchini and summer squash in circles, about 1/4 inch thick and steam with
sprouts for about 5 minutes or until desired tenderness.
2. Toss with tarragon, ghee and salt in bowl.
3. Serve with lemon wedge.
Try fresh herbs like parsley, dill, cilantro, or mint for a totally different taste.

May 25, 2006

Heather Harris

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

There, on the far left - it's that bubbly British redhead, Heather Harris! Did you know that Heather is now a big-time personal and corporate coach? She bounces back and forth between the U.K. and NYC. And there's Dede right next to her. Dede/Heather - do you know who else is shown in this photo? If so, add a comment ...

May 24, 2006

Bradford Briggs


C/D NY alum Bradford Briggs. I can't remember what Bradford did (besides look good at parties!) As I recall, he was a former West Point cadet.

May 21, 2006

Missing alums

As a result of this week's mass mailing, I've discovered that the following alums have vanished (i.e., their email addresses no longer work.)

Nancy Hill, Marty Weiss, Steven Landsberg, Sarah Ibsen, Jack Ginsberg,and Phil Lanier.

John Upton


Thank you to Scott Marticke for informing us of the passing of John Upton, who worked on the Nissan account at Chiat/Day Los Angeles for many years. Here was the email Scott received announcing John's death.

Dear Friends,

In case you haven’t heard the horrible news, I am devastated to report a great friend of us all, and the advertising community, has passed away. John Keith Upton died Friday night, 2/3 of a heart attack. He was 55.

A great group of friends his ski team buddies, Kevin Mize, Rick ONeill, Gene Backer and myself were with him for our annual ski trip. This year in Telluride. He died after dinner at 10 p.m. Thankfully, it was immediate he did not realize what he was going through. He was on his way to the rest room downstairs in the restaurant. He had coronary arrest and died even before falling in the landing. Paramedics worked tirelessly to revive him, but to no avail he was gone immediately. Many people already have heard this tragic news. If I have inadvertently left any close friends off this list, please forward. It's difficult, but...he died caring for you all and doing the things he loved most: mountains, friends, wine, fun. We are all sorry we couldn’t enjoy his love and zest for life for many more years. I know all of you to whom I send this loved John as I did. Our blessings and Gods graces to a great person, John Upton.

John C. Seibel
VP Director of Brand Initiatives
Colman Brohan Davis

Here is a copy of the invitation to John's memorial, which was held February 25th, and here's a lovely piece by Scott about that memorial.

Ted Nelson


As I've mentioned before, I'm working on a consulting project in Cambridge, MA. My client needed somebody brilliant to help them with research and branding, so I suggested C/D alum Ted Nelson, who is one of the founders of Mechanica in Newburyport, MA. Here are Ted and I in a meeting at my office last Friday. And no, we did not call each other that morning to coordinate our wardrobe.

As long as I'm playing rainmaker, let me tell you that Allurent, the software company I am consulting for is looking to ramp up its design staff. Many of you have contacts in the realm of interactive design. If so, please alert them to this job opportunity. This is one great company. The founders all came from Art Technology Group, one of the most renowned software companies in Boston.


We are seeking a full-time Flash designer / engineer with strong graphics and user interaction design capabilities.

* design and develop Flash and AJAX based consumer-facing user interfaces
* produce and present sketches of conceptual design ideas and static graphics deliverables to internal audience as well as clients
* collaborate with developers and use developer-orientated tools to merge design deliverables into product
* work with clients to incorporate brand and feature requirements into the design deliverables

* minimum of 7yrs of interactive design experience
* minimum of 4yrs of experience in Flash, strong working knowledge of ActionScript
* strong communication and presentation skills
* proven abilities to work efficiently in a start-up environment
* strong typography skills

* experience creating motion graphics
* experience creating e-commerce user experiences

If that sounds like you, please send your resume to

Jane Newman's Thorn Tree Project Benefit

Douglas Atkin, Val Laskos, and Jane Newman

Jay/day cub reporter Adelaide Horton filed this report from the recent benefit for Jane Newman's Thorn Tree school program, hosted by Clodagh Design.

It was a successful evening. Jane gave a very interesting presentation and she was trying to raise $25,000 for a well for the schools.

The current well was dug by hand and because of the draught, it is called a 6 deep well. That means it takes a chain of 6 warriors passing up water to the top. The water is contaminated at night by the baboons and other animals seeking water. It is also 2km from the school!

After 5 years there are more than 700 children in school.

Continue reading "Jane Newman's Thorn Tree Project Benefit" »

May 20, 2006

Alums found

Thought I'd lost Doug Kim, but he turned up in my mailbox the other day. Doug was a writer at Chiat NY from 1992-1993. He is now working behind this doorbell in New York City.

Also heard from Tom Cordner: "I was at Chiat 1980-1983 and 1984-1986 art director working with Penny Kappousouz and Brent Bouchez."

And last, but certainly not least, is Scott Marticke.

Hey Steve…doing fine-I ran the Nissan Regional account in NY for four years and then became GM of the Atlanta office-decided to stay in Atlanta when the office closed. I’m Director of New Biz for Grey Worldwide Atlanta… Still married to Adele-two kids, Emma 16 and Sam 10 3 dogs and some fish living in Roswell Ga since ’92.

May 10, 2006

Mary Maroun

Former C/D NYer Mary Maroun has been named to head Arnold in New York. (Thanks, Adelaide, for the tip!)


Mary Maroun Named President of Arnold New York

Was Y&R North America Managing Partner
By Matthew Creamer and Lisa Sanders

Published: May 08, 2006

NEW YORK ( -- Y&R North America Managing Partner Mary Maroun is leaving the WPP Group-owned agency to run Arnold, New York, effective June 5, the Havas agency said in a statement.

Arnold has been searching for a president for its New York operation for a few months, following the appointment of Fran Kelly to president-CEO of Arnold's U.S. operations. He had been overseeing New York operations since the departure of Mary Baglivo to Saatchi & Saatchi in 2004 and splitting his time between New York and Boston, where the agency is headquartered.

Joined Y&R in 2004
Ms. Maroun joined Y&R in July 2004. A veteran of WPP's Grey Worldwide in South Africa, and also Omnicom Group's TBWA/Chiat/Day, New York, where she was president and managing director, Ms. Maroun had run a consulting business, Combustion, as well as a small advertising firm, Love Collective, immediately prior to joining Y&R.

Though Ms. Maroun was Y&R North America's managing partner, as the the agency's needs changed and her superiors shuffled management duties, she focused largely on activities within Y&R's New York office.

Gord McLean, CEO, Y&R North America, said an announcement regarding a successor to Ms. Maroun will be made "imminently."

At Arnold, Ms. Maroun will run an office that has shown some new-business momentum of late, having picked up work from marketers like Hershey Co. and Lee Jeans. The move reunites Ms. Maroun with Chief Creative Officer-Managing Partner John Staffen. The pair had worked together at TBWA.

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April 20, 2006

Annette Cerbone


It's "upfront" season again, which means life is very, very busy for Annette Cerbone, who was Network Supervisor for Chiat/Day NY and is still buying network advertising today!

April 19, 2006

Rosie's turn


It's Roseann (McNulty) Santamaria's birthday today! Here she is with her pride and joy, D.J. (David Joseph) who is 3-1/2 years old.

More welcomes

A jay/day howdy to lost alums ...

John Kerr ….
“I stumbled across your site, and it put a huge grin on my face. I was with C/D from 1987-1995 (end of the Biltmore era, the warehouse and the binocular building). I’m currently with Copacino+Fujikado in Seattle.
Jon Spurney … whose name I happened to run across in Time Out a few months back. The ad was for a screening of a silent film, with piano accompaniment by “Jon Spurney.” When quizzed by email, Jon said this was indeed him.
I've been providing improvised piano accompaniment for silent films at MoMA and AMMI in Queens for over ten years now. Playing for "So Long Letty" at the New York Public Library was a thrill, as it was just re-discovered; half of all films made before 1925 no longer exist, and no one had seen this film since 1924!

April 17, 2006

Some welcomes

A jay/day howdy to lost alums …

Jennifer Wilson …. who worked in the Toronto office from 1988 to 1994, where she became a planner under the guidance of both Steve Hancock and Hugh Duthie.

Steve Gordon … who worked in the art studio in New York.

Merritt Walters, now Merritt Hiles ….

I was a NY C/D alum in the late 90s starting on 5th and then moving to Maiden Lane. Now, after much sound and fury, I am settled down in Austin with my husband and working for Whole Foods Market. Can't be further from the advertising industry but, in a strange way, still enjoying the counter-culture industry factor Jay and the amazing agency introduced me to.

April 15, 2006

Ted Nelson


A few weeks ago, I put out an "all points bulletin" asking the community to find former C/D NY account planner Ted Nelson. I had nothing particular in mind. It just occured that he'd dropped off the map when he left Mullen a few years ago and I always remember Ted as being particularly bright and funny.

Within days, he turned up in my mailbox. Turns out he's running a strategy/branding company in Newburyport, MA, called Mechanica.

Just two days later, a client of the company I am consulting for in Boston asked me if I could suggest a strategy/branding company for his new product launch. I called Ted immediately and said, "Hey, Ted. I think I have a client for you!" I am organizing a new business expedition to Newburyport on Tuesday.

It pays to jay/day.

Dave Yoder

Gene Crocker, formerly of the SF office, sent me this article from the archives of the San Francisco Examiner. Besides reminding us of the tremendous contribution of SF Media Director Dave Yoder, the article provides some interesting "backstory" on the famous 1984 Apple ad.

P.S. David Yoder is on our "alumni" missing list, so if you have his email address, please send it to me.

Thursday, August 6, 1998
SF Examiner


When Apple Computer launched the Macintosh with its now-famous "1984"

Super Bowl TV commercial, the buzz the morning after was about the ad's shrewd use of Orwellian imagery. The trudging automatons in thrall to Big Brother (technology as oppressor) were set free by the Mac (technology asliberator) suddenly, totally and dramatically.

"We wanted people to look up and say, "What the hell was that?' " recalls David Yoder, a prime mover behind the iconic Apple ad.

Yoder is a long-time San Francisco advertising-business wiz specializing in technology campaigns. He did not create the "1984" spot, but was instrumental in scheduling it during the Super Bowl telecast and ensuring it went to a full 60 seconds - not 30 seconds or 15 seconds - to expand the narrative and help the ad cut through the clutter. Shown just once, "1984" became one of the most memorable ads of the past 15 years.

"I still get the shivers when I see it," Yoder says.

"Ever since then, everyone has tried to duplicate it."

Yoder, a trim 60, recently retired as vice president and media director in the San Francisco office of Anderson & Lembke. Widely considered one of the best minds in high-tech branding and positioning, Yoder has exchanged the fast-lane life associated with Microsoft and Apple accounts for hikes with his wife, Elizabeth, in the hills of Tuscany.

Although Yoder is gone, he is not forgotten.

Continue reading "Dave Yoder" »

April 14, 2006

100 Years of Nothing


This just in from Denzil Meyers ...

April 13, 2006. 

Hello, Three anniversaries are in the air...

1 - Next week on Tues 18 April at 5:13:59 am is 100 years since the 1906 earthquake and fire that destroyed much of San Francisco. Every year, the city has a ceremony at Kearney & Market at that time, starting with a handful of fire engines blasting their sirens, then a song, then interviews with anyone they can find who was alive in 1906 and is still alive today. Its a colorful San Francisco event, with people in period costumes, vodka drinks by the Fire Department Ladies' Auxiliary, men and their 10 year old sons in wide-brimmed felt hats, and plenty of cigars. I'll be riding my tall bike, and everyone is invited. You can be at work on time, easily, so that's no excuse, even if you take a detour immediately afterwards to 20th & Church in the Mission to spray paint the fire hydrant gold with the mayor, fire department, and some real old-timers. Unless you live in another time zone.

2 - 13 April 1906 is the birth date of Samuel Beckett. Info on the rabid international Beckett centenary. My favorites are his first novel Murphy; the plays Krapp's Last Tape and Happy Days; and the story collection More Pricks Than Kicks. Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead is a Godot/Hamlet mashup, clever in a way that could only come from Tom Stoppard. The first lines of Murphy are — "The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new. Murphy sat out of it, as if he were free, in a mew in West Brompton...".    But I digress...

3 - Sometime in April 2006 will mark my own 20 years in advertising. Wow, it's been the most fantastic thing I could have never imagined. If you're reading this, thank you. And I look forward to many years more. Whatever I've achieved has been due to a total lack of planning — I've been busy enough trying to figure out where I am. Sometimes, its felt like 100 years, but only for very short periods of time. I've been lucky when it comes to timing & teachers & clients over the years. What a great way to make a living.

4 - Ok this is just a shameless plug for the annual Twilight Zone series at the Darkroom Theatre in the Mission, and for you to come see me on stage in "Escape Clause" (1963) on May 25, 26, 27 (Thurs-Sat). Its a great series — 2 different shows each weekend, 8 different directors & casts in the full run. And 4 Rod Serling impersonators. Its all in the eyebrows...

More info about all these topics on my blog. Hope this finds you thriving.


denzil j. meyers
moderating • strategy • workshops
organizational culture & consumer brands

415.643.6728 (voice) (blog)

April 11, 2006

Hy Yablonka and Tom Burr

A request came in today from Chuck Phillips for any knowledge of the whereabouts of two of the people who helped Chiat/Day in its infancy ...

when chiat/day was founded in 1968 there were two minority partners: hy yablonka (jay's side) and tom burr (guy's). both were very special people in my life. i'm aware hy suffered a stroke about 15 years ago that took him out of the business (last i heard he was living in manhattan beach, california). tom was a founding principal of abert, newhoff and burr which went defunct in the late 80's. he took a job in new york for someone like dentsu and then totally disappeared. tom was my first c/d boss and a damn fine one. (some chiat/day trivia): tom was once a kid actor who sang a duet ("high hopes") with bing crosby in "going my way." he left the movie business after losing the starring role to claude jarman jr in "the yearling." do you know either of their whereabouts? (at this time of life i'm getting gun shy of asking questions like this). - chuck

[Editor's note: I remember Hy Yablonka merelly because his name was so fun to say!]

April 10, 2006

Pete Kearney



Since I was fortunate to travel from office to office for Chiat/Day, I got to know so many great people. One of my favorites was a receptionist at the warehouse, Pete Kearney. He had a wicked sense of humor, as this photo of him sitting on the potty at his daughter’s school testifies.

I got this great note from Pete the other day and, at my request, he provided me with these great photos of him and his wife, Melanie.

i stumbled across your website a few days ago and thought i would try to get in touch.not sure if you remember me. i was a receptionist at the old warehouse in la and then a broadcast assistant in the binocular building. i believe you were out there for the chrysalis meetings when i met you.

i started at c/d in february of 1992 and left at the end of 1995. i had wanted to be a writer and have since done so, working at places like deutsch, mcann (ny and seattle) plus a few other freelance places. right now i'm at hill holliday ny writing, working on verizon wireless, aol and aer lingus.

it's been a long time since those wondrous days at c/d la. but there isn't a week that goes by that i don't talk fondly of that time and place.

you know i have worked many places, and learned many things along the way. in all honesty, i can still say that c/d, more importantly the people i met there, taught me how advertising is SUPPOSED to work.

pete Kearney

April 09, 2006

And now a word about our host ...


