October 09, 2013

Couches replace desks

The entrance of millennials to the work force are finally inspiring the design of workspaces that more resemble the fraternities and sororities with which their employees are already familiar.

March 25, 2012

Leslie Cicurel Engel


Leslie was a Human Resources Director in the New York office of Chiat/Day. She developed "the acting bug" over the last few years and she is in a new production in which she plays a neighbor who may or may not be a Russian spy!

Go see it and then stop backstage to say hey!

Pack of Lies
By Hugh Whitemore

April 27 - May 6, 2012

Friendship, betrayal, and loyalty collide when neighbors and cherished friends are not what they appear. A riveting thriller based on true events, Pack of Lies focuses on a suburban English family in the early 1960s, whose placid lives become shattered when they learn that their neighbors—and closest friends—may be Soviet spies.

Director: Matt Schicker
Set Design: Carl Tallent
Lighting Design: Mike Megliola
Costume Design: Whitney Locher
Producers: Gayle Artino, Bob Berger, and Hope Landry

Ken Altman • Lesley Berry • Leslie Engel • Joe Gambino •
Jessica Kuhne • Jim Mullins • Penny Robb • Katherine Weall

Friday - Saturday, April 27 - 28 at 8 PM,
Thursday - Saturday, May 3 - 5 at 8 PM,
Sunday, April 29 & May 6 at 3 PM

Ticket price: $20
For reservations call our Box Office at 212-378-0248 or visit the St. Bart's Central desk in the lobby of St. Bartholomew's Church (325 Park Avenue @ 51st St.).
Tickets will also be available at the door (cash or check only).

To be performed at the
Park Avenue Christian Church Theater,
1010 Park Avenue at 85th Street, New York NY

November 07, 2011

Hillary Jordan

Hillary Jordan

It is said that every copywriter has an unpublished novel somewhere in their drawer or hard drive. Hillary Jordan, who worked as a copywriter in Venice (Nissan and Eveready, late 80s and early 90s) has not only published ONE book, but has now come out with another!

You can read all about them, including get information about her book tour, here.

Books Whenshewoke They are also available on Amazon by clicking here.

September 15, 2010

Tom Cordner

C/D Alum Tom Cordner, having achieved fame and fortune as an art director and creative director, has decided to write a novel! I asked him for a professional bio, and this is what he sent to me:

I worked at Chiat from 1980-82 on Yamaha motorcycles and snowmobiles with Penny Kappousouz, Brent Thomas, Brent Bouchez under Bill Hamilton and Jeff Roll. Penny and I also worked together on Fotomat. I left and came back to work with Bouchez on Yamaha and the Pizza Hut people campaign from 1984-86. The teams that were in our group were D. Lubars, John Stein, Jean Robaire, Ed Cole and Doug Patterson an awesome group. Bouchez and me decided to spread our wings by going to Ogilvy LA to become creative directors. That was fun. I left Ogilvy to join a start up agency called Team One. I wrote the line that launched Lexus and guided a lot of great creative people over 15 years. All of whom I owe greatly for their amazing talent. Some of the better known ones were Schwartzy, Chuck McBride, Court Crandall, David Angelo (David & Goliath), Andy Spade of Kate Spade/Jack Spade and Steve Levit to name a few. After Team One I left sunny California for dreary Detroit. I launched the new F150, the new Mustang, the Ford GT, the new Hybrid Escape, the new Edge and the new Fusion. Loved Midwest people. I left Detroit with a years sabbatical (client fired me). I rested for 6 days and on the seventh day I started an agency called Traffic. Very quickly we won a piece of Toyota and then all of Mitsubishi Motors a few months later.

Tom's novel is called "The Outhouse Diaries," and you may read an excerpt here.

September 10, 2010

Richard Saul Wurman


A fascinating piece in today's New York Times about the information impresario, Richard Saul Wurman, who founded the TED Conferences.

