June 21, 2009

Room 13

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Here's is a jay/day message from Jessica Edelstein ...

Hi Steve. Happy Jay/Day!

If anyone is wracking their brains 'cause they don't know a young artist or don't have a favorite cause or don't have a cleaning lady, here's a good way to celebrate Jay's love and dedication to creativity and art:

We now have 2 student-run art studios up and active in the U.S. which are part of a greater international network of 35 studios. We are looking to help support these fledgling studios and to increase the infrastructure of ROOM 13 USA to allow for expansion into other American cities.

Would you mind posting something for us on your site? The artists of all ages will thank you and Jay will smile. Arrange as you wish.


Room 13 is an international network of art studios run by student artists within a school environment. Supported by an adult working artist-in-residence, young artists are given a safe place in which to explore their feelings by expressing their creativity and imagination.

Started by primary school students in the West Highlands of Scotland, Room 13 has now grown to have 35 studios in Scotland, England, South Africa, India, Nepal, Turkey, China, Canada and now the U.S. The project has grown with the help of generous creative people around the globe, so by donating here, you will help more artists of all ages discover themselves through art.

If you would like more information or to help give this worthy program artistic, financial or promotional support please contact Jessica Edelstein at


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August 14, 2008

Rod Rhodes



December 05, 2006

Look at me


Photos that were either lost, forgotten, or thrown away. (Thank you to my sister, Charlene, for submitting this link!)


October 05, 2006

Shopping Cart Art


A Canadian artist, Drew Gardner, fashions abandoned shopping carts into art.


August 22, 2005



Any time you are concerned that you don't have any talent, just take a little digital stroll over to the Museum of Bad Art.


May 05, 2005

How to be creative


An online book proposal from someone who fled the ad business. The graphics are all cartoons scrawled on the back of business cards. Long-winded, but heartfelt.

Your job is probably worth 50% what it was in real terms 10 years ago. And who knows? It may very well not exist in 5-10 years.

We all saw the traditional biz model in my industry, advertising, start going down the tubes 10 years or so ago. Our first reaction was "work harder".

It didn't work. People got shafted in their thousands. It's a cold world out there.

We thought being talented would save our asses. We thought working late and weekends would save our asses. Nope.

We thought the internet and all that Next Big Thing, new media and new technology stuff would save our asses. We thought it would fill in the holes in our ever more intellectually bankrupt solutions we were offering our clients. Nope.

Whatever. Regardless of how the world changes, regardless of what new technologies, business models and social architectures are coming down the pike, the one thing "The New Realities" cannot take away from you is trust.


April 24, 2005

5 Films about Christo and Jean-Claude


5 Films about Christo and Jeanne-Claude by the extraordinary documentarian, Albert Maysles.


January 09, 2005


Reaching out, behind bars and no beds to sleep on, children as young as seven languish at the Edhi Village for the mentally ill located outside Karachi, Pakistan

The best journalism photos of the year, as named by the association of National Press Photographers.


January 15, 2004

My protégés


I am teaching a creative writing "independent study" course with two earnest undergraduates from Duke University.

Meet Myra Hiott and Russelle Passino. They are in New York for the semester as part of a program from Duke called "Leadership in the Arts." Its premise: that the arts have much to teach us about ethics, judgment and personal choice.

The students spend virtually every evening seeing a play, musical, opera, concert, or dance; their days are spent visiting art galleries and museums, or in class, or working in independent study courses like mine.

(In 1999, I spent four months following 14 students in this same program as research for an article I wrote in Fast Company.)

I have no doubt that the words "by Myra Hiott and "by Russelle Passino" will be on a byline or a book cover one day.

P.S. It's Russelle's 20th birthday today ... and Myra's in two weeks!

June 07, 2003

Dia Beacon Quiz?

Which piece at Dia Beacon hung in Jay 38th Street house?

June 04, 2003

Inside the Box Factory


Here's an article (with lots of photos) about the new Dia:Beacon museum.


June 01, 2003

Reel Teens

Last night, I went to "Reel Teens," an annual film festival in Hunter Mountain, NY, which airs short films produced by teenagers around the world. (My favorite: "Holla Back Dubai" in which kids from Washington Heights sent footage of their apartments and neighborhood to Dubai and kids from Dubai did the same. Typical interview question? "What kind of candy bars do you have?")

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May 29, 2003

Shakespeare vs. Britney Spears

Bill and Britney go mano a mano in this interactive quiz designed to answer the eternal question: just what IS art?


To Give or Not to Give

Gifts to museums and other nonprofit arts organizations are expected to fall to $8 billion this year, down from $12 billion in 2002. That's a decline of 1/3.


May 28, 2003

Where'd they make that?

Ever looked at that big red "9" outside 9 West 57th Street and wonder, "Where'd they make that?" Ever look at a sculpture by Claes Oldenberg, Jeff Koons, Richard Serra, or Matthew Barney and wonder, "Where'd they make that? Step into this dark, back street in Brooklyn ....

Find out

May 23, 2003

Storm King

The Dia:Beacon (site of this year's jayday event) isn't the only contemporary art museum in the Hudson Valley. There's also the mammoth Storm King Arts Center, a 500-acre outdoor sculpture park.

Read (NY Times; free registration required)

May 14, 2003

Change at the Whitney

A mixture of art and architecture in the continuing drama at the Whitney. The Board said no to the Rem Koolhaus addition and then said goodbye to Max Anderson.