I'd like to interrupt our usual programming for a word about me. Since leaving Chiat/Day in 1995, I have become a professional writer, with my work appearing in the New York Times and Fast Company. I even won a writing award from Ernest Hemingway’s granddaughter. I have an oeuvre. And I have been working for what seems like an eternity on a novel. But I have also kept a toe in technology, helping a variety of companies discover that information they have always thought of as "back office" has strategic value; that in a world where margins are wafer-thin, the delivery of smart data, pushed through email and intranets, can not only improve workflow, it can improve profits.

An opportunity arose a few weeks ago to work with some old friends at an e-commerce software company in Boston called Allurent. I am commuting from New York City and living in Cambridge four days a week, acting as creative director for the design of a website that will change cyberspace as we know it. I can tell you nothing about it because of client confidentiality, but it is soooo cool.


April 04, 2006

Robin Raj

From the Dede Dalton McMahon collection.

Former C/D NY copywriter Robin Raj.

March 28, 2006

Russell Wager

the wagers.jpg
The Wagers, Russell and Dawn

A jay/day howdy to an alum who found our happy little website, Russell Wager.

I started in the Dallas office from 90-94, then moved to the Venice office from 94-96, then moved to the DC office from 96-97, then back to the Venice/Playa office from 98-03. All the time working on either Nissan or Infiniti on the account side.

March 12, 2006

Andrew Greenberg


A jay/day howdy to alum Andrew Greenberg, a planner from the San Francisco office, who has turned up running his very own brand marketing agency.

Thanks to Gene Crocker for reporting his whereabouts.


Gone missing

Every time I send out a mass mailing, some emails bounce back, meaning that the email address I have for one of our alums no longer works.

Jack Ginsberg and Phil Latcholia have vanished.

March 08, 2006

Lee Clow


Surfer dude and creative genius, Lee Clow, from an article in the Los Angeles Times Magazine long ago.

February 24, 2006

Jackie End

Jackie End, photographed once every five years for the last two decades.

I was dining out at Steak Frites the other night with some C/D alums, one of whom was the everlastingly lovely Jackie End. I accused Jackie of having some sort of pact with the devil goin' on, because she looks as youthful as ever. We all begged to know her beauty secrets and I asked her to email them to me. Here's what Jackie uses ...

Natrol Alpha Lipoic Acid - 300 mg. capsules - one or two a day. good for skin and weight loss.

Solgar Co Q-10 - 100 mg. Softgels one or two a day. helps prevent aging. combats effects of smoking.

Natrol Green Tea - 500 mg. good anti-oxidant. acts as a diuretic.

Solgar Natural Vitamin E - 400 IU softgels - one a day.

Natrol Melatonin - 1 mg. tablets (don't go above this) take before bed. excellent anti-oxidant also said to prevent aging.

Taking a B complex and a C complex is good, too.


Wash your face (it's best if you really get soaked so I usually do it after an evening shower.) While your face is still wet, smear Vaseline all over. Blot your face with tissues. Actually just stick tissues all over your face and then peel them off. Then go to sleep. If you've got really nice bed linens you should use an old pillowcase when you do this.

The name of the hydroxy I've been using - Paul Begoun Beta Hydroxy 2% - the lotion, not the gel. The Paula Begoun stuff is sooo much less expensive and since she's the original debunker of the costmetics industry she tends to keep things simple.

Also, check out I now take bioidentical hormones which is hormone replacement compounded specifically for the results of your blood tests. You have to take blood tests every 3 months for the first year then just once a year. I've never felt better. Even if you're not interested the downloadable info on the site is excellent.

February 09, 2006

Carol and Dede

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Here is Carol Madonna (Jay's LA assistant) and Dede Dalton (Jay's NY assistant) with what I must presume was a Rutger's yearbook photo of Jay.

February 06, 2006

More Scot Blakely

And while we're on the topic of Scot Blakely, check out this email exchange between Scot and Jay. Jay must have complained about the smell of spray mount coming from the studio. Here's Scot's explanation on the dangers of spray mount and his assurance that he was looking for an alternative:

View Scot's email to Jay. [Close pop-up window after reading.]

And now here's Jay's reply.

By the way, do you know that if you click on all four of the ads at the top of the screen, your clicks will help pay for this website. Just don't look at 'em, click 'em!

Scott Blakely


I have been extremely remiss in not posting this news I received from Scot Blakely.

A special event he spearheaded, along with his employer DIESEL Canada, won the Best Special Event award showcased during the Toronto International Film Festival in September. This annual event will benefit DATA (debt, AIDS, trade, Africa) co-founded by BONO and Bobby Shriver). Its mission is to eliminate poverty in sub-Saharan Africa by raising awareness of the crisis plaguing the region.

It will also benefit The Lou Adler Foundation (a Canadian based not-for-profit organization) that supports Canadians who suffer from catastophic illness, under privileged children and poverty. And also a percentage of the proceeds went to Hurricane Katrina relief.

Visit the website.

February 01, 2006

Denzil Meyers


This is a chance of a lifetime. You, yes you, could have former C/D NY Account Planner Denzil Meyers as a tenant! Denzil lives in San Francisco, but spends a lot of time in New York. Says Denzil ...

Do you know anyone who is moving, or wants to sublet for 12-18 months? I'm in NYC once or twice a month, for a few days at a time. An apt is sooo much better than a hotel, even with my usual hotel being the Algonquin... I don't require much vermin-free, some light perhaps, proximity to the subway. Small & cheap is perfect. I know, that's what everyone wants.

If you know of something, contact Denzil at ...


January 29, 2006

Lost Alums

And now for a list of "lost alums," people whose email addresses are bouncing back with a "not found" message. If you see your name here, you are, to paraphrase Steven Colbert, "lost to me." Please report your location. If you know someone on this list, please have them get in touch with me ...

Corey Weiss, Phil Latcholia,Doug Kim, and Jack Ginsberg (who wrote me on Friday that he was leaving his current job, but forgot to give me a forwarding address!)

New (and found alums)

Irina Lapin, who was lost and now is found again. (Thanks, Wes!)

Vanesa Lopez (Alcazar), who worked for Chiat/Day in Venice 88-91 then C/D/M-NY and back to TBWA\C\D SF. Vanesa is now running a fitness center for new moms in Peninsula, California.

Christine Corden. Sr. Business Affairs Manager in LA office from 1994 - 1999. "I worked for Dori Schiller, Elaine Hinton and Richard O'Neill. I left Chiat in 1999 to become a recruiter in LA and I work with Gilly Taylor (formerly Taylor Chiu)."

And the fabulous Amy Ward! "I was in billing in NY at the time of Jon Spurney, Janet, Yu Ling, etc...then as an account person with Mark Shafer, Annette Mcconnell, and Monica Burnick and Susan Goodman....etc."

January 24, 2006

Tom Harbeck

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Tom Harbeck, an account supervisor at Chiat/Day New York, in a new business promotional piece. I have no idea where Tom is now (if you do, please contact me), but from what I can Google, he is the former SVP, Sundance Channel and Nickelodeon Television, and currently serves on the Board of Advisors for iFilm.

January 14, 2006

Steve and Leslie Hunt


I owe my whole career in technology to Steve Hunt, who was Chiat/Day's CFO back in the Biltmore days. He and his wife, Leslie (a.ka.a "Leslie Sullivan," who worked for me supporting the infamous Wang system) have become real estate magnates!

Writes Steve ...

I think I mention to you some time ago that, having failed at retirement, Leslie and I have embarked on new careers in Real Estate. We have selected two special locations in which to specialize. First, May - October at the Jersey Shore, more specifically the northern shore in eastern Monmouth County, which offer easy high speed ferry access to Manhattan, for those who can't do without the stimuli of the City.

Second, November - April (more or less) in Sedona, AZ, a uniquely beautiful location for vacation, second or retirement homes. We even have Vortex's for the more spiritually inclined.


Providing a superior level of informed, professional real estate services to buyers and sellers in the Sedona and Verde Valley area. Sedona was voted the most beautiful place in America by USA Weekend. Whether attracted by the stunning Red Rock scenery, mild four season climate, the culture & arts, golf, hiking, the legendary cowboy films & vortexs or some combination of these, Sedona is truly a unique location for a vacation, seasonal second, or year round home or investment property. Surrounded by National Forests, Sedona is destined to remain a special place with special value.

To learn more go


Providing a superior level of informed, professional residential real estate services to home buyers and sellers in Monmouth County and the New Jersey Shore including Rumson, Fair Haven, Red Bank, Middletown, Little Silver, Long Branch, Oceanport, Monmouth Beach, Sea Bright, Highlands and Atlantic Highlands. >From rural horse country to ocean front at our beautiful beaches, you will be impressed with our exceptional variety of life styles, within easy commute of NYC by car, rail or fast ferry. Please let us and Resources Real Estate be "Your Real Estate Resource".

To learn more go to...

At any rate I hope all is well with you and that you have a very enjoyable holiday.

Best regards,



January 09, 2006

Flashmob photos

Darren Isabelle
Neilan Tyree

That's Darren, Sonny Senthavong in the middle, and Adelaide Horton on the right.

Jim Reedy

John Marco

Jim Reedy again, momentarily stunned by the flash.

Here are the photos from Friday's "Hurricane Katrina" flashmob at Old Town in NYC. Ok, two problems - first of all, I got a new digital camera and I have no idea what all of the various buttons do, which explains the lousy quality of the photos. (It took me six shots before I realized I needed to turn the flash on.) Secondly, I was wearing my new contact lenses, which are lousy, which means that after taking the picture, I could not see how they looked on the LCD screen.

But that's all beside the point. The point was that a good time was had by all.

Darren Isabelle is now living in Houston, where he is working with a faith-based organization helping evacuees from New Orleans.

Neilan Tyree is still living in New Orleans, but doing a lot of work for clients in NY, so he's here quite frequently.

Both of them were VERY fortunate in that their homes escaped virtually unscathed by the hurricane. So the message they wanted to convey to everyone was that they are in GREAT shape, even if the city is not.

January 06, 2006



Don't forget! Flashmob tonight for Darren Isabelle at the Old Town Bar, 18th St., between Fifth and Park Avenue, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

We'll be on the SECOND FLOOR.

January 03, 2006

Flashmob for Darren Isabelle


Darren Isabelle, C/D NY's irrepressibly jolly Mac support whiz, is in New York this week and in honor of his having survived the exodus from New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina, I am declaring that there will be a flashmob on Friday, January 6th, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Old Town Bar, 45 E 18th St. between Park and Fifth Avenue. We'll be upstairs on the 2nd floor.

Even if you don't remember Darren (as if such a thing were possible), drop on by as there is probably someone there you will remember. (Wear a C/D t-shirt if you have one.)

January 01, 2006

Lynn Sosa


So there I was in LA at the new Walt Disney Hall, trying to find which door I was supposed to go in, when I heard somebody calling my name. Who should I run into but Lynn Sosa! (Some of you may remember her as Lynn Petrulas.) She worked at C/D in LA at the original Olympic Boulevard office and then at the Biltmore Hotel. Lynn was head of traffic. Lynn and her husband, Jeff Parkin, and her mother, Shirley Rensel, were attending the Chanticleer Christmas Concert.

(The photo was taken about a year ago when Lynn and her family were visiting New York. That's me in the tie.)

December 13, 2005

Darren Isabelle


Guess who's comin' to town. Well, yes, of course, Santa. But then after Santa? Darren Isabelle, everybody's favorite Mac support guy and Hurricane Katrina survivor. He'll be in New York City January 5th through the 8th. I will be throwing a flashmob for him on one of those nights. Details to follow. Watch this space!

November 30, 2005

Doug Knopper


This time it's Doug Knopper's turn to announce a shiny new job. He's the new CEO at BitPass, a cool e-commerce company that, among other things, allows consumers to buy digital content from online publishers without revealing any of their credit card or personal information.

Doug was at Chiat/Day in SF from 1989-1991 on Nissan, and then in the New York office as Group Account Director from 1994-1998 on Nissan, Wonderbra, Chivas, Maxim Magazine, Champion, and the infamous Firestone. Most recently, he was a Senior Vice-President and General Manager at DoubleClick.

Congratulations, Doug!

Here's the press release from BitPass ....

Continue reading "Doug Knopper" »

November 23, 2005

Nigel Carr


Everybody's favorite British pixie, Nigel Carr, has joined Ogilvy as a Group Planning Director to work on the Morgan Stanley account and new business and recruiting and all of the myriad things Nigel does so well.


November 20, 2005

Run on, Louise!


Louise Seeley (who was the wife of NY Creative Director Bob Dion) is marathoning again! Says Louise ....

To my wonderful Friends and Family, This will be my last update before the Honolulu Marathon on December 11! I'm so excited and, of course, a little nervous! Thanks again to all of you who have been so generous in donating to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on my behalf. I was just informed that my deadline for receiving donations has been moved to November 28. Quite of few of you have told me you were planning on donating, so now is the time! You can either donate online. I know everyone is asked for donations for so many things, and I truly understand if you choose not to donate. I know I have your moral support and that means so much, too! Please visit my website and check out my progress! Love to you all, Louise

Sean Hardwick

The peripatetic Sean Hardwick is now "running Taco Bell" for FCB in Irvine. Free Chipotle Grilled Stuft Burritos for all C/D alums, Sean?

November 19, 2005

Darren Isabelle

I got this report from Darren Isabelle (NY MIS) who had to evacuate his home in New Orleans:

I am doing well. Although my house had very minor damage, I have decided to stay in Houston for at least a year. The city is a mess, it's smells bad and it ain't pretty! I have been traveling back and forth every two weeks since the city opened. It truly is amazing to see the effort that is being put forward by so many people that aren't even from New Orleans. I see Police and Firemen from everywhere. New York, New Jersey, Chicago, etc. The National Guard is still a very strong presence in the city. It's very weird to have your life turned upside down and inside out. This will affect us for years to come. Sometimes it's hard to think clearly. It's like the world's axis has been tilted a whole different way. AND IT'S BIZARRE!. I'm starting to sleep better and relax a little. It has helped receiving letters and gifts from all of you guys. It's helps to know there are friends out there that are ready to give you a hand up when you need it. I feel very blessed in all of this. Thank you and everyone else. I truly appreciate the love that has been shown to me and my family. God bless the whole gang! (Oh, he has already. We all got to meet and be a part of something very special that will live on for a long long time.) Darren : )

November 18, 2005

Lisa Scroggins

From our resident ceramics genius, Lisa Scroggins (see 10/17/05 entry), comes this announcement of her upcoming appearance ...

I am showing my art at the Park Avenue Armory, December 2-4. Hours are 3-8 Friday, 11-6 Saturday, and 12-5 Sunday.

It is a juried show with about 185 artists- Ceramics, glass, wood, mixed medium, fiber and jewelery. Admission is $12.

