June 21st, every year
Why June 21st? 'cause it's the longest day of the year.


Give your phone number freely and be there for someone.

Give your cleaning lady $200. She could probably really use it.

Buy art from a young artist.

Share an idea you've been thinking about pursuing for weeks or months or years with someone who will help make it happen. Or someone who will simply appreciate your creativity.

Make a radical impact on an environment. (Need direction? Check out http://www.publicolor.org.)

Look at the work you're doing professionally. Could it be better? If so, do something about it.

Take a young artist to dinner and let him/her talk about his/her work.

Give your niece or nephew $100 and tell them to have a good time.

Make a commitment to mentoring. Big Brother/Big Sister is a great place to start (http://www.bbbsa.org).

Take your best friend's child to a gallery and introduce them to art.

Keep in touch with a former colleague, old friend, or long-lost relative, acknowledging how inspiring and important genuine connections and relationships are.

Dare to do something different.