January 21, 2010

Illustration Corporation

After all of the recent gloomy news on this site, thank you to David Chapa for reminding us all that there are young artists out there just starting their careers:

Illustration Corporation at the Coop.
Come celebrate the launch of Chicago's first illustration agency

Meet some of Chicago’s best illustrators and learn how you can work with us in 2010.

Date: Thursday, January 28, 2010
Time: 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: The Coop
Street: 845 W. Fulton Market, Suite 201
City/Town: Chicago, IL

Mix and mingle. Have a drink. Check out new work from some of Chicago's best illustrators.

The Coop website is

June 21, 2009

Room 13

Jessica Schulman Edelstein Room13

Room 13 Photo Block

Here's is a jay/day message from Jessica Edelstein ...

Hi Steve. Happy Jay/Day!

If anyone is wracking their brains 'cause they don't know a young artist or don't have a favorite cause or don't have a cleaning lady, here's a good way to celebrate Jay's love and dedication to creativity and art:

We now have 2 student-run art studios up and active in the U.S. which are part of a greater international network of 35 studios. We are looking to help support these fledgling studios and to increase the infrastructure of ROOM 13 USA to allow for expansion into other American cities.

Would you mind posting something for us on your site? The artists of all ages will thank you and Jay will smile. Arrange as you wish.


Room 13 is an international network of art studios run by student artists within a school environment. Supported by an adult working artist-in-residence, young artists are given a safe place in which to explore their feelings by expressing their creativity and imagination.

Started by primary school students in the West Highlands of Scotland, Room 13 has now grown to have 35 studios in Scotland, England, South Africa, India, Nepal, Turkey, China, Canada and now the U.S. The project has grown with the help of generous creative people around the globe, so by donating here, you will help more artists of all ages discover themselves through art.

If you would like more information or to help give this worthy program artistic, financial or promotional support please contact Jessica Edelstein at


No $$$? - Help us promote Room 13 USA by becoming a fan on Facebook by clicking here

September 23, 2008

The Susan D. Goodman grant

(c) Martin Basher

C/D NY Alum Susan Goodman has taken the JayDay principles to heart! Here's the email I received from her a week or so ago:

I thought you’d like to know that Jay’s influence on my life continues to take on new meaning. From the “if you want to honor Jay’s memory” eulogy at the New York gathering of employees after his death, I took the “you could support a young artist” suggestion (I also took the “give your doorman $100 for no reason” suggestion) and some months later started to collect the art of young artists.

Five years later I began to reexamine the meaning of “support a young artist”, thinking that it might mean more than buy, show and share their works. This year I established the Susan D. Goodman grant which in its first year offers a four-month stipend and living/working arrangements in Berlin for a recent Columbia University MFA graduate. Our first recipient, Martin Basher, will go to Berlin in September for four months. I’ve attached a link to an article that was published in Berlin today which mentions Jay and his influence on my collecting. And I pasted the press release about the grant below.

I hope you are well.

All the best


Susan D. Goodman
Chairman & CEO

Here is the article in the original German. And here is a rather clumsy translation courtesy of Google Translate.

February 14, 2008

Six-word memoir

My dear sister (Hello, Charlene!) is an avid reader of Jay\Day. She thought all of you who are (or were writers) would appreciate the challenge of the six word memoir.

Rumor has it that Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write an entire novel in six words. Here's what he wrote in response:

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

What would you write? Add a comment to this entry or go to this website, which has collected thousands of entries.

June 08, 2006



Express your inner Pollock.

Visit (requires Flash)

February 28, 2006

Mardi Gras Music


Let this audioblog by Dan Phillips of Lafayette, Louisianaget you into the Mardi Gras mood!


February 26, 2006

World's First Cell-Phone Movie


It had to happen sometime. Somebody has made a movie composed entirely of footage shot on a cellphone. (I can hardly wait to see it so I can talk all the way through it!)


November 15, 2005



Someone has spent an enormous amount of time assembling collages from all of those thumb-nail photos of book and album covers you see on Amazon. Now you can spend an enormous amount of time clicking on the invividual images, as each one reveals detailed information about the image's provenance.