It's a great show and all artists are of course selling their creations.

For more info and an admission coupon, click here.

November 13, 2005

Guess whose birthday it is today!


It's Adelaide Horton's birthday today, an event I look forward to every year because for four blessed months, she is older than me!

New alums found

Marion Z. Murphy, who is is starting work at GroupM in Jan. and who now has two children! Photos have been demanded and will be posted here as soon as they have been provided.

And Dawn Preston!

hi steve...know your name but can't remember who the hell you are. i ran into alisa cohen (producer) who i used to work with and she gave me the scoop on this website. very cool idea. funny to see names you haven't even thought of in 10 years! okay so here's another one...mine: dawn prestom and my husband rob slosberg. we both worked there at the same time in......'94? '93? don't was the dick sittig / ty montague / reebok / dan and dave days. rob and i did a few of the commercials (art director / writer). well, i'll keep on peeking at the website to see the latest. take care steve.---dawn

November 12, 2005

Ted Colgate



Today is Ted Colgate's 14th anniversay of working for TBWA. You will recall that Tedster started out in the NY MIS department as the "Mac support guy." Today he is the BIG KAHUNA of technology for TBWA worldwide!

November 09, 2005

Harold Mann


One of the smartest hires I ever made was in the SF office, when I stole a media assistant named Harold Mann and made him into an MIS guy. (I asked Harold to verify that I had indeed stole him from media and he wrote back "Yes, I was working for Camille Johnson and somehow you were able to top their golden handcuffs of $18K/yr.")

Here is Harold and his lovely wife, Nancy. Not only do they have their own blog, but their daughter and son both have one, too!

Harold's consulting company provides top notch technical support to creative professionals in the Bay Area.

November 08, 2005

Bob Perkins

From today's Liz Smith column in the New York Post ...

. . . Now comes my agent, the mighty Joni Evans, who leaves the William Morris agency come January 2006, after 11 happy years, to try a different career. (She was for 25 years an editor-publisher for S&S and Random House.) Joni has kept Marcus Buckingham, Peggy Noonan, Fannie Flagg, John Stossel, James Patterson, Julie Morgenstern, Ann Coulter and little old me as clients all this time. She says, "I haven't thought out the strategy, but I'd like to serve the book community in some catalytic way. It's the only form of media that hasn't changed in decades. I'd like to start my own company; be a part of a new kind of publishing."

Perhaps Joni's new lease on life has something to do with her "happy daze" romance with business guy Bob Perkins. She has that glow of serenity and success these days, and her pals wish her all the best.

Yep, that's our Bob Perkins, of Perkins-Butler.

November 07, 2005

Marv Rich

i hate red.jpg


Another great "out of the blue" email has arrived from an old alum. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello again to one of the all-time C/D classics: Marv Rich!

I spent the mid-seventies through the early nineties in the creative departments of Chiat/Day. First Los Angeles. Then San Francisco. Back to Los Angeles. Then New York. And finally back to San Francisco. And always creating. Creating with Sundland. Creating with Doyle. Creating with Cilliers. Creating with Segall. Creating with Cichy. Creating with Hayes. Creating. Creating. Creating. And then I left Chiat/Day. And then no more creating. Years and years of not creating. Until finally, finally I created four grandchildren. Well, I didnt really create them, but anyway one of them, the last one had red hair and that got me back to creating. I wrote a book. A childrens book mind you, but a book, "I Hate Red." And thats what Im doing now. Writing unpublished childrens books. Just click below to read my book.


October 24, 2005

Eve Luppert, Pastor PeeWee

aileenwedding1.jpg aileenwedding2.bmp

When Eve Luppert's niece, Aileen, and her fianc Brian Coppola were making plans for their wedding, they wanted a minister to marry them who would publicly acknowledge that there were friends attending the wedding who were denied the same right to marry that they had.

So Auntie Eve became a mail-order minister. That's right, she joined the Church of Free Will, whose doctrine, says Eve, is "do what ever the heck you want...just don't mess up other people while you do."

Says Eve, "I am available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, baptisms, and commitment ceremonies. I'll even bless a nasty divorce for the right price!"

October 17, 2005

Lisa Scroggins

Lisa-and-max.jpg emma.jpg

lizard.jpg teapots.jpg

This update recently arrived from the multi-taking Lisa Scroggins, who works at the designer Alexander Isley, is the wife of C/D alum Jonathan Lee, as well as the mother of Emma (6) and Max (9), and still finds time to turn out fine ceramics.

Great weblog. It is really awesome you keep so many of us together. I hadn't logged on in a few months and loved seeing Kelly Smeltzer (one of my best friends at Chiat)

I am still creating and selling through galleries and american fine craft shows (NYC park avenue armory- Dec 2,3,4 2005) Rodney Pringle was good enough to come to my show last year and hang out with me.

Sean and Anne McCarthy


This morning's mailbox brought this very welcome howdy from an alum from the glorious days of C/D at 79 Fifth Avenue ...

My name's Sean McCarthy, and I worked at Chiat/Day New York (then known as Chiat/Day/Mojo) from August, 1990 until November, 1993 on the Nissan Regional business.

What great memories, and what a great first job to have out of college (I had no idea that people actually drank and went out once they became "grownups"...and I surely languished in my Assistant Media Planner position for longer than I should have because I was having so much fun).

Memories of mine include:
- Random "let's have a party" events...whether it be a scavenger hunt, a party at a local bar, or a random gathering on the terrace.
- The Christmas party at Industria where people converged from the ends of the earth during a Nor' Easter...
- Sitting on the 7th Floor by the mailroom, listening to John Zissimos announce the name of everyone who waked by ("Ladies and Gentleman, Mr.
BOB ZACH...and on and on all day...)
- Doug Katz being named "Best Dressed Man in Advertising" by Adweek
- Company picnics that would probably result in lawsuits these days.
- Realizing over time that we were surrounded with real, expensive art...whether it be the photo montage from the Mayflower Hotel, or the tree branch hanging over the 7th floor reception desk.
- Jay's "apartment" on the 7th floor being used as a crash-pad.
- L'Incontro downstairs with two-for-one martinis...never a good idea.
- Union Square still being seedy...the buildings on the north side basically abandoned at the time.
- 119 Bar - a place I absolutely hated but somehow ended up at every Friday. Seeing Donny Deutch shooting pool there in his pre-svelte days...

More than a decade later, I'm still in the business, having had stints in Account Management at Messner, Ammirati/Puris/Lintas, and then back at Euro RSCG (Messner's latest incarnation), ultimately heading up their Interactive/Direct division in New York.
In April of this year, I resigned from Euro to join a startup called Bulldog New York. I'm very excited about what we're doing, and hoping for great things (

On the personal side, I got married in 1998, and Anne & I had a daughter (Catherine) in April of this year (a picture of all of us is attached). We've lived in Murray Hill since we got married, and are now in the depressing game of trying to find a bigger, baby-friendly place, in today's real estate market.

I'd love to hear from some of the folks I worked with, and was thrilled to randomly come across this site.

E-mail me at

Sean McCarthy

October 12, 2005

Sean Sloane


The Chiat/diaspora extends all the way to sunny Spain. Here's an alum, currently in Madrid, who is doing some networking. Anybody need a Mac expert. Sean Sloane's resume is below!

I am an ex-Chiat employee from San Francisco. I got your contact details from Nigel Carr. I was the guy who was brought in to convert the SF office to a remote office. It was funny to see your Wang ID card. I still remember that system!

I am living in Madrid, Spain and looking for contacts throughout Europe for work in my field. Actually, Chiat was the first exposure to Macs I had. I have stuck with them for the past 14 years and become an expert in workflow and systems issues in creative technologies settings.

I am also going to attach my CV if you know of anyone who may be able to help please pass along my details.

Kind regards,
Sen Sloane
Ten thousand

Download resume

October 09, 2005

Why Say Please?


C/D alum and copywriter extraordinaire Jackie End has written a children's book! "Chicken Fingers, Mac and Cheese...Why Do You Always Have to Say Please?" Read all about it, and even buy a copy by clicking ...


September 25, 2005

Update on Darren

When our last installment on Darren Isabelle left off, he and his mother had escaped from New Orleans and arrived in Houston after a 19-hour drive. What happened to Darren after Houston was ordered evacuated?

We left and went North for a few days but are back in Houston. It was milder than expected but we got out just in case. It seems we are a little Hurricane shy. I wonder why??? : ) I have started getting letters from C/D Alum. It's very heart warming. Hang in there.... Darren : )

September 24, 2005

Susan Wands


The lovely and talented alum Susan Wands is appearing in "The Taste Test" at Virginia Stage Company in Norfolk, VA, now through October 2nd. The play is set in the ad world and Susan says "I'm really channeling Adelaide Horton and Eve Luppert in this one!

Virginia Stage Company presents the world premiere of The Taste Test written by Frank Higgins and directed by Virginia Stage Company's new Artistic Director Chris Hanna. In the mid-1980s, one corporation had more name recognition than "Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha combined": King Cola. After the release of a new formula, sales plummet and three female executives must decide between loyalty or advancement--it's the ultimate taste test. The scene is set for an intriguing look into corporate ethics, if such a thing exists. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. The production runs from September 11 through October 2, 2005.

Here are some great photos of Susan and the cast.

Mark Kelly


My inbox has revealed the existence of alum Mark Kelly ....

I was a summer intern at Chiat in N.Y. in '89. I am now a creative director @JWT in NY. Happy to see Jonathan Lee is popping out kids...and that Steve Juliasson is alive and well in Chicago.... I knew Steve when I worked at O&M in NY. I am going to mine your site for other names. I know I was on none of your lists...but back then I was an unpaid I had to leave at 5 pm to tend I could afford to work there.

September 14, 2005

Jon Spurney

An email today from Jon Spurney, who counts Chiat/Day as the only real job he ever had. And now he is a veritible musical legend!

I doubt that anyone at Chiat/Day would remember me... I was only a floater receptionist for nine months in 1987 in NYC. But I am happy to report that my Chiat/Day employment constituted my only real job and that I have been lucky enough to do nothing but play music professionally for the ensuing 18 years. I still live in New York, a block away from the Old Town (where most of my C/D New York memories are centered), and have been a working session and touring musician ever since I left C/D. I've played and recorded with the likes of David Byrne, Natalie Merchant, They Might Be Giants, Jewel, John Cale, and countless others. I also provide live piano accompaniment for silent films at the Museum of Modern Art and have been doing scoring work (I just finished scoring the first season of a new MTV comedy show). And if anybody out there who's still in the ad business is looking for someone to score their spot I will happily take on the job!

September 08, 2005

Alum Sighting

I was walking down Grand Street in SOHO today on the way to the gym, and who should be sitting in the window at Le Pain Quotidian but Jane Newman and Neilan Tyree!

I didn't have a chance to gab, but Jane's here enjoying the final days of her summer vacation before heading back to Africa and Neilan, who escaped from New Orleans to Ohio about 28 hours before the storm hit, is in New York ... well, being Neilan! He's unsinkable.

September 05, 2005

Kerri and Neal

Welcome to Kerri Valentino and her husband, Neal Hughlett, who both worked in the LA office!

Manual for Merry

Merry Cutler-Baskin writes from the UK ...

I wonder if you can help me - I cannot find my old C/D employee manual, the one in which Sharon Stanley explained that if you didn't get it and were fired after three months it wasn't your fault it was the agency's. I want to show a copy to a small agency I am working with who are trying to establish a culture; something Chiat/Day was so pioneering in. You wouldn't perchance be able to guide me towards a (photo) copy of one via one of these alumni folk - or an electronic one would be gobsmackingly wonderful. It is the whole tone that is so difficult to explain....

We are sitting in UK watching the scenes in New Orleans with our mouths open. A few Brit kids on some school exchange programme just got home having been incarcerated in the superdome where conditions weren't just toxic they were terrifying.

If you have a copy of this manual, please post a comment and let Merry know!

August 31, 2005

Neilan Tyree

I hadn't realized we had so many C/D alums who were affected by Katrina. In addition to Darren Isabelle (see posting below), Neilan Tyree also lives there, and here is an update on Neilan from another C/D alum, Nancy Hill:

Neilan moved to New Orleans about a year ago. Thankfully, he got out last Saturday before Katrina hit. He is staying with his family in Ohio. He has no idea how long he will be "homeless" as he's being told not to even bother going back for the foreseeable future. As always, Neilan is remaining positive and is already trying to figure out how to "rebuild New Orleans" single-handedly. If anyone wants to find him, they can e-mail me:

August 30, 2005

Darren Isabelle

Got this note from Darren Isabelle this morning, who is a licensed massage therapist in New Orleans. (We had the best jambalaya together when I had dinner with him there a couple of years ago.)

Hi! This is just a quick note to a lot of people to say that me and mom made it out of New Orleans Sunday morning and made it safely to Houston (after 19 hrs on the road). I hope and pray everyone is ok. Smooches, Darren

August 26, 2005

Dutchess County Fair


It's a slow day here in the jay/day newsroom, so I will post this picture of me and this fine goat.

See more.

August 22, 2005

Steve Juliusson

Steve w_ Annika.jpg

I received a 13-word email the other day from Steve Juliusson, who merely said hed worked at C/D LA from 1988-89 and asked me to add him to the found list.

Being the tough blogmaster that I am, I wrote back and demanded more information, including a photo.

I had always thought Steve as a writer, because he was always so happy-go-lucky. (Why I think this should be an attribute of writers is beyond me, as Im now a writer and pop antidepressants like they were M&M peanuts.) Anyway, heres the great stuff I got back from Steve Juliusson

I remember you well, but I never knew you spelled your first name with an "a". Were you in finance/administration? I thought you were a cheerful numbers guy, but maybe you were a cheerful AE.

Other people have taken me for a writer as well. I guess it's because I'm such a wit and bon vivant. I was an A.D. and worked with Ty Montague on Reebok and Royal Caribbean, and I also helped out a little on Nynex and New York Life. Bryan Buckley was my original partner, but he left two weeks after I got there to start an agency. I was probably more "happy-looking" than happy at that time, since I was separated. I got divorced the year after C/D. Because of the marriage stuff, my stint there was kind of a touch-and-go; I was only there 13 months.

(I kind of liked/hated Chiat Day because it was always crazy and I already had a full helping of crazy outside of work. It was a very dynamic but unpredictable place where you got the feeling that anything was possible workwise. And maybe otherwise.)

I moved back to Chicago to work at McConnaughy, a boutique agency, for a few years. We won quite a few awards but I left to go to O&M NY (Bill Hamilton) when McC was struggling. I was there from '92 to '98 and got in the One Show a few times, then freelanced in NY until the end of '99. I moved back to Chicago and freelanced until I went to Euro RSCG Tatham in 2001. They imploded at the end of 2003 and now I'm freelancing and I'm involved in a franchise sandwich shop with two other partners.

I got remarried in 2002 to Anne Albrecht, who's a photographer's rep I met at Tatham. She's great to be married to. We just had a baby girl, Annika on July 28th.
I took a long time for me to have a baby, but she's really just the best baby and worth the wait. (I suppose you have a kid or two and already know that...)So now I'm more happy than happy-looking.

