October 02, 2005



Problem 1: Boeing recently ran an ad for their Osprey helicopter, which showed soldiers rappelling out of the helicopter into your typical Iraqi town. Prepared by TM Advertising in Irving, Texas, the copy reads "It descends from the heavens. Ironically it unleashes hell," reads the ad.

Unfortunately, the ad shows soldiers rappelling from the aircraft onto the roof of a MOSQUE. Oops. Hello? Unleashing hell on mosques? Repeat after me: "Crusades!" There was an understandable outrage.

Problem 2: after somebody pointed out their insensitivity, Boeing and their agency apologized ... and then ran the ad again!


September 25, 2005

The Code of Shona


When Shona Seifert, the former President of TBWA NY, was sentenced for her role in defrauding the government while at Ogilvy, she was required to submit a "Code of Ethics" for the advertising industry.

Here is her masterwork.

August 29, 2005



Introducting a new category of jay/day postings I call "schADenfreude" - ads you are thrilled some other idiot created. Our first installment?

Some media planner is surely hiding under their desk this morning about this ad placement for ATA Airlines in the New York Times on Saturday, which offered a special fare of $89 to New Orleans on the very weekend a Category 5 hurricane was bearing down on the city. I'm not sure whether a lot of travellers would be thinking of New Orleans as a good vacation spot right now, at least until the city is rebuilt and the toxic chemicals have been removed.