July 25, 2005

Creativity Now


One of the best conferences I've ever attended is called "Creativity Now" and is sponsored annually by that uber-hip magazine, Tokion. The conference, which is held over two days at Cooper Union in New York, and costs about $50 per day, is wildly eclectic. The 2004 conference included an interview with Brian Eno, a panel on skateboarding's influence on popular culture, and a panel on marketing a political message with Joe Trippi, John Podesta, and others.

I've seen panels on documentary photography, the history of rap music, and in 2003, I personally got to stand up and beat the crap out of a State Department official about Charlotte Beers' attempts to "rebrand" the U.S. in the Middle East!

The date of the fourth annual Creativity Now conference will be October 15th and 16th, so put that date in your calendar. Feed your head.

July 11, 2005

World Music


The Rough Guide produces wonderful travel guides, but they also produce fascinating guidebooks to journeys requiring much less footwork. For example, World Music.

I would like to direct you towards an entry on The Rough Guide to World Music on Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools website, here.

November 27, 2004

Dr. Seuss


Once upon a time, there was a young advertising illustrator by the name of Theodor Seuss Geisel. He would later, of course, find fame as Dr. Seuss. Here, from the Mandeville Special Collections Library at the University of San Diego, is a collection of some early commercial work by the creator of the Cat in the Hat.


July 12, 2004



One of the guiding principles of the jayday website is that we should be constantly challenging our own comfort levels. Take music, for example. When's the last time you opened your ears to a completely different genre?

Garageband is a website in which independent bands (those not currently signed by a label) can post their music and let the community of the website self-select tomorrow's great artists.


May 07, 2004

Visual Record

Shawna Scherbarth

"The Visual Record" is a spectacular online photo album of travel photography. Don't miss the section on Southeast Asia and the "Lomowall," a series of photographs taken with a Lomo, a hand-cranked Soviet era film camera with manual focus.

The photographer is Shawna Scherbarth, who is so unassuming there is no information about her on her website. The photos, however, speak volumes.


April 13, 2004



A massive online collection of global contemporary character designs, categorized by artist, country, style, and character.


April 09, 2004

Word and Picture in a Media Age

Art directors may be interested in this essay by Camille Paglia, who insists that today's youth no longer have the ability to see and process still images.


March 26, 2004



Meet San Francisco street artist Dave Warnke.


March 09, 2004

Art Directors Anonymous


15 Canadian-based artists' 60-second, stop-motion movies taken with their digital cameras.


February 01, 2004

Marcel Varela

marcel2.jpg triplefivesoul.jpg

Remember how we're supposed to be honoring Jay's spirit by helping new talent get their start? Meet Marcel Varela. By night, he works at Republic on Union Square. By day, he's getting his first jobs as a professional photographer.

Heres a sample from a shoot he did for Triple Five Soul, an urban clothing line that got its start in the underground of New York and is now worn everywhere from LA to Japan, and Europe.

Marcel would love to hear from any of you art directors out there who might like to meet with him and see his portfolio. Click here to see his contact info.

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January 05, 2004

Cameron Davidson


Cameron Davidson is an award-winning freelance photographer who
specializes in aerial imagery. In Davidson's lens, a simple curve of a road in Southern Maryland becomes hypnotic and forboding. Don't miss the field notes, in which Davidson reveals how he got these amazing shots.


November 22, 2003

Words, words, words

teen angstrel: noun; 1. an angst-ridden popular singer
dialarhoea: noun; 1. inadvertent dialing of a cell phone in a pocket or handbag
dataveillance: noun; 1. surveillance using computer data

Welcome, all of you copywriters out there, to the world of the American Dialect Society.


August 24, 2003

Kirk Varnedoe


An appreciation of curator Kirk Varnedoe, who died of cancer last week.


August 20, 2003

Art or Bacon?