As requested, I've attached a photo. That's me at the top of the frame, being burly.

Steve Juliusson

To clear up Steves memory on two points: I originally worked in Print Production and Traffic, but ultimately became the head techie. I reported to finance, only because nobody else knew what to do with me. Also, I do not have any children. A) I pitch for the other team, and B) my inner child is four-years-old and would surely throw a tantrum if presented with the competition of another sibling.

Stevan Alburty
(yes, my first name is spelled with an "A." My father screwed up when filling out my birth certificate.)

August 13, 2005

Sharon Teal Conklin

Sharon Teal Conklin keeps wondering Whatever Happened To some of the illustrious people we used to work with. If anybody knows their whereabouts, please turn them in ASAP.

Sharon's list ...

Dave Platt
Michelle Salmon
Tom Swearingen
Jean Lehman
Robin Miller
Jill Howell
Dan Kripphane (spelling?)
Doris Fogg (Found! See Eve's comment below!)
Abby Lippman
Phyliss... I can't remember her last name to save my life.
Plus a really cute receptionist with big hair who seduced Steven Jobs.
Morty Baron

Sharon, by the way, now lives in Spokane, Washington, the hometown of yours truly and Eve Luppert.

Alums come in from the cold

Some old friends have contacted me recently and I have requested photos and biographical information from all of them so I can post them here on this site. In the meantime, here's who has showed up within the last week or so ...

Dan Duffy (C/D LA 89-94) who is at Hungry Man ... Terri (Foye) Gray, Director of Local Broadcast at Kastner & Partners ... Lily Katz who is now at Evans, Hardy + Young Inc, an agency in Santa Barbara, California, got married again and is now known as Lily Smolenske ... Stacey Lippman ... Dick Sittig

And here are some alums who have now vanished, as their email addresses are bouncing back. If you know of their whereabouts, please let them know I'm looking for them and have them send me their new email address:

Elyse Roth, Nick Cohen, Trish Ibelli, Richard O'Connell ...

August 08, 2005

Brad and Kelly Wetmore

Brad and Kelly Wetmore. See more bio info here.

I just received an email, with a forwarded press release, from Sharon Stanley, who simply was Chiat/Day for many, many years. Office manager, human resources, earth mother - Sharon did it all, and she was responsible for many great hires, including yours truly in 1977.

Here is a note from Sharon ...

Just like you, I hired Brad Wetmore as a "go-fer" while we were still at the Biltmore. And like you, all he needed was to get a foot in the door and was off and running! 2 of my best hires...if I do say so myself.



Dallas, Texas -- Reel FX Creative Studios added Editor Brad Wetmore and Producer Rhonda Moore to their Dallas team. With more than 19 years of advertising experience, Wetmore brings an original voice in creative editorial to the Reel FX team.

Continue reading "Brad and Kelly Wetmore" »

August 03, 2005

Andy Law


Look who just showed up in my mailbox: Andy Law. Andy ran C/D's London office (along with David Abraham), and then the two of them went on to found St. Luke's, which I wrote about in Fast Company magazine in 1996. [I got email from readers for years after I wrote that article. No other piece I've ever written generated so much response.]

Andy, along with Praveen Kenneth, has started a new ad agency called Law & Kenneth. (Although that ampersand is actually a flame, but more on that when you visit their website.)

Andy has a book out in the UK called "Experiment at Work: Explosions and Experiences at the Most Frightening Company on Earth." The title alone should make you want to buy it, which you can do from Amazon's UK website by clicking here.

Now, what makes Law & Kenneth interesting to me is that one of the people on their advisory council is Dame Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop.


One of my favorite C/D stories, and one I dine out on whenever I feel like dropping names, is the time I went to Anita and Gordon Roddicks estate near Aberdeen, Scotland, with Andy and David and Marty Cooke and Merry Cutler, I believe. (Anita: "Paul and Lynda live just over there." As in McCartney.)

This was in the early 90s, and the Internet was just rearing its head, and I was brought to Scotland to talk to Anita about the importance of this new technology called the World Wide Web. (This was when Netscape was still called "Mosaic.") I brought my Mac laptop and dialed into the Internet using Compuserve and started my demo by showing her what chat rooms were like.

She was instantly fascinated, and asked me to take her into a gay mens chat room! I did so, and she adopted the persona of a 35-year-old man somewhere in New Jersey and started to chat online (with me doing the typing) with some guy in Florida, who had no bloody idea who he was really chatting with! Finally, she had me type Have you ever used Mango Body Butter during sex? And with that, I said Anita! You cannot entice this poor man as an excuse to buy your products!

Later, at the dinner table, I mentioned how much I respected Laurence Oliver as an actor. She then proceeded to do a mercilessly wicked imitation of a hunchback Laurence Olivier doing Richard III." Ive never been able to watch Olivier with a straight face again!

Bob Perkins

courtesy of the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

A picture of Bob Perkins (who was President of Perkins/Butler, our direct marketing division, and then became President of the New York office.) Now here's the scary part: I run into Bob at least once a year ... and he looks exactly the same. I suspect he's receiving injections of some sort of bovine liver extract which keeps him eternally youthful. Either that, or he has some sort of contractual agreement with Satan.


After posting this entry, I heard from Bob!

Well, I don't wear "braces" any more, but other than that my deal with Satan seems to be holding up. I'm now President of Consensus Research Group, a global survey research and marketing communications consulting firm. Its a great job and focuses me on what I found most interesting about advertising: research based communication strategy. I still snow ski, work out (although I've never found a spot as great as the Bob Perkins House of Pain in the old 79 Fifth Avenue office) and love New York City. My partner, Joni Evans, and I live in the city and spend weekends in upstate New York.

August 01, 2005

Bobby Hershfield

Bobby Hershfield posted such a great comment on the Creativity Now entry, that I thought I'd elevate it to that of it's own item:

I left Chiat/Day to go to Wieden + Kennedy. I've been at WK for almost ten years and this week is my last week. I'm going to Ogilvy and Mather as a writer on IBM, (after starting as an account guy at C/D.) As I move on to my next gig, I can't help but reflect on my past.

If I was born at Chiat/Day, I grew up at Wieden + Kennedy. Both agencies have been instrumental in shaping me as a person. Both have been experiences I will always treasure. I'm very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work personally with both Jay Chiat and Dan Wieden. They are so different and yet they've had a similar impact on me. In addition, they both surrounded themselves with such incredible talent that I've been lucky to have learned from such great people. Not to mention the fun!

So no matter what's next for me, these emails always reminded of where I came from. I will forward my new email so I can continue to stay a part of the family.

Finally, I remember working on a project for Coke. A seemingly impossible task. Jay stopped me in the hall of the "virtual office" and asked me how it was going. I told him that because so many people were out of the office it didn't seem like it was going to happen. I told him I was stressed because I couldn't pull it off. Jay put his hand on my shoulder and said in a calm, fatherly voice, "Don't worry about it. It's just your job." We ended up pulling it off.

July 25, 2005

Dede Dalton and Richard O'Connell

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

That's Richard O'Connell and Dede herself!

Jane and the Trump Shuttle

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Someday, a guy named Randy Smith, shown above, will Google himself (and think for a minute of how hard that would be.) He will find this and keel over from the shock.

July 20, 2005

Christmas Party

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

A C/D New York Christmas party when we were all obscenely young. If you would like to see a full film-strip, with many more photos on it, click here.

July 16, 2005

Louise Seeley


Some inspiring news from Louise Seeley (who was the wife of NY Creative Director Bob Dion.)

I got involved in Team in Training, the fundraising arm of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I started training in January and ran my very first marathon last month in San Diego. I'm attaching a wrap-up letter I sent to my donors (I fundraised over $3,200). I've wanted to do a marathon ever since we used to watch the runners first come over the 59th Street bridge from Jay's apartment . . . I thought a lot about Jay during my training and the marathon and think he would have thought it was a pretty good idea to do this. The fact that it was for such a worthy cause that I've now become very involved in made it all that more meaningful. So now I'm a mentor for the next season of Team in Training. I really wanted to help other people have the same incredibly rewarding experience I had -- they can look at me and say, "Hey, if SHE can do it, ANYBODY can!". I met the best people and have made some really great friends.

July 08, 2005

Charlotte, y'all


I just got back from spending the 4th in Charlotte, NC, home of the lovely Miss Eve Luppert. Speaking of homes, here's Eve's. It's a decorator's showplace, 'cause she's the decorator. Eve, in case you haven't been paying attention, is the Director of Human Resources for Landdesign.

In fact, if you have some sick and twisted love of other people's vacation photos, you can see how I spent my 4th of July here.

June 29, 2005

Irina Heirakuji

Does anybody know where Irina Heirakuji has vanished to? Her TBWA address bounces back, and someone is trying to contact her in order to have her do some freelance planning work. If you know her whereabouts, write to me at ...


This is the advantage, by the way, of providing me with your home email address. Not that there's a high turn-over rate in advertising or anything.

June 27, 2005

Kelly Smeltzer


I received an email back in June from the fabulous Kelly Smeltzer. I've been hanging on to it for a while until jay/day was over. And now here is Kelly to start our summer season with a bang!

Hello Steve -

i worked in the NY office from 1989-1992... i was a traffic manager working on rosann calisi's team then moved briefly into production with peter "pony" franke before heading off to the wilds of utah. i mostly worked on reebok but was part of the new business team under the creative direction of the infamous dick sittig.

even played on the C/D volleyball team where jon lee and lisa scroggins fell in love! :) dug dave koza, tommy scherma, scott blakely (and his awesome halloween parties), graham clifford, mary king, stacy osugi, lisa & jon, rosann, rodney pringle (my first friend), peter, john doepp, bruce ascher, bobby lamb, shira (i'm sure i'm forgetting tons of people)...don't get me started on the creative teams and the rest of the studio crew...loved them!!!! like steve fong who made me say, "i am spartacus, i have come to free the slaves" with my finger on my chin making a dimple before he would let me into his office.

still have my red beach bike we got some year for christmas and my cherished red bound book of jay chiat sayings.

here are a couple of current pics. i threw in a halloween one for fun (yes, i still dress up), one of me (curse those "rabbit eyes") and one of my "babies" (Madison Clover, Tucker James and Jencie Easter). don't want to make my email longer than needful but do want to tell what i'm doin' these days. when I'm not wrangling my kids, I run marketing for high-tech companies and do some freelance copywriting on the side.
thanks for creating and maintaining this site!!


kelly smeltzer (morris)



June 21, 2005

Al Bajaio

From Al Bajaio ...

As the wheel of life turns, today I am celebrating the life and legacy of one of my most valuable colleagues, and friend, Jay Chiat.

You may all know me by sight, reputation, or simply by working with me at Chiat/Day. My name is Albert Bajaio, the owner of Bercat Construction Co. who built all the floors for Jay in New York City. I am now twenty five years young in this photo.

Jay and I had an interesting relationship - he respected what I could do for him and I respected his wit and his cutting edge creativity. Jay hated looking at any switch plates on the walls, dont ask me why. Every time we inspected a floor, I would try to either hide the lighting switch with my back or I would position him so he could not see them. Jay had his way!! We finally designed the floor with a central switching system so I would not hear his sarcasm.

Jay had a big heart, he was a great philanthropist, he helped anyone who needed help.

Jay, I will always miss you.


Albert Bajaio - GRI
Licensed Realtor in NY & CT
Architectural/Builder Advisor
William Raveis International
49 West Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
(O) 203 869-9263
(C) 203 219-9921
" More results with less hassles"

June 20, 2005

Melanie Axtman

This exciting email just arrived in my mailbox ...

As tomorrow is jayday...and my mind is filled with memories of the incredible man...I wanted to make sure that I joined your mailing list...finally! What a great tribute you have given to Jay! I miss him so much and it's great to go to your site and read what others remember about him.

Although I only wear the red jayday tee-shirt once a year, it has a prominant place in my dresser drawer...every morning when I open it, I see the tee-shirt and think of Jay. Tomorrow I will wear it proudly while thanking God that I was lucky enough to have ever even met Jay...let alone work for him for all those years.

Thank you, Steve. Hope you are well and happy!


(formerly Axtman)

June 19, 2005

Mini-flash mob


I was asking Adelaide for some ideas on how to celebrate JayDay on June 21st, and she said ...

One thing that Jay told me about is that a group decided that they would get in contact with someone that they had not spoken to in 10 years. Jay called his college roommate and they got together. Until his death, Jay and Marty would get together and play golf ...

In that spirit, here are Craig Lambert and I having a mini JayDay flashmob over lunch at Bolo in NYC last week. (Craig looks tan and suave, while I look fresh from the stage of the Grand Old Opry.)

I believe it had actually been 14 years since I'd had a chance to catch up with Craig. And he bought lunch! See what he is up to these days by referring to this previous posting.

So get on that phone and reconnect with someone you have heard from in 10 years. If you need some suggestions, click here. By the way, my policy is that I never give out anyone's email address, but if you'd like to contact someone on the "found" list, just let me know and I will forward your email to him or her.

June 08, 2005

Tom Szczepanski


Says Tom Szczepanski re: my reminder about Jay Day (June 21st):

The irony has not been lost on me that Jay Day is on the longest day of the year, considering I worked the longest days of my life at Chiat/Day ! :-)

Tom, former Associate Media Director of C/D NY from 88-91, is now a bigbigbigshot at MediaVest Los Angeles. In fact, he is Senior Vice President, Managing Director.

June 06, 2005

Doris Berry

I just live for emails like this one ...

Wow. I just heard the news that Jay went to the great war room in the sky. I was so sad. A client who knew Jay pretty well told me about it - and about this website. I see John Morrison and a few others I knew, but mostly these are strangers to me.

I'm Doris Berry, a little known former account exec during the mid-80's on Home Savings and for a nano-second on Pioneer. The really life-shaping account was MaxiCare, one of the first managed care companies that, while unfortunately sounded like a feminine hygiene product, sparked my interest in bringing healthcare to the masses.

By the way - My ex-husband (who appears to have disappeared from the face of the planet) was Doug Patterson, an art director there at the same time.

Anyway - I became an account planner thanks to Chiat/Day because I was a cultural anthropologist and never, ever understood what an AE did for a living. Well, the real reason was I wanted to discover the meaning of life - just why did those pointy headed critters we call humans do what they do? Why? And, I fell madly in love with health care and went on to do some really totally bitchin world saving work in that field. Which is what I do now in between adventures: Freelance as an account planner/researcher/anthropologist with my lovely grown up daughter, Vanessa, also a cultural anthropologist. (You could almost call her a C/D alum, she spent so much of her youth in that office, or on a plane with Mom, or behind the glass at a focus group.)

So, why didn't I know about Jay's death? Well... I seem to have an irresistible wanderlust and addiction to life changing jaunts, and I was on one of those. After riding the plane all the way down, I spent three years on the Oregon Coast living the most dissipated and depraved existence imaginable among the wild locals, otherwise known as "Big Daddy Two Teethers". Oh man! What fun! Try it! Run to a tiny island somewhere, populated with aging crazy old crusties with absolutely NO desire to achieve (except to imbibe as many mind altering substances as possible) and just live!

