October 29, 2010

Meet Sue Nail


One of my favorite people of all times is Sue Nail, who is a PR specialist. Remember Chiat/Day's first email program, Quickmail? I still say it's the best email program ever invented and Sue was their PR person. She was also PR person for Gateway Computer.

I've remained friends with her ever since. She's an amazing PR person and so when she told me on the phone the other day that she was looking for a job, I asked if I could post her resume on Jay/Day. So here it is.

Sue lives in Sioux City, Iowa, and been working virtual for decades. She's total adorable and I'd be thrilled if you'd give her some consideration or two.

Sue Nail Resume.doc

May 02, 2009

3Peas Consulting



Not out of the box. No catch phrases. No mind numbing power-point delivered by some humorless stiff you can't imagine has ever had a tight deadline or a crazy client, or a lunatic manager. It's me! Eve!

3Peas consulting is fresh! It is training and coaching that your team wants presented by a person who gets it. 3Peas consulting isn't old and sage; it's salty.

3Peas really teaches your staff how to manage, review, terminate, promote, change a stale process. It is how to give killer presentations, run a meeting, and what you need to know about employment law if you are managing people. All presented in a way that is relevant, real, customized to your firm and worth your and your staffs time.

I am going to be up in NYC May 13th -16th, and would love it if any of you have the time to talk with me about how I could bring some spark and useful information to your teams. Plus I miss the minds (and even some faces) of so many of my old C/D friends, it would be great for a chance to see you and pretend it’s business!

Give me a call or email me if you’d like to take me up on it!



November 27, 2006

Marketing Director


From Eve Luppert:

I’m hoping someone out there from my dark past can help me with this position. Tell your friends about it and tell yourself too.

LandDesign Inc., an established and breakthrough design firm is currently searching for an experienced Marketing Director. The successful candidate will be innovative, forward-thinking and just plain brilliant. This is a magnificent opportunity to lead the marketing efforts of an award winning landscape architecture, urban planning and civil engineering firm.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in business or related field and at least 10 years of related experience along with the desire to succeed in a creative and growing firm, we would love to hear from you.

Some of the duties involved:

• Creating and implementing a marketing plan that defines the overall strategy, positioning, objectives and initiatives of a service oriented design firm.
• Reviewing changes to the marketplace and industry and adjusting marketing plan accordingly
• Preparing marketing budgets and monitoring monthly expenses to ensure budgets are being maintained
• Management of marketing staff and resources
• Organizing client relations including client development activities and special events
• Collaborating with firm’s respective markets on designing and implementing client contact systems and prospecting
• Monitoring current events and issues affecting the industry and services the firm provides
• Orchestrating all promotional activities and events from concept to execution
• Maintaining firm’s market position and brand through consistent messaging
• Managing progress on business development activities

This position will probably be located in the DC/Alexandria area. We really are a company on the brink and I think this could be a very amazing opportunity. http:/

Plus you would could work with me again! Or I could leave you totally alone. Whichever seems more palatable. It’s possible, that the right person could receive cash payments from me to keep certain stories private…or visa versa. What fun.

Send your stuff to me at ...


Oh, and we are looking for a proposal writer too!

March 14, 2006

Job Opening for Senior Account Planner

An executive recruiter contacted me to see if I might know of any Senior Account Planners who might be interested in a job in Durham, NC, woring on Sony.

I offered to post the job information here.

August 30, 2005

Stories about people getting


Stories about people getting fired. Now what could be more fun that that?


August 10, 2005

Seattle anyone?

Hey, a great friend of mine is recruiting for this positon as s Sr. PM for MSN. The job is in Redmond (Seattle). Check it out and give him a call if you or someone you know is interested. Just back from Seattle myself and always knocked out by how beautiful it is.

Sr. PM, End to End Advertiser Experience
Job Number: 134014

This position is a strategic role, responsible for defining the optimal end-to-end experience for MSN advertisers and evanescing competitive best practices across strategic MSN projects.

The primary objective of this role is to influence the overall success of MSN by effectively representing and advocating advertiser needs through the creation of a consistent framework which enables MSN business leaders to address the needs of their global community, while simultaneously meeting internal business commitments.

Read more:

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July 19, 2005



LandDesign is looking for a marketing assistant, and I thought some of you may know or be just the right person. This job is in Alexandria VA office.

Read more about it:

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June 20, 2004


The following comes from the July 2004 issue of Harpers magazine. The spelling mistakes have been preserved. I can only imagine how much Jay would have loved this article:

From cover letters sent by job applicants, clients, and vendors to Killian & Company, an advertising firm based in Chicago, over the last four years.

It is my desire to develop and generate the revolving scheme to filter the consuming public in.

Today is the first day of my life. I am terrified of the all-out approach I sense in my spirit. However, I am not scared enough to let it stop me. I will sacrifice anything but my God (morals) and my family.

Originally from Vietnam, I also offer expertise in the following areas: Asian cuisine: I deliver in-box or out-of-the-box; traditional massage: I satisfy Client above their expectation; karaoke singing: but also a lot of listening, listening, and listening to Client. Would you like to taste any of those?

I want to obtain a deeper understanding of how Advertising firms.

At school he is a student of advertising, on the streets of Chicago he is a student of culture and memes. This is Advertising, finding that elusive why. Charles understand the nuances of culture, the relativity of trends, the impact of memes. He is all of us and one of us, he is the Cultural Chameleon.

Whos better to spew out incite, than a college senior?

Looking for a full creative person for your team? . Deep Studies on movies. Prepared for the totally unexpected advertising and Selling Blasting.

I want to expose my creative ideas for a good agency not just that the agency is good rather to build a image of quality. Thus, I am offering you this small note of request to give me a break by providing projects of
a. Creating concept for TV Commercials
b. Print media
c. Hoarding

Hi: Im from Ukraine, and wery interesting about profi advertisement. I have some interesting and absolutely new ideas (for example about car brands) but in our fuking (sorry) country its unreal to do own business. May be you want to work with us? Its will be really good.

May 12, 2003

MBA Weblog

Resumes and is S-O-O nineties. If you're trolling for some smart MBA graduates, those who blog their way through school are just the agressive entrepreneurs you've been looking for. On the other hand, maybe they'll spend WAY too much time at work updating their blogs.