I think Jay would have loved this tidbit from today's Times:

ENGLAND: ART'S POWER A horrified British burglar who mistook a work of art for a pickled human head not only summoned the police to the home he intended to rob but also renounced his life of crime, Reuters reported yesterday. The "head," afloat in a jar of formaldehyde, was actually some bacon wrapped around a wire frame by Richard Morrison, a conceptual artist who lives near Liverpool. Mr. Morrison, who was not at home at the time, returned to discover that his house had been broken into by both the unidentified burglar and by the police, who battered down his door. Discussing the jarred bacon, Mr. Morrison told The Times of London: "It's obviously a very macabre piece of work, and I suppose at a glance it looks like a head, but I never expected it to get this reaction." He added that he had been told by the police that the experience had prompted the burglar to reform. "He had a crisis of confidence and confessed his crimes to his mother," the artist said.

August 12, 2003

Creativity Now

Tokion Magazine, in conjunction with Paper Magazine, is sponsoring their first annual Creativity Now conference at the Cooper Union in New York on 9/6 and 9/7. What an incredible line-up of presentations! Speakers include director Neil Labute, the artist Mathew Barney, and the creator of Hello Kitty, Yuko Shi.


May 22, 2003

Square is in

The world is a mess. Nothing seems certain, everyone's seeking comfort; so how can design make us all feel better? Welcome to the new world of "Darwinian aesthetics."


May 18, 2003

Art browsing, Robert Wilson and other excitement in Berlin

Since Jay died I have been having this irresistible urge to look at art (mostly free) and learn about art (mostly free, sometimes comes with wine at openings) and buy art (oops! -- not free) In the spirit of jay/day, I've been concentrating on young artists (30ish).

I've become very interested in a group of young artists in Berlin, all of whom studied together in Leipzig. You can check them out at LIGA gallery is a coop set up in Berlin by the artists, who hired a director to promote them outside Germany. (They are already represented by a gallery in Leipzig.) A few of them have begun to be shown in the US, most recently Tom Fabritius at Sandroni.Rey in LA. Some of the others will be shown there in the next year.

I visited the gallery in Berlin a couple weeks ago, and went to a museum where some of them are showing in Leipzig. Leipzig, as you may know (but I did not) was the seat of the begininng of the resistance to the GDR, and where the riots began which led to the downfall of the GDR and the reunification of Germany. It has a rich art history and a top art school. Before reunification, selling art commercially was forbidden in the GDR, so people taught art and made art, but couldn't sell it. Today a lot of the people who were painting in those years are teachers at the school there, but were never able to build their own careers. Instead they are helping to nurture these younger artists.

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May 15, 2003

Culture zones

A new bill making its way through the New York State legislature would create "culture zones," with incentives for property improvements, low rent for artists, and tax credits for philanthrophic gifts to qualifying projects within the zone.


New Museum for the Bowery

New Museum of Contemporary Art is going to build in the Bowery. By choosing a young, up and coming architect we should expect something exciting.


May 14, 2003

Commencement Addresses I Wish I'd Had

It's spring, when a gals' fancy turns to reading great commencement addresses.

"Hope isn't a choice, it's a moral obligation, a human obligation, an obligation to the cells in your body."
Tony Kushner - Vasser 2002

for the whole address:


May 12, 2003

Lincoln Center Festival

Every summer, the Lincoln Center Festival brings some of the most exciting avant-garde dance, music, theatre and performance art to New York City. (I once ran into ex-C/D-er Bob Perkins at a Laurie Anderson concert.)

Some of the highlights of this year's festivals? Deborah Warner's The Angel Project ... Korea's Pansori and Daedong Gut (shaman ritual) ... Chen Shi-Zheng's The Orphan of Zhao ... Heiner Goebbel's Eislermaterial ... Prokofiev Marathon ... Salvatore Sciarrino's Macbeth ... Festival of Brazilian Music ... New York Video Festival, and more!

Challenge yourself by seeing at least one event you'd never thought you'd catch yourself at in a hundred years!