Nowadays, I am back in SoCal and have solemnly promised the kid that all adventures will be relatively short, I will always come home to finish the project we've got coming up, and will always send a postcard. Or something. (Those kids - funny how they worry.)

My favorite Jay Chiat story is this: As a new hire, Jay wandered into my cube for a chat. I was scared witless. He said he didn't usually hire people with hobbies and went into a story about a client who could have been great except his real PASSION was for fly-fishing. I got a little pissed - said I didn't have any hobbies, I was an ad-Nazi, my husband was an ad-Nazi, all of my friends were ad-Nazis, we ate, drank, slept and fought about advertising, Man! - what did he mean? He replied "Oh, I was told you had children."

Bless his heart.

Thanks for the memories.

Doris Berry


May 31, 2005

Craig Lambert


One of my all-time favorite C/D NY alums, Craig Lambert, has found himself! (Actually, he surfaced two months ago, but it has taken a little time to obtain a photo.)

I remember Craig as being an endless source of mischief. Oh yes, he claims to have been an account superviser at Chiat/Day New York from 88-91 on CNBC, New York Life, Ricoh and Soho Natural Soda, but as far as I am concerned, his real job was keeping all of us endlessly entertained with his humor and deviltry.

Here is Craig's account of his most recent exploits ...

All those names on your lost-&-found page really brought back a flood of fun, painful and interesting memories. Well, not a flood really, but more than a few ounces.

Im running the New York office of Tribal DDB. My specialty seems to have become bridging the gap between old world ad agencies and their new media little sisters. I did this same work at McCann Worldgroup for Zentropy, as well. I became bi-lingual, technologically speaking, after spending seven years at Modem Media, an internet marketing start up that was much in the spirit of Chiat/Day, in that we had a younger version of the cranky visionary in the person of the founder, GM OConnell, and there was the same drive to change everything NOW.

Give me a shout and well go down to Andrews at Fifth Avenue and 18th Street and relive the plastic food and tasteless decor.

May 25, 2005

Tuesdays with Mantu

tuesdayswithmantu.jpg dickgosinya.jpg

Speaking of achievement (see below), Rich Siegel (class of 1990-1993, 1996-2002) has written a book. It's called "Tuesdays With Mantu, My Adventures with a Nigerian Con Artist."

How many of you have received an email from someone in Nigeria who promises millions of dollars from some problematic bank account if only you will assist the transfer of the funds to the United States? (I see lots of hands out there.)

Well, Rich decided he wanted to meet his con-artist, Mr. Ibrahim Mantu. So he forwarded the proposal to a fake e-mail account in the name of Richard Gosinya (think about it for a minute) and, on a curious lark, told Mantu he wanted to help. "Tuesdays With Mantu" is Rich's story of what ensued. " I had no idea Id be forging passports, booking flights to Togo or writing my own obituary," writes Rich.

Read about the book. (There's also a link on the site that lets you buy it.)

Ira Matathia found

This just in from Ira Matathia:

hey steve: there seems to be some confusion about my status on the jayday site. i am posted on the master list as "found", but marian and collette noted i was "lost" on a 4.30.05 posting. anyway, i am here, well and happy, having just started at TAXI, one of the new breed start ups in new york (along with mother, anomoly, strawberry frog, etc.) we're 11 people, about $75MM in billing, and having a blast!

May 16, 2005

Marian Salzman

Leading Global Strategist to Oversee JWT's Knowledge Management and Worldwide Communications Functions

Content Will Drive Insights, Thought Leadership, and Reputation


NEW YORK, May 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Bob Jeffrey, Worldwide CEO and Chairman of JWT, the largest advertising agency in the U.S. and fourth largest in the world, announced today that Marian Salzman has been named Executive Vice President, Director of Strategic Content, and a member of the agency's Worldwide Executive Committee.

In the newly created post, Salzman will hold responsibility over global knowledge management, including corporate intelligence, and corporate communications at JWT. The dual role calls for Salzman to oversee all of JWT's public relations resources to ensure cohesive and strategic internal and external communications about the agency on global, regional, and local levels, and to spearhead the development and dissemination of consumer insights, trend reports, and other thought leadership pieces that speak to all of JWT's stakeholders, including media. Salzman will bring the knowledge- management and corporate-communications functions closer together by producing proprietary reports that will drive proactive press outreach, in essence, creating content by, for, and about the media.

Continue reading "Marian Salzman" »

May 10, 2005

Antigone Rising


C/D alums Cathy Henderson and Kristen Henderson, and their band Antigone Rising, release a new CD today. Called "From the Ground Up," it is being released at Starbucks through their new Hear Music CD Series which was created to specifically introduce new and developing artists.

Cathy and Kristen are sisters and were both Senior Media Planners in Chiat/Day's New York office. In the photo above, that's Cathy Henderson (2nd from the left) and Kristen Henderson (4th from the left.)

They will also be appearing at The Supper Club on May 18th in New York City. You may buy tickets ...


April 30, 2005

Ed Ronk


After months of guilt, I have finally coerced Ed Ronk into submitting a photo and an update about what he is doing these days. He begins with an explanation for the beefcake photo ...

This is actually from a couple of weeks ago when the family was on Spring break in Florida.

So I guess this should go into the category of true Chiat/Day by-products of which Im sure there are many. Meet Emily (12 years old) and Anna (4 years old) standing with their mother (then known as Mary Mirisola and their father Ed Ronk). Mary still uses the Mirisola name sometimes though for things where it will have more leveragelike reservations at Italian restaurants.

About seven years ago we finally moved out of the city and into the burbs Westfield, NJ (and ughI still get on that train every morning kicking and screaming)but it has been great for the kids and a entirely new experience for Mary who, of course spent most of her life growing up in Greenwich Village. We both worked at Chiat/Day in the early 80s and I even go back as far as when they were located in the building of the Devil(666 Fifth Avenue) before making the move to 79 Fifth Avenue in January; with no heat and electricity the first couple of months (remember those great meetings we used to have at a bar called Codys every day around 4:00, because with no lights, we couldnt see anything in the office any more!)

After Chiat/Day and a long sabbatical to Europe, I then went on to work at the now defunct Levine, Huntley, Schmidt and Beaver for about 8 years. It was a very similar environment to C/D and, in fact, quite a few ex C/Ders passed through LHS&B in those years and even outside of C/Dwe would all sometimes sit around and tell Jay recollections.

Mary also went on to work at LHS&B where we actually ended up tying the knot (but for those in the knowwe did first meet at C/D). After LHS&B, she went into sales and worked for Simmons selling research and then America Online selling online advertising for about five years. She stopped working a few years ago to take on the full time job of raising two wonderful daughters, which as you can see from the attached photo, are very lucky they dont look a thing like their father.

For the last 10 years I have been a partner in a small advertising agency called GRW Advertising in NYC that specializes in Arts & Entertainment and Retail. We primarily handle a lot of Dance and Theater, but have a few oddballs that fall into our lap from time to time (media accounts, hospitals, real estate firms, doctors etc.). Its been a great experience and I certainly wear lot of hats from time to time.


I, like many, could probably go on for pages and pages about Chiat/Day memories, but the one that will always remain at the top of the list for me goes back to the very early days up at 666 Fifth and involved the bunny-napping of Steve Alburtys chocolate bunny Harvey from his desk top.

For those of you who werent there or dont recall, somebody had swiped a big chocolate bunny given to Steve from a printer around Easter (and as I recall, the original culprit was Geoffrey Roche, but as the gag got bigger and biggerthere were many participants).

And Steve Alburty was madI mean really mad! I know we probably all have seen the wrath of Steve at his worstbut this time he was ready to blow like a volcano and stormed around the office in search of Harvey to no avail.

The next daySteve received an inter-office envelope (we still did inter-office mail the old fashioned way in those days) which contained the ransom note and of courseone chocolate bunny ear. Steve, of course, refused to pay the ransom and continued in his rampage around the office in search of Harvey.

The next day, a front-page mock-up from the New York Post was hung in the kitchen for all to see with the blistering headlines and story of this brutal and inhumane bunny-napping.

And then finally (and I do believe it was Good Fridaybut I could just be throwing that in to enhance the story!) the entire office got together for the funeral procession and marched off to Steves office with his "Harvey" in a miniature pine boxsans one ear of course.

I had only worked at Chiat/Day for a few weeks at the time and I can remember thinking-wow, this could really be a fun place to work!

And the reason I know the finite details of this story so wellis I sat in the cubicle right next to Mr. Alburty. In those days, all newbies had to take a turn sitting next to Steve as part of their hell week training.

AnywayI love the website and Steve and Co., are doing a great job of bringing back all of those wonderful memories and up-to-date tabs on all former culprits. I along with many Im sure would like to thank you for all of your time and effort invested in it.

And I certainly welcome anyone interested in emailing me to continue reminiscing at


P.S. from Steve: poor Ed also had the misfortune of sitting across the divider from me at 79 Fifth when I was breaking up with the Great Love of My Life. (Or was it the one who had moved into my cabin and bought a dog for me without asking?)

Also, be sure to check back here later in the week, as I have the bunny and the ransom note and will post pictures.

Alums Lost and Found

From the portfolio of Witt | Rylander

Found: Michael Rylander and Tom Witt, who worked for Chiat/LA for 3 1/2 years on Apple (with Ken Segall). They have their very own agency, Witt | Rylander, the website of which you may visit by clicking here.

Found: Kieran Darby, who worked at Chiat/Day LA from May '87-August '92/

Lost: Ann Lundquist, whose email address no longer seems to work. Blake Olson and Laura Langdon, who do not appear to be working at DDB anymore. Brent Bouchez. Nigel Carr. Nancy Suelflow. Martin Grant. Nicola Gorini. Doug Watson. Amy Ward. Trish Ibelli. Theresa Babbington. Hank Hinton.

April 25, 2005

Bob Dion


Bob and his son, Ben


A few weeks ago in New York, I met Ben Dion, the 17-year-old son of one of the most legendary creative directors in Chiat/Day's history, Bob Dion. I had not seen Ben since he was about nine years old. As I told Ben about how much Bob had meant to us back in the good old days, he seemed just a little amazed to be hearing stories about what an influential person Bob had been in my life, as well the lives of those who worked for Bob. I mean, after all, sons almost always know that their fathers are gods, but Ben was too young back in the 1980s to know that we all thought Bob was a god, as well.

So Ben, this is for you and your father.

In 1997, Bob was serious injured in a car accident on the way home from work. Gratefully, he recovered. He is now retired and lives in the Napa Valley, where he paints and plays golf.

Bob, we love you and miss you. You led us magnificently through some of the best years of all of our lives. And I am so pleased to be able to publish what is the longest, and most star-studded posting in the history of this website.

Steve Alburty
Your jayday website host

From Ken Segall

Steve, I know you said to keep this brief, but since I've ignored your request to write something for the jayday website for so many years, I figured that I have a lot of unused credits.

Bob was my first creative director (Chiat/Day NY) back in the early 80s. At that time, Chiat/Day was throwing a huge anniversary party (15th?) by renting one night aboard client Holland America's newest super-luxury cruise ship on its maiden voyage. Just about every Chiat/Day dignitary was invited, as was every celebrity who ever made a Chiat/Day commercial. Showing infinite trust, Bob gave me (the junior copywriter) the job of writing the invitation, and I submitted it proudly as I left on vacation. Upon my return, I found a box of finished invitations, elegantly printed on the most expensive card stock available and hand-addressed in perfect calligraphy -- all prepared on a super-rush timetable to meet an impossible deadline for mailing.

Eager to savor my handiwork, I peeked into one envelope -- and my heart fell to the floor. Quite clearly, it called for all invitees to board the ship at "Pier 22, NY, NY." Good idea, except that Pier 22 was something I made up as a placeholder before I went on vacation. Oops.

My choices were suicide or turning myself in to Bob. So I nervously made my way into Bob's office and confessed. You know the way Ralph Kramden used to do those slow eruptions, when his eyes glazed over, he turned a few colors, his face twitched and a major blow-up was obviously seconds away? That was Bob. I don't know how, but somehow he suppressed the outburst. It could have been fear of criminal charges, but I like to think that it was just Bob, understanding that I was only a scared junior copywriter who made a mistake he'd never make again. A little mistake that was going to cost us a lot of money, possibly torpedo the whole party and leave Bob exposed to the wrath of Jay. What did Bob do? He actually took the time to make me feel better. And only then did he go about the business of somehow making everything alright again.

This silly story illustrates why Bob was such a great guy to work with and work for. (And why you should think twice before trusting me with your next party invitation.) Bob is both a good example of a true Chiat/Day creative director and a true human being. He only needs to work on the driving thing a little bit more...

From Jamie Seltzer ...

I have so many fond memories of Bob Dion. The one thing that stands out is the support he always gave me when I was about to flip out. I would say to Bob, regarding Jay, Tell me, Bob. Is it me, or him? He would always put his arms around me and say, him. He might have been saying it just to make me feel better but I would like him to worked.

From Sharon Teal Conklin

Bob was one of the most talented creative guys I ever worked with but perhaps more importantly, he was one of the most supportive and gracious (especially to us "suits"). He was so incredibly kind and without ego, but on the rare occasion when he did get pissed off, it was so out of character that everyone sat up and listened. I thought of him often after I left C/D especially when I'd run across some young turk creative type who couldn't have carried Bob's portfolio.
From David Thall
I'm writing this account of my experience at Chiat/Day and meeting Bob because I don't believe Bob Dion ever heard it from my point of view and I thought perhaps he might find it revealing.

I was hired by Bob Dion in 1982 at the first Chiat/Day New York office at 666 Fifth Avenue. Three months later Jay fired me. I later learned several art directors and writers had the same fate at 666. I'm not superstitious... but, hey. Bob hired 'em and Jay fired 'em. Which may help explain their relationship.

Despite the neurotic environment Jay promoted I have to say Bob Dion was always a gentleman, always courteous both professionally and personally, and frankly it impressed me how easy going he remained despite the mercurial behavior that went on there.

Interestingly, I remain friends to this day with some of the people I met there during my brief indoctrination, including Evert Cilliers, Geoffrey Roche and John Salvati.

Years later, I returned to freelance at Chiat/Day New York five more times under different creative directors, down at the 79 Fifth Avenue offices. I recall running into Bob again during one of my tours, under Bill Hamilton I believe. Bob was still warm and friendly, greeting me as if I was an old friend he hadn't seen in a while. Bob may not have realized it at the time but it was actually a bit awkward for me, because back in '82 I had such high expectations for a career there, and felt let down. I recall very vividly Bob calling me in the middle of a casting session for a New York Air TV commercial I was about to produce telling me I had to return to the office right away. I told him I couldn't because I was the only one from the agency there, and that the young producer... Jay's future son-in-law... hadn't shown up. Again Bob strongly asked me to return to the office anyway because Jay wanted to see me. My gut told me it wasn't good. In a conference room alone with Jay I was told if it had been the L.A. office he probably wouldn't want to let me go. He also said he'd fired one art director five times and then hired him back. I told Jay that I had come to Chiat/Day expecting to have a career, and that I was disappointed at what was happening. He suddenly changed his demeanor and offered to allow me to stay a couple of weeks more and produce the TV spot. I declined the offer and told him I couldn't stay there under those conditions. Later, Bob gave a me a copy of the TV campaign with a very reassuring attitude, as if to say, don't worry we didn't screw it up... it was produced well. He knew I cared, and he obviously gave a damn about other people's feelings toward their work. I later learned how rare this is in the business.

My feeling about Bob are that I wish I could have gotten to know him better and really become friends, rather than just professional acquaintances, because he really was one of the few generous people who worked there, or anywhere in this business for that matter.

From Jackie End

I had just started at Chiat and Bob and I were working on the Revlon pitch. I loved working with him and we did some really nice stuff that Jay liked and so we all went to present to Perlman and the other Revlon management. Dion had done these really beautiful layouts with I think 9 or 10 point type. Maybe it was even 8. The Revlon people really liked the concepts but the President of Revlon pointed out to us that they had a rule about type size nothing smaller than 12 point. Dion and I had no idea how to respond to this. But Jay did. He said; I've got a rule, too. I only come three times a night. Not two. Not six. Three. There was a stunned silence. I glanced over at Bob. His eyes were twinkling and his mouth was twitching as he tried not to laugh. Jay then said; That's how stupid rules are. Later, Dion asked if I was OK. He was afraid Jay had been a little raw and that I would be offended. Because besides all the other wonderful things about Bob, he was always sensitive to other people. (Of course, for weeks after, we riffed on what Jay had said and laughed ourselves silly.)

From Adelaide Horton

Bob Dion is the BEST. He cared about everyone; gave everyone a hug and kiss before it was considered sexual harassment; and coaxed some wonderful work from the agency. Apropos to the latest Christo exhibit in Central Park, Bob wanted Christo to wrap Holland America's new ocean liner, the New Amsterdam, for its arrival in New York Harbor. Christo refused as he does not do any commercial projects but can you imagine how cool it would have been? And that was in the mid-eighties. And besides having great creative taste, Bob threw the best parties. What more could you ask for?

From Tom Carroll

Bob Dion is still the best guy I have ever worked with in 25 years. After Bob, I've spent years of working with self involved, marginally talented assholes who couldn't carry Bob's bag. Plus Bob is the only creative guy I know who can golf, drink beer and remember anything about Chicago that doesn't involve a 2 hour explanation. Tell him to call me.

From Steve Mitgang (and Ellen Sunshine Mitgang!)

As I recall, my entre into C/D was actually through Bob. I sent him a 16x20 story board with photographs and a paragraph about how the business side of advertising needs to be just as creative as the folks actually coming up with the ads themselves. He met with me for 30 minutes, and then hooked me up with Mr. Carroll and Mr. Palladino. By the way my follow-ups on status of the job were with Mr. Palladino's assistant-Ellen Sunshine. Bob always let me have a voice in a variety of meetings, and set the tone for an extraordinarily collaborative relationship for me in acct management and his teams on the creative side.

From Sharon and Brad Stanley

I remember those early days when you were working in LA...and then you agreed to go to NY and make it a success! Thank goodness you made the right decision. Glad to hear you are enjoying your life in Napa. Must be beautiful there now..sun on those rolling hills, the fresh smell of grapes growing.....with a glass of wine in your hand. Maybe Brad and I should come visit!

From Nat Whitten

When I came to Chiat NY in 1984 as an advertising wanna-be, Bob was the first person I met who had what I considered the real "California vibe" that I'd read about in the magazines. Meaning he was laid-back and talented as hell, but didn't act like the Big Kahuna that he was. He embraced me as a colleague even though he was a top dog creative and I was a human word processor. That made me feel good, and continued to make me feel good as he helped teach me the groove of what smart copywriters and art directors actually did for a living. As a freelancer for the past eight years (minus one), I've been inside a lot of agencies. I don't think any have the vibe of Chiat NY in the mid 80s, and Bob was a standout in creating that good energy. Napa Valley is lucky to have him in residence, and please let me know of any guest rooms available.
From Bruce Ascher

I remember Bob as a fun and talented man to work with. I also remember a kick-ass party July 4, 1987 at his place upstate.

From Peter Franke

We were just settled in @ 79 Fifth Ave, I'm running around working on a Holland America ad and I bully my way into Bob's Cube (which was perennially jammed) and interrupt him to ask where the layouts are. Bob calmly stops talking to, I think, Kenny Segal and just stares at me.I barely even notice his hand moving on the sketch pad he's holding while I wait for an answer. About 10 seconds pass and he rips off the piece of vellum and holds it up for everyone to see. It was a PERFECT line drawing of me with a thought bubble demanding my layouts. Everyone laughed out loud in amazement at how wonderfully he captured the moment and me. I still have the drawing on my fridge at home and think of him every-time I have to explain it. It really was a perfect moment at Chiat/Day NY. I miss you Bob, I really do need those layouts soon. All the best, Peter Franke
From Eve Luppert
Bob was one of the first people I met at Chiat/Day. He treated me like a real team member when I was "just" the office floater. I had a lot of fun working with Bob and playing with him too. I have many blurry memories of parties at the Dion's apartment in Chelsea. He is just plain classy! The lesson that I learned from Bob has served me well, and informed my own behavior as well as how I respond to others. Bob demonstrated every day that real talent and being a temperamental butthead had absolutely nothing to do with each other. He was great at his job and a wonderful, respectful person. When ever I run across some "talent" having a hissy fit, I think of Bob and feel smug, because I know the truth.

From Evert Cilliers

Bob Dion was the best art director I ever worked with. Also the best guy I ever worked with. Nice, kind, funny, warm, generous, great, smart, supportive, everything you want in a working partner. We did almost two years together, and it was advertising heaven. Except for the fact that a great deal of it was wasted on giving our best blood to GE, which Chiat/Day NY needed at the time to stay solvent. Fuck me if I remember why we broke up. Wish we hadn't. Another two years, and we might've conquered the world.

From Jane Newman

I worked with Dion for 4 years in the New York office. He was instrumental in getting that office off the ground. We worked very closely on GE Factory Automation and we did one of the best commercials I have ever worked on for them. It was called Uncle Sam and always gave you goose bumps no matter how often you saw it. It never saw the light of day (or a trinitron tube) but it was on the new business reel as the grand finale and helped get us lots of other business.

Hi there Dion!
All love

April 24, 2005

Cheryl Birdsall Skowron

Another alum has appeared in my mailbox ...

Hi Steve, I worked in the NY office creative dept. for a few years around 1991-1994 ish with Dick Sittig and Carolyn Clare as a creative assistant and was in charge of award shows. Carolyn emailed me the link - great web site nothin like a walk down memory lane those were some fun days and nights! Please add me to the email list. I remember back in the early 90s when you were trying to get us all on line and it seemed like such a foreign concept. You paved the way and apparently youre still keeping us all connected how awesome. Thank you and hope all is well ~ Cheryl Birdsall Skowron

April 17, 2005

Kathleen Phillips


Got an email a while back from Kathleen Phillips (you may have known her as Kathleen Morency) who worked in the San Francisco office. She is now a Big Cheese with Axone, a records compliance management corporation. She just spent 16 months in Singapore and Southeast Asia and is now living in Hong Kong.

I have moved up to Hong Kong in the Regional Management role, focusing primarily on partnership development within HK, China and Taiwan, moving into Korea and Japan later this year. From a professional perspective, I am doing what I love; developing and nurturing business opportunities. From a personal perspective, HK is a much more vibrant and exciting place than Singapore.

When last heard from, Kathleen was about to embark on her first business trip to Beijing!

April 10, 2005

Louise Seeley

Louise Seeley

Louise, Ben Dion, and Amanda

Ben Dion

All of you know that to be a Chiat/Day veteran you do not have to have had actually worked there. Spouses, partners, and significant others were always a part of the Chiat/Day family as much as an employee was.

One of my all-time favorite C/D veterans is Louise Seeley. You may have known her as Louise Dion, as she was married to Bob Dion, who was the Creative Director of the New York office in the 1980s. Louise is now remarried, and she and her son, Ben, and his girlfriend, Amanda, were recently in New York and attended Jane Newman's benefit.

It was such a thrill to see Louise again, and to see that Ben Dion, Bob and Louise's son, has grown up to become such a fine young man (or, if you come from his generation, "chill.")

Louise is now re-married to a high-school sweetheart, Michael Seeley. (There's hope for us all!) And how does Louise keep herself busy? Here is her story in her own words ...

I work for the Boys & Girls Club, which runs after school programs for kids ages 6-18. Part of my day is working on a capital campaign to build a new clubhouse -- so I work with adults (or what passes for adults) for part of my day, working on fundraising, brochures, grants, website, special event planning, etc.

In the afternoons, I run an after school program for teens. I do everything from setting up and teaching enrichment classes, coordinating field trips and open mic nights, making presentations to beg money and facilities from the City Council, School Board and civic groups, and grant writing, to beating the pants off a bunch of 14-year-old boys in pool and being a surrogate mom to some of them when they need a shoulder or a sympathetic ear. It is by far the most rewarding job I've ever had and I'm very proud of what we do to give kids a place to go that's safe, supervised and fun -- anything to get these guys away from gangs, drugs, alcohol, etc.

It was great seeing you, Louise. Come back often.

April 02, 2005

Tom McElligott

C/D alum Tom McElligott has been lured out of retirement to teach at the soon-to-be-launched four-year advertising school at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD).


March 23, 2005

Kristin Beizerman

Welcome home to lost alum Kristin (Momary )Beizerman, who was at Chiat/Day LA from '98-'03.

March 22, 2005

Lynn Sosa


Guess who was in New York this weekend? Lynn Sosa! (Some of you may remember her as Lynn Petrulas.) She worked at C/D in LA at the original Olympic Boulevard office and then at the Biltmore Hotel. Lynn was head of traffic. I had dinner at Ollie's in the theatre district with her and her husband, Jeff Parkin, and her mother, Shirley Rensel. Lynn and her husband are both teachers, and Shirley is a retired teacher. (That's me in the tie, by the way.)

We both remarked on what an incredible impact Sharon Stanley had on our lives by hiring us!

March 21, 2005

Lisa Scroggins

2chameleon bowl.jpg

Another alum has found herself through this site: Lisa Scroggins

I was the studio manager in NYC from 91-93. Prior to that I freelanced in the studio and worked at Bright and Associates from 89-91 on the 17th floor. I am married to Jon Lee.

Lisa now makes her own ceramics, like the lovely piece shown above. You can visit her website here.

Gary McKendry

I got two hot scoops from Scot Blakely that I've been meaning to post for a long while now ...

Reports Scott:

Scoop #1: Upon coming home last night and tuning in to the Oscars at 10-ish, just as they were announcing the nominees for Best Short Live Action film .... I hear the name Gary McKendry! As they zoomed in I recognized him immediately! If you recall my Halloween pictures, he was the one dressed as Julius Caesar! The film - "Everything in this Country Must" Congrats to Gary!

Scoop #2: Ann Lapham is re-married and living in Mexico!

Lisa Wellington

Got an email the other day from another lost alum: Lisa Wellington.

I worked in media planning at Chiat for two years starting the week before the virtual office in New York. While I'm on the client side in Chicago now, I do go to NYC on a fairly regular basis and have managed to keep in touch with a few of my old Chiat friends (usually during upfront week).

March 20, 2005

Eve's house


Sorry for the dearth of postings recently. I've been on a long automobile trip down South. I stopped by Charlotte, NC, to visit Ms. Eve Luppert, who has just bought her first home! She even threw a dinner party for my birthday, where I got to meet all of her fabulous Charlotte friends. (Thanks again, Meg, for the incredible coconut cake!) Eve is the director of Human Resources for Landdesign.

March 18, 2005

Mark Boutte

And this email arrived a few weeks ago from Mark Boutte ....

I was feeling nostalgic and typed Chiat+Day into google and came across your site. I was part of the Toronto office in its early days (before moving to the base of Spadina), I think I may have been one of the first 10 employees.

I was the account exec on Nissan, hired by Michael Schedlich - Chuck Phillips was heading up the office. I was there for 2 years before moving to Saatchi to work on Toyota.

Amazing days - I left FCB for C/D, the Acc't Director warned me, 'just so you know, it's a creative driven shop'... at that point I knew I made the right decision to go.

March 17, 2005

Joe Palladino's birthday

It has been brought to my attention by his good friend, Hazel Kahan, that St. Patrick's Day was also the birthday of the late Joe Palladino.

March 11, 2005



Friday March 11 is Steve's birthday. Steve is on his way to North Carolina to celebrate with Eve Luppert in her newly purchased home.

Happy Birthday Steve! Eat cake!

Please send your birthday wishes to Steve through email or comments.

March 08, 2005

Play ball!


Here's alum Ken Segall at spring training camp for his beloved Detroit Tigers.

February 22, 2005

Susan Wands


Chiat/Day alum Susan Wands (from our stellar MIS department) will be guest starring in NBC's Law and Order on Wed., March 2nd. Consult your local listings for time and channel.

February 16, 2005

Sara Leiman


There isn't a week that goes by that another former C/D-er doesn't show up in my mailbox. This time our alum is from C/D San Francisco, an office that has not been as well represented on this site as it should be. But former media planner Sara Leiman has magically appeared to help correct that deficiency ...

Lord knows if anyone from the mid- 80s at C/D has kept in touch.

I worked with David Yoder and Camille Johnson in the media department for several years in the San Fran office; worked on Apple, Intel, 3M and on and on and on!!! It was really wild.

I was at C/D in San Fran for about 5 years, left to return to NYC for a few years as Research Director at a biz magazine (Venture went under the in the early 90s with the last recession). That brought me to the Washington, DC area as Media Director at a large B to B agency, Stackig Advertising and Public Relations. Ive been here the last 11 years. A few years ago TMP Worldwide acquired Stackig, then TMP acquired Monster; so now were all a division of Monster.


Welcome to the website, Sara!

February 06, 2005

More and more alums

Two more additions to the "found" list ...

John Denny, who worked in the NY office as an AE from 1989 to 1990 on Royal Caribbean and CNBC, and Jay McPhillips, who worked at Chiat/Day in 1995.

Kevin Hyman

Kevin Hyman, that host with the most, has been found in Michigan!

I just came across this website ...brings back wonderful memories of a special time, place and man. I no longer live in chelsea...left for Michigan in 2002..back home...loved nyc , but did not want to grow old there....felt I was aging fast. I bought a home on a lake. circa 1880 greek-revival in a "cute as punch" town with a cute name.......Paw Paw. I plan to open my own restaurant on the site of an old winery ..(this is wine country.. michigan style) this spring. Looking at this name list you have compiled reminds me of all the parties I hosted at my apartment on 19th street...with all the great photos I have kept. Fond regards........kevin

Dave Goldenberg

This just in to JayDay Central from alum Dave Goldenberg ...

Hi, Steve. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It's all coming back to me now. Slowly.

After a considerable search, I found myself here in Connecticut, where I
have an agency called The Dave and Alex Show. We work mostly with media
clients and do a lot of brand and content development.

I was a group head in NY from 90-92, where I worked on Shearson and helped to lose the Chemical Manufacturers business. Before that I was the creative director of Anderson & Lembke, an agency Jay won in a poker game.

I spent much of the last decade working in kids TV, and have made some short films, most recently for Nickelodeon. But my bread and butter is still helping my ad clients keep their jobs.

Saw numerous C/D alums at Nick, including Rob Pellizi, and recently bumped into Steve Friedman at a meeting for my AOL client (he's at BBDO). Still keep in touch with my old partner Sheri Olmon.

I bump into Lisa Scroggins from time to time up here in Ridgefield, who is married to Jonathan Lee. Lisa is a successful ceramicist.

All in all, I feel pretty good for forty-eleven.

Dave Goldenberg
The Dave and Alex Show

February 03, 2005

Charlie Bidwell


Who is that "ecstatic photographer" on ArtForum's Top Ten list? Our own Charlie Bidwell!


January 30, 2005

Evert's blog


C/D's very own Evert Eden (we knew him as Evert Cilliers) has started his own blog, using the nom de web "Adam Ash." Says Evert ...

Check out my weekly serial novel, ALL THE PEOPLE YOU CAN EAT. Very wicked. Click on Chapter 2 under "Previous Posts" on right, and you'll see chapter 1 appear under "Previous Posts"-- then click there to start reading from the beginning.

January 26, 2005


schedlich.jpg Bertram.jpg

My spy in Canada has provided me with these rare photos of Michael Schedlich and Jay Bertram, two of the people who pioneered the first years in the Toronto office! Jay is the president of TBWA\ Toronto. Michael? I've lost track of you. Where are you now, eh?

January 24, 2005

David Murphy


I got a great email the other day from someone who worked at Chiat/Day all the way back when it was on Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles (which is where I started.) Ladies and gentlemen: David Murphy, who is now CEO of Proficient Software ...

I worked at Chiat/Day from 1975-80, opened the San Francisco office, the first one, with Chuck Phillips. Came across the JayDay site tonight and am very pleased to see such a great effort to keep people in touch with each other. Anyone, I mean anyone, who worked at C/D at any time knew what Jay was about. I had left a very cushy job at JWT to go to C/D because of the work. My first day, Jay got into a very heated argument and fired the only client I was working with. It's a great story. The offices on Olympic were really something. From the outside, dirt parking lot, graffitti on the building, etc. it looked like a ghetto. The inside was gorgeous. Incredible hardwood floors, plants everywhere and awards, Belding bowls everywhere. When Jay asked me what I thought, I told him it was like shining the inside of your shoes. I had the incredible experience of Jay, Lee was the Art Director and Mark Doyle was the writer. Extraordinary times, incredible stories.

Continue reading "David Murphy" »

December 15, 2004

Steve Sweitzer




A long-lost alum has been located in Missouri! Here's an email I received the other day from Steve Sweitzer:

Saw my name on the found list and wanted to send you an update. I have an agency in Columbia, MO, now. I grew up around here believe it or not, so it's a homecoming for me.

My wife Polly and I have a 21 month old daughter named Sadie and we like this little town of 100,000 people. Jay always believed that we could work from anywhere, right? ell, it's working. We've got 30 employees here in Columbia and a 6 person office in Calgary, Alberta. Id like to say hello to everyone and let you know that a little part of Jay is alive here in Missouri.

All the best for 2005,

Steve Sweitzer

I asked Steve to remind us what he did at Chiat/Day. (My mind is pudding. I barely remember what month it is. Anyway, you can read all about Steve's career at Chiat/Day by clicking on the "continue reading ..." link below.

Continue reading "Steve Sweitzer" »

December 06, 2004

Charlie Bidwell

Charlie Bidwell

Check out the website for C/D alum Charlie Bidwell, who is now a very classy photographer based out of Los Angeles.

November 30, 2004

Gery Garcia


And another alum has found himself: Gery Garcia! He writes ...

Keisha Lea (also a former Chiat/Day alum) told me about your website. We both work at Avrett Free & Ginsberg in NYC.

It's been a long time since I thought of my tenure at Chiat/Day. I worked on the Nissan and Infiniti team in the media department I believe in 1994. I was one of the first new hires into the virtual office since I interviewed on the Fifth Ave office and started working on Maiden Lane. I loved working there since it was so cutting edge at the time. It was a challenge to adapt to that environment. The people were also very nice and supportive. Looking into your website, I saw pictures of Eve Luppert. She was one of the last people I spoke to at Maiden Lane before I left, giving me advice and telling me if I needed help putting a portfolio together that I was welcomed to come back to Chiat to use the computers and color copiers. She was soo sweet! If you keep in touch with her, tell her I said hello (hope she remembers me!!)

[After the merger with TBWA] I went back to school at Pratt Institute and became a Graphic Designer/Art Director. I've been at Avrett on and off since 1997 doing brief stints at Mcann and The Tucker Partnership in between.

I went back to visit Chiat/Day on Maiden Lane only once, about a year after I left and barely recognized anyone I knew. The turnover was significant and I felt sad that there were so few faces I recognized.

Keisha is one of the first people I have worked with from Chiat that I have reunited with, but I hope it's not the last! I am amazed she is the only one so far!

Well, I have to go back to work. I love the website! It's bringing back a few good memories!!!

Chris Tallman

I got the following email from Chris Tallman ...

I got married during my short tenure (C/D class of 1994-1995) at Chiat and I am still married to the same wonderful woman, Elizabeth. We've had two children Daniel(6) and Catherine(3) and we live a pleasant valley Sunday here in status symbol land.

I have asked Chris to send a picture, but so far he's holding out on me ...

November 29, 2004

Margaret Pickford

The emails keep pouring in. This one from downunder ...

Hello Steve,

I wonder if you remember me? I worked at Chiat/Day in New York only briefly (unfortunately) In 1982 - for about six months. I am a friend of Lisa and Michael Kooper - Margaret, from Australia. At that time I was briefly a receptionist then moved into accounts with Edith (this was not my forte!). Unfortunately I could not get a work visa, so had to leave.

I have worked in many places in several countries and still regard my time with Jay and you guys at CD in 82` as the most extraordinary experience. I also felt privileged because at CD anything seemed possible.

And Jay oversaw it all in his enigmatic style. So I was devastated to learn of his untimely death.

Thank you for such a wonderful homage to him.

I now live in Canberra, Australia and am a Nurse Therapist in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. I have a five year old daughter, a cat, dog, house and garden. And marvellous health!

Hope all is well with you.

Very Best wishes

Margaret Pickford

Frank Scherma


I was watching the excellent documentary "Fog of War" and as the credits scrolled by, I saw "Executive Producer ... Frank Scherma." I thought, that can't be OUR Frank Scherma. But by golly, it is. Adelaide also wrote to me a few days after seeing the documentary and sent me this link to Frank's bio.


November 27, 2004

Lee Clow was here


Rob Jackson at Jager Group sent me the photo above, as well as this note ...

So I came upon your weblog in a web search. I created the 'was here' Ad week campaign for the OAAA. I am also a admirer of the Chiat legacy. Here is another picture of a location near Broadway. We hope to continue the campaign in other cities.

Thanks, Rob!

November 14, 2004

Gondola! Gondola!


Yes, I have returned from a 24-day grand tour of Italy. Thank you, Adelaide, for holding down the e-fort while I was gone.

This is a photo of me steering a boat on the Venetian lagoon. And the big lesson I learned on my trip? If the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore!

If you'd like to see more vacation photos, click here.

November 03, 2004

Art Directors Hall of Fame

Jay will be honored next week by induction into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame.

For more information, check out the link below

October 26, 2004

Happy Birthday Jay


1025 was the entry code at 79 Fifth because it was the one day Jay could remember but Jay never acknowledged his birthday. "Happy Birthday Jay" was greeted with a grunt.

So...let's start a rumple by remembering Jay's birthday!

PS Steve Alburty stopped by in Rome to visit with Debbie Chiat and will give us a full report on his return.

October 25, 2004

Halloween 2!!!!!

chiat invite 1992.jpg

Scot Blakely's Halloween Photo Contest is in its final round. Please take a look and post your comments on these INCREDIBLE costumes.

Click the link below to see the pictures

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October 18, 2004


chiat invite 1988.jpg

Scot Blakely has sent along some Halloween pictures from C/D NY. Can you guess who they are? Post a comment and let us know. If you can't remember, it is probably you!

More to come...

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September 27, 2004

Blue Man Segall


This giggly young man is Jeremy, Ken and Susan Segall's son. (Ken and Sue are both C/D alums.) This photo was taken during the shoot of the new "Blue Man Group" Centrino campaign, which began airing Monday. Ken Segall is the creative head of the Intel account at Euro RSCG Worldwide. I thought that was Ken in the blue goo, but he claims it's not.

September 24, 2004

Annette McConnell and Scott Sanford


I got the following email from Annette McConnell a while back, and I just love this story because it's about me!

I am married to another C/D alum, Scott Sanford, who was a media planner in Bob Zachs org from 89-91. We are living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am still in the agency world at a small tech shop called Doremus and Scott is now marketing director at a company called We have a little boy named Miles. Ive attached a recent picture.

Now for the amusing anecdote:
Shortly after we started dating, Scott left C/D to work at Messner (with Tom Szczepanski and Fiona Bremner). At that time, Chiat primarily used email internally, so he had the Messner IT guy set us up so we could email each other. One day, after a mushy email note, my phone rang. It was you, Steve Alburty, HEAD OF IT, saying in a very authoritative voice: are you in love with Scott Sanford or something?!?!? As my face turned red, I said why? and you answered because every time you two send an email, you crash our whole system!!!! Needless to say I was completely embarrassed and curtailed the email love notes.

I am horrified that I stood in the way of true love! Thank heaven they managed to overcome this electronic obstacle!

September 23, 2004

Jim Reedy sighting


Adelaide Horton and I were in Chinatown in NY yesterday, hunting for dumplings, when who should we run into but the Nicest Human Being on the Face of the Earth, Jim Reedy. Jim and his wife, Astrid, have two children now (do a search on this website for "Reedy" and you will see those postings.) Jim is now a VP at Citibank, developing industrial-strength financial applications.

September 20, 2004

Laurie Coots


I got to have coffee the other day with the fabulous Laurie Coots, a woman who spends as much time on an airplane as a pilot. She is the Worldwide Marketing Director for TBWA Chiat/Day. She travels the globe, spreading the gospel to the various offices around the world. Her son, Christopher, recently graduated from film school and is angling for a job with Goldie Hawn's new production company. He wants to be a screenwriter and, if he even has half of the energy and determination his mother has, we'll see him onstage someday thanking the Academy.

Lee Clow was here


Imagine my surprise today, while carrying home a bag of groceries from Whole Foods, to suddenly see Lee Clow's name on top of an electric billboard at the subway entrance of 7th Avenue and 23rd.

I took a snapshot with my lousy cameraphone. The sign reads "Lee Clow was here." Another said "Rick Boyko was here." And another said "Sal DeVito was here." I was so surprised, I forgot to look to see who the sponsor of the ad was. It looked like a cause. If anyone knows what this about, email me.

September 18, 2004

More losts and founds

Lisa Shelnitz, who lives in Chicago, has just bought a house!

Here are two alums who turned up in my mailbox: Bruce Rowley, Nissan National Account Group, Chiat/Day LA 1995-1997 and Caroline Rudnick, Nissan National Account Group, Chiat/Day LA 1993-1997

Phillip Lanier worked in the L.A. office when it was downtown.

Jenny White who writes: "I worked at Chiat/Day from 1987 88 for Ann Lapham. What an amazing ride that was for a young college grad. My name is Jenny Joseph now."

Scott Lukas, whose consulting practice, Dosage, has moved into new digs in Hanover Square.

Celine Hubler! She and her husband have bought a country house and hope to one day open a caf. They bought a building that was about 150 years old.

Neilan Tyree is now living in New Orleans. (Or at least he was before the hurricane.)

Frank Dahill turned in Amy Ward, Annette McConnell, and Monica (Bahner) Burnick

Mick McCabe who is now at Leo Burnett in Chicago.

Colin Hagen, whose email ended with the words MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL - I LIVE FOR THIS!

But mail to the following alums are bouncing back as undeliverable, so if you know their new email address, please send it to me: Brent Bouchez, Tom Szczepanski, and Steven Landsberg,

September 09, 2004

Visitor from Down Under


Doug and Helen Watson stopped in North Carolina to visit while travelling around the world.

After selling his agency and deciding to take a sabbatical, Doug Watson with his lovely wife Helen started travelling. They started in Hawaii, then to Alaska, Seattle, Portland, San Franciso and then North Carolina? Who could pass up NC barbeque? In their honor, John and I hosted a party with all NC fixin's--shrimp, bbq, fried chicken, etc. Eve came up from Charlotte. And about 30 NC natives gave Helen and Doug a lesson in Southern.

Leaving NC, Doug and Helen went on to the more tasteful environs of France. Smart folks.

August 27, 2004

Neilan's ball #1

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

First of all, I didn't come up with the name for this posting. When Dede sent me her box of pictures, there was a group of photos with a yellow sticky on it saying "Neilan's ball."

I presume this is the evening on which Neilan rented a recital space at Carnegie Hall and gave a one-man concert.

Finally, let me remind you that my brain is basically mush. I cannot remember dates, names, or faces. So forgive me if I can't remember who is who. It's nothing personal. I depend on all of you to click on the Comment link and add your guess as to who everybody is.

Neilan's ball #2

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #3

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #4

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #5

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #6

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #7

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #8

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #9

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's Ball #10

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

August 25, 2004

Macher goyems


Steve Alburty, Eve Luppert, Robert Petkoff, and Susan Wands onstage at the Minskoff Theatre on Broadway following a performance of "Fiddler on the Roof." (Robert, Susan's husband, plays "Perchik.") We are attempting to do the famous "bottle dance" from the wedding scene at the end of Act One.

Steve, Eve, and Susan are not only all C/D alums, we all grew up in the same home town, Spokane, Washington. Go know!

Evert Eden


See Evert Eden (we knew him as Evert Cilliers) do 20 minutes from his notorious one-man show:

A Fast, Frisky, Filthy Farce about Sex and Love.

This side-splitting show takes a subversive look at love, with stopovers at the organs we use to commit it. Special attention is paid to the way women and men behave, and how that spoils everything.

August 25 Wednesday 8 pm
NY Solo Play Lab
at Where Eagles Dare Theater 347 W 36 between 8 & 9 Ave

Other performers:
Claudine Bryant will present a 30-minute segment of her solo show Temporarily Yours.

Jim Sutton will present his work in progress, "Birds Fly South"


August 15, 2004

Name that party!

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

From Dede's vast collection of C/D ephemera comes this series of photos from a Christmas party. Can you identify the year and the people? Click on comment below to add your ideas. And if you'd like to see a larger version of the photo, click here. (It may take a few moments for the photo to appear. The size is about 768k.)

August 04, 2004

Go away Denzil!

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

A picture of Denzil Meyers. The note, which Dede has been saving in her treasure trove of C/D ephemera all these years, was from Robin Danielson (now Robin Hafitz), who was apparently on the phone and saw Denzil's inisistent face peering over the cubicle divider.

August 02, 2004

Nigel Carr

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Circa 1990. And you know what? I'll bet Nigel still looks this young.

August 01, 2004

Rosann Calisi


A photo of Rosann Calisi taken at Ogilvy LA's company picnic last week. Says Rosann ...

... by the drink in my hand you'll see that maybe things haven't changed since the old Chiat days after all!

Rosann starts work at Deutsch LA in a few weeks.

Dave Koza

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

From 1990 (I believe), a candid snapshot of Dave Koza in his element. Where is Dave today?

"I am a film editor and partner at Mackenzie Cutler working on tv commercials and am fortunate to run into many Chiat alums working as directors, creatives, producers, account people etc."

July 28, 2004


It's easy to forget that after Jay sold Chiat/Day, he went off to work at ScreamingMedia, a content aggregator, where he inspired and yelled at a whole new crop of employees. I just received this nice note from Markus Patel, who worked with Jay there.

I just wanted to let you know that your site is great and I am very happy that there is a place where friends of Jay can share their memories of him. I didn't work at Chiat/Day, but had the great pleasure of working with Jay at ScreamingMedia in 2000. It was truly one of the highlights of my career to trade jokes with him and to learn from his unique talent and brilliance. He actually inspired me to make the move to advertising with McCann-Erickson and then Ogilvy. Hopefully I will get a chance to work at Chiat/Day as well.

Markus M. Patel
mOne - WPP Company

Hollywood beckons!

Stacy Osugi who is VP of Creative at New Line Cinema writes ...

As the summer winds down, I find our department in need of continuing part-time interns ...

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July 25, 2004

We always knew Denzil was a pinhead


From Denzil Meyers ...

Just one more chance to share the news that a play that I wrote and am co-directing is playing in San Francisco July to mid-August. Check out the very lovely review in the SF Chronicle (see the Pink Section, for you locals)

There's also a nice demi-review in the free SF Weekly.

The show is called FUN: THE CONCEPT, and if you are a Zippy comic strip fan, its sure to please. Even the Zippy creator, Bill Griffith, likes the script. For more info about the strip & Bill Griffith, check this out.

July 15, 2004

Lost and Found

Please take a moment to look over the Lost and Found list. If you have email addresses for any of the people who are on the "lost" list, please have them get in touch with me so I can add them. And if you know of someone whose name is not on the list at all, please have them get in touch with me as well. It doesn't mean I don't love them, it just means that I can't remember the name of every person who ever worked at Chiat/Day! (Where's Nancy Reagan when you need her?)

Jonathan Lee

lee1.jpg lee2.jpg lee3.jpg lee4.jpg lee5.jpg

I keep in my brain at all times a small list of alums I hope will one day turn up. At the very top of that list? Jonathan Lee. I am SOOOO pleased to announced that Jonathan popped up in my mailbox this morning. And he has been very, very busy since leaving Chiat/Day, as the photos (above) and the explanation from Jonathan (below) will attest:

Found out about your site when I met Liz Haberman at Cara Sullivan's wedding. (mini chiat NY circa 1995 reunion) Since I left Chiat, I have bounced around a bit, but am back in NYC and working as a brand consultant.

Also for those that may care I have gotten married, and now have three kids (all girls, 5, 3 and 4 months). In order here you have Rebecca sharing her favorite book with Elizabeth who was about a month old. Rebecca the superstar. Elizabeth at about 1 month. All three on the day Elizabeth came home. Finally Alice and Elizabeth sharing a laugh.

I have to say seeing Liz recently and then checking out the site brought back so many memories for me. I feel very bad as I lost touch with so many people who were so good to me when my first wife died. I will always owe a debt to everyone in the NY office at the time who gave me the space and time to recover, and were such good friends to me, only for me to run away to Boston. I guess I had to escape to rebuild. Anyway, construction is now complete. Happily married with three kids living in Brooklyn. Enough said. So please pass this on.

Welcome back, Jonathan. You've just given me yet another reason to be glad I started this website.

July 12, 2004

Alisa Cohen

alissacohen.jpg alissacohen2.jpg

Today's "Alum Who Came in from the Cold" is Alissa Cohen, who writes ..

Okay, enough with being a voyeur... Hello everyone! I was in the Broadcast Production department from 1987-1992. I'm been a freelance producer since I left Chiat/Day. The time that I spent at the agency was truly an exceptional and exciting time that shaped my career, friends and associations. But I have to say that the birth of my son, Vahn Kessler, last August was the greatest project that I've ever produced!

July 11, 2004

Antigone STILL Rising!


Leslie Atkinson sent me an email the other day about two C/D alums who are doing mighty well for themselves in the music world. Says Leslie ...

I wanted to send the attached picture to give everyone an update on the band, Antigone Rising. The band just opened for Aerosmith last week at the PNC Arts Center in NJ! Lead and rhythm guitarists Cathy and Kristen Henderson are C/D alums, and are the two next to Steven Tyler. AR is also featured in a two-page ad spread for Ford Mustang in the July issue of Elle magazine. Alums can learn more at Check it out...their story is inspiring.

To see last year's original posting about Antigone Rising, click here.

More alums found!

They're comin' out of the woodworks, folks.

Darren Brandt, who worked at Chiat/Day from 92-94 and is now at Sloane Public Relations.

Drew Weir, who worked at Chiat/ Day from 1993 to 1998

John Zissimos, who always got my vote for The Name Most Fun To Say!

Brynn Ray also popped up in my inbox about a week ago.

Dina Cusati, C/D LA '85-91 (Media), who is now known as Dina Pontello. She reports ...

What a blast it's been to run my brain through the blender of this site! It's shaking such fond memories. Media's dwindled for me, but I still manage to freelance a few plans a year.

I started at the Biltmore, summer of '85, and left the binoculars summer of '91 to marry a Canadian I'd met through the Quaker State Minit-Lube account. He was a franchise owner in Toronto, and we met at a QS convention in Vegas. (Zach R. was with me the night I met my husband.) Long story short, we have 2 sons 10 & 8 and live in Tampa.

And finally, Gail Nagy Marner, who writes ...

I worked at Chiat/Day from about 1998-1990 (I think!). I worked in the NY office right out of college. I started as an Account Assistant for National Car Rental with Roxanne Takara. But eventually, I made my way onto the American Express Gold Card account as an Assitant AE working with Patty Reis and Lance Podell. Mostly I managed the Gold Card Events program. I worked and formed friendships with so many people. I even visited Rosann Calisi once in San Francisco but haven't kept in touch - I'd love to e-mail her.

I have such fond memories of my time at Chiat/Day. I often think about the reasons it was such an influential place. So many smart and creative people - I haven't worked with such a talented group of people since (well, except for my three little boys!). But when I look at the notes on the website, I see I'm not alone in my feelings. That time at Chiat/Day was like no other.

Thanks for the effort to reconnect everyone. I look forward to hearing from people.

- Gail

June 28, 2004

Our favorite Tarheel

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Remember those new business packets we used to put together that had pictures and bios of all of our senior team-members? Well, thanks to Dede, I have some of them and I will be posting them during the coming weeks. Let's start with our favorite Tarheel, Adelaide Horton.

To see the full image, click here

June 24, 2004

A jay/day sing-along


Ok, everybody! In the key of C, let's raise our voices aloft and sing ...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday Eve Luppert.
Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!

June 22, 2004

1987 NY Phone List

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

I think this one's pretty self-explanatory! To see a bigger size of this image, click on "Continue reading ...." And notice the date. What you can't see is that the word "Merry" (as in "Merry Cutler") is in red. That's because this was the invitation to the 1987 Christmas party.

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June 21, 2004

jay/day 2004

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

At Jay's memorial, it was proposed that each June 21st be designated "jay/day." Why June the 21st? Because it's the longest day of the year. And how are we supposed to celebrate jay/day? Well, there's a link right over there on the right called "About jay/day (June 21st)." Just click on it and follow the instructions.

I'll start the new year off with a bang, courtesty of Dede Dalton McMahon, who was Jay's assistant for several years. Dede is something of a pack-rat and she has had in her possession all these years, an immense collection of photographs and other memorabilia from Chiat/Day. (There are photos from parties you won't believe!) She has provided them to me and, during the coming weeks and months, I will be posting scanned images of these treasures. You will always see them credited as "from the collection of Dede Dalton McMahon."

Let us observe the first item from that collection. It is a promotion that Chiat/Day held in order to promote car sales for our new client, Nissan. The idea? That we, the employees, would run to the nearest dealership to buy a new car. In return, we'd get a $1,200 check, and Jay's ever-transitory gratitude!

If you click on the "Continue reading ...." link, you can read the back of the card.

Happy jay/day, everyone!

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June 20, 2004

More alums found!

Several alums have turned up this week. David Vertino, Jill T. Perkins, and Melanie Saltzman (Mendelson) Says Melanie: "I started there flipping on coffee urns before moving into the national broadcast group in NY from 87-91."

May 28, 2004

More alums found

from the Sterling Group website

Mike Sweeney writes ....

I stumbled upon the Jay site while doing some research re advertising. I was only at CD NY a short time, but after all these years, seeing all the names brought the memories back.

I was a media planner at CD from '93-95. Worked at FCB as an account guy then shifted into ethnography.

Thanks for the reunion site. Good stuff.

Mike is a senior vice president and senior ethnographer for the Sterling Group.

And welcome Monte Zator, who worked for Tom Patty. Monte ran the Nissan/Infiniti Regional Network business. He worked at Chiat for 7 + years and left in 1999.

Nigel Carr

This just in from San Francisco: a party invitation from Nigel Carr. Where? Says Nigel ...

june 5th between 4.00 and 7.30 at cafe royale (post & leavenworth) much bigger things to celebrate this year than just my birthday come by for early evening drinks and late breaking revelations with jackie and nigel and plenty of nice happy people we like a lot



please let us know if you can come and please rsvp as '1' or '+ 1' so we know how many finger sandwiches to bring in ;)


May 25, 2004

Dede Dalton's b-day!

Dede Dalton McMahon

Let's have the first-ever JayDay website sing-along. Ready? Sitting right there at your desk, let's all lift our voices in song. Everybody:

"Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy BIRTHday dear Dede,
Happy birthday to you!!!"

May 24, 2004

Coots cum laude


Laurie Coots writes ...

And some people have kids graduating from college! For those old-timers, youll remember him running around the Biltmore offices in the evenings during pitch rehearsals, playing on the floor with his He Man" action figures.

When Bob Wolf moved to LA, Christopher walked up to him and said youre new here arent you? Theyve got candy by the movie people! (referring to the Venice Beach Editorial sweets bowl.)

When Jay so generously helped me swing a nanny, I must admit thinking that it was about getting the FisherPrice dcor out of the offices. The kids a fledgling screenwriter now; not aspiring, because he has written several scripts, but fledgling because he hasnt sold his first one yet. But Im not proud of him or anything.

- Laurie

[Here's what I can't figure out --- all of us who worked at Chiat/Day are as young as we were when we worked there, and yet the children seem to be getting older. Amazing! - Steve]

May 20, 2004

Jane and Merry

jane.jpg merry2.jpg

On May 13th, Elena Salij hosted a cocktail party in her fabulous Washington Square apartment for two C/D ex-pats who just happened to be in New York at the same time: Jane Newman and Merry Cutler-Baskin.

A veritable Who's-Who of C/D alums were in attendance, as these snaps will demonstrate ...

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May 17, 2004

Jon Shrair


I finally pestered Jon Shrair sufficiently to get an updated bio from him. He writes ...

I'm a Group Account Director at Margeotes, Fertitta + Partners where I've been for 11 years since leaving C/D. I handle a number of different businesses ranging from financial services to information (content) companies to candy, and I still really love what I do. Over the years I've come in contact with a lot of old friends from C/D, many of whom have passed through MFP; I'm always reminded of what a great place it was to "grow up" and of all the great times I had there.

I have two great kids - Joshua (8) and Harrison (6) - and a wonderful new woman in my life who I've been seeing for the past year and half. I'm staying busy. I'm staying healthy and fit (I ran my first 10K a few weeks ago and plan to train for the NYC Marathon). And, I'm playing as much golf as I possibly can. All in all, life is good.

May 10, 2004

Another Reedy!



Jim Reedy and his wife, Astrid, are the proud parents of their second child, and it's another girl!! That's a snapshot of Zane Mei-Li up top, and one of Marley and her new little sister on the bottom.

Says Jim ...

Zane Mei-Li Reedy was born April 20 at 12:53 AM in our home. She was 7 lbs, 4 oz and 20 1/4". The home birth was planned with a midwife attending, which was a good thing because the labor was so fast we never would have made it to the hospital in time. It's been almost three weeks and we're running short on sleep, but otherwise everyone is doing fine.

Congratulations Jim and Astrid! With all the trouble in the world right now, I find it extremely comforting to know that additional "Reedy DNA" is being replicated!

May 08, 2004

Robert Petkoff


Robert Petkoff, the husband of C/D NY alum Susan Wands, shown recording the Original Broadway Cast album of "Fiddler on the Roof," which is currently playing at the Minskoff Theatre.

Robert plays Perchik. That's Laura Michelle Kelly on the left, who plays Hodel. She'll be going to London soon to appear in the lead role in the new musical version of "Mary Poppins."

May 06, 2004

Roxanna Karsch

Another alum has turned herself in! Roxanne Karsch worked in Broadcast production in the New York office from 1988 to 1997. She is Roxanne Karsch Palin now, and the mother of three children, ages 5, 3 and 7.

STEP Design Competiton


C/D Alum Ty Montague (who now works at Weiden) will be one of the judges of this year's STEP magazine design competition, which will proclaim the year's most "provocative and daring" ad campaigns. But hurry, entries must be submitted by May 15th.


May 03, 2004

Christine Barrett


Yet another alum has stumbled upon this website: Christine Barrett!

I was in NY from 88-90. I started on the switchboard and left as the creative manager. I heard about a "Jay Day" that was observed in NY, and that there was a site....Googled it and here I am! I really miss all the characters running around the offices at 79 Fifth Ave. Those were the days!

I work at the newly formed marketing services division of Burnett called Arc. I love living in Chicago and am active in animal rescue. I've attached a photo of me and my rescued pit bull, Henry.

Lisa Shelnitz, also of C/D NY, is at JWT here. We are trying to round up some folks to have a Chicago Jay/Day.

This is a wonderful site. Reading it has brought back so many memories. It's true, we are all connected by Jay. This is a real tribute. Thank you for creating and maintaining it.

If you'd like to contact Christine (or any other alum, for that matter) send a request for info to Steve Alburty (note email address at the top of this page) and I will forward it along to the person you'd like to contact.

Due to privacy and spam concerns, my policy is to not post anyone's contact information on the site, or to give out anyone's contact information. What I will do, however, is forward your request to the desired alum and I will then let them get in touch with you, if